Science - Importance of Soil by McCaber


									The Importance of Soil

By W.Batke Activity Teacher Notes

What do you need to survive?

Make a list of 3 items you cannot live without. Place them in the order of importance .
1._________________ 2._________________


What did you write down as the “most important” item that you cannot live without?

How long can you hold your breath? You need air.

Without oxygen your brain cells start to die in about 4 minutes

What did you write down as the second most important item?


You could probably go 5-7 days without water.

What did you write down as the third most important item?


Depending on your physical condition, you could live between 20 to 40 days without food.

Let us look at food. Are you getting hungry? What ingredients do you need to make a hamburger?

How about a hamburger?


Original Source

1. Bun
2. Meat

3. Lettuce 4. Tomato 5. Cheese

What is the original source for these main ingredients?


Original Source

1. Bun
2. Meat

Grain……….......Plant Cow.. Eats grass..Plant …..................…..Plant ……....................Plant ..Milk…Cow….. Plant

3. Lettuce 4. Tomato 5. Cheese

The simple truth is, most of our food ultimately comes from plants.
What do plants need to grow?

Sunlight, water, and soil.

Soil, you cannot live without it!

What is soil made from?

Teacher notes:
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