PhotoStory 3 and Movie Maker by wvm21293


									              PhotoStory 3 and Movie Maker
Teacher notes:
   o Review agendas
   o Review content of handouts
   o Review Training folder on V drive or have sample sound, picture and video files
      in separate folders
   o Have microphones or headsets to use for recording
   o Get narration to work in Movie Maker?

Agenda: Day 1
Introductions and welcome to Nick!

Many of our students are visual learners. How can we best use the
new medias of today to teach? How can students use the tools to
learn? How can it motivate students to write?

       Visual Learning can also be called Digital Storytelling (Tom at EP,
       checkout their website sometime)

       Photos and video:
            –are accurate representations –show people, places,
            events, things
            –show detail, color, texture
            –create engagement, motivation and attitude
            –can include narration and sounds
            –can be cropped, edited or enhanced

       Read the following: Why use Visual Learning? (handout)

       In small groups come up with a list of the five best reasons to
       use media with your students (why use visual learning? Kids’
       form of learning and multitasking)

       View an example

       More Examples
       View more student examples (Training folder)
            Discussion on observations; positive and issues to watch
            for in your class
     How are PS3 and Movie Maker different? (Handout)

Paperwork & Break

Review goals and homework requirements
Photo Story finally, can download at home; great help menu, go
to exact area
Keep in one folder (can do on server)
Create simplest ‘story’ with example pictures- Create a simple
thing first to show ease, then will go back and manipulate…group
pictures in folders for easy import;
              Opening software
              Importing and arranging pictures
              Saving, saving, saving! (project & movie) wants to
              save to hard drive (my video) browse! …
              Transitions, movement, timing all automatic.
              Compare to PP in complexity!
Using your own pictures now (!)
      Features (have all on handouts):
              Opening software
              Importing and arranging pictures (drag and drop)
                  move, rotate/flip, crop, red-eye
                  change sizes and/or make uniform
                  Remove black borders not always successful,
                    will do a crop to the picture.
                  NEED to save each picture
                 Copy/paste pictures from sites- need to be
                  bmp or jpegs.
           Adding Titles on a picture only! Will use paint
           program later today…
           Adding Effect (need? Maybe for moods, period
           Sound: two layers
               Narration: notes and recording
               Music—watch volume level for background/not
                 cover up voice if use narration.
                     one layer, can manipulate length only by
                       adding other music. Assumes want all…
                     Creating within program
                     Importing files (music selection is mp3,
                       wav and wma formats only, no real
                       audio, ituns, etc!)
                       Right click, save target as…
                       Ripping from a CD
            Customizing Motions: Motions & Durations and
            Transitions– use tabs! Timing here too. NEED to save
            each picture!
            Learn more buttons ???
            Picture frame acquires icons as add things.
            Saving as movie file: how will the project be
            used/viewed? Save vs preview! Quality settings

Lunch when noon arrives

Individual work and questions

Copyright (fair use too)

Resources for your projects: pictures & sounds on line

Structuring projects for students:
      Define, Decide, Demonstrate (includes evaluation)
      Ideas in next steps

Paint program for background 'slides'
Or better, use PP to create and SAVE AS to .jps. Will do
each slide individually.
Run through rendering together!
Day 2

    Differences revisited
           Make sure all items, sounds, etc are kept on hard drive or
           stick, portable hard drive, etc. Can lose Kodek (?) pieces of
           video. Also, program needs to know and locate each item.
           It is not embedding video/sound into project.
           Show hard drive limitations
           All programs except this one closed!
    Finding video-
           Downloading United Streaming editable video clips look for
           ‘edit’ icons
    Importing Video & Pictures- Using United Streaming to all have
    some common video to work with
           image/clip art libraries also (under Learning tools)
           Comes in as a collection collection button-bk to tasks
           button & drop down menu (organizational piece- bring
           in one video, drag and drop right away, bring in next)
           Automatically splits where it detects a scene change
           Collections are not a project!
    File, Properties for film credit creation
    Automovie (handout)
    Starting a project using Storyboard View (story brd/ timeline
    view button just above storybrd section of screen)
           Drag and Drop
           Trim video (Preview window) Also, use back and forth
           buttons there to position and go to Clip, trim for being,
           To split clips, position and then click on split button on
           bottom right of preview window.
      Saving projects! Work on Hard Drive, save project, snd
      files, etc where Movie Maker expects to see them! Save
      movie when done. Preview until then.
Timeline View-more details available- (Five tracks)
Hover on any clip, video, audio, etc, shows duration.
Icons show effects
      Titles & Credits: Animation and Style select clip first, or no
      clip, just does a separate title, black or… Type of Animation
      controls how many lines of text ((( drag to title overlay
      track to have on film))
      Effects- also fade in or out, grayscale.
      Can overlap clips
      Sound – two tracks
             Music files again, only wavs, mp3 and wmas
             Mixing/fading/volume controls- snd effects are three-
                  Set audio level button on bottom controls
                   (balance of movie vs music
                  3 effects: right click to mute, fade in or out.
Durations of items: Tools, Options, Advanced (all set the same
at the beginning…see tip below.)
      Also, settings here should be NTSC (Europe is pals) and
      4:3 (unless movie screen format)
Clips Menu: nudge & clear trim points
Saving formats - sizes, compressions Must be same settings as
capture, or will distort.
      save to laptops
      Highmat for CD, AVI for DVD burning, wmv or AVI for rest
      Bit rate should be best quality or match other settings:
      ISDN = broadband, dial up = ?
      Can see frames/sec
      Smaller size = smaller screen
Capturing video from cameras (analog vs digital) settings, NTSC
and 4:3

Individual Work Time

Student projects: Article on Media Literacy

Sharing of projects; run through rendering together.
        Next Steps


        Tip: There is a way to shorten the transition length and picture/video viewing length en
        mass, but only before you put pictures and transitions on the timeline.

        Can bring in a Photo Story file

Can use Movie Maker like it is Photo Story 3; use pictures only. Which is easier?

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