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									             American Labor Force

Civilian Labor Force –

                      Total of all people 16 years old or older
                      who are employed or actively seeking

    See Figure 12.1
           Category of Workers
Blue Collar:
                Craft & manufacturing - non farming workers

White Collar:
                 Trained, sales people, office workers

Service Worker:
                  Those who provide services directly to
     Jobs Categorized by skill level
Unskilled:         No Specialized Training

Semi Skilled:              Some Training

Skilled:         Learned a trade or craft

Professional:              College Degrees or Additional Training or
Do Reading Check – P 310
Supply and Demand of Labor FACTORS
1. Skill Level – From talent, initiative, education
                         experience, training

      2. Job Conditions
                               Give me samples

            3. Work Locations       Give me Samples
           Restrictions on Wages
1. Minimum Wage Laws

2. Wage Negotiation

3. Job Seniority
  Do Reading Check – P 313

   Review # 4
Labor Unions
 Reasons for:   1. Improve working conditions

                 2. Improve Wages

Unions Use/Used :     A. Strikes

                      B. Slowdowns

                      C. Sabotage

Review Labor Laws - P 317
    Labor Unions are in 2 Groups

1. Craft Unions – skilled workers in specific

2. Industrial Unions – all workers in industry
regardless of job or skill level

  CIO = Congress of Industrial Organizations

   AFL = American Federation of Labor

Both unions joined together in 1955 as one
union - AFLCIO
Reading Check - P-317
                  Working Conditions
Give me a list of working conditions a Union might
  negotiate for…….

  Poor Lighting           Lack of Ventilation     Dangerous Machinery

   Long Work Week          Low Wages              No Health Care Benies

   No Unemployment Ins.              Sick Leave    Paid Vacation

           Holidays – paid or 1.5 times wage
Organized Unions Operate on 3 Levels
1. Local

      2. National or International Union

            3. Federation
Closed Shop = Hire union members only

Union Shop = must join union after period of

Agency Shop = not required to join but must
pay dues

Right to Work Laws = forbid unions shops
        3 Biggest Unions in US
1. Teamsters

     2. United Auto Workers (UAW)

3. United Steelworkers of America (USW)
          Federation Level

• 1. AFL-CIO

    2. NEW – Change To Win – has teamsters
     Collective Bargaining -- ???
Defined – Unions & Employers negotiate
 conditions of employment.

                Working Hours

                Fringe Benefits

                Cost of Living Adj. (COLA)
Bargaining Problems:

  Mediation = Neutral Person steps in.

  Arbitration = Both parties submit issues
  they cannot agree on to 3rd party for final
     Each side has dispute powers if
      communication breaks down.
Unions use:
    Picketing – discourage workers from crossing
    picket line to work

    Boycott – unions urge public not to
    purchase goods or services produced by
Company or Management use:

Lockouts – company locks out union people
  from working and hires “SCABS”.

    SCABS = DEFINED = people who are
    willing to cross picket lines to work

Injunctions = legal order by court to prevent
some activity
   Reasons Unions are declining.
Already have better working conditions

Wages better

 Loss of Jobs Overseas


  Union Rules “ obsolete” (train stoker)

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