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									Sony Bravia- The New Generation

The Sony Bravia EX700 Series 52 inch LED HDTV has simple yet powerful features. It comes with a flat
screen and the audio system has excellent sound quality. Speakers are hidden in the system so the
design remains simple and subtle. It has a unique energy saving feature, automatic turn off, and it
switches on when it senses the user has returned to the room. Actually the TV does not turn off but it
goes into standby mode, thus, reducing the energy consumption and avoiding the problems associated
with complete switch off. It has four HDMI input and PC input connect, thus ensuring that everything we
need in our TV is present. On this TC one can easily see the photos or movies which are there in the PC
or the playing station. One can also connect the TV to internet through WI-FI, thus allowing one online
access so that they can download movies, music and review of TV Shows as they like.

Sony Bravia EX 700 Series 52 inch LED HDTV has highly saturated colors, excellent contrast and an
incredibly bright screen. Due to the LED technology it is compact and occupies less space. It is also light
in weight, and thus can be hung from the wall. The cabinet is understated and stylish with a thin
metalized gray strip below a shiny bezel. The set is impressively thin. The input jacks are closer to the
center of the rear and they are laid nicely. The included stand swivels keep the television stable. The
screen is a matte finish and does a decent job of attenuating reflections from the room. The Achilles
heel of this set is the viewing angle. It can change the viewing angle to more than 45 degree on either
side of the center and more than 30 degree vertically. The 120 Hz rate features evaluation detracts from
the picture quality with most TV in the market, it enhances picture quality in the EX700.This feature
does not introduce unwelcome video background noise as most others. The EX700 Series has strict
control on the brightness.

Sony Bravia EX700 52-Inch LED TV gives full 1080 high definition with stunning contrast and smooth high
motion picture performance. The Sony bravia is an excellent LED TV. One slight downside is that the
channel change is on the slower side. The 52EX700 is capable of display a very dark black. In daylight,
the black areas of the screen are completely black. This TV is very bright, once we turn off the ambient
sensor and take full control of the backlight, the setting is quite bright, it is as eye searing as a rear
projection model with bright lamp. Black remain inky and deep at any backlight setting. This set is able
to display lots of detail in shadow that is near black areas of an image.

Overall the Sony Bravia EX70052 INCHES LED TV is a great bit of kit providing a superb viewing
experience and deserves a consideration by all looking for a new viewing experience as there is no way
they will be disappointed

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