_amp;quot;My Chinese Heart_amp;quot; - _amp;quot;bombs and one satellite_amp;quot; Guo Yonghuai by fdjerue7eeu


									"My Chinese Heart" - "bombs and one
satellite" Guo Yonghuai
When I hear "My Chinese Heart" this song, I always
emotionally. Saturday morning happened to read the Phoenix, "My
Chinese Heart", shot in a gray-haired old lady talking about something, I
was attracted to her grace, then adhere to it imagine what will happen.
"My Chinese Heart" is a large literature Phoenix figures
released documentary section. Coincides with the 60 th anniversary of the Republic,
Phoenix carding a unique perspective for the economic boom since the founding of
political freedom, social progress, and make outstanding contributions to national
recovery organizations and individuals to record the brilliant achievements Masters,
and describe pure patriotism. This issue is about the "bombs and one
satellite of the" heroic Guo Yonghuai. Guo Yonghuai who shot love it - Pei
September 18, 1999, the 50th anniversary of New China, the CPC Central Committee,
Central Military Commission, the State Council held a special awards ceremony,
awarded 23 science and technology workers have made special contributions to
"bombs and one satellite Merit" medal. It was noted that a
seemingly strange name, is the General Secretary Jiang Zemin when he was
mentioned once again solemnly, as he is the only martyr was posthumously awarded
the Medal of Guo Yonghuai. Guo Yonghuai name, speaking in high school history
books to bombs and one satellite when I have seen, but the impression is not deep, but
still the name I remember.
May 1941, Guo Yonghuai into California Institute of Technology, where she called the
"father of aviation," said the fluid master Von Karman, study
aerodynamics. His doctoral dissertation was selected the most challenging issues and
got a doctorate in one fell swoop. Is here, he met his life's confidant Qian
brothers, learn and willing to do and do Qian is the most open car, pulled it the
somewhat pedantic of The Young ride. In 1941, he was to pick up Guo Yonghuai, and
in 1945, he again sent directly to Guo Yonghuai Cornell University. On Li Pei, the
Cornell University, where her lifetime. In 1947, she came to this university to study
Sea MBA here and Guo Yonghuai knew each other, the second year in the spring, Li
Pei, a capacity of more content, that is Madame Kwo.
   Many people put the 1956 to 1966 decade as the golden age of New China, because
of policy liberal intellectuals with unprecedented enthusiasm, China is a free
information and the lack of technology, weak economic foundation, a sudden
withdrawal of foreign experts go situation, overcome difficulties and gain a large
number of far-reaching achievements. Guo Yonghuai to return to China at this time
can be said that an auspicious time, people get it before obtaining the use.
   June 7, 1957, "Guangming Daily" Guo Yonghuai published
an article "Why I return to the motherland," he wrote,
"As a result of contending policy, on all the issues we are left with Ruogu,
without discussion, there is no conclusion. on every aspect of the authority we need,
but can not be the exclusive authority of the truth. This, I believe that the past year, is
already done. "Guo Yonghuai at this time as a deputy director of
Mechanics Chinese Academy of Sciences, director of that money Xue-Sen, two of
them one grasp planning, one implement, seamless fit, which is brilliant for the
scientific community was known as the "von Karman School Brothers
partner." Enhance a country's scientific strength easier said than
done, not to mention Guo Yonghuai face was almost cut off from closed Chinese, the
first thing he did was build Mechanics Room, the personal dedication brought out all
the information.
   Guo Yonghuai was a very talkative person, rarely participate in political activities.
Spring Festival 1964, Mao Zedong met with some representatives of Chinese
scientists, meeting site, the scientists eager and Mao shaking hands with Han Xiao
Guo Yonghuai the crowd behind, feeling far this atmosphere. Guo Yonghuai log above
his lifetime's work, documented the mechanics of work each day, after
returning home Guo Yonghuai little leisure time, only some of the back of the discs
from the United States, also contributed to the radio station.
   June 1959, the Soviets suddenly sent a letter to the CPC Central Committee,
refused to provide the atomic bomb to the Chinese model and technical information,
the second year in July, the Soviet government informed the Chinese government
decided to withdraw all the nuclear industry expert system in China, followed by stop
the supply of all technical equipment and information. This means that
China's nuclear shield are manufactured, only self-reliance, the United
States and British Governments have frayed nerves and began to relax a little.
   One day in March 1960, Guo Yonghuai Sanqiang suddenly came home, two people
entered the study, the door was shut and spent about three hours. Walking Qian
Sanqiang very happy Guo Yonghuai very joyful, Li Pei was later learned, was
recommended to the Qian Qian Sanqiang to Guo Yonghuai, he was to take the
mechanical protection of independent research and development work of the atomic
bomb. It is this last visit, Guo Yonghuai name and contact to join the Chinese atomic
   To speed up the pace of development of nuclear weapons, in 1963, central
authorities have decided to focus on Beijing's professional research team,
gradually move to the new nuclear weapons development base in Qinghai, the base is
located at an altitude more than 3800 meters of altitude, climate volatile winter
minimum temperature of minus 40 degree. The test site lonely desolate, barren, even
worse due to lack of oxygen, coupled with poor nutrition, and many researchers have
suffered different degrees of altitude edema. Guo Yonghuai often shuttling between
here and in Beijing, poor altitude sickness, making more than 50 years old, he is
particularly old.
   Detonation physics experiment is a breakthrough technology an important part of
the atomic bomb, in order to achieve a satisfactory explosion model, Guo Yonghuai
led the trial team, and even went to his tent to mix explosives. In many trials, Guo
Yonghuai proposed two parallel roads, the final selection of the best ways to swoop
for the first atomic bomb explosion, the best programs, which were later used in the
first generation of China's weapons development process.
   October 16, 1964, China's first atomic bomb explosion test a success,
June 17, 1967, China successfully tested its first hydrogen bomb explosion. When the
flash fireball and mushroom cloud of smoke rising, all the testers a boil, Guo
Yonghuai was limp at the test site.
   October 1968, Guo Yonghuai again went to the Northwest grasslands, to launch
China's first thermonuclear warheads before the test preparation, this work
has ended in early December. 4 pm, Guo Yonghuai discovered an important clue to
the data, immediately pledged to report back to Beijing, Lanzhou, he inquired into the
evening there will be a civil aircraft flying to Beijing, the drive went to Lanzhou.
Before he left, my colleagues advised him to fly unsafe at night, and tomorrow
morning walk, Guo Yonghuai aircraft quickly laughed and said, I just hit a nap on to
the next morning just reporting, not to think of is that he is no longer did not come
back. But most importantly, Guo Yonghuai's sudden departure, on
China's national defense science and technology, its loss can feel until
People have reason to fear that, with the departure of Guo Yonghuai, Qian's
body back, and continue to create the miracle of human von Karman aeronautical
engineering school in China mean the end.
  ?Gray color Zhongguancun Branch source community family wings had been the
earliest in 1949 after the construction of Zhongguancun, 50 years ago, people call it
Zhongguancun special floor, which means to live in the small building special talents.
November 1956, Guo Yonghuai, Li Pei couple officially moved here, a flash Li Pei
has lived here 53 years.
   Moved into this building, small building from the beginning, Li Pei create the
impression that a low-key and careful scientist's wife, Guo Yonghuai
students still remember when the teacher Guo bag will always be an apple, that is wife
to a teacher preparation Kuo snacks. Few people know that this bag every day to put
Apple Guo teachers who have been in the international democratic federation, on
behalf of the Chinese women sent the first voice.
   November 26, 1945, the first Women's International Democratic
Federation held in Paris, groups 86 member countries were invited to attend.
Southwest just graduated Li Pei, as the excellent organization of the many important
social activities, combined with fluent English, is selected and then studied in France,
Li Hui, as well as Shanghai National Music Academy's first graduates Li
Xianmin so few female, formed in Paris, the Chinese women's delegation.
   Li Pei said: "I think he the greatest impact on me is that I recognize a
problem, but I think those of us who are not so much use, on the country concerned,
or should, as a scientific and technical personnel , is the country's most
contributions. This is the first time I met him, I thought at that time, and now you ask
me, I say. "In fact, Guo Yonghuai many affected by Li Pei, Guo Yonghuai
1960 invited to participate in a political study meetings, and to make statements, he
considers it a waste of time there, do not want to go. Li Pei persuade a few, and
personally wrote him a speech outline, Guo Yonghuai said after the well written. But
all in December 5, 1968 the day ended all too abruptly, with the disintegration of the
plane, that was her who called the old Guo left her forever.
   Four years of life and death, does not consider, since the memorable. Li Pei never
stopped her husband's thoughts, it is also a yearning that made her
extremely strong, love it love, as Li Pei whole life.
   October 1, 1978, the new Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences of the
planned formal opening, to the school, no less Yanjici tasks are more demanding when
the dean. The biggest obstacle is the quality of school is not enough, the old teacher to
go away, back to retirement, years of lean, especially in English. Li Pei Yanjici found,
can hardly be considered as Foreign Language Teaching and Research Office to her to
address the issue of the Graduate School of English teaching. In the spring of the
second, Lee was invited to come here to set up two cutting-edge physics courses, and
to hold Yanjici proposed "Joint recruit physics students," the
project, so that China's outstanding physical talent, to go free overseas
studies, both sides readily fitted and decided by the Li Pei check charge of the project
work in English.
   After the implementation of the current decade, according to incomplete statistics, a
total of more than 950 excellent Chinese students to go to the U.S. first-class college,
many people became home and abroad, academics, business leaders. Inspired by this
partnership, Li Pei began helping students apply for scholarships to study in their own
operations, six months after more than 100 students have got admission letter, other
effective brainer, which is widely spread in the early eighties, the Chinese at their own
expense Studying Abroad. This is the modern history of China, once the largest wave
of students studying at their own expense.
   However, students are even more impressed that Li Pei a unique teaching method, a
guiding her PhD, graduated in recent years, in a blog which has revealed the Li Pei
foreign language teaching know-how, the pursuit of authentic and academic services.
   In 1989 the United States, a language teaching and research journal, published a
special article specifically, said Li Pei as "the mother of Applied
Linguistics in China", the title spread like wildfire. One went to the
Canadian students, in a blog post in this recall her teacher, Li Pei, "How
many years have passed, I realized, Li Pei, conducted by the teachers to do physical
education is a continuation of the cause Guo Guo Lee is actually a person.
   In 2003, China Science and Technology Institute of China when the 45th
anniversary celebration, Li Pei Guo Yonghuai the egg which will be pure gold quality
"of bombs and one satellite" Merit Medal, donated to the China
Science and Technology Institute of China history museum of the permanent
collection. Li Pei in 2007 and frugal living, personal savings are all the gifts she and
Guo Yonghuai, has dedicated a lifetime to the Institute of Mechanics, Chinese
Academy of Sciences and China University of Technology.
   Program ended, my heart is not quiet a long time.

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