The Anthropology Museum Mission Statement by birdmandaddy


									The Anthropology Museum
Mission Statement
The mission of the Anthropology Museum is to enhance the teaching and research of
anthropology for the students of Miami University, the local community, and future
generations through the collection, preservation, documentation, interpretation and
presentation of the evidence of human experience.

As part of Miami University's Anthropology program, the Anthropology Museum takes
its structure and orientation from a combination of the following perspectives; the
university, the museum, and the field of anthropology. The university and the museum
come from separate historical developments, consequently see their prerogatives and
responsibilities fulfilled through different yet complementary functions. Anthropology,
as a field of inquiry, is fundamental to both definitions. With a historical development
that is closely tied to the university and the anthropology program, anthropology provides
an exceptional link between both institutions. From the traditions and responsibilities of
museums come the central functions of the collection, preservation, conservation, and
presentation of objects of value. Value, not in monetary terms, comes from the academic
field of anthropology, which provides the object with context, meaning, and relevance for
the primary university functions of the increase and dissemination of knowledge.

The basic tenants of anthropology express a commitment to the respect for human
diversity through time and space, to the analytical understanding of the human
experience, and to the increase of human knowledge. The Anthropology Museum
provides both the Miami University student and the local community with a unique and
alternative way of learning about themselves.

Functions of the Anthropology Museum
The activities of Miami University's Anthropology Museum are designed to reinforce the
basic principles embedded in the responsibilities of the museum institution, the
university, and the field of anthropology. The purposes of the museum's activities are as

1. Develop and maintain collections that reflect the range and diversity of human
   activities through time and space, as seen from an anthropological perspective.

2. Provide Miami faculty, especially in anthropology, with exhibits that can form a
   direct link between the student and the topic being studied.

3. Provide training in museology through the classroom, museum research projects,
   exhibit planning, and installations.

4. Provide the university community, as well as the local community with exhibits from
   the collections that will widen their knowledge and appreciation for other cultures and
   other times.

5. Provide the Miami student with the opportunity to participate in anthropologically-
   oriented research through actual work with the collections.

6. Provide the local community with a repository of local archaeological information
   and materials.

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