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Canadian Codes Centre
      Frank Lohmann
 Technical Research Committee
         May 28th, 2010
2010-2015 Code Cycle
Past Meetings
Standing Committee on Housing and Small Buildings
 • April 28/29, Montreal

Scheduled Meetings
• June 2010, Gatineau

Standing Committee on Housing and Small Buildings
 • Nov 2010, Ottawa

CCBFC June – Agenda
Energy Efficiency
• Objectives and Functional Statements
• Policy Guidance for NECB
• Policy Guidance for EE-HSB
• Presentations by CHBA & CMHI
• Progress Reports

Changes to NBC
 •   Climbability of Guards (editorial)
 •   Secondary Suites (missed)
 •   Residential Care (missed)
 •   Division A - Factory-built buildings (editorial)

CCBFC - Climbable Guards
CCBFC deferred decision in February
Executive Committee commissioned a study to:
• to determine whether there is sufficient data
  to support the claim that the artistic guard design is the cause of,
  or a contributing factor in, incidents of injury or death of children as
  a result of the children climbing the guards;
• results due end of June

Interim Change to clarify provision
• Clarify that any clause complies - “or”
• Add appendix information to describe why
   requirements make guards less climbable

SC-HSB – April 28/29
Standing Committee on Housing and Small Buildings
 • JTG Energy Efficiency (next slide)
 • TG Illustrated Guide (next slide)
 • Grab Bars in all dwelling units
     • WG to review statistics and develop changes if warranted
 • Masonry Standards – Consistent Terminology
     • New definitions “solid masonry unit” and “fully solid masonry”
 • Slope Stability
     • WG to study issue and develop approach
 • Housing Research
     • SC wants to track housing related research more actively
 • Work Plan and priority list
     • Work Plan has been approved
     • 59 tasks on list

JTG Energy Efficiency
HSB Approach
 •   Reflect regional construction practice
 •   Simple payback and life cycle costing
 •   Reflect different energy sources
 •   Differences by Occupancy
Executive Direction
 •   Follow NECB approach
 •   Regional construction practice
     •   is the normal course of action in code development
     •   will be taken care of by flexible framework and provincial adoption
 •   Cost methodology
     •   is only one criterion to describe the impact of the change
     •   Neither NECB nor EEHSB will use LLC
     •   Focus on energy target (near ERS 80)
 •   Req’s should stay energy source neutral
 •   Differences by occupancy type
     •   Differences between small bldgs and housing expected
     •   Small buildings will follow NECB
JTG Energy Efficiency
Benchmark Study
 • Determine Baseline (current construction practice and current
   level of performance)
 • Study was delayed
 • Contract awarded last week

Sub-task Groups
 • Some sTG have started meeting
     •   Small buildings
     •   Building Envelope
     •   Performance Compliance
     •   HVAC
          • Make the case to address service hot water heating
 • Code Consolidation Group next
Illustrated Guide – Part 9
Project Plan – where are we now?
•   Working Groups: January – May 2010
•   Currently Another Task Group review of revised drafts
•   TG meeting face-to-face: June 15/16
•   Standing Committee review and approval: Fall 2010
•   Editing and Translation: 2011
•   Publication: 2012


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