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					"Cold wave was very funny," the scripts!
1, the reporter interviewed a centenarian, and asked: You old as a centenarian, you
now feel most happy about that? Thought the elderly, said: "there is no
peer pressure and comparisons of employment brought about!"
2, three men and a woman with the chase, his father said: "it is regrettable
that I have only one woman, you talk about their respective advantages, I would
lie." A man: "I am the Director of the right." B M:
"I am a second generation rich, rich." C M: "I and
consequently, only one children, in the belly of your daughter." A and B are
on your head away. Fully explain the matter: power and money and sometimes do not
have the comparative advantage of core competence, talent is the most valuable.
3, CCTV's contribution is very busy for a long evening, the results are very
entangled: a bottle of Wong Lo Kat = two barrels oil (the oil + Sinopec) + 4 money jar
(BOC, ICBC, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China) + 2 Iron pimple
(Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel) + 3 s Golden King (Mobile Unicom Telecom) = a
web site (over customers family).
4, met professors, about four cardinal vices; encountered wealthy, on humane care;
experience was, on net worth status, met senior, on kidney function; encountered over
customers family, on charges; face ugly man, talk about itinerant past; experience
beauty, love, sadness about; met a monk, about modern love; met satyr, on quiet
compassion; met Obama, on respect for sovereignty; met Kim Jong Il, insisted on the
revolutionary; event to the living, talking about stability and unity; encounter the dead,
on harmony and stability!
5, a friend recently earned a very High, on into the thousand. Ask him how come so
fast. He said get an individual bus operators, bus companies under the name of
hanging on. Ju Zhao day run, but the car's public transport card swipe
device removed to the ... back in the bag, crowding, to the subway. Close to the
people of the backpack, two hand the money over to the family of websites to earn
over customers faster!
6, his father asked his son: Who do you are going to take my wife? Son: Granny Who
Loved Me usually, so I have to take my grandmother to do my wife. Dad: Nonsense,
how can I be your mother, wife. Son: So how could my mother be your wife?
7, disaster prone "moral" farce: 1, pressing contributions; 2,
threatening forms of love; 3, pressing to make a sad expression; 4, that their love is
more than the others. Make your own, do not force others, self-discipline and morality
should not be legal persons.
8, the Chinese characteristics of earthquake escape guide: what to say earthquake
escape are white blind, listen to me: an earthquake, the national emblem of the
building to hang in there to run, to ensure you will not die.
9, it was reported ready to enter China's Facebook, and users have prepared
a few Chinese translation, such as "face book"
"Mask," "others" and so on. But I think
there is only one of the most suitable for China's national conditions:
"Account of this."
10, was once again demonstrated the old scripts: a large earthquake has three obvious
signs: 1. Well anomaly; 2. Livestock abnormal response; 3. Experts out of the rumor.
11, see the ex-girlfriend's personal signature on the QQ wrote,
"We a year", MD, and the man she had a year, but we broke up
less than a year.
12, a prostitute is a star in Japan, China's star is a prostitute.
13, saying the junior high school that would just spread our booth, and sometimes I
look at self-study ran a telephone booth on the children's shoes accounted
for two-machine, I wonder will not do, and then I call him a 110, a dial 119 ... and
then reverse the two microphone and soon came to the condemning. . .
14, there are six kinds of people in the world: one is to do the thinking about; 2 is
learning by doing like; 3 is like a do; 4 is not done; 5 is like the do not do; 6 is not do
not want to. You do what?
15, eight naive: Leadership toast you drink, you first touch the leading lady, leading to
walk you go by car, leading you wordy speech, the leadership of a private matter you
talk nonsense, leading off before you shower, you turn the table leaders and take their
food, leading to listen card you Zimo.
16, I said I was the director, she told me to sleep. The next day, I said I was animation
director, she cried. .
17, has secret crush on her school days, but no courage to tell the truth, even cowards
touch her. After graduation, she was married, my husband and I are classmates. That
afternoon, she hold the baby in the feeding, I found a very good excuse. I walked in
front of her, hold her hands a MIMI, and then with her doll that cried uncle, do not cry
no food!
18, accidentally stepped on the road today, a cobra, it is back to give one, you see the
snake four legs Yi Deng, playing a roll and hung up. I have watched it contempt:
exercise, I eat the waste oil, drinking melamine, you are the Ah pure court death.
19, 【】 RMB appreciation and U.S. tourists after the cups and wash with: Americans
travel to China with 100,000 U.S. dollars convertible to 68 million yuan. Eat, drink
for a year in China, spent 18 million yuan. He was going back to the bank, because
the yuan against the dollar to 1:5, with the rest of the Americans for 500,000 yuan to
10 million. To the 10-million, or 100,000 back happily home.
20, Yang Hsiu killed reasons: one day variability of the northern to the bookstore to
buy books, read a book is the author of Montesquieu. Variability of the northern sky
and laughed: "Ha ha ha ha, speak! Meng things that birds will be writing a
21, the teacher asked: Please use "or... Or..." Sentences. Student
A: five cents a balloon, or, or?
22, from the front, is the great god (God); from the negative side, is despicable (dog).
In fact, people committed sin (evil), in turn, is to live (live). "- Another
point of view a lot of things would be different
23, elevator, a boy of a girl said: "I could kiss you, but do not touch your
body." Girl: "kidding?" Boy: "You can bet!
Lose recognized fine." Girl: "Fine!" boy kissed the
girl's face quickly and calmly Stand. Girls suspicion, the boy:
"Oh, I lost... You fine me ^_^"。
24-year-old sister took a bag of rice crust eaten with relish in the yard, the
neighbor-year-old brother, watching helplessly in the next, eat embarrassed that he
asked his sister, crisp and not brittle? I think this little fart boy pretty subtle, and then
the classic scene there - my sister took one up the mouth and said: You listen. . .
25, do sites like to do * love, first you need to know "How To Make
Love", referred to as HTM * L; If you feel you have mastered the HTM *
L, you should learn 3 * P (ASP, PHP, JSP ). . .
26, today to take a bus, the bus card of the old man gave a mine collapsed, only the
crisp gave the prompt: "Student card!."
27, "count of 1.3 billion," the greatest difficulty divided by 1.3
billion, would become insignificant; then multiplied by the 1.3 billion small-love is a
love of the ocean!
28, just in over customers a family of websites registered user name
"father", the result sent e-mail it to me, looked fine on the
earthquake, "said his son, hello, your user name has been registered
successfully!" I Khan . . .
29, middle school, a buddy took me to the bookstall, impudent to ask the boss:
"There is Liu Bei?" I was wondering, I saw the boss pulls out
from the corner of two yellow books handed over. The way back I asked:
"Why is it called the Yellow Book, 'Liu Bei'
you?" He whispered, told me: "Huang Shu."
30, in college one day, I went to school in a nearby supermarket to buy things,
happened to meet two of the same class girls shopping in there. A girl: "Oh
What a coincidence now flashing is talking about you, really said to Cao Cao Cao
Cao." Sighed the other girls: "Shaanxi local evil, to say the
tortoise to a turtle." I% ¥ # @ ... ... & *
31, a bureaucrat and his wife said: eat, sleep; on the sister-in-law said: eat a meal,
night's sleep; on beauty said: eat dinner, sleep; on Xiaomi said: eat dinner,
sleep and feel; on the people said: to eat What food, what sleep felt!
32, U.S. News Director of Los paper is the first ministerial-level American history,
black, high occupancy residential area of Northwest Washington. One day he was at
home in front of grass, simply wearing a T-shirt, a lady drove through, stopped to
greet him: "the black, how much grass you cut one?" Lovin rise
glanced at her, slowly to say: "It depends on the situation ... .... such as this
wife ... ... I for her grass, she accompanied me to sleep."
33, and drove out to dinner with colleagues, to take place no parking spaces, had
stopped at the roadside. Asked a friend a ticket will not be posted. He said nothing,
from the box out of a ticket, posted on the windows on their own. After dinner came
back really safe. . .
34, yesterday asked a friend of a stock: the recent stock market crash, and sleep? He
said: sleep like a baby. I said: a worthy champion! This can fall asleep! He was silent
for quite a while Road: midnight often wake up crying for a sleep.
35, April issue of the American "National Geographic"
magazine, said the Three Gorges Dam's water weight will make the
Earth's rotation axis offset nearly inch (2.54 cm) - has finally let the world
know that China's weight.
36, a blind date today, the girl asked: How old are you? She is very proud to answer:
37, men: 20 Pentium, 30 Hitachi, 40 CP, 50 Microsoft, 60 Panasonic, 70 association;
women: 30, such as wolves, 40 tiger, 50 sit to be able to absorb soil, 60 cannibalism
do not spit bones, 70 against the wall smoking rats, 80 outdated Ms.
38, easy woman "divorced" the feelings of the 10 men ------
derailment of a man; an alcoholic man; love gambling man; not a man to make money;
the men of domestic violence; addiction men in entertainment; by women Chiruan
Fan men; succeed in the men quit home; have money forget the men; love filling the
bulk of the men; see posts not to return the men. ------ Men should take a broad mind,
great love, love their family, wife and children.

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