Job Family: 13-0000 Business and Finance
                                                            Occupational Group: 13-2010 Finance

                              OCCUPATION PROFILE

JOB FAMILY:                        BUSINESS AND FINANCE



BROADBAND LEVELS:                  Level 1 - Pay Band 004
                                   Level 2 - Pay Band 006
                                   Level 3 - Pay Band 008
                                   Level 4 - Pay Band 009


This is work processing, examining, analyzing, or interpreting accounting records or
investigative financial information for the purpose of giving advice or preparing
statements or reports. Also this includes installing, or advising on, systems of recording
costs or other financial and budgetary data.

Some positions in this occupation may be responsible for coordinating work and
supervising employees.


Supervises employees by assigning work, reviewing progress and assessing

Conducts detailed research and analysis of investigative information relating to alleged
criminal violations of applicable laws.

Obtains and analyzes statistical data; analyzes patterns and trends.

Prepares reports for use in criminal prosecution, civil actions, and administrative

Provides testimony in courts of law.

Performs audit field work and related tests of agency internal controls and prepares
audit work papers.

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                                                       Job Family: 13-0000 Business and Finance
                                                            Occupational Group: 13-2010 Finance

Advises management in the development of financial performance measures and
standards of agency programs.

Analyzes operations, trends, costs, revenues, financial commitments, and obligations
incurred, to project future revenues and expenses.

Develops, maintains, and analyzes budgets, and prepares periodic reports comparing
budgeted costs to actual costs.

Analyzes records of financial transactions to determine accuracy and completeness of

Prepares balance sheet, profit and loss statement, amortization and depreciation
schedules, and other financial reports.

Reports finances of establishment to management, and advises management about
resource utilization, tax strategies, and assumptions underlying budget forecasts.

Supervises teams of analysts in performing studies of regulated utilities, supervising
sections/offices composed of regulatory analysts, economists and other positions that
carry out regulatory responsibilities, or supervising research studies.

Directs research into all aspects of regulation, including the effects of state and federal
policies, pricing alternatives, alternative regulatory techniques, and other issues related
to economic regulation.

Develops, implements, modifies, and documents budgeting, cost, general, property, and
tax accounting systems.

Predicts revenues and expenditures, and submits reports to management.

Computes taxes owed, ensures compliance with tax payment, reporting, and other tax
requirements, and represents establishment before taxing authority.

Surveys operations to ascertain accounting needs.

Establishes table of accounts, and assigns entries to proper accounts.

Audits records and other financial documents and prepares reports.

Prepares forms and manuals for workers performing accounting and bookkeeping

Appraises, evaluates, and inventories real property and equipment, and records
description, value, location, and other information.

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                                                     Job Family: 13-0000 Business and Finance
                                                          Occupational Group: 13-2010 Finance

Adapts accounting and record keeping functions to current technology of computerized
accounting systems.

Directs activities of workers performing accounting and bookkeeping tasks.

Directs and/or participates in pre-audit functions.
Prepares and presents expert technical testimony and reviews prepared testimony of


Analyzing Data or Information            Identifying underlying principles, reasons, or
                                         facts by breaking down information or data
                                         into separate parts.

Getting Information Needed to Do the     Observing, receiving, and otherwise obtaining
Job                                      information from all relevant sources.

Processing Information                   Compiling, coding, categorizing, calculating,
                                         tabulating, auditing, verifying, or processing
                                         information or data.

Evaluating Information Against           Evaluating information against a set of
Standards                                standards and verifying that it is correct.

Provide Consultation and Advice to       Providing consultation and expert advice to
Others                                   management or other groups on technical,
                                         systems-related, or process related topics.

Communicating With Other Workers         Providing information to supervisors, fellow
                                         workers, and subordinates. This information
                                         can be exchanged face-to-face, in writing, or
                                         via telephone/electronic transfer.
Identifying Objects, Actions, and        Identifying information received by making
Events                                   estimates or categorizations, recognizing
                                         differences or similarities, or sensing changes
                                         in circumstances or events.

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                                                     Job Family: 13-0000 Business and Finance
                                                          Occupational Group: 13-2010 Finance

Interacting with Computers               Controlling computer functions by using
                                         programs, setting up functions, writing
                                         software, or otherwise communicating with
                                         computer systems.
Updating and Using Job-Relevant          Keeping up-to-date technically and knowing
Knowledge                                one's own jobs' and related jobs' functions.

Monitoring and Controlling Resources     Monitoring and controlling resources and
                                         overseeing the spending of money.


Mathematics                              Knowledge of numbers, their operations,
                                         and interrelationships including one or
                                         more of the following: arithmetic,
                                         algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics,
                                         and their applications

Reading Comprehension                    Understanding written sentences and
                                         paragraphs in work related documents

Information Gathering                    Knowing how to find information and
                                         identifying essential information

Judgment and Decision Making             Weighing the relative costs and benefits
                                         of a potential action

Identifying Downstream Consequences      Determining the long-term outcomes of a
                                         change in operations

Problem Identification                   Identifying the nature of problems

Systems Evaluation                       Looking at many indicators of system
                                         performance, taking into account their

Solution Appraisal                       Observing and evaluating the outcomes
                                         of a problem solution to identify lessons
                                         learned or redirect efforts

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                                                  Job Family: 13-0000 Business and Finance
                                                       Occupational Group: 13-2010 Finance

Coordination                          Adjusting actions in relation to others'

Management of Personnel Resources     Motivating, developing, and directing people
                                      as they work, identifying the best people for
                                      the job

Economics and Accounting              Knowledge of economic and accounting
                                      principles and practices, the financial
                                      markets, banking, and the analysis and
                                      reporting of financial data

Administration and Management         Knowledge of principles and processes
                                      involved in business and organizational
                                      planning, coordination, and execution.
                                      This may include strategic planning,
                                      resource allocation, manpower modeling,
                                      leadership techniques, and production

English Language                      Knowledge of the structure and content
                                      of the English language including the
                                      meaning and spelling of words, rules of
                                      composition, and grammar

Clerical                              Knowledge of administrative and clerical
                                      procedures and systems

Critical Thinking                     Using logic and analysis to identify the
                                      strengths and weaknesses of different

Identification of Key Causes          Identifying the things that must be
                                      changed to achieve a goal

Speaking                              Talking to others to effectively convey

Monitoring                            Assessing how well one is doing when
                                      learning or doing something

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                                                  Job Family: 13-0000 Business and Finance
                                                       Occupational Group: 13-2010 Finance

Law, Government and Jurisprudence     Knowledge of laws, legal codes, court
                                      procedures, precedents, government
                                      regulations, executive orders, agency
                                      rules, and the democratic political

Writing                               Communicating effectively with others in
                                      writing as indicated by the needs of the


EFFECTIVE:        09/09/2002
History:          07/01/2002

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