Bugeater Flea Market, LLC by zgu84696


									     Bugeater Flea Market, LLC             Revised 1/09                            limit concessionaries’ products for sale to in order to
       8104 Molokai Drive, Papillion, NE 68046                                     maximize selection, variety and fair competition for
                                                                                   anticipated customer traffic.
                                                                              9.    DISPLAY AREA: All merchandise and advertising signs
1.   MARKET HOURS: Springfield Days hours open to the public                       must be kept within the designated booth area as indicated.
     are Friday 5-10pm and Saturday 8am-4pm. Early setup begins                    Vendors must provide their own tables, displays and
     Friday at noon. Call to make special arrangements. Vendors                    structures (canopies, tents, tarpaulins, etc.). A limited
     may set up their booths anytime during office hours and are to                number of tables are available for indoor vendors in
     operate until 1 hour before close of the day, unless special                  designated buildings. Availability is not guaranteed.
     arrangements are made with management. Booths not occupied
     by opening time each market day (no show) may be rented to               10. SIGNS, DISPLAYS: All signs, displays, backboards,
     and/or occupied by another vendor.                                           shelves, windbreaks and similar items must be constructed
                                                                                  in such a manner so as not to obstruct the view of the
2.   RENTALS: Booth reservation is complete upon receipt of                       merchandise of the neighboring booths. No signs may be
     payment on a first-come, first-serve basis. All vendors must pay             hung over any center aisle space. Vendors who do not give
     their rent 30 days prior to the weekend reserved. Rental monies              cash refunds or make exchanges must post a sign, easily
     will be accepted at the main office on market grounds or                     seen by the public of no less than 18” high by 24” wide, for
     received at the above mailing address. If rent is not paid on                each space rented. The sign(s) must read: “NO CASH
     time, the booth(s) may be rented to another vendor.                          REFUNDS or EXCHAANGES” – “ALL SALES FINAL”.

3.   VENDOR PARKING: Outdoor vendor spaces vary in size to a                  11. STRUCTURES: Vendors are responsible for their own
     maximum of 20’ by 30’. Vendors are limited to the number of                  tents, canopies, and other temporary structures.
     vehicles as determined by management that can safely and                     Management reserves the right to refuse the erection and
     conveniently park behind their booths. Ample designated                      use of any Structure that is not in conformity with the
     vendor parking is South of the market boundaries and is                      specifications and requirements of Management. Vendor
     provided on a first come, first serve basis. No vehicles are                 shall comply with all the requirements of Management and
     allowed to be parked in customer parking areas or on market                  erect all signs, displays and structures safely and in a
     grounds.                                                                     manner that would prevent injury to people and damage to
                                                                                  the Market structures and premises. Portable canopies
4.   SUBLETTING BOOTHS: Vendors may not sublet or loan their                      must be securely anchored or have a minimum of 20 lbs.
     booth(s).                                                                    weight on each vertical pole for wind control.

5.   ELECTRICITY: Access to electrical hookups is limited and not             12. VENDOR’S GARBAGE AND CLEANUP: Vendors are
     available to every booth. Management, on request, will provide               responsible for clean up of their area. All garbage and trash
     a description of electrical availability for each booth. Vendors             boxes, etc. are to be placed in the dumpster, boxes broken
     must provide their own source of electricity for booths not so               down and flattened. Nothing is to be left in your booth
     equipped. Vendor is responsible for providing safe and                       when you leave. Anything left is considered trash and
     grounded extension cords.                                                    abandoned. There will be a cleaning fee imposed for those
                                                                                  that do not clean up their booth.
     COUNTY AND CITY LICENSE AND PERMIT                                       13. AMPLIFIERS: Bullhorns, loudspeakers, and any sound
     REQUIREMENTS: Vendors are responsible for charging and                       amplifiers are not allowed in the Market. Radios,
     remitting all sales and other taxes (unless exempt from taxation),           televisions, and stereos must be kept at a low volume.
     and comply with all federal, state and local laws and ordinances.            Carnival barking is not permitted, nor any Vendors or their
                                                                                  agents walking through the Market selling any product.
     provide and display a copy of Nebraska Department of Health              14. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: Positively no alcoholic
     certification and comply with all requirements and standards of              beverages shall be sold by any vendor or consumed on the
     the Bureau of Dairies and Foods of the Nebraska Department of                premises by Vendors, their agents, employees or others at
     Agriculture. Call (402) 471-2536 for approval or regulations                 or about the Vendor’s booth at any time during the
     (http://www.agr.state.ne.us/). Food vendors agree to carry                   Market’s operation. Management may make special
     commercial general liability insurance including                             consideration for the sale of off sale wine from Nebraska
     Premises/Operations and Products/Completed Operations                        Wineries. Conditions will be set forth by the management.
     coverage in the amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence for bodily
     injury and/or property damage and $1,000,000 in the aggregate            15. REGISTRATION OF MERCHANDISE: Vendors must
     for bodily injury and/or property damage. Food vendors must                  disclose in writing the major items that will be sold from
     provide a certificate showing that said insurance is in full force           their booth(s) and their affiliation with distributing
     and effect. Certificate will be returned.                                    companies. Only one application per vendor from
                                                                                  identical distributing and direct sales companies will be
8.   FOOD SERVICE VENDORS’ PRODUCTS AND PRICING:                                  accepted. Merchandise and Farmer’s Market vendors may
     Concessions vendors must provide a list of all products they will            sell prepackaged food items not designed to be consumed
     be selling along with anticipated pricing structure. Concessions             on market premises, but must follow safe food handling
     vendors will coordinate a similar pricing structure with other               guidelines procedures and product labeling as described in
     concessionaries for similar or identical products. Concessions               section 7. No merchandise vendor may sell beverages of
     vendors must provide a photo of their trailer or setup prior to              any kind.
     market opening. Bugeater Flea Market reserves the right to
16. OVERNIGHT PARKING: Bugeater Flea Market is not an RV                     27. SECURITY:            The Market has no obligation to
    park and no overnight security will be on site for vehicles or               provide security guards or any other type of security to
    personal property. Bugeater Flea Market is not responsible for               protect merchandise left on the premises after business
    property left on Market premises. Vendors may remain                         hours. The Market has absolutely no responsibility or
    overnight on the weekend as a security measure for their                     liability for any merchandise or any other items left on the
    merchandise. Management will provide a list of nearby RV                     premises of the Market, either during or after Market hours.
    parks at the request of the Vendor.
                                                                             28. TERMINATION: Bugeater Flea Market reserves the right
17. VENDOR’S ANIMALS: All pets must be on a leash and kept                       to terminate at any time the lease of any vendor who does
    in your rented space. Vendors are responsible for acts of their              not fully comply with the rules and regulations of the
    pets and for cleanup of their area.                                          Market.

18. BANNED ITEMS: Banned items for sale include, but are not                 29. LIABILITY - PROPERTY: Bugeater Flea Market shall
    limited to the following which are not to be sold or brought to              not be responsible or liable to any vendor for any loss or
    the Market premises: (a) firearms, ammunition, fireworks,                    damage that results to vendor or his/her property from
    popping caps, dynamite or any other explosive material, (b)                  water, fire, explosion, theft or from any source or any cause
    dangerous animals, (c) any books or other materials that may be              whatsoever, including acts of God.
    considered by Management to be offensive or pornographic (d)
    counterfeit, illegal or stolen items, (e) drug related paraphernalia     30. LIABILITY – NEGLIGENT ACTS: Bugeater Flea Market
    (f) stink bombs, pepper gas or any device that could cause harm              is not responsible for any liability arising out of the
    to any people (g) permanent tattoos. Bugeater Flea Market                    negligent acts of its vendors or their employees or agents,
    reserves the right at any time to prohibit certain additional items          or for any injuries sustained by its vendors, employees or
    from being sold, traded, displayed in any manner or given away.              agents.

19. ANIMALS TO BE SOLD FOR PETS: No animals of any kind                      31. COMPLAINTS: Numerous complaints against a Vendor
    may be sold as pets.                                                         will result in the expulsion of that Vendor from the Market.
                                                                                 In the event a complaint cannot be resolved between a
20. PROPER ATTIRE: All Vendors shall wear proper attire                          customer and Vendor, an agent of Bugeater Flea Market
    required by Management, including shoes and shirts at all times              will listen to both sides of the complaint and make a
    and no offensive signage on clothing or merchandise.                         decision. The Vendor will be bound to the decision made
                                                                                 by Bugeater Flea Market’s agent.
21. VENDOR’S CHILDREN: Vendor’s children must remain with
    their parents/caregivers at all times. Running, misbehavior,             32. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS: All Vendors shall be
    nuisance and disorderly conduct of children will not be allowed              respectful and courteous to other vendors, customers, and
    in the Market and will be grounds for the Vendor’s expulsion                 the public in general, and to the staff and Management of
    from the Market.                                                             the Market. Any disorderly conduct on the premises shall
                                                                                 be grounds for immediate expulsion and eviction from the
22. ABUSIVE OR OBSCENE LANGUAGE OR ACTIONS: Use                                  Market premises without refund of rentals. All
    of obscene language or actions or physical violence is strictly              merchandise must be in good saleable condition and in
    prohibited in the Market and is grounds for immediate expulsion              good working order unless the customer purchases the item
    and eviction from the Market premises and forfeiture of all                  expressly acknowledging otherwise.
    rental fees.
                                                                             33. CANCELLATION: Bugeater Flea Market will promptly
23. COMPLAINTS: All complaints and comments should be                            inform vendors and refund any fees paid should any
    directed to the Manager(s) of the Market. Any item of a serious              weekend market be cancelled or closed for any reason.
    nature should be submitted in writing to the Manager(s).
                                                                              We welcome you to Bugeater Flea Market and welcome your
24. REFUNDS: No refunds of rental will be made for booths or                           constructive criticism and suggestions.
    other fees including without limitation: expulsion, eviction or
    termination of rental for violation of Rules and Regulations or                          RULES AND REGULATIONS
    inability to operate or continue business for any reason,                                subject to change without notice.
    including without limitation: rain, severe storm warnings or any
    other natural phenomenon affecting the operation of business of                          RULES AND REGULATIONS
    the Vendor.                                                                          posted at the Market office shall prevail.

    conduct any lotteries, raffles, auctions, games of chance or skill
    of any kind at the Vendor’s booth or anywhere on the Market
    premises, nor is any form of gambling permitted on the
    premises. No Vendor or agent or representative of Vendor, nor
    any other person, shall solicit other Vendors for any purpose.

26. ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES: No Vendor or representative shall
    conduct any illegal activity, sell merchandise illegal to possess,
    or act in any illegal manner.


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