Cashier Supervisor Catalog Supervisor Compensation and Benefits by bud19087



JOB TITLE                                                     ABBREVIATION

Accountant                                                    ACCT
Administrative        Assistant                               ADM AST
Budget Analyst                                                BGT AN
Custodian       Supervisor                                    CUST SU
Documentation        Control     Analyst.                     DOC CN AN
Employment Representative                                     EMP REP
Engineer      I                                               ENG I
Environmental        Analyst                                  ENVRMTL AN
Group Leader                                                  GRP LDR
Planning     Assistant                                        PLN AST
Property     Specialist                                       PROP SPEC
Public    Information        Assistant                        PUB INF AST
Records Management Supervisor                                 REC MGT SU
Scheduling       Analyst                                      SCH AN
Senior Traffic        Agent                                   SR TRF AGT
Staff   Assistant                                             STF AST
Utility     Supervisor                                        UTIL SU
Work Order Analyst                                            WK ORDR AN

Cashier     Supervisor                                         CASHIER SU
Catalog     Supervisor                                         CATALOG SU
Compensation        and Benefits      Analyst                  COMP&BENAN
Computer Operations          Supervisor                       .COMP OP SU
Equipment Records Supervisor                                   EQP REC SU
Food Services        Supervisor                                FD SV SU
Housing & Special          Services    Supervisor     .        HSG&SP/S SU
Mail & Central        Files    Supervisor                      M&CN FLS SU
Medical     Training      Representative                       MED TRN REP
Methods & Procedures           Analyst                         MTH&PRO AN
Programmer                                                     PRGRAMR
Publications        Editor                                     PUB ED
Senior Maintenance          Scheduler                          SR MNT SCH
Training     Representative                                    TRN REP
Travel    Supervisor                                           TRVL SU

Analytical      Chemist                                       ANALYT CHEM
Auditor                                                       AUD
Contract     Administration        Specialist                 CNT ADM SPC
Chief Nurse                                                   CHF NUR
Contract     Bus Coordinator                                  CNT BS COR
Engineer     II                                               ENG II
Equipment Specialist                                          EQP SPEC
Facilities      Specialist                                    FAC SPEC
Field Supply Coordinator                                      FLD SP COR
Fire Protection        Systems Coordinator                    FR/P SY COR
Industrial      Hygiene Chemist                               IND HYG CHM
Lead Programmer                                               LD PRGRAMR
Maintenance      Control     Specialist                       MNT CN SPEC
Office     Machine Repair Supervisor                          OF MCH R/SU
Printing     Plant Assistant        Section   Chief           PRT PLTACHF
Property     Inventory      Supervisor                        PROP INV SU
                                                          .   PROP REC SU
Prope1"iy Rk?.lcOi'dS SspCi"ViSOi-
XRC-32/2           -

JOB TITLE                                                  ABBREVIATl ON

Recreation      Coordinator                                REC COR
Requisitioning        Supervisor                           REQ SU
Security     Officer                                       SEC OF
Senior Accountant                                          SR ACCT
Senior Administrative            Assistant                 SR ADM AST
Senior Buyer                                               SR BUY
Senior Custodian         Supervisor                        SR CUST SU
Senior Housing Supervisor                                  SR HSG SU
Senior Material         Control    Agent, Drilling         SR M/C AGTD
Senior     Material     Control    Agent, Electrical       SR M/C AGTE
Senior     Material     Control    Agent, Electronics      SR M/C AGTL
Senior     Material     Control    Agent, Mechanical       SR M/C AGTM
Senior Material         Control    Agent, Structural       SR M/C AGTS
Senior Material         Control    Agent, Tunnel           SR M/C AGTT
Senior Property         Specialist                         SR PROP SPC
Senior Staff        Assistant                              SR STF AST
Senior Technical          Writer                           SR TECH WRT
Stock Records Supervisor                                   STK REC SU
Systems Analyst                                            SYST AN
Telecommunications           Specialist                    TELE SPEC
Warehousing       Supervisor                               WHSE SU
Word Processing         and Forms Management
   Branch Chief                                            W/P F/M BCH

Budget Supervisor                                          BGT SU
Construction       Inspector      Supervisor               CNST INP SU
Dosimetry      Supervisor                                  DOS SU
Electronic       Technician      Supervisor                EL TECH SU
Employment Counselor                                       EMP CNSLR
Engineer     III,    Civil                                 ENG III CIV
Engineer     III,    Communications                        ENG III COM
Engineer     III,    Drilling                              ENG III DRL
Engineer     II I, Electrical                              ENG III ELE
Engineer     III,    Electronics                           ENG III EL
Engineer     III,    Equipment                             ENG III EQP
Engineer     III,    Mechanical                            ENG III MEC     '
Engineer     III,    Power                                 ENG III PWR
Engineer     III,    Tunneling                             ENG III TUN
Engineering       Drafting     Supervisor                  ENG DRFT SU
Equipment Operations           Specialist              .   EQP OP SPEC
Fire Protection          Engineer                          FR/P ENG
Health Physicist                                           HLTH PHY
Idea Plan Coordinator                                      IDEA PLNCOR
 Information      Systems Coordinator                      INF SYS COR
 Inspection       Superintendent                           INSP SUP
 Planning      Coordinator                                 PLN COR
 Public     Information       Officer                      PI0
 Radio.logical       Field Operations         Supervisor   RAD   FDO SU
 Radiological        Field Support Supervisor              RAD   FDS SU
 Radiological        Instrumentation        Supervisor     RAD   INST SU
 Radiological        Training      Coordinator             RAD   TRN COR
 Safety Engineer                                           SAF   ENG
XRC-32/3                  ,

JOB TITLE                                                      ABBREVIATION

Scheduling   Engineer                                          SCH ENG
Senior Compensation      & Benefits     Analyst                SR COMP/B/A
Senior Employment Representative                               SR EMP REP
Senior Food Services       Supervisor                          SR FD SV SU
Senior Methods & Procedures         Analyst                    SR M&P AN
Senior Sanitarian                                              SR SAN
Senior Security    Officer                                     SR SEC ,OF .'.'
Senior Training    Representative                              SR TRN REP
Welding Specialist                                             WLD SPEC
Work Order Supervisor                                          WK ORDER SU

Assistant     General Stores Superintendent                    AST G/S SUP
Assistant     Paymaster                                        AST PAYMSTR
Assistant     Transportation         Superintendent            ATRANS SUP
Chemical Analysis          Supervisor                          CHEM AN SU
Chief Power Dispatcher                                         CHF PWR DIS
Chief Traffic        Agent                                     CHF TRF AGT
Computer & Data Operations              Assistant
   Section    Chief                                            C/D OP ACHF
Cost Accounting        Supervisor                              CST ACT SU
Disbursements        Supervisor                                DIS SU
Equal Employment Opportunity              Officer              EEO OF
Equipment     Requirements        Supervisor                   EQP REQ SU
Field    Fuel & Lubrication          Superintendent            FLD F&L SUP
Fire Protection        Systems Specialist                      FR/P SY SP
Industrial      Hygienist                                      IND HYG
Mail & Records Branch Chief                                    M&R BR CHF
Maintenance      Control      Supervisor                       MNT CN SU
Material     Control     Supervisor,      Drilling             M/C SU DRL
Material     Control     Supervisor,      Electrical           M/C SU ELEC
Material     Control     Supervisor,      Mechanical       .   M/C SU MECH
Material     Control     Supervisor,      Structural           M/S SU STRC
Material     Control     Supervisor,      Tunnel               M/C SU TUN
Medical     Administrator                                      MED ADM
Personnel     Section      Chief                               PERS CHF
Physician's      Aide                                          PHY AID
Printing     Plant Section        Chi.ef                       PRT PLT CHF
Property     Control     Branch Chief                          PR/C BR CHF
Property     Disposal      Branch Chief                        PR/D BR CHF
Property     Records Branch Chief                              PR/R BR CHF
Purchasing      Agent                                          PUR AGT
Radioactive      Materials       Control    Supervisor         RAD M/C SU .
Radiological      Analysis       Supervisor                    RAD ANAL SU
Radiological      Services       Coordinator                   RAD SER COR
Senior Contract        Administration         Specialist       SR CNT A/S
Senior Systems Analyst                                         SR SYS AN
Stock Control        Superintendent                            STK/CON SUP
Supply Service        Superintendent                           SPLY. sv SUP
Tax Accountant                                                 TAX ACCT

Assistant     Legal Counsel                                    AST LGL CSL
Assistant     Dpertitions Superintendent                       AST O? SUP

JOB TITLE                                                          ABBREVIATION

Budget Officer                                                     BGT OFF
Cable Inspection         Supervisor                                CBt INSP SU
Compensation       Section     Chief                               COMPSC CHF
Employee Benefits          Section    Chief                        EM/BN S CHF
Employment Section          Chief                                  EMP SEC CHF
Financial     Accounting       Supervisor                          FIN ACT SU
Fleet Maintenance         Superintendent                           F/MAIN SUP
Instrumentation        Generator      Coordinator                  INSTM/G COR
Laboratory      Analysis     Superintendent                         LAB ANL SUP
Maintenance      Superintendent                                     MNT SUP
Methods & Procedures           Section    Chief                     MTH&PRO CHF
Paymaster                                                           PAYMSTR
Principal     Staff    Assistant                                    PR STF AST
Quality    Control     Engineer                                     QUAL CN/ENG
Radio & Electronics          Superintendent                         R&E SUP
Retirement      Plan Specialist                                     RET PLN SPEC
Sanitation      Superintendent                                      SAN SUP
Security     Administrator                                          SEC ADM
Senior Auditor                                                      SR AUD
Senior Fire Protection            Engineer                          SR FR/P ENG
Senior Planning        Coordinator                                  SR PLN COR
Senior Safety       Engineer                                        SR SAF ENG
Senior Scheduling          Engineer                                 SR SCH ENG
Training     Section     Chief                                     'TRN SEC CHF
Vehicle    & Equipmerit Parts Superintendent                        V&E PTS SUP

Administrative         Services       Section     Chief            ADM SER S/C
Chief Accountant                                                   CHF ACCT
Chief Internal         Audit                                       CHF INT AUD
Chief Purchasing          Agent                                    CHF PUR AGT
Computer & Data Operations                Section     Chief        C/D OP CHF
Contract     Administration           Section     Chief            CNT ADM S/C
Drilling     Support Superintendent                                DRL SPT SUP
Executive      Staff     Assistant                                 EX STF AST
Food Services        Superintendent                                FD SV SUP
General Stores Superintendent                                      G/S SUP
Inspection      and Scheduling           Superintendent            INS/SCH SUP
Labor Relations          Advisor                                   LB/RL AD
Line Superintendent                                                LINE SUP
Maintenance       Control       Section     Chief                  MNT CON CHF
Maintenance       Section       Chief                              MNT SEC CHF
Operations      Equipment Superintendent                           OP EQP SUP
Property     Administrator                                         PROP ADM
Radiation      Dosimetry        Historian                          RAD DOS HST
Radiological        Field Operations          Superintendent       RAD FDO SUP
Radiological        Field Support Superintendent                   RAD FDS SUP
Rig Superintendent                                                 RIG SUP
Senior Engineer,          Civil                                    SR   ENG CIV
Senior Engineer,          Communications                           SR   ENG COM
Senior Engineer,          Drilling                                 SR   ENG DRL
Senior Engineer,          Electrical                               SR   ENG ELEC
Senior Er:gin,ncr,        9cctron5ez                           .   SR   ENG EL

JOI! TITLE                                                     ABBREVIATION

Senior Engineer,       Equipment                               SR ENG EQP
Senior Engineer,       Power                                   SR ENG PWR
Senior Engineer,       Mechanical                              SR ENG MECH
Senior Engineer,       Tunneling                               SR ENG TUN
Senior Health Physicist                                        SR HLTH PHY
Senior    Industrial     Hygienist                             SR IND HYG
Substation     Superintendent                                  SUBSTA SUP
Survey Superintendent                                          SUR SUP'
Transportation       Superintendent                            TRANS SUP
Tunnel Walker                                                  TUN WLKR

Assistant     Program Manager (NTS User)                       AST PRG MGR
Electronic      Systems Section         Chief                  EL SYS S/C
Engineering      Section     Chief                             ENG SEC CHF
Fire Protection        Services     Chief                      FR/P SV CHF
Fleet Maintenance         Section     Chief                    FLT MNT S/C
Laboratory      Operati.ons     pirector                       LAB OP DIR
Legal Counsel                                                  LGL CSL
Operations      Equipment Section          Chief               OP EQP S/C
Operations      Superintendent,         Drilling               OP SUP DRL
Operations      Superintendent,         Electrical             OP SUP ELEC
Operations      Superintendent,         Mechanical             OP SUP MECH
Operations      Superintendent,         Roads & Excavation     OP SUP R&EX
Operations      Superintendent,         Structural             OP SUP STRC
Operations      Superintendent,         Tunneling              OP SUP TUN
Personnel     Department      Assistant        Manager         PER AST MGR
Power Systems Section           Chief                          PWR SYS S/C
Project     Engineer                                           PRJ ENG
Quality     Assurance     Manager                              QUAL ASjMGR
Radiological      Field Operations            Director         RAD FDO DIR
Safety Superintendent                                          SAF SUP
Senior     Labor Relations        Advisor                      SR LB/RL AD
Systems and Programming            Section       Chief     .   SYS PRG S/C
Telecommunications          Section     Chief                  TEL SEC CHF

Accounting      Department      Manager                        ACT MGR
Assistant     to the Operations         & Maintenance
   Division     Manager              ~                         AST O/M MGR
Fleet Operations         Department     Manager                FL7 OP MGR
Housing,     Custodial,      and Food Services
   Department     Manager                                      HC&F SV MGR
Industrial      Hygiene Section        Chief                   IND HYG CHF
Information      Systems Department          Manager           INF SYS MGR
Labor Relations         Manager                                LB/RL MGR
Personnel     Department       Manager                         PERS MGR
Power & Communications           Department     Manager        PWRPtCOMMGR
Procurement      Department      Manager                       PRO MGR
Program Manager (DOE)                                          PRG/MGR DOE
Program Manager (Budget)                                       PRG/MGR BGT
Program Manager (Equipment)                                    PRG/MGR EQP
Project     Manager                                            PRJ MGR
Site Maintenanre         r)e?artment    Manager                S/MN? MGR
Supply Department          Manager                             SUPPLY MGR

JOB TITLE                                                          ABBREVIATION

Engineering     & Contract    Administration
   Department    Manager                                           ENG CNT MGR
Environmental      Sciences   Department     Manager               ENV SCN MGR
DOE Programs & Property        Management Department
   Manager                                                         PRG&PRP MGR
Field   Operations     Department   Manager (NTS User)             FLD OP MGR
Operations     Equipment Department        Manager                 OP EQP MGR
Program Manager (NTS User)                                         PRG MGR
Senior Legal Counsel                                               SR LGL CSL

Administration        Division       Assistant       Manager       ADM DVASMGR
Administration        Division       Manager                       ADM DIV MGR
Assistant      Medical      Director                               AST MED DIR
Assistant      to the General Manager for Operations               AST G/M OP
Deputy General Manager                                             DEP GEN MGR
General Counsel                                                    GEN CSL
General Manager           '                                        GEN MGR
Industrial       Safety     & Fire Protection          Manager     IND S&F MGR
Medical     Director                                               MED DIR
Occupational       Physician                                       OCC PHYS
Operations      & Maintenance         Division
   Assistant      Manager                                           O/M DVASMGR
Operations       & Maintenance        Division       Manager       ,0/M DIV MGR
Technical      & Support Services            Division
   Assistant      Manager                                          T/S DVASMGR
Technical      & Support Services            Division    Manager   T/S DIV MGR

YOC Trainee                                                        YOC TRN

Technician      Trainee                                            TECH TRN

Office     Trainee                                                 OFF TRN

Clerk                                                              CLK
Clerk Typist                                                       CLK TYP
Messenger                                                          MSNGR

Clerk Stenographer                                                 CLK STENO
Courier                                                            COURIER
Fire Fighter     Trainee                                           FRE FGHT TR
Personnel    Processor                                             PERS PRS
Receptionist                                                       RECPTNIST
Recreation    Aid (Part-Time)                                      REC AID
Reproduction     Machine Operator                                  REP MCH OP

Bookkeeper                                                         BOOKKEEPER
Electronic      Technician       Trainee                           EL TECH TR
Secretary                                                          SECY
Senior Clerk                                                       SR CLK'
Employee Benefits          Clerk                                   EMP BEN CLK
Medical    Laboratory       Technician     Trainee                 MD LB TRN
Scnio;- !L2l;i~Odir~‘c3~~1    &:hine     Operator                  SR REP CP

JOB TITLE                                                     ABBREVIATION

Senior Secretary                                              SR SECY
Paramedic Trainee                                             PRMEDIC TRN

Assistant     Custodian     Supervisor                        AST CUST SU
Assistant     Utility     Supervisor                          AST UTIL SU
Chief Clerk                                                   CHF CLK
Draftsman                                                     DRFTSMN
& OA Engineer-In-Training                                     EIT
Junior    Budget Analyst                                      JR BGT AN
Junior    Electronic      Technician                          JR EL TECH
Junior    Work Order Analyst                                  JR W/O AN
Reproduction        Machine Operator       Supervisor         REP MCH SU

Executive       Secretary                                     EXEC SECY
Expediter                                                     EXPEDITER
Junior      Material     Control Agent                        JR M/C AGT
Maintenance        Scheduler                                  MNT SCH
Photographer                                                  PHOTOGRPHR
Registered        Nurse                                       KEG NUR
Respiratory        Equipment Technician                       RES EQ TECH
Travel      Agent                                             TRVL AGT
Auditor      I                                                AUDITOR I
Detail      Draftsman                                         DTL DRFTSMN
Electronic        Technician                                  EL TECH
Illustrator                                                   I LLSTRTR
Office      Machine Repairman                                 OF MACH REP
& OC Personnel         Assistant                              PERS AST
Property       Inspector                                      PROP INSP
Security       Assistant                                      SEC AST
Traffic      Agent                                            TRAFF AGT

Associate      Contract     Administration       Specialist   ASC CNT A/S
Assistant      Industrial      Hygienist                      AST IND HYG
Buyer                                                         BUYER
Cataloger                                                     CATALOGER
Graphic Artist                                                GRPHC ARTST    '
Material      Control     Agent, Drilling                     M/C AGT/D
Material      Control     Agent,    Electrical                M/C AGT/E
Material      Control     Agent, Mechanical                   M/S AGT/M
Material      Control     Agent, Structural                   M/C AGT/S
Material      Control     Agent, Tunnel                       M/C AGT/T
Requisitioner                                                 REQTNR
Safety Engineer         Trainee                               SAF ENG TRN
Sanitarian                                                    SANITARIAN
Senior Electronic          Technician                         SR EL TECH
Senior Office         Machine Repairman                       SR OFF MACH
Technical      Writer                                         TECH WRITER

Communications   Technician                                   COM TECH
Design Draftsman                                              DSN DRFTSMN

JOB TITLE                                                 ABBREVIATlON

Construction       Inspector                              CNST INSP
Cryogenic    Technician                                   CRYOGC.TECH
Inventory    Specialist                                   INV SPEC
Quality    Control     Specialist                         Q/CON SPEC
Senior Communications           Technician                SR COM TECH

Power Dispatcher                                          PWR DIS

Accounting      Clerk II                                   ACT CLK II
Bookkeeper                                                 BOOKKEEPER
Computer Trainee                                           COM TRN
Data Processing       Librarian                            DATA PRC LB
Justowriter                                                JUSTOWRTR
Magnetic     Tape Encoder Operator                         MT/EN OP
Messenger Supervisor                                       MSNGR SU
Payroll     Clerk                                          PYRL CLK
Revenue Clerk                                              REV CLK
Secretary                                                  SECY
Senior Clerk                                               SR CLK
Senior Construction         Clerk                          SR CNST CLK
Senior PBX Operator                                        SR PBX OP
Senior Recreation        Aide                              SR REC AID
Time Records Clerk                                        ,TMRC CLK
Travel    Clerk                                            TRVL CLK
Vair-Type      and Lay-Out Technician                      STL TECH
Word Processing       Operator                             W/P OP

Lithographic      Cameraman                               LITHO CMRMN
Off-Set     Reproduction    Machine Operator              OFF SET OP
Senior Magnetic        Tape Encoder Operator              SR MT/EN OP
Senior Reporduction        Machine Operator               SR REP OP
Senior Secretary                                          SR SECY
Senior Word Processing        Operator                    SR W/P OP
Teletype     Supervisor                                   TELTYPE SU

Accounting    Clerk III                                   ACT CLK III
Chief Clerk                                               CHF CLK
Computer Operator                                         COM OP
Data Control     Analyst                                  DATA CON AN
Reproduction     Machine Operator            Supervisor   REP MCH SU
Senior Payroll     Clerk                                  SR PYRL CLK
Senior Revenue Clerk                                      SR REV CLK
Senior Time Records Clerk                                 SR TMRC CLK
Senior Vari-Type      and Lay-Out        Technician       SR VTL TECH
Stock Control     Clerk                                   STK CNT CLK

Clinical   Services   Specialist                          CL SRV SPEC
Data Preparations     Supervisor                          DAT PREP SU
Recreation   Leader                                       REC LDR
Word Processing     Supervisor                            W/P su
XRC-32/9                   ,

JOB TITLE                                              ABBREVIATION

Accounting   Clerk IV                                  ACT CLK IV
Associate  Accountant                                  ASOCT ACCT
Associate  Methods s( Procedures             Analyst   ASC M&P AN
Programmer I                                           PRGRAMR I
Senior Computer Operator                               SR COM OP
Technical  Librarian                                   TECH LIB


Asbestos     Worker     General Foreman                ASB   WKR GF
Asbestos     Worker     Foreman                        ASB   WKR 4MN
Asbestos     Worker     Mechanic                       AS6   WKR ME
Asbestos     Worker     Improver                       ASB   WKR IMP


Carpenter     General Foreman                          CARPNTR GF
Carpenter     Foreman                                  CARPNTR 4MN
Carpenter                                              CARPNTR
Carpenter     Welder                                   CARPNTR WLD
Shingler                                               SHINGLER
Floorlayer                                             FLOORLAYER
Cabinet     Maker                                      CABiNET MKR
Saw Filer                                              SAW FILER
Powder Actuated         Tools                          PWR ACT TL
Power Saw Operator                                     PWR SAW OP
Pneumatic Nailer                                       PNEUM NAI LR
Carpenter     Apprentice                               CARPNTR APP
Drywall     Applicator                                 DRYWLL APL
Accoustical       Materials     Applicator             ACS MAT APL
Marlite     Applicator                                 MRLT APL
Weatherstripping         Applicator                    WTHRSTP APL
Millwright      General Foreman                        MLWRT GF
Millwright      Foreman                                MLWRT 4MN
Millwright                                             MLWRT


Carpenter     General          Foremen                 CARPNTR GR
Carpenter     Foremen                                  CARPNTR 4MN
Carpenter                                              CARPNTR
Carpenter     Apprentice                               CARPNTR APP


Cement Mason General              Foreman              CMT MSN GF
Cement Mason Foreman                                   CMT MSN 4MN
Cement Mason                                           CMT MSN

 JOB TITLE                                                         ABBREVIATION


 Cement Floor Finishing         Machine    Operator                C FL MCH OP
 Cement Mason Apprentice                                           CMT MSN APP


D,riller    Operator  Supervisor    (Oil Field        Type)        DRL OP/S OF
Driller    Operator   (Oil Field Type)                             DRL OP OF
Driller    Helper (Oil Field Type)                                 DRL HLP OF
Derrickman     (Oil Field Type)                                    DRCKMN OF
Motorman (Oil Field Type)                                          MOTORMNOF
Fishing    Tool Engineer     (Oil Field Type)                      F/TL ENG OF
Driller    Operator   Supervisor   (Core Drill         Type)       DRL OP/S CD
Driller    Operator   (Core Drill    Type)                         DRL OP CD
Driller    Helper (Core Drill     Type)                            DRL HLP CD
Drill    Helper Trainee                                            DRL HLP TR

Wireman General Foreman                                            WRMNGF
Wireman Foreman                                                    WRMN4MN
Wireman                                                            WRMN
Cablesplicer                                                       CABLESPL
Wireman Apprentice                                                 WRMNAPP


Lineman General Foreman                                            LNMN GF
Lineman Foreman                                                    LNMN 4MN
Lineman                                                            LNMN
Groundman                                                          GROUNDMN
Lineman Equipment Operator                                         LNMN EQP OP
Cablesplicer                                                       CABLESPL
Lineman Apprentice                                                 LNMN APP


Elevator      Mechanic   General    Foreman                        ELV   ME   GF
Elevator      Mechanic   Foreman                                   ELV   ME   4MN
Elevator      Mechanic                                             ELV   ME
Elevator      Mechanic   Helper                                    ELV   ME   HLP
Elevator      Mechanic   Probationary     Helper                   ELV   ME   PHLP


Floor      Coverer                                             .   FLR COV

JOB TITLE                                          ABBREVIATION (


Structural    Ironworker    General      Foreman   STR IW GF
Structural    Ironworker    Foreman                STR IW 4MN
Structural    Ironworker                           STR IW
Structural    Ironworker    Apprentice             STR IW APP
Ironworker    Trainee                              IW TRN


Reinforcing    Ironworker    General Foreman       REIN IW GF
Reinforcing    Ironworker    Foreman               REIN IW 4MN
Reinforcing    Ironworker                          REIN IW


Laborer General Foreman                             LABOR GF
Laborer   Foreman                                   LABOR 4MN
Laborer                                             LABORER
Powderman                                           POWDERMN
Machine Tool Operator       Foreman                 MCH TL 4MN
Machine Tool Operator                              'MCH TL OP
Wagon Drill     Operator                            WAGONDRILL
Steel Headerboard       Man                         ST HDBD
Concrete    Curer                                   CON CUR
Gardener                                            GARDENER
Chucktender                                         CHUCKTENDER


Operator   General Foreman                         OPER GF
Operator   Foreman                                 OPER 4MN
Equipment Operator       Apprentice                EQP OP APP
Motor Patrol     Operator                          MTR PTRL OP
Crane Operator     Foreman                         CRN OP 4MN
Crane Operator                                     CRANE OP
Tractor   Operator                                 TRACTOR OP
Dozer Operator                                     DOZER OP
Truck Crane Oiler                                  TRK CR OILR
Oiler                                              OILR
Compressor & Generator        Operator             COMP GEN OP
Equipment Greaser                                  EQP GRS
Equipment Greaser Foreman                          EQP GRS 4MN
Power Sweeper Operator                             PWR SWPR OP
Shovel Operator                                    SHOVEL OP
Roller   Operator                                  ROLLER OP
H. D. Repairman Foreman                            HD REPR 4MN
H. D. Repairman                                    HD REPR APP
H. 0. Repairman Apprentice                         Hll REP2 APP

JOB TITLE                                              ABBREVIATION


H. D. Welder Foreman                                   HD WLD ~MN
H. D. Welder                                           HD WLD
H. D. Repairman Helper                                 HD REPR HLP
H. D. Repairman Helper Foreman                         HD HELP 4MN
Dinky Locomotive         Operator                      DKY LOCO OP
Mucking Machine Operator                               MUCK MCH OP
Rotary Drill       Operator                            RTDRL OP
Drilling      Machine Operator                         DRL MCH OP
Grade Checker                                          GRADE CHEKR
Crushing      Plant Engineer                           CRUSH ENG
Machinist      Operator    Apprentice                   MCH OP APP
Scraper Operator                                        SCRAPER OP
Heavy Duty Repairperson           Apprentice            HD REPR APP
Rotary Drill       Helper                               RTDRL HLP
Derrickman                                              DERRICKMN
Concrete      Saw Operator                              CON SAW OP
Trenching      Machine Operator       I         ’       TRCH MCH I
Trenching      Machine Operator       II                TRCH MCH II
Hoist Operator                                          HOIST OP
Drilling      Foreman                                   DRL 4MN
Generator      Operator                                 GEN OP
Compressor Station         Operator                    'COMP STA OP
Road Oil Mix Operator                                   RD OIL MIX
H. D. Repairman General           Foreman               HD REPR GF
Rubber Tire Equipment Operator                          RTIRE EQ OP
Combination       H. D. Repairman & Welder
   General Foreman                                     CM REPR GF
Combination       H. D. Repairman & Welder Foreman     CM REPR 4MN
Combination       H. D. Repairman & Wel.der            CM HD REPR
Forklift      Foreman - V                              FKLFT 4MN V
Forklift      Operator    - V                          FKLFT OP V
Forklift      Foreman - VI                             FKLFT 4MN VI
Forklift      Operator    - VI                         FKLFT OP VI
Motorman                                               MOTORMN
Elevator      Hoist Operator                           ELEV HST OP
Loader Operator                                        LOADER OP
Concrete      Mobile Mixer Operator                    CNMO MXR OP
Back Hoe Operator                                      BACK HOE OP
Skiploader       Operator   - II                       SKLDR OP II
Skiploader       Operator   - V                        SKLDR OP V
Skiploader       Operator   - VI                       SKLDR OP VI
Inspector      Repairman Welder Foreman                I/R WLD 4MN
Inspector      Repairman Welder                        I/R WLD
Machinist      Operator    Foreman                     MACH OP 4MN
Machinist      Operator                                MCH OP
Steam,& Water Plant Operator             Foreman       S/W PLNT4MN
Steam & Wager Plant Operator                           S/W PLNT OP
Body & Fender Mechanic Operator              Foreman   BD MECH 4MN
Body ei Fender Mechanic Operator                       BD MECH
Equipirierl-;; Operatcr    Apprentice                  EQP 02 APP

JOB TITLE                                               ABBREVIATION


Chief of Party                                          CHF OF PTY
Chainman                                                CHAI NMN
Instrumentman                                           INSTRMENTMN
Survey Apprentice                                       SUR APP


Painter General Foreman                                 PNTR GF
Painter  Foreman                                        PNTR 4MN
Painter                                                 PNTR
Spray Painter    Foreman                                SY PNTR 4MN
Spray Painter                                           SPRY PNTR
Painter Apprentice                                      PNTR APP


Plumber General Foreman                                 PLMBR GF
Plumber Foreman                                         PLMBR 4MN
Plumber                                                 PLMBR
Lead Burner                                             LD BURNER
Inert   Gas Welder                                      I/GAS WLDR
Plumber Apprentice                                      PLMBR APP


Sheet   Metal   Worker       General      Foreman   .   SHT   MTL   GF
Sheet   Metal   Worker       Foreman                    SHT   MT1   4MN
Sheet   Metal   Worker                                  SHT   MTL   WRK
Sheet   Metal   Worker       Apprentice                 SHT   MTL   APP


Light    Duty Driver     General Foreman                LD DR GF
Light    Duty Driver      Foreman                       LD DR 4MN
Light    Duty Driver                                    LD DR
Forklift     Driver    Foreman                          FRKLFT D4MN.
Forklift     Driver                                     FRKLFT DR
Truck Greaser General Foreman                           TRK GRS GF
Truck Greaser Foreman                                   TRK GRS 4MN
Truck Greaser                                           TRK GRS
Light    Vehicle    Dispatcher    Foreman               LV DIS 4MN
Light    Vehicle    Dispatcher                          LV DIS
Warehouse Clerk General Foreman                         WHSE-CLK GF
Warehouse Clerk Foreman                                 WHSE CLK4MN
Warehouse Clerk                                         WHSE CLK
Stock Room Clerk Foreman                                STK RM 4MN        i/P\ rJ

JOB TITLE                                            ABBREVIATION

TEAMSTERS (cont.):

Stock Room Clerk                                     STK RM CLK
Tireman General Foreman                              TIRMN GF
Tireman Foreman                                      TIRMN 4MN
Tireman                                              TIRMN
Heavy Duty Driver    General Foreman                 HD DR GF
Heavy Duty Driver    Foreman                         HD DR 4MN
Heavy Duty Driver                                    HD DR
Extra Heavy Duty Driver     General Foreman          EHD DR GF
Extra Heavy Duty Driver     Foreman                  EHD DR 4MN
Extra Heavy Duty Driver                              EHD DR
Bootman                                              BTMN
Warehouse General.Foreman                            WHSE GF
Warehouse Foreman                                    WHSE 4MN
Warehouseman                                         WHSEMN

Light Truck Driver         General Foreman             LTRK DR GF
Light Truck Driver          Foreman                    LTRK DR 4MN
Light Truck Driver                                     LTRK DR
Forklift     Driver    Foreman                         FRKLFT D4MN
Forklift     Driver                                    FRKLFT DR
Truck Greaser General Foreman                        .TRK GRS GF
Truck Greaser Foreman                                 'TRK GRS 4MN
Truck Greaser                                         TRK GRS
Service    Station     Attendant                       SER STA ATT
Light    Vehicle    Dispatcher     Foreman             LV DIS 4MN
Light Vehicle       Dispatcher                         LV DIS
Warehouse Clerk General Foreman                       WHSECLK GF
Warehouse Clerk Foreman                               WHSECLK 4MN
Warehouse Clerk                                       WHSE CLK
Stock Room Clerk Foreman                              STK RM 4MN
Stock Room Clerk                                      STK RM CLK
Ti reman Foreman                                      TIRMN 4MN
Tireman                                               TIRMN
Truck Repairman                                       TRK REPR
D. W. Equipment Driver                                 DW EQ DR
Truck Repairman Helper                                TKK REPRHLP
Medium Truck Driver          General Foreman          MTRK DR GF
Medium Truck Driver          Foreman                  MTRK DR 4MN
Medium Truck Driver                                   MTRK DR
Heavy Truck Driver         General Foreman            HTRK DR GF
Heavy Truck Driver         Foreman                    HTRK DR4MN
Heavy Truck Driver                                    HTRK DR
Extra Heavy Truck Driver           General Foreman     EHTRK DR GF
Extra Heavy Truck Driver           Foreman             EHTRK DR4MN
Extra Heavy Truck Driver                               EHTRK DR
Bootman                                               BTMN
Warehouse General Foreman                             WHSE GF
Warehouse Foreman                                     WHSE 4MN
Warehouseman                                          WHSEMN
XRC-32/15             ,

JOB TITLE                               ABBREVIATION-


Tunnel Worker General Foreman           TUNNEL GF
Miner (Tunnel Worker)                   MINER
Shifter                                 SHIFTER
Shaft Raise & Stope Miner               SHF R&S MNR
Miner Trainee                           MINER TR

Bull   Gang Foreman                     BUL GNG 4MN
Bull   Gang (Mucker       & Trackman)   BULL GNG


Electronic   Technician       VI        EL TECH VI
Electronic   Technician       V         EL TECH V
Electronic   Technician       ,IV       EL TECH IV
Electronic   Technician        III      EL TECH III
Electronic   Technician        II       EL TECH II
Electronic   Technician        I        EL TECH I
Electronic   Technician       Trainee   EL TECH TR
Net Coordinator     II                  NET COR II
Net Coordinator     I                   NET COR I


Chef                                    CHEF
Second Cook                             SECOND COOK
Head Baker                              HEAD BKR
Dinner Cook                             DINNER COOK
Baker                                   BKR
Head Butcher                            HD BUTCHER
Storekeeper-Stores                      STRKEPR/STR
Butcher                                 BUTCHER
Fry Cook                                FRY COOK
Head Pantryman                          HEAD PNTRY
Pantryman                               PNTRYMN
Assistant    Storekeeper                AST STRKEPR
Storekeeper-Sales                       STRKEPR/SLS
Head Service      Attendant             HD SERV ATT.
Cook's Helper                           COOKS HLPR
Cashier                                 CASH1ER
Storekeeper-Food        Vending         STRKEPR/FDV
Kitchen   Steward                       KTCHN STEWD
Head Dishwasher                         HEAD DSHWSH
Pot Washer                              POT WSH
Kitchen   Worker                        KTCHN WKR
Vegetable    Man                        VEGTBLMN
Service   Attendant                     SERV ATT
Coffee Maker                            COFFEE MKR
Waitress                                WTRS
XRC-32/16              ,

JOB TITLE_                                         ABBREVIATION_


Head Custodian                                     HEAD CUSTDN
Custodian                                          CUSTDN


Assistant    Fire   Chief                          AST FRE CHF
,Fire Captain                                      FRE CAPT
 Fire Engineer                                     FRE ENG
 Fireman                                           FREMN
 Fireman Trainee                                   FREMN TR


Leadman                                            LDMN
Monitor                                            MONITOR
Radiation     Instrument     Technician            R/I TECH
Laboratory     Technician                          LAB TECH


Combination      Laboratory     Technician/X-Ray
  Technician                                       CM LBXR TCH
Leadman                                            LDMN
Paramedic                                          PRMEDIC
Medical    Clerk                                   MEDICAL CLK
X-Ray Technician                                   X-RAY TECH
Medical    Laboratory     Technician               MD LAB TECH
Registered     Nurse                               REG NUR
Senior Medical       Laboratory     Technician     SR M/LB TCH
Senior X-Ray Technician                            SR XR TCH



Senior    Utility   Person                         SR UTIL PER
Utility    Person                                  UTIL PER   .

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