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									         Mission Statement: The Pursuit of Excellence
“The Hamilton Aquatic Club is dedicated to the development of young swimmers to their highest
potential. In realizing these goals, they will develop discipline, sportsmanship and leadership.
Our young swimmers achieve excellence while pursuing the dream of competing for Canada.”

HAC AGM Head Coach Report: September 5, 2007

Welcome to another exciting year of HAC swimming! To begin with I would like
to thank all of the coaches and volunteers that contributed countless hours to the
running of this organization. It is a team effort where the coaches plan & deliver
the technical swimming program while the board of directors run the meets,
tackle numerous policies, administrative tasks and financial aspects of the club.

Our club made great strides last year both competitively and organizationally;
however our largest goal remains to be that of membership. This summer, we
promoted the club in various ways in the community and also made great
headway with different advertising and promotion tools. As usual, our best
advertising is you the client. Word of mouth is still our best avenue for new
membership and I would like to encourage you all to promote the club to your
friends, family and neighbours by referring to our website at

As many of you know, this season marks the end of a four year cycle or an
Olympic Quadrennial. The Beijing Olympic Games highlights the 2007-2008
season; it is the best year to be at our best. HAC currently has 12 swimmers
qualified to compete in the Olympic Trials this April. They are, Bridget Coley,
Lindsay Charles, Kahla Walkinshaw, (U of B) Sarah Sumner, Summer Mortimer,
Danielle Carty, Stephanie Sun (McM) Carly Cermak (McM), Amy Harriman,
Melissa Loyzer, Greg Gerum and Frank Despond. Many more HAC swimmers
are on the cusp of making the qualifying standards and we will surely see more
athletes accompany us to Montreal for the trials.
Last year we had a lot to be proud of. The results speak for themselves; here is
a list of accomplishments that give an oversight of last year’s accomplishments.
         October: Jack Tang, Tristan Vowles & Bridget Coley are selected to the
         Provincial training camp held in Sudbury.
         Coach Sean Baker selected for October Provincial Camp Head Coach.
         November: Greg Gerum & Amy Harriman selected to Swim Ontario Race
         camp for Ontario’s top 20 swimmers.
         December: Greg Gerum & Coach Sean Baker selected to the Provincial
         team competing in the Bergen International meet of Champions, held in
         Oregon, USA.
         February: Short Course provincials – 5th in Ontario and our best finish in
         over a decade. Only club in western region to break top 10. 34 individual
         medals and 5 relay medals
         March: HAC Swimmers Danielle Carty, Carly Cermak (McM), Gerum &
         Harriman compete at Pan Am Trials in Victoria, BC.
         April: Team Champs was an absolute victory for HAC. We placed 5th
         overall (behind NYAC by 2.5 pnts) and were the top club in the region.
         Over the past 3 years we placed 11th-11th and 9th.
         May: Coley, Lindsay Charles & Frank Despond are selected to the Open
         Water development camp held at Camp Tawingo. Our swimmers
         dominate the 5km lake swim with a 1-2 placing for the girls and a win for
         May: Coley & Despond are selected to the Provincial team for the annual
         Tri-Meet against Quebec and Atlantic Canada. Both of our swimmers
         won their key events!
         June: Sarah Sumner, Derek Bush & Jack Tang represents HAC in
         ICELAND for the International Children’s Games. All swimmers swim to
         best times and Sarah Sumner wins her first International Gold medal in
         the 50m breaststroke.
         July: HAC reaches another milestone in placing 4th overall at LCM
         Provincial Championships. During the meet, Swim Ontario appoints
         Coach Sean Baker as Provincial coach along side with National Coach
         Pierre Lafontaine for the October 2007 Provincial Camp to be held in
         July: Ontario Open Water Championships – HAC swimmers win the 14&
         under girls and 16 & under boys 3KM race. Lindsay Charles placed first
         followed by Bridget Coley 2nd in the 3KM. Frank despond won the boys
         3KM. Carly Cermak (McM) places second in the 5km open swim.
         July: Canadian Age Group Nationals: HAC places 14th in the country
         18&under! Event winners Frank Despond (1500 Free), Danielle Carty (50
         back) and Greg Gerum (50 Fly & 200 IM). Challenging conditions on
         days 2-3 with rain and cold weather in outdoor pool. Athletes responded
         well and persevered in tough conditions.
         August: Greg Gerum wins the 100m Freestyle at the first ever North
         American Challenge Cup for Team Canada. Canada easily wins the Tri-
         Meet over Mexico and California.
This year we had two of our top swimmers graduate and accept US scholarships.
On behalf of the club, I would like to congratulate Greg Gerum and Amy
Harriman as well as thank their families for their contributions to HAC. We wish
them the best of luck both in and out of the pool.

Canadian TOP 50 Senior Ranked = 26 swims

   WOMEN: (7 Women, 13 Swims)
       Bridget Coley   1500 Free 28th
       Lindsay Charles 1500 Free 38th
       Sarah Sumner 100 Breast 42nd,
       Danielle Carty 50 Back 3rd, 100 Back 27th
       Amy Harriman 50 Back 100 Back 21st, 200 Back 16th ,
       Summer Mortimer 50 Back 22nd, 100 Back 30th, 200 Back 39th
       Melissa Loyzer 50 Fly 35th, 100 Fly 18th,

   MEN: (3 Men, 13 swims)
            Tristan Vowles       50 Breast 50th, 200 Breast 41st
            Frank Despond        400 free 38th, 800 Free 13th, 1500 Free 15th
            Greg Gerum           50 Free 50th, 100 Free 35th, 200 Free 33rd, 400
                    th        th
            Free 24 , 50 Fly 4 , 100 Fly 19th, 200 Fly 43rd, 200 IM 14th

   COACHING STAFF: I am excited to announce our coaching roster for the year.
   We have a great staff that will enhance the HAC program and take us to new levels.
   Novice: City West                              Coach Alex Despond
   Novice: City South & Mountain West             Coach Lisa Hodge
   Novice: Mountain East                          Coach Mike Butler
   Gold Group                                     Coach Delano Ducheck
                                                  Asst. Coach Joanne Malar
   Age Group 1-2-3                                Coach Diane Baker
   Provincial Group                               Coach Jason Morawski
   Junior Group & AG 1-2                          Coach Patrick Paradis
   Senior Group & Head Coach                      Coach Sean Baker

   *Special note to thank Mr. Brian Bond for his participation in our program. Mr.
   Bond will be filling in for various coaches when needed.

   Positive Email Correspondence:
                     A- “I also would like to thank all the coaches for the time and
                            interest they have shown in my son. He has the passion
                            and we all hope talent and you have very wisely guided
                            him along the way. We are excited and look forward to
                            continued progress. It is a great thing in life to be such
                            positive role models for young people and I hope you know
                            your efforts are appreciated.
                      B- “Just wanted to comment on Provincials. I was really
                           proud of the kids and the team. Thank you for all
                           your hard work, patience and commitment to the club
                           and our kids. I know it hasn’t always been easy...and
                           of course still isn't. I trust you, I trust your judgement
                         and will always be a strong supporter of you and your
                         program. Take Care!!
                      C- Thank you so much for taking the time to send on
                         your conference report. I have read it twice to-day
                         and find in it so much "food for thought". I greatly
                         appreciate you sharing this. What a great club you
                         are developing!!
                      D- That is so very true, unfortunately people are willing to
                           share the negative more than the positive. We feel it is
                           going to be a great year for the club, there is a lot of
                           positive energy out there with both kids and parents. If
                           we address and deal with the negative but focus on the
                           positive we will always win. Thank you also for your
                           quick attention to the times, sorry it was at the expense
                           of your sleep though
                      E- I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job Delano
                           did this weekend coaching our 10 and unders at the Top
                           Cup! Everyone swam great and he was right there for
                           everybody. Each child was cheering the other one on and
                           Delano was right there on the side yelling for them too. He
                           organized a lunch at East Side Marios which we all went
                           to. He was able to work one on one with each swimmer
                           before their events! It was a great meet and Delano did a
                           great job. Everyones times dropped!!! He deserves to be
                           thanked!!!! Just wanted to let you know, thanks
                      F-   I wanted to let you know that I am thrilled with you. I am
                           very proud that our club is fortunate to have you as our
                           head coach and wouldn't for a minute want anyone else in
                           your position. Watching ___swim on the weekend, in that
                           venue, re-confirmed my immense satisfaction with you.
                           Yes, as a board we are trying to work with you to find tools
                           that will make the administrative piece easier for you...but
                           we have already seen definite improvement…but I do not
                           want that to overshadow your understanding of what a
                           great job you are doing and how proud we are of you

What a ringing endorsement! With this in mind, welcome to our 75th season and
I wish you an outstanding year. Please feel free to contact me at
sbaker76@hotmail.com. I welcome questions from all members, if I can’t answer
your question, I will point you to someone who can!

Coach Sean Baker
HAC AGM Report
September 5, 2007

  1. Alex Despond is enrolled in the Sept. NCCP skills coach program

  2. Delano Ducheck: For the first three months, he will be attending teachers
     College and unable to make Monday-Tuesday practices. Joanne will be
     coaching the Monday-Tuesday workouts and Delano will be on deck
     Thursday & Saturdays. Delano will be designing all workouts to maintain
     consistency and he will be finished his classes by December break.

  3. Volunteer coaches:
            Sarah Vargo (volunteer once a week with Joanne) She is applying
     to be a police officer and needs volunteer work.
            Mike Vukmir (CANUSA will be coming to am practices with Patrick
     and I to assist in workouts with Junior-Senior swimmers.

  4. Police Checks

  5. Review of policies set from last year
       a- Path of communication
       b- University policy

  6. HAC recruitment Plan for 2007-2008
     HAC booth at Limeridge mall over labour day long weekend.
     Distribution of fliers throughout Hamilton recreation centres on a regular basis.
     Distribution of fliers to elementary schools 2x per year.
     Swimmer recruitment by coaches and parent volunteers at elementary school
     Mailout of post card advertising to select areas via in September.

  7. General form for coaching review
   HAC Coach Annual Review


   1. On deck coaching abilities
   2. Meet entries and communication
   3. Swimmer performances

   1. Appropriate on deck dress
   2. Parent communication
   3. Athlete communications


Head Coach: Sean Baker

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