Special Funding Strategies to encourage development of Know-how and by xiw67167


									Special Funding Strategies to encourage
    development of Know-how and
  Technology in Developing Countries
             Prof.Dr. N. Suha Bayındır

         Eastern Mediterranean University
         Technology Development Center

     Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus TRNC
• Funding Strategies for Developing
• Cooperation between European and
  Developing Countries
• Case Study: Technology Development in
  North Cyprus
• Encouraging Youth for Innovation,
  Research and Production
Incentives for the EU to support
technology in developing countries
• Mobilization of research potential and
  creative ideas in developing countries may
  contribute to the European Science and
  Technology in the long run
• Development of technology in these
  countries will help their economy grow
• This will be an important step towards
  achieving sustainable peace in the world
Funding Strategies for
Developing Countries

• While developing countries have very
 limited resources allocated to technology
 development, there is a considerable
 potential in these countries with a large
 number of qualified research personnel.
Mobilizing the Research Potential

• Owing to the global networking facilities,
  researchers can now reach technical
  knowledge and support easily.
• Providing only the required hardware and
  software equipment and materials, an
  appreciable amount of know-how and
  technology could be produced with
  minimal project budgets.
Effective use of Funds

• Substantial amount of the research funds
  are paid to the research staff in the
  developed countries
• In developing countries most of the funds
  could be devoted only to purchasing
  materials and equipment while little or no
  money paid to the research staff
Strong Enthusiasm for RTD

• Most of the university staff are middle
  class people who earn sufficient salary
  from the government to sustain a descent
  life with little comfort.
• It is more important for the researchers to
  find sufficient resources to realize their
  creative projects than earn extra money
  from research funds.
 How to Support?
• Research projects which are aimed at learning and
  implementing the state-of-the-art technology may
  be supported with minimal budgets before the
  researchers are expected to propose projects
  concerning new, emerging and cutting edge
  Science and Technologies
• Collaboration between European and developing
  countries to achieve financial support from the
  European funds should be encouraged and made
Effective Use of Resources
• Central Laboratories could be established at
  the Technoparks and Research Institutions
  where the resources can be used efficiently
  by a large number of researchers.
• Licences of expensive softwares could be
  donated for research purposes only.
• Research facilities of European countries
  could be shared with researchers of
  developing countries.
 European Research Funds supporting
 projects from developing countries
• FP6, Eureka, COST, INTAS, AlBan and Asia
  Link programmes support projects from
  developing countries
• Allowance for International Research
  Cooperation Programmes should be
  increased considerably.
• Projects concerning the implementation of
  state-of-the-art technology should also be
  considered in the project evaluations
A Case Study: Technological
Activities in the TRNC
• TRNC is a country of Higher Education with 5
  Universities, a Technology Development Center,
  A High Technology Research and Development
  Institute and a Distance Education Institute
  accomodating 35.000 students.
• More than 60% of the adults are University
  graduates having relations in UK, Turkey and
Technology Development
 in North Cyprus
• At EMU, 7 projects were supported with a
  total amount of 100.000 USD with which
  only the equipment and materials
  necessary for the projects were financed.
• No payments were made to the research
  staff at all.
Contribution to Economy and
• 10 technological products which provided
  high added value to the economy of the
  TRNC were developed
• New firms are being established to
  produce and market these products,
• New and qualified job opportunities for
  the university graduates are being
Technological Products
– A Novel DSP based High Frequency Induction
  Heating System for Surface Hardening and
  welding applications.
– Intelligent Traffic Signalization and Speed
  Violation Detection System
– WEB Based Materials Multitesting System.
– Flexible manufacturing System including
– A 20 Ton Computer Controlled and Monitored
  Press and Tensile System
– Computer aided design softwares for
  Architectural and Engineering Applications.
Technological Projects
Future Projects

• Developing new Light Emitting Polymers –
• Improving measurement techniques in
  Atomic Force Microscopy
• Digital Fingerprinting and Digital Rights
• Developing new alternative energy
Establishment of the TRNC
• A Nationwide Technopark is in the process
  of being established with a closed area of
  5000 m2.
• There are 50 offices to accomodate spin
  off and High Technology firms from all
  over the world.
• Tax reliefs and special credit funds will be
  provided to the Technopark firms
Social Impacts

• It is possible to achieve a very rapid
  technological development in the TRNC,
  as a result of which the economy of this
  part of the island will be cultivated.
• A very important social impact of this
  development will be the balancing of the
  economies of the North and the South of
  the İsland
Social Impacts

• Negotiation of two sides for the unification
  of the island would be easier with a
  balanced economy over the whole island.
• This will help the efforts to bring a
  peaceful solution to the Cyprus Problem of
  the EU which is anticipated as the biggest
  head ache of the Union.
Encouraging Youth to Innovation

• Once the students are given the chances,
  they are able to create incredible projects
  out of which commercial products emerge
  with high added value to the economy
• Much more Research opportunuties should
  be devoted to youth
• Innovation and productivity make the
  young people happy
Student Project Design and
Development Center
• A Project Design and
  Application Center is
  established at EMU to
  accomodate 200
  project students from
  various disciplines
  such as Engineering,
  Architecture and
  Faculties to develop
• This Center will act
  as an infrastructure
  for the Technopark
• They will be
  provided with
  office, internet and
  research facilities to
  transform their
  creative ideas into
• The equipment
 and materials
 required for the
 MSc and PhD
 projects which
 are aimed at
 products are
 financed by the
European Funding Programmes for
• Special mobility and training schemes are
  foreseen in FP6 for early-stage
  researchers, enabling them to further their
  research career by working in an
  institution in a country different from their
  country of origin or residence.
• Leonardo da Vinci and Socrates
  programmes provide funding for projects
  in the field of education and training
• More projects could be financed by covering
  only the hardware and software equipment and
• Projects from developing countries towards the
  implementation of the state-of-the art
  technology as well as emerging technologies
  should be supported
• Resources could be used more effectively by
  establishing Centralized Laboratories in
  specialized fields
• Collaboration between European and
  Developing Countries should be
  encouraged and facilitated
• Access can be given to the researchers to
  share the European Research Facilities
• Better resources should be provided to the
  young researchers to encourage them for
  innovation and production
Balanced development of the world
     economy as a whole will
      certainly contribute to
         the world peace


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