Guidelines for Writing Your Statement of Purpose by flyinanweather


									             Guidelines for Writing Your Statement of Purpose

1. The statement should be focused; clarity and brevity are encouraged. It should

   specifically state (1) why you would like to attend graduate school, (2) your

   career plans, (3) your professional interests, and (4) why the Department of

   Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications is the right fit for your

   graduate education. Reading the “Support Areas” document will help you to fully

   understand our knowledge bases and contextual applications.

2. Your statement of purpose should be written by you. We make judgments on

   your writing ability from this statement. The statement should be grammatically

   correct and free from punctuation errors. Therefore you are encouraged to have

   someone else proof read it for you, but you should be the author.

3. The statement should reflect your personality. Judgments on graduate admission

   are often difficult. The graduate selection committee needs to know about your

   time management skills, dedication and motivation, previous work or volunteer

   experiences, and other factors that might contribute to your potential success in

   graduate school.

4. Although quality of the statement is our primary concern, we suggest

   approximately two pages, double spaced.

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