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					Name: ____________________________________________ Date: __________________- Per. ______ Row: ______

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                                       Small Claims Worksheet

Small claims court is a special court where disputes are resolved quickly and inexpensively. The rules
are simple and informal. The person who sues is called the __________. The person who is sued is
called the ____________.

You cannot ask for more than $_______ in a claim. You can file as many claims as you want for up to
$_______ each. But you can only file __ claims a year that ask for more than $_________.

You can only sue a guarantor for up to $________ ($2,500 if they don't charge for the guarantee). A
"_______________" is a person who promises to be responsible for what another person owes.

If you have filed 12 or fewer claims in the past 12 months:

Amount of your claim:                 Filing Fee
$0 to $1500                           $____
$1500.01 to $5,000                    $____
$5000.01 to $7,500                    $____

If you have filed more than 12 claims in the past 12 months, the filing fee is $____ (for any claim

Can I bring a lawyer? _____________

How long do I have to wait to go to court?
You will go to court between ___ and ___ days after you file your claim.

The most common kinds of cases to go to small claims court are:
      1. ________________________________________________________
       2. ________________________________________________________
       3. ________________________________________________________
       4. ________________________________________________________

Some examples of evidence that you would bring to court with you are:

       1. ________________________________________________________
       2. ________________________________________________________
       3. ________________________________________________________
       4. ________________________________________________________
       5. ________________________________________________________
       6. ________________________________________________________
The judge may make a decision at your hearing, or mail it to you later. Instead of a judge, you may
have a commissioner or temporary judge at your hearing. They are both just like judges. A temporary
judge (called a "__________________" or "___________________") is a lawyer who hears and
decides cases. If you don't want a temporary judge, you can ask the court to have a judge hear your
case. You may have to come back another day.

You can/can't appeal if you were the one who filed the claim. If someone else files a claim against
you and you lose, you can/can't appeal.

If you were at the hearing and wish to file an appeal, you must file a form called
“________________________". You have ____ days to do this after the judge makes a decision.

If someone else appeals, can I bring a lawyer to represent me to the new hearing? _________

When can I file a claim?
     If you are suing because you got hurt, you can file a claim for up to __________ after you
        were hurt or found out you were hurt.
     If you are suing because a spoken agreement was broken, you have ___________ to file after
        the agreement was broken.
     If you are suing because a written agreement was broken, you have ___________ to file after
        the agreement was broken.
     If you are suing because your property was damaged, you have _________ to file after your
        property was damaged.
     If you are suing because of fraud, you have ___________ to file after you find out about the
        fraud. Fraud is when you lose money because someone lied to you or tricked you on purpose.
If you are suing a government or public agency, you have ____________ to file a claim with that
agency. If they reject your claim, you have ______________ to file a claim with a small claims court.

Do I have to go to court?
If you're suing someone, you must go to court. You can/can't send anyone else (even a lawyer) to
represent you in court.
But there are some exceptions. For example:
     You may not have to go to court if:
    (1) ___________________________________________________________________________

   (2) ___________________________________________________________________________

   (3) ___________________________________________________________________________

What to do if you are being sued.

If you want to sue the person who is suing you, file and serve a form called a

Must I tell the pe rson I'm suing the m? ____________
Someone-not you- must hand or mail a copy of your form to the other person at least __ days before
your hearing. This is called "____________."
Name: ____________________________________________ Date: __________________- Per. ______ Row: ______

Change your court date

If I can’t make the court date, I can file a __________________________________________ at least
_____ days before the hearing. I can also write a letter explaining why you need to c hange your court

Also, mail or personally give a copy of your form _____________ or letter to the other people named
in the claim.

If you were timely served,* you'll have to pay a $____ to ask for a continuance.
*Timely served means that you were served at least ___ before your hearing -- if you live in the same
county as the court.

If you live in a different county than the court, you must have been served at least ____ before the