Collective Labor Agreement Negotiations

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					                                      FOR GENERAL RELEASE TO THE PUBLIC
                                                 April 1, 2010

                     Collective Labor Agreement Negotiations
The collective labor agreement between Coca-Cola İçecek (CCI) and Öz-Gıda İş Sendikası
(Trade Union), covering our Company’s Çorlu, Mersin, Kemalpaşa, Bursa and Ankara plants,
expired on March 31, 2010. The Trade Union received its authorization document from the
Ministry of Labor and Social Security to commence the new term collective labor agreement
negotiations. The negotiations have commenced as of today.

Company Profile

Coca-Cola İçecek (CCI) ranks 6th within the Coca-Cola System in terms of sales volume.
CCI’s core business is to produce, sell and distribute sparkling and still beverages of The
Coca-Cola Company (TCCC). CCI employs close to 9,000 people and operates in Turkey,
Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Jordan, Iraq and Syria. CCI
also exports to Tajikistan.

CCI has a total of 20 plants and offers a wide range of beverages to a consumer group of
approximately 350 million people. In addition to sparkling beverages, the product portfolio
includes juices, waters, sports and energy drinks, tea and iced teas.

CCI’s shares are traded on the Istanbul Stock Exchange under CCOLA.IS ticker and its
depository receipts are traded on the London Stock Exchange under the CICE.LI ticker.


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