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Dear Members,
   How do I begin to describe what this        there’s no turning back, no excuses and        served 300) had to be delivered to the
summer has meant for Fiat Lancia enthu-        no shame.                                      banquet on a trailer! For the first time,
siasts? The hot summer days have given            As your club president since 2001 and       FFO registration was possible over the
way to the arrival of fall colors, and we’re   one of this year’s FFO organizers, it was a    www.flu.org internet website. The FLU
enjoying crisp autumn days touring in          tremendous moment in my life to see all        staff working the show was incredible,
our wonderful Italian machines.                of our cars and our membership standing        and I wish to thank them once again for
   Wherever you are today, the year 2003       with pride in front of Biltmore Estate for     making it possible.
will be remembered as a landmark year          the spectacular panoramic photo. We did           There is so much to say about this year’s
for Fiat Lancia Unlimited. We’ve seen an       it… actually pulled it off; a stunning early   Fiat Freak Out, but I thought it would be
incredible series of FLU events hosted all     morning photo of the largest group of          best described by our membership. Jody
over North America, culminating with           cars ever assembled in front of Biltmore       Farr, our webmaster, set up a post FFO
the 20th annual Fiat Freak Out in              in its 107-year history. It’s never been       comment site to get the membership’s
Asheville North Carolina. All agree that       tried, and never been done…how we              take on the 20th anniversary event. So
Freak Out 2003 in Asheville was special        could get that many cars from Sunspree         instead of me telling you about it, listen
for many reasons; but those who attended       Resort to the front lawn at Biltmore and       to the comments posted by the FLU
witnessed real automotive history. It          snap a photo in one hour! It’s impossible!     membership:
WAS the largest gathering of Fiat Lancia          Ah, but take my advice…Never, ever
                                                                                              This was my first Fiat event and I cannot
cars ever in North America. Perhaps            say the word “impossible to a Fiat or
                                                                                              imagine a more perfect weekend. I haven’t
more importantly for the future, you also      Lancia owner. This club, like the US
                                                                                              been able to decide what I liked most about
witnessed the first fruits of the complete     Marine Corps, leads from the front. Just
                                                                                              it. The setting was perfect, the people were
renaissance of our car club. And one           like our Fiats; we set trends, rather than
more thing… Have you noticed, there’s          follow them.                                   beyond friendly and so many Fiats in one
virtually no downside or social stigma to         This year’s the Fiat Freak Out shat-        place at one time.
owning a Fiat anymore? The world               tered virtually every record. The number       Best breakfast of any FFO! Good
finally views our great Fiat and Lancia        of cars, members in attendance, number         showfield location. Good hotel.
sports cars as an incredible automotive        of meals served, number of raffle tickets
value with a fun quotient that’s off the       sold and amount of raffle prizes donated       The hotel, facilities and meals were top
scale. The enthusiasm in the eyes of our       by our wonderful vendors! Even the             notch. The Biltmore was fantastic! Heck! I
members proves it. FLU members;                FFO 20th anniversary cake (which               had to vote for my competition! It was just

See a complete list of Concours winners on FLU’s website at www.flu.org                                                    continued on page 22

                                                                                                                   photo by Brett Melancon
                                                                                                                               www.flu.org        2
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                                                                         on how to become an official FLU chapter. Join the fun!

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                                                                                               Indiana                                         DC National Capital
                                      Rocky Mountain                                                                         Blue Ridge

                                                                                                     East Tennessee
                                                                                                                           Carolina FLU

                                                   Romin Chariots

                                                                        Texas FLUid


3    www.flu.org
         The FIAT Freak                                                                                                       by Bobb Rayner

   Ciao Bambini! As summer fades into            Europe, Fiat has announced that an               not? Fiat grabbed just over twenty-seven
autumn, I’m that “nothing is more constant       Austrian by the name of Herbert Demel            percent of new vehicle sales in its home
than change.” With the change of seasons         will take over as Chief Executive Officer of     country for September 2003, which is its
upon us, I’ve been contemplating the many        Fiat Auto sometime in November 2003.             second-lowest share ever. Any American
changes relating to those of us who cherish      Demel will be the first non-Italian ever to      automaker would be overwhelmed with
our wonderful Italian cars. Fiat’s corporate     lead the company, and brings with him a          joy to capture that kind of market share in
situation, Freak-Out’s changes in venue          wealth of experience in the automotive           the USA, but in Fiat’s case…where it relies
and scope, and even the quality and values       industry which belies his relatively young       on the home market for almost forty
of our beloved cars have all been moving in      fifty years of age. He appears to have a         percent of unit sales….they’re looking at
some significant new directions over the         great vision of the future and carries a fresh   nearly half the sales volume to which they
past several months. Most of it, I’m pleased     set of ideas which are quite unlike those of     are traditionally accustomed! On the
to say, seems to be for the better.              the “inbred” Italian Piedmont leadership         upside, the new crop of corporate movers
                                                 Fiat has had in the past. He’ll have to face     and shakers appear to have the mettle
THE NEWS                                         the challenge of learning Italian, but as we     to turn things around within the next
   After being absent from the US market         Fiat Freaks all know, that’s nothing             few years. The result, we hope, will be
for the past twenty years, one might think       compare to the challenge of simply fixing        affordable Fiat-based Italian cars in North
that Fiat’s current corporate woes would         an Italian car!                                  American showrooms. Plans have already
have little significance to enthusiasts in                                                        been made to sell Brazilian-made Fiats in
North America. Wrong! If things continue                                                          Mexico, so perhaps a jump across the
to improve, the return of Fiat’s Alfa Romeo        While Fiat’s much-publicized                   border will not be far behind!
marque…delayed three times in past few              problems have brought the                        In other Italian car news, Maserati
years…will take place sometime in the year          once-mighty 104-year-old                      unveiled its sexy new Quattroporte sedan at
2007. This target launch date may be flexi-                                                       the Frankfurt auto show in September,
ble in light of the continuing crisis at Fiat,        company to its knees, a                     and we should see it in North America
but make no mistake about it: the good            concerted effort has continued                  sometime next summer. Meanwhile, even
intentions are there. Perhaps the USA             to restructure the firm with an                 if the thought of an SUV make your cringe,
and Canada will once-again be able to                                                             be forewarned that Pininfarina is now
affordably experience the delight of Italian       eye toward future prosperity.                  working on an SUV design. Best-known
automotive verve on a daily basis!                                                                for designing Ferraris and our revered Fiat
Originally, Alfa had intended to re-enter           Meanwhile, Fiat and General Motors are        Spider, Pininfarina has simply faced the
the US market with a coupe, a Spider,            achieving huge cost savings by sharing           fact that they’ve ignored the hot-selling
and a four-door sedan and wagon on a             parts.     Interestingly, GM’s share of          SUV market for too long. Chairman
front-drive platform which was to have           Fiat dropped from twenty percent to ten          Sergio Pininfarina hasn’t revealed details
been co-developed with Saab (which is            percent last April, and may actually             about the vehicle, but claims it will hit the
wholly-owned by General Motors, Fiat’s           dwindle down to nothing by the fall of 2004      streets in the not-too-distant future. It
current partner and possible future owner).      if they don’t choose to contribute to Fiat’s     could be the ideal tow vehicle for pulling
Saab pulled out of the venture a while ago,      recapitalization efforts.                        your Spider to the next Fiat Freak Out!
but Alfa is continuing to set its sights on         One of Fiat’s biggest problems stems
North American shores.                           from its dependence on the domestic Italian      THE VIEWS
   While Fiat’s much-publicized problems         market. However, huge incursions by                I began this column with comments on
have brought the once-mighty 104-year-old        foreign automakers, particularly the             change. I’ve noticed that there appears to
company to its knees, a concerted effort has     Japanese, have deeply cut into Fiat’s            be an upturn…however slight…in how
continued to restructure the firm with           home-market share. Hmmm...sounds a bit           Fiats and Lancias are perceived amongst
an eye toward future prosperity. After           like what the American manufacturers             contemporary car enthusiasts and in the
courting a former president of Ford of           have dealt with in the past decades, does it     collector car marketplace. At last May’s
                                                                                                                                continued on page 28

                                                                                                                                    www.flu.org        4
    FLU Presents a Sizzling Mid-Summer Show                                                                                         by Bobb Rayner

       What goes best with Italian food? Italian     gaps in past year, Automobili Italiane has        were absolutely thrilled to stroll among the
    wine, perhaps, but this past August, Italian     regained its appeal and participation due to      show field covered with cars that brought
    CARS were the featured complement to             Scott’s unselfish revival efforts.                back memories and a sense of pride in their
    the Italian food and festivities at the annual      The mid-summer weather of the third            Italian heritage.
    Automobili Italiane show in Reading,             weekend in August brought beautiful                  While the somewhat usual collection of
    Pennsylvania, USA. This annual FLU-              sunshine and the usual large crowd of             late-model Spiders and X1/9s dominated
    sponsored show, open to all Italian marques,     festival attendees. While the owners and          the Fiats on the show field, there were also
    began over fifteen years ago as an added         drivers of nearly fifty show cars were            quite a number of rare and unusual Fiat
    attraction alongside the Italian Heritage        understandably pleased with each other’s          cars as well. Vladimir Pisch drove (at a very
    Festival in Berks County, PA. Scott Hill,        company, it was a particular delight to see       leisurely pace, we’re told!) a nicely-restored
    a past president of FLU and it’s current         the faces of and hear comments from people        1971 Fiat 500L from his home in northern
    treasurer, created this relaxed gathering to     of Italian descent who were visiting the          New Jersey, and past FLU president Jim
    give Italian car owners a chance to show         adjoining festival’s celebration of Italian art   Aitken came all the way from Virginia
    off their machines to people who really          and culture. Many were former residents           to display his famous black ‘74 Fiat Spider.
    appreciate them. Despite some sporadic           and/or citizens of the mother country, and        As an amazing example of the Italian

5   www.flu.org
automotive art, Jim Hendry offered his             Concorso d’Eleganza Winners,      CLASS D : Early Spider & Cabriolet
stunning Fiat 1200 Cabriolet, a car of 1962        Automobili Italiane Reading, PA
vintage that was as perfect in its scarlet color   CLASS A: Alfa Romeo
as any of its ilk could have been.                 First Place - Paul Waldman,
   The Lancia contingent was represented           1974 Alfa Romeo GTV
by a race-prepped Lancia Fulvia owned by
                                                   Second Place - Bobb Rayner,
Mark Wolff, and a most unusual 1961                1991 Alfa Romeo 164S
Lancia Flaminia sedan was shown by its
new owner, Mike Space. This remarkable             CLASS B: Lancia
car, totally un-restored, was purchased by
Mike from the original owner, and included                                           First Place - Jim Hendry,
most all of the original paperwork such as                                           1962 Fiat 1200 Convertible
the owner and shop manuals (featuring
                                                                                     Second Place - Jim Aitken,
hand-drawn illustrations!), and promotional
                                                                                     1974 Fiat 124 Spider
materials from its original date of sale.
Among the numerous oddities on this car                                              CLASS E: Later Model Fiat Spider
are the six...count ‘em...six window wipers:                                         First Place - John Erskine,
two on the front windshield, and four on                                             1979 Fiat 2000 Spider
the backlight, two of which are on the inside      First Place - Mark Wolff,         Second Place - Chet Whiting,
of the glass to keep it fog-free in damp           1967 Lancia Fulvia                1979 Fiat 2000 Spider
weather! Rounding out the unusual                                                    CLASS F: Later Model Fiat Spider
Lancias was an un-restored 1971 Lancia                                               First Place - Ray Prior,
Flavia Vignale cabrio presented by Joe                                               1983 Fiat Spider 2000
                                                                                     Second Place - Dave Blyler,
   Not to be left out, several Alfa Romeos
                                                                                     1985 Fiat Spider 2000
were in attendance, along with three
Ferraris which included a 1998 F355 Spider,                                          CLASS G: Ferrari
a Ferrari Daytona, and a 1969 365GT4                                                 First Place - Pietro Castiglioni,
belonging to Sr. Pietro Castiglioni, one of                                          1969 Ferrari 365/GT4
the principal figures on the Italian Heritage      Second Place - Mike Space,        Second Place - Mitch Davocourt,
Council which conducts the festival each           1961 Lancia Flaminia              1998 Ferrari F355 Spider
year. Pietro’s car is one of only three of
                                                   CLASS C: Fiat & Bertone X1/9      CLASS H: Vintage Fiat
its kind in the world equipped with an
automatic        transmission.      Fans      of
two-wheeled vehicles were treated to the
sight of a Moto-Guzzi motorcycle and a
Vespa scooter thrown into the mix!
   While the car owners found the admiring
glances and words of praise rewarding
enough, there was also a nice assortment of
trophies awarded to the cars featured that
day, with winners having been judged by
                                                   First Place - Harry Neuman,       First Place - Vladimir Pisch,
popular vote. Their names appear below,
                                                   1986 Bertone X1/9                 1971 Fiat 500L
and judging by the reactions of both
participants and observers, it’s a safe guess      Second Place - John Padden,       Second Place - Bill Clark,
that many others will join these winners           1981 Fiat X1/9                    1970 Fiat 850 Spyder
when Automobili Italiane returns next
summer in a new location!

                                                                                                                         www.flu.org   6
        X1/9 Model Guide                                                                                                          by Niels Laursen

    1                                2                                          3                            4

          Bertone produced the X1/9 for Fiat from
        1972 to 1988, and then, from 1983
        onwards, independently. A total of 160,000
        units were produced.

        Autobianchi Runabout
           The design project for the Runabout
        took its inspiration from the motor boat       Fiat X 1/9
        world. As in the case of other prototypes      (1972-1976)
        inspired by the design concepts and styling       The Fiat X1/9 debuted at the Turin           above the luggage. The chassis, derived
        applied to other fields, here once more        Motor Show in November 1972, immedi-            from the Stratos chassis, is a supporting
        Bertone took his inspiration from outside      ately earning critical acclaim. The Fiat        structure which is particularly robust and
        the motoring world. The Runabout was in        X1/9 came about to replace the Fiat 850         safe enough to pass the new safety tests
        fact inspired by the racing speed boats        Spider. On a Fiat 128 base, but with an         which were about to be introduced in the
        around at the end of the 1960’s. Despite its   entirely innovative feature for a Fiat car: a   States. The first version had a 74 Hp 1290
        unusual look and evident dream car status,     centrally-mounted engine. Nuccio Bertone        cc. engine (170 km/h).
        the prototype was used as the starting point   pressed Fiat management to accept this             Emerson Fittipaldi, who test-drove it for
        for the design of the future Fiat X1/9,        very sporty solution, and eventually            the magazine Quattroruote, wrote that the
        which was launched a couple of years later.    managed to convince them. The Fiat X1/9         X1/9 drives like a Formula One car. The
        The engine itself was that of the 128, even    reworked the Runabout concept, an               Fiat X1/9 was a hit, and went on to be
        though the car was presented under the         innovative Bertone design inspired by the        successful on the American market too.
        Autobianchi marque. With its pointed           wedge shape of racing speed boats. The
        shape, generous rollbars hosting the           Fiat X1/9 is the natural continuation of this   Fiat X 1/9 “Abarth”
        headlamps and the colours chosen by its        concept, with its penetrative wedge shape.      (1973)
        designer, the car was aimed at a young         The two ridges running along the wings            As a special rarity, Abarth in 1973
        market. The Runabout is an invitation to       lighten the overall look, and the low           modified an X 1/9 with an 1840 cc 16V
        fun, stress-free travelling, evoking the       bonnet features disappearing headlights,        engine with 200 Hp, The car was supposed
        sheer joy of driving in places where traffic   while the rear is cut off. But the most         to be used for Rally - unfortunately Fiat’s
        is no more than a distant memory. The          interesting aspect lies in the design of the    plans were different, and the Fiat 131
        Runabout was presented at the 1969 Turin       cockpit, framed by the light front pillar       became the Fiat groups Rally car. Apart
        Motor Show: an original vision of the          and the rear pillar which functions as a        from the wide arch wings concealing the
        future which once more attracted the           roll-bar. With the hard-top down, the X1/9      wide 235/55x13 tires, the Car was
        attention of more than a few curious           goes from coupé to spider, and the top folds    equipped with a colossal air intake, to feed
        on-lookers.                                    away and stows into a front compartment         the 2 44mm Weber IDF carbs’.

7       www.flu.org
                                                                                                      1- Autobianchi Runabout (1969)
                                                                                                      2- Fiat X 1/9 (1972-1976)
                                                                                                      3- Fiat X 1/9 “Abarth” (1973)
                                                                                                      4- Fiat X 1/9 US model (1974-1978)
                                                                                                      5- Fiat X 1/9, 1300 “Corsa” (1975)
                                                                                                      6- Fiat X 1/9 Dallara Silhoutte racer (1975)
                                                                                                      7- Fiat X 1/9 “Serie Speciale I” (1976-1978)
                                                                                                      8- Fiat X 1/9 “Lido” (1977-1978)
5                                           6
                                                                                                      9- Fiat X 1/9 “Five-Speed” (1978-1982)
                                                                                                      10- Bertone X1/9 “IN” (1982-1983)
                                                                                                      11- Bertone X1/9 “VS” (1983-1987)
                                                                                                      12- Bertone X1/9 “S” (1984-1986)
                                                                                                      13- Fiat X 1/9 “Sunshine” (1985-1986)
    9                                                10                                               14- Bertone X1/9 “S” (1986-1988)
                                                                                                      15- Bertone X1/9 “Special Edition” (1988-1989)
                                                                                                      16- Bertone X1/9 “Gran Finale” (1987-1988)


    Fiat X 1/9 US model                         14                                                   11
       In 1974 the Fiat X 1/9 was introduced to
    the American market, the model was
    identical with the European model, apart
    from the slightly larger horns on the
    bumpers. In 1975 the Fiat X 1/9 was
    latered on a number of points, to comply
    with the strict emission regulations, this        edition series for the European market.        16
    brought a number of engine changes, as a          The cars main characteristic were a large
    result the engined now only performed             spoiler on the rear trunk, widened wings,     a packed sporting schedule in Group 5
    65 Hp and a top speed at 155 km/h. Most           hardtop in the body colour, and it was fit-   (Silhouette) of the World Sportscar
    characteristic was though the change from         ted with magnesium rims with Bertone          Championships, with its creator behind
    the small wrap-around bumpers, to 2 large         logo. On the doors the writing said           the wheel. Dallara, an internationally
    - less esthetics - bumpers (2 horizontal bars,    “X1/9 CORSA” in capitals and “FIAT            known, highly experienced engineer,
    connected to the body by 2 hydraulic              BERTONE” in small capitals. The car was       opted for the X1/9, in the belief that,
    dampers). In spite of the loss of power,          nevertheless equipped as the standard         for both its design and economic character-
    success on the American marked was                series, despite the sporty race design.       istics, it would be capable of turning in an
    immediate.                                                                                      impressive sporting performance. In fact
                                                      Fiat X 1/9 Dallara Silhouette racer           the X1/9 Dallara retains the same layout as
    Fiat X 1/9, 1300 “Corsa”                          (1975)                                        the original model, apart from a few
    (1975)                                              The Fiat X1/9 Dallara went on show at       modifications to the suspensions and
      In 1975 the model “X 1/9 Corsa” was             the 1975 “Paris Motor Show” The Fiat          engine. The engine is a four-cylinder - 16 v
    introduced on the “Salon Automobile de            X1/9 Dallara was the Turin company’s          - 192 Hp, 1289 cc. The design of the body
    Bruxelles”. It was proposed as a limited          answer to the race car market, destined for   visually accentuates the sporty character
                                                                                                                                  continued on page 21

                                                                                                                                      www.flu.org        8
    Fun Had at Bruce’s Anuual Spook Out
                                                   by Thad Kirk
    Bruce’s Parts Bin opened up shop and
    held it’s annual “Spook Out” in support
    of the Delaware Valley Chapter of FLU.
    It’s a chance for people to get together and
    enjoy each other’s company and their
    cars. Bruce ordered up some excellent
    weather! Sunny mid 70’s with beautiful
    fall foliage colors. Bruce, and staff (wife
    and daughter), had a nice setup of food at
    the ‘Bin’ for those who were hungry.
       Lots of great people and cars. Cars
    from NJ, DE, NY, MD, PA, etc. We
    had a great turn out! If you’ve never
    visited Bruce’s Bin, then you’re missing a
    treasure. Bruce has parts scattered all over
    the place that even he doesn’t know
    about. Saturday was sort of like a self
    serve Fiat parts store. Half the fun is
    finding the stuff Bruce doesn’t even know
    he has! Look for his annual open house in
    the spring held about April 1. This event
    is referred to as ‘Fools Out’.
    Thanks Bruce!

9   www.flu.org
‘Genny’ Obert, Remembered                                                                             Written by the family of Fiat Lancia Unlimited

   On behalf of Fiat Lancia Unlimited,             Obert Children’s College Fund                     speaking straight from her heart to ours.
we wish to express our deepest heartfelt           Bank of the West                                     Genny was instrumental once again in
sympathy to husband Chris Obert, son               2020 N. Pacific Av.                               2003 in helping design the traditional Fiat
Jesse, daughter Molly, and the C. Obert            Santa Cruz, CA 95060                              Freak Out "Trivia Contest" used at our
staff in the loss of Genevieve (Genny)                                                               Awards Banquet. A copy of that contest is
Obert; beloved wife, mother, highly            The entire club is heartbroken over the               reprinted in Ricambi for your enjoyment,
acclaimed writer, co-worker, dear friend     loss of Genny, yet we must find solace in               written just days before her passing.
and FLU member. Genevieve passed on          the memory of her friendship, her                          It is important to remember that her
Monday, July 21st between 5 and                  lifetime of accomplishments, and her                legacy lives on through Chris, Jesse and
7:30 in the morning peaceful-                          treasured writings. Genny was                 Molly, and all the wonderful places
ly in her sleep from heart                                loved by countless people                  she took us through her award winning
failure. Genny had just                                     around the world and                     writings. They will always draw us near
celebrated her 44th                                          touched every life in a posi-           to her. Genny's writings are her gift to us
birthday the day                                              tive and profound way.                 that we may enjoy forever. Find out more
before, and it was one                                        Her depth of automotive                at her website, www.AutoDiva.com.
of the best and happiest                                      knowledge was a reflection                Genny wished for peace for the peoples
days of her life.                                            of her deep love for every-             of the world, for exploration of space as
   Should you wish to do                                    thing       Fiat          and            the first person on the moon happened on
so please feel free to post a                             the great Italian cultural                 her birthday, and for more and better
note at Genny's e mail                Genny O           experience. She took us to so                hugs. Chris (and Rob Duncan) were on
address (GenObert@aol.com).                        many places, described with such                  their flight home July 21st from the 2003
The notes will be kept as a reminder for     detail that it transformed the printed                  Fiat Freak Out at the time of Genny's
the children to remember their Mom.          page into a memorable journey. Genny                    passing. Chris, missing his last hug,
   Donations in lieu of flowers, if you      painted pictures with words for us with                 requests all to go out and hug your loved
are compelled to do so, may be sent to the   such a radiant palette of colors, we wit-               ones and family one extra time. Very
following address:                           nessed a true literary artist at work,                  good advice indeed.

The following trivia questions were compiled in the most part by Genny Obert. Thanks for the memories Genny, you will be missed.
#1The FLU name “Fiat Lancia Underground”          A. Fabbrica Italiana Di Automobili                 #6 Fiat was a top competitor at the Indy 500,
officially changed to “Fiat Lancia Unlimited”     B. La Società Italiana per la Costruzione e        what was Fiat’s best finish ever?
several years ago. What year was the name           il Comercio dello Automobili Torino. Answer        A: Third place in 1911.
changed?                                          C. F.I.A.T.                                          B. Second place in 1912. Answer
   A. 1987                                        D. Giovanni Agnelli, S. p. a.                        C. First place in 1913.
   B. 1990
   C. 1992                                      #4 What was the horsepower and placement             #7 Fiat captured the world land speed record
   D. 1993 Answer                               of the engine in the first Fiat made in 1899?        of 154 miles per hour with a 300 horse power
                                                   A. 3? horsepower, front mounted placement.        car in what year?
#2 In 1995, the FFO was held in what city?         B. 3? horsepower, rear engine placement. Answer      A. 1911 Answer
  A. Poughkeepsie, NY                              C. 5 horsepower, front mounted engine.               B. 1918
  B. Hagarstown, MD Answer                         D. 3? horsepower, steam driven, rear mounted.        C. 1927
  C. Fontana, NC                                   E. None of the above.                                D. 1936
  D. Cannan Valley, W Va.
  E. None of the above                          #5 What was the displacement of                      #8 What are the most cylinders Fiat ever
                                                Fiat’s largest engine?                               used in a production engine?
#3 Giovanni Agnelli started making cars five      A. 16,286 cc on the 1905 100HP Corsa. Answer         A. 6 cylinders, as in the Fiat 130 Coupe
years before Henry Ford. On July 1, 1899,         B. 14,137cc Model S74.                               B. 8 cylinders, as in the 8V Coupe
Giovanni and friends drew up articles for a       C. 10-liter (10,000cc) S61                           C: 12 cylinders as in the 1921 V12 “Super Fiat” Answer
car making venture. What was the first            D. The 12-liter SB4-155, also called the
name of the brand new car company?                    “Mephistopheles”
                                                                                                                                            continued on page 13

                                                                                                                                                www.flu.org        10
     The 7th Annual Italian Car Day
        The 7th Annual Italian Car Day was held     Class Winners:                2. #3   Dick Preston
     at Buford Dam Park in North Atlanta            Alfa Romeo:                           Mexico
                                                      1. #50, Julia Dolgetta      3. #4   Gary Farmer
     on October 4th, 2003. This was the largest               Alfa GTV 2000               BiTurbo
     gathering to date for the annual Italian car     2. #48, Tom Hart          Fiat:
     show produced by FLU’s very own John                     Alfa GTV
                                                                                  1. # 13 Bob Stanek
     Montgomery. Those who chose to have              3. #68, Carol Wagnon                Fiat 1500
                                                              Alfa Jr. Zagato
     a photo taken can be viewed at                                               2. # 53 Tim Vaccaro
                                                    Maserati:                             Fiat 131 Abarth Volumetrico
     www.pmrphoto.com/pp, information is also
                                                      1. #2 Ivan Ruiz
     listed on how to purchase the images.                    Ghibli Spider       3. #1 Brett Melancon
                                                                                          Fiat X1/9
     photos by Brett Melancon

11   www.flu.org
Ferrari:                        Lancia:                     Italian Motorcycle:            Best Modified:
1. #18 Alan & Janet Boe           1. #113 Tom Sanor            1. #71 Ed Flanagan               #88 George Prieto Sr.
         Ferrari 250 GTE                  Lancia Fulvia                Moto Guzzi                    Alfa Pickup
2. #42 Bob Winchell               2. #5 John Montgomery        2. #116 Gary Hodgson        Best of Show:
         Ferrari 330 GTC                  Lancia HPE                   Ducati 749               #18 Alan & Janet Boe
3. #86 John Apen                  3. #38 David Robinson        3. #21 R.McKay                        Ferrari 250 GTE
         Ferrari 275 GTB                  Lancia Scorpion              Ducati Monster S4
Lamborghini:                    Pantera (DeTomaso):         Open Class:
1. #57 Victo Woloschinow          1. #22 Mike Daley            1. #11 Bob Bowen
         Lamborghini Countach             Pantera                      Alfa 357 Ermeni
2. #80 Vail Frost                 2. #36 Andre Perry           2. #85 John Apen
         Lamborghini Espada               Pantera                      Italia
3. #83 Vail Frost                 3. #34 Jim Riseigno          3. #115 John Mayoue
         Lamborghini Countach             Pantera                      Iso Rivolta

                                                                                                             www.flu.org   12
     Fiat Freak Out 2003 Autocross Results
       The 20th annual Fiat Freak Out was             5   Gianna Dolgetta, 164s          37.676            Italian Race (IR)
     held in Asheville, NC July 18-20, 2003.          6   Walter Forlini, 164s           37.753            1 Steve Hoelscher, x-1/9           30.619 (FTD)
       This is the official FFO03 Autocross           7   Jon Ladez, Spider              39.148            2 Chris Obert, x-1/9               31.527
     results hosted by the Highlands Sports           8   Joe Dolgetta, x-1/9            40.416            3 Russ McBride, x-1/9              33.774
     Car Club, July 20, 2003.
                                                      Italian Modified (IM)                                DS
     19 Italian cars entered in 3 classes             1 Derek Greenwood, x-1/9 33.814                      1 Bill MacFarland, Audi S-4 38.238
     Italian Stock (IS)                               2 John Lagenquest, x-1/9 34.694                      Spec Rental (Ah-hem) GS
     1 Damon Kane, x-1/9             36.164           3 John Montgomery, x-1/9 35.508                      1 Shawn Folkerts, Dodge Stratus 35.944
     2 Dwight Varnes, x-1/9          36.484           4 Jason Greenwood, x-1/9 36.613
     3 Kevin Barnett, x-1/9          36.658           5 Patrick Mills, Spider  36.251                      CSP
     4 Neil Martin, x-1/9            37.333           6 Vince Hoelscher, x-1/9 46.663                      Rose Greenwood, Miata              35.458

     continued from page 10

     #9 The Fiat 8V was produced from 1952 to         #13 Fiat largest manufacturing plant in Italy        #17 Chris and Genny Obert of C. Obert &
     1954. The aerodynamic design, shaped at the      is called “Mirafiori”. It opened under the           Co. traveled overland together from Santa
     Turin Polytecnik wind tunnel, coupled with       watchful eye of Dictator Benito Mussolini. In        Cruz California to Fairbanks, Alaska in the
     an eight-cylinder motor with twin Weber          fact, the Fiat 131 sedan was named the “131          late 1970’s. What kind of car did Chris
     carbs was capable of a top speed of over 200     Mirafiori”. There is also the very popular           choose to most impress Genny?
     kph (125mph). What was displacement of           website www.mirafiori.com What is the                   A. 1976 Fiat 128 Rallye
     this powerful V8 motor?                          original meaning of the word “Mirafiori”?               B. 1959 Fiat Multipla Answer
        A. 1996 cc Answer                                A. Massive works factory                             C. 1975 Chevy Camaro Z28
        B. 2850 cc                                       B. Pride of Italy                                    D. 1972 VW Bus
        C. 3000 cc                                       C. Wonderful Flowers Answer                          E. 1970 Ford Ranchero
        D. 4500 cc                                       D. A province region of Italy
                                                         E. None of the above.                             #18 Lancia has used the initials “HF” on all
     #10 The Lancia automobile manufacturer                                                                works rally cars, and even road cars since the
     was purchased by Fiat in 1969. How               #14 Fiat choose to offer “Sonata Sound” car          1960’s. A raging elephant is often used as part
     much did Fiat pay?                               radio systems for the entire 1980 lineup.            of the emblem. What do the initials “HF”
       A. One Italian lira per share, about $670      Which style of radio was NOT offered by              mean?
          British Pounds. Answer                      Fiat as an option in 1980.                              A. High Fidelity Answer
       B. One Italian Lira for the entire company.      A. Sonata AM with 5 pushbutton tuning. Answer         B. High Five
       C. 67 million British pounds.                    B. Sonata AM/FM stereo with 5 pushbutton tuning.      C. Hugo Fasta
       D. Over $300 Million Dollars                     C. Sonata AM/FM stereo with 8-track                   D. High Formulation
                                                            stereo tape player.                               E. None of the above
     #11 Which color-combination was available          D. Sonata AM/FM stereo with cassette player.
     on the street version of the Fiat Abarth 124                                                          #19 Pininfarina took over production of the
     Rally Spider?                                    #15 The three brands of Fiat, Lancia and             Fiat Spider as the Pininfarina Azzura Spider
       A. Red and Black                               Ferrari won the following: Fiat won the              until 1985. What car replaced the Azzura
       B. Sky blue and Black                          European Driver’s Rally Championship. Lancia         Spider on Pininfarina assembly lines?
       C. White and Black                             won the Manufacturer’s World Rally                     A. The Peugeot 405 series including the 405 Mi16.
       D. All of the above Answer                     Championship and Ferrari won the Formula               B. The Lancia Thema
                                                      One World Championship. In what calendar               C. The Cadillac Allante Answer
     #12 Carlo Abarth started building cars in        year did all three championships occur at the          D. The Citroen CX25
     1949 and finally came to America for the first   same time?
     time to race Fiat 600’s in 1959. He won. Over      A. 1974                                            #20 How many times in the last five years has
     the years Abarth cars went on to many              B. 1975 Answer                                     a Fiat X 1/9 won the SCCA Solo II National
     European and World Championships. Fiat             C. 1978                                            Autocross title?
     purchased Abarth & C. in 1971, and Sig.            D. 1979                                              A. Four Times in five years. Answer
     Abarth went into semi-retirement that same                                                              B. Two Times in four years.
     year. How many total race victories had          #16 The following table indicates the position of      C. The X1/9 design is too old to compete.
     Abarth cars won by 1971?                         the headlight covers on the late model, 1500cc X           Has never won the SOLO II Nationals.
        A. 157                                        1/9 when the ignition key and the light switch         D. The X 1/9 has been banned from
        B. 627                                        position are changed. Is this table correct?               SOLO II to let others win.
        C. 2135                                          A. Yes Answer
        D. 7133 Answer                                   B. No

13   www.flu.org
www.flu.org   14
2003 Fiat Freak Out-Asheville NC
Dreams are often carried deep within our hearts.             Lifelong Fiat enthusiasts leave behind decades of
They speak to us softly in a world that shouts             misspent youth, dogged perseverance, setbacks and
the cold reality of routine. Perhaps it is simply the      heartbreaks, for the ultimate triumph to arrive at a
foolish that dare to dream anymore? Can we                 special car show with a beloved Italian car. For
actually reach beyond the ordinary to the                  every hour of pleasure behind the wheel, there was
extraordinary? (Say yes.) If not, check your pulse.        10 times more hours devoted to engine work, brake
   This summer we made the choice to follow our            work, paint-work and restoration work. Dreams
hearts in pursuit of a closely held dream. Italian cars    often leave behind a trail of trouble, tears, red
from your garage and mine vacated their quiet sanc-        ribbons of receipts, and the incredibly slow progress
tuary, rolling cross-town or cross-country toward an       over time, only yielding to resounding victory
appointment with automotive history. Some drove            by shear resolve. This July, the joy of the Italian
west, others went east, still others headed south while    motoring experience was once again validated from
a few took flight north. Most of us had little to say to   the wheels beneath the driver’s seat. Every car that
those who didn’t understand; we simply walked out          arrived in Asheville was a show winner because
of our daily schedule and got into that special Italian    they rose to the challenge to be present for this
car. We pressed onward from all points to a special        record breaking event. Through it all, we never
meeting place, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains.        complained about the distance of the journey…
It was a long journey that cost a a fair amount            there was but one destination and one dream…
of money, time and trouble. The uninitiated and            Fiat Freak Out 2003 in Asheville. The largest
ignorant shake their heads all the while, never            gathering of it’s kind, featuring classic Fiat, Lancia,
understanding what’s the big deal about the “sweet         Alfa and other Italian sports cars.
song of an overhead cam engine, wind in the hair, top      Dreams live.
down I don’t give a damn what you think” great
adventure of Italian motoring. We’re going to the big                           -by John Montgomery
20th anniversary show; come hell or high water.

See a complete list of Concours winners on FLU’s website at www.flu.org
See you again next year, same place!
July 16-18, 2004- Sunspree, Asheville, NC
CREDITS: Fiat Freak Out 2003       Volunteers             SUNSPREE RESORT
Staff of volunteers                Beth Melancon          Brian Yates- Sales Coordinator
John Montgomery-                   K.C. White             Ed Murren- Logistics
                                   James Freeman, Sr.     Sue Polovina- Catering Director
Brett Melancon-
Coordinator                        Tim & Valerie Beeble   Deni (Sam’s Club)- FFO
                                   Bob Stanek             Anniversary Cake
Jeff Davison-
Assistant Coordinator              Chas Sforza
                                                          BILTMORE ESTATE
Damon & Michele Kane-              Neil & Erin Martin
Registrars                                                Renee’ Pisani- Biltmore Sales
                                   Lance Roscoe
Jody Farr-                                                Erin Young- Biltmore Catering
                                   Jerry Cucchiara
Online Registration
                                   Kevin Barnett          Supporting Vendors
Dr. James Freeman-
Pana Photo Setup/Biltmore/Winery   Steve Hoelscher        Bayless Fiat Lancia World
JeanPaul Harris-                   Vince Hoelscher        Bruces Parts Bin
Pana Photograph                    Howard Goodman         C. Obert & Co.
Ginger Harris-                     Susan Ruptash          Classic Motorsports
Individual Car Photos              Jon Logan              Fun Import & Toys
Ray Keeton-                        Scott Hill             Grass Roots Motorsports
                                   Jim Aitken             International Auto Parts
George & Angela Price -
FFO Event Sales                    Bobb Rayner            Red Line Motorworks
Warren & Anne Plesmid-             Dwight Varnes          Sports Car Market
FFO Event Registration             Charlie Bates          Vick Autosports
                                   Dwight Varnes
 See FFO 2003 Photo Spread on next page.                  Highlands Sports Car Club
 Panoramic Photo order form is on page 26                 Kevin Barnett
17   www.flu.org
See more FFO 2003 photos
    on-line at www.flu.org

                             www.flu.org   18
     Do your part and vote!
        Once again it’s time to elect three new             Name: Evan J Statman                         board to actively promote the organiza-
     club members to the FLU Board of                       Chapter affiliation: FLO-FLU Founder         tion, work collectively with the other
     Directors. The FLU Board consists of 11                Email address: 84pinin@fiatflorida.com       directors, and expand FLU membership
     members, each serving a three-year term.               FLU Member since: May 2003                   and activities.
     Every year, one third of the Board is up               Italian Car(s) Owned: 1984 Pininfarina
                                                                                                         2. Three ideas I am interested in
     for re-election. This year, we have three              Azzurra Spider, 1988 Bertone (RIP 1996)
                                                                                                         promoting are: working with other
     positions and five new challengers. The
                                                            1. I would like to dedicate the next three   Fiat regional groups to ensure FLU’s
     membership may choose to vote for three
                                                            years to the FLU Board to provide more       expansion/coordination in a greater
     of the following candidates: Evan
                                                            structure and resources for individual       national presence; creating a framework
     Statman, Sam Germana, Mike Greer,
                                                            chapters by using state of the art tech-     of guidance, organization and direction
     Woody Woodson, or John Erskine.
                                                            nologies. I believe that the three years     for local FLU clubs; and bringing more
        In addition, all FLU officer positions
                                                            is an appropriate term length to enable      Fiat owners into Fiat Lancia Unlimited.
     are voted on yearly, however, the call for
                                                            change but maintain continuity.
     nominations was not returned, so no                                                                 3. (My qualifications are no different
     challengers for these positions have made              2. 1) Improved internal structure with       than those of other candidates)
     their intentions known. Therefore, you                 more defined roles for the board of          Creative, enthusiastic, fair-minded
     will have a choice of either the incumbent             directors, officers and chapters.            and interested in FLU. Love all
     or a write-in candidate of your choice.                2) Additional chapter development            things Italian; especially Fiat Spiders.
     Spaces will be provided below.                         activities and materials for new chapters.   Professional sports car restoration
        In order to vote, you must be a FLU                 3) A complete marketing plan to              specialist; hobby is the restoration and
     member in good standing. You can                       showcase the organization outside the        repair of Spiders. Co-organizer of the
     identify yourself by providing your                    current membership to the Italian car        Fiat Rescue League, chartered to keep
     membership ID number and postal/zip                    owners of North America.                     Fiats out of the crusher. Able to
     code. Your ID number can be found on                                                                dedicate time to this endeavor.
     the Ricambi mailing label, or you may                  3. My qualification that sets me apart       ___________________________
     look it up online at www.flu.org .                     from other candidates is that I am new.
                                                                                                         Name: Sam Germana
        Please note that your identity is only used to      I started the newest FLU Chapter
                                                                                                         Chapter affiliation: Northeast Coast
     ensure that the ballot box is not stuffed. This data   FLO FLU. My perspective is fresh
                                                                                                         Email address: SJMST@hotmail.com
     will not be disseminated to anyone within the club     and excited and I rely on technology to
                                                                                                         FLU Member since: 5/1/1987
     and your vote will remain anonymous.                   achieve my goals at minimal actual
                                                                                                         Italian Car(s) Owned: 1981 Fiat Spider
        All of the nominated board candidates               dollar cost. I also think we should
                                                                                                         (Original Owner) 1982 Ferrari Mondial
     have had the opportunity to respond to                 remember that we are doing this for
     the following three questions. Please read             the love the cars and the fun of it all.     1. I have had the benefits of member-
                                                            ___________________________                  ship for over 15 years. For the Fiat Freak
     the responses in order to get to know the
     candidate so you may make a good choice                Name: John R Erskine                         Out alone it was worth joining. It was
     for FLU Board participation.                           National Capitol Area FLU                    through the hard work of others that
                                                            (Wash DC, MD, VA)                            I was able to enjoy club membership. I
     1. Why do you want to dedicate three                   j.erskine2@verizon.net                       am ready to make my own contribution.
     years as a member of the FLU Board?                    FLU Member since 1999
                                                            Owned (or own): 124TC Estate,                2. 1) Expand membership. To do so
     2. What are the top three ideas (or issues)                                                         would bring in diversity of owners,
     that you intend to cover during your                   1979 Mirafiori wagon, two 1973 124
                                                            Spiders, two 1979 Spider 2000’s,             continual fresh ideas, and help ensure
     service to the membership?
                                                            and a 1971 124 Spider                        a thriving club. Use Fiat Freak Out
     3. What sets you apart from other                                                                   (FFO) and the newsletter as a platform.
     candidates?                                            1. I would like to serve on the FLU          At FFO, for example, I think board

19   www.flu.org
members and officers should make              national organization for Fiat/Lancia        2. (A.) Make sure that all chapters have a
efforts to reach out to the membership,       automobiles. It’s important in my            voice in their concerns of the club, seeing
welcoming them and listening to what          opinion that FLU continues to grow           all chapters have a liaison to be heard by
they say.                                     and expand, and to do that means             the National.
2) Bring in ALL Italian Marques.              representation from chapters that can        (B.) To find more ways to restore a
FLU is already the least elitist, and most    provide a different perspective to the       higher membership level.
inclusive of groups. Let’s build upon         FLU Board. I enjoy the club and want         (C.) To maintain or achieve a better
that, having events with other Italian        to share the views of new chapters.          relationship with other Italian Car
Marques. Ideas include local rallies          2) My top three issues are: 1- FLU as        Clubs.
and gatherings. We could team up with         a national organization. 2- The need
                                                                                           3. The items that set me apart from
charities, raising money for agreed upon      of the national organization to help
                                                                                           the other candidates is, I had formed
causes via rallies and shows. This would      and provide guidance to old and new
                                                                                           the Detroit Club in 1978. Promoted the
raise the club’s profile in a positive way.   chapters alike. This would include
                                                                                           Detroit Chapter to become the first
Even informal “runs” are good social          guidelines for “club” events, guidelines
                                                                                           Chapter to become part of FLU. Have
gatherings.                                   or suggestions for chapter organization,
                                                                                           been the President of the Detroit
3) Delegate. Spectators watch,                services for local chapters, and lists of
                                                                                           Chapter, and the Detroit AROC
participants make things happen.              potential members for local chapters.
                                                                                           Chapter during the same periods for
The accomplishments thus far of the           3) Better communication across the net-
                                                                                           two years running. Have also main-
officers & board have been amazing.           work of chapters.
                                                                                           tained a Board position with FLU
Let’s assign help to the membership           3. My qualifications include owning a
                                                                                           National and he Detroit AROC Chapter
committee, and expand roles such as           Fiat Spider for the past 30 years, beyond
                                                                                           during the same periods. Have owned
those organizing FFO. Have greeters           that, I have been active in other national
                                                                                           and driven Italian cars for the last 33
for “newbies” at FFO. For every idea,         organizations such as the Catalina
                                                                                           years. Have been a Board member of the
I bet there are people who could jump         National Sailing Association, where I
                                                                                           Detroit AROC for the last six years, and
in to help make them happen, and              served as fleet captain. I can use this
                                                                                           was just elected to the AROC Board for
improve upon them.                            experience and knowledge to help reach
                                                                                           the 2004 year. Have been a liaison for the
                                              the goals mentioned above and the goals
3. A FLU member since 1987, I have            of FLU and it’s member chapters and
                                                                                           support of each club for and during club
owned a total of 5 Italian cars: Fiat,        individuals. I’ve also been active with      activities.
Alfa Romeo and Ferrari. I have been           my chapter of FLU, organizing and               I am well aware of both local chapter
an administrator for 20 years with a          helping with a number of events such         and National operations. The knowledge
degree in management, and a lawyer            as MOFLO and the Fall FIAT.                  I have gained at the local level applies
for 7. I have the training and experience     ___________________________                  equally at the National level. This
to motivate people and make things            Name: Woody Woodson                          knowledge makes me better prepared to
happen. These attributes combine to           Chapter affiliation: Detroit Chapter         see both sides of the deliberation and
make for a useful contributor to FLU.         Founder, 1978 Email address:                 make the best decisions. And last, I have
___________________________                                                                head on-the challenge of maintaining a
Name: Mike Greer                              FLU Member since: 1978                       Fiat Club in the Motor City for 25 years;
Chapter Affiliation: Roamin’ Chariots         Italian Car(s) Owned: Many                   with Detroit being the headquarters of
Email address: lavolpe22@aol.com              over 33 years.                               the big three auto makers.
home or greermr@cpchem.com work               1. As a previous Board member, I would
FLU member since: 1999
Italian Car(s) owned: 1979 Spider 2000
                                              like to return to the Board to continue      Official FFO voting ballot
                                              my push in helping FLU to maintain it’s
1) Dedicating three years to the FLU          position as a pipeline to Fiat ownership,    on back page of this
board is important to me because I feel       and it’s continued climb to the return of    issue of RICAMBI
very strongly about the need for a strong     popularity.

                                                                                                                          www.flu.org    20
     continued from page 8

     of the model, while inside the car is an        Bertone X1/9 “IN”                                 Bertone X1/9 “S”
     entirely new safety feature: upholstery in      (1982-1983)                                       (1986-1988)
     F.P.T., the same fire-retardant material          As the first model after Bertone took              In the spring of 1986 the new “S”, model
     used for the suits of the Formula 1 drivers.    over the entire production of the X 1/9           was introduced to the market, this model
                                                     “IN” model was introduced to the market           had sideskirts and Speedline SP 116A rims
     Fiat X 1/9 “Series Speciale I”                  in the spring of 1982. The model was              with 185/60x13 low profile tires, another
     (1976-1978)                                     characterized by the two-tone paintwork,          significant change to this model was that
        In 1976 the “Serie Speciale I” was           and the “IN” decor on the roll-bar. The           the engine lid was in the body colour
     launched, it was characterized by a “ladder     interior had gone trough a make over in           instead of the usual black. The model came
     pattern” decor alongside, this together         this fase as well, and better fabric gave it a    in two variants, a carb’ model, and an
     with a large PU-plastic front spoiler.          quality boost, a special characteristic inside,   injection model, the latter was lowered
     Internal it was fitted with new higher back     was that the carpet was bright red!               some 40mm.
     seats, with a striped design fabric. 1976 was
     also the year when it officially was            Bertone X1/9 “VS”                                 Bertone X1/9 “Special Edition”
     introduced as a right hand driven version       (1983-1987)                                       (1988-1989)
     to the market in United Kingdom, till then         In the spring of 1983 the “VS” model              In 1988 the last official series hit the
     only a number (approximately 30) had            was introduced to the market as the               continental European market - Bertone
     been converted to right hand drive by           replacement of the “In” model, the only           X1/9 1500 “Special Edition”, the car were
     Radbourne Racing.                               significant change was new Speedline SL           built in 1985 - 1986 and was US models,
                                                     082 rims, and new colour schemes where            rebuilt to the the continental Europe, the
     Fiat X 1/9 “Lido”                               the lower color always was metallic               last model were sold as late as in 1989.
     (1977-1978)                                     Charcoal #900, the roll-bar decor now
       As the last of the 1300 series the “Lido”     wrote “X 1-9” vertically.                         Bertone X1/9 “Gran Finale”
     was launched in 1978, it was only available                                                       (1987-1988)
     in black. The Lido model had a theme of         Bertone X1/9 “S”                                    In the spring of 1987 the last model ever
     black and white, therefore it had chromed       (1984-1986)                                       hits the British market, as the “Gran
     bumpers, and white interior.                       In the spring of 1984 the “S” model            Finale” is introduced. This model had a
                                                     was introduced to the market, the only            carb’ engine, and the rims were now from
     Fiat X 1/9 “Five-Speed”                         significant change was new Cromodora              O.Z., the bumpers were not black as on the
     (1978-1982)                                     CD 179 rims, and new colour schemes               previous models, and it had a rear spoiler.
        With the end of the 1300 series, the X 1/9   where the vertically divider between the          This model was available in just two
     “Five-Speed” was introduced on the              two colours now was moved up to just              different colours, Mica Red or Mica Blue.
     1978 “Autosalon Birmingham”. The                under the window line, another feature            Aircondition was standard in the model, as
     Introduction of the X 1/9 “Five-Speed””         was that now it had mirrors on both sides.        well as Alcantara fabric interior.
     was the most significant change ever done
     in the history of the X 1/9. The most           Fiat X 1/9 “Sunshine”                             Re-printed with permission from
     significant changes was - as the name says      (1985-1986)                                       Niels Laursen’s excellent web site at
     - the introduction of the Fait Ritmo/Strada       In the spring of 1985 the “Sunshine”            www.laursen-online.dk/x1-9/gallery-uk/
     known power train consisting of the 1498        model was introduced to the market, and
     cc engine performing 86 Hp, and the             again this time only minor changes
     5 speed transmission. Visually it was           in equipment, like new materials in the
     changed with large allow bumpers in the         interior, other rims, and new colour
     full width of the car, along with a higher      schemes.
     engine lid for the new higher engine.
     Inside the interior also had a make over
     with new dash, and seats.

21   www.flu.org
                                                                                                       Where is FFO ‘04
                                                                                                       going to be?
continued from page 2

too awesome of a car not to vote for it - the    The silent auction was great.
                                                                                                       We are going back to Asheville on
black ‘69 Dino. WOW! It made me proud                                                                  Friday, July 16th thru Sunday, July
to be a Fiat owner that day! OK, everyday!       The location was perfect and the cars were              18th, 2004! Last year, we had to
                                                 beautiful. Congratulations on an excellent             share the hotel with other groups,
It was our first FFO and we loved it!            turn-out. And you got Dwight Varnes to speak!         next year we are going to book the
FFO03 was great. Good Friends, Good              It was really well done. I had a wonderful             ENTIRE Sunspree Resort, all 250
Location, Good Food, Lots to do! WORKER-         time and it seemed like everyone else was             rooms! This will be the largest Fiat
BEES, WORKER BEES; MY HATS OFF TO                on cloud 9 too. I will certainly attend the             Freak Out ever. We will pull out
THE WORKER BEES! What a great job                next one, which I understand may again be             all the stops for this one! The hotel
they did to put on one really great Freak Out!   in Asheville. Please let the club that put on           will be 100% Italian Car heaven!
THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I don’t                    the autocross know that they did a perfect              Don’t dare miss it! Book rooms
recall ever going to a better organized car      job. It was very well organized.                      now at last year’s rates ($93/night)!
club event. I’m looking forward to 2004 and
                                                 Should repeat another year at same location.           Call Sunspree’s at 1-800-733-3211
I am sure another great get together with the
                                                                                                        or visit web at www.sunspree.com
nicest car club people around.
This was my first FFO and I hope to return       Raffle took too long.
next year. Completely amazing! We had a
great time and were very happy to have           Please consider making nametags FLU logo
attended. Everyone who organized it did an       and the name tags bigger, since many of us
outstanding job. Kudos to Bob Rayner for         are wanting to meet people we’ve talked to
keeping his speech short! LOL!                   but never met.

                                                 I didn’t get ballots for the concourse judging...
The Freak Out was fabulous. It was the
                                                 Is it because I did not bring a car? (Answer: Yes.)
biggest and best ever. Organizers, be proud.
I was knocked out by the large number of         Don’t apologize for having lots of raffle
first timers. This bodes well for the future     prizes. People wouldn’t buy the tickets if
of the club. I met some great people and         there wasn’t a lot to be won.
can’t wait till next year.
                                                 I miss the small club atmosphere of a few
Great location offering more than a show.        years back though. These $20.00 dinners,
                                                 etc. are too expensive for my budget. What’s
Thanks for making my wife and I
                                                 wrong with burgers and beer?
welcome. We both felt that everyone
was friendly and helpful. We made                My only disappointment was in winning
some new friends while there.                    second place. Just wait until next year!
I was on the organizing committee for FFO        Parking areas should be dedicated to
2001 so I know what goes into it. You guys       FLU members.                                             Frames are beautiful
did a super job and the event ran seamlessly                                                              chromed plastic with
which tells me your prep was excellent!          Would like to see the incorporation of                      black accents.
                                                 at least one “hands-on” tech session or more           $10 each + $3.50 shipping for 1-3 frames
The Biltmore venue and mountains as a            than one so people could choose one or                   $4.00 shipping for 4 or more frames
backdrop made for a scenic and relaxing          the other.
locale. I recommend to any Fiat Lancia                                                                  Show your club support
owners I meet that they join FLU and             My thought was that some sort of badge                   and buy FLU frames!
experience the one of a kind event. Fiat         or patch be given to every autocross                       Contact Shaun Folkarts
and Lancia forever!                              participant and would provide some tangible                   at 631-262-7392 or
                                                 recognition and a momento of the event.                e-mail at fiatlancia2@yahoo.com
You can count on us being there next year.

                                                                                                                                       www.flu.org   22
                        Customize your shirt with optional artwork of a Spider or X1/9!

All items custom made with the 3 color stitched FLU Logo, or substitute
the Spider Logo or X 1/9 logo in custom colors! Sizes are Meduim, Large,
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        Full turn-key engine building for high performance street,
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        We can help you get ready to “fling it around turns” too!

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    continued from page 4

    annual Import and Kit Car Nationals in           of cars presented, and variety of activities.   amongst the rank-and-file membership,
    Carlisle, Pennsylvania, the grand door           As a life-long enthusiast, I have had the       certain individuals are continuing to form
    prize was a super-nice Fiat 850 Spider!          good fortune to attend some of the top          local FLU chapters and contribute to the
    Who would have thought a vintage Fiat            automotive events in the world. I’ve been       mutual enjoyment of our cherished Fiat
    would ever be offered as a coveted prize?        to the famous Pebble Beach concourse            and Lancia automobiles. With such
    In checking internet price guides and            d’Elegance, Concorso Italiano in Monterrey,     dedication and manifest enthusiasm, club
    collector car publications, values seem to be    the Club Nazionale X1/9 “Raduno” in             FLU can look forward to a fun-filled and
    rising a bit for Fiats and Lancias IF they are   Italy, and various other top-flight car         enriching future. Mille Grazie to all! Love
    in pristine condition. At FLU enthusiast         enthusiast events the world over. However,      you….love your show!
    events like Fiat Freak Out, I’ve also noticed    NONE of them have been any better in
    a definite improvement in the variety,           quality and organization than what our          (Note: Bobb Rayner will once-again be
    condition. and quality of cars brought to the    fellow club officers have accomplished in       appearing in the following cities as a product
    various events. Even our fellow Fiat             administering and conducting Fiat Freak         specialist/presenter on the North American
    Freaks are looking better than ever, despite     Out 2003. Witness the last mega-issue           International Auto Show circuit for the
    the fact that we’re aging as quickly as our      of RICAMBI, the much-admired FLU                2003-2004 season: Greensboro NC, Miami,
    cars!                                            internet website, and all of the other          Hartford CT, Washington DC, Detroit,
       In 2003, no part of FLU’s operation has       remarkable aspects of Club Fiat-Lancia          Harrisburg PA, Chicago, Raleigh NC,
    seen bigger changes than this past summer’s      Unlimited, and you’ll see that this is truly    Cleveland, New Orleans, and New York.
    edition of Fiat Freak Out. In its twentieth      one of the finest organizations of its kind     FLU membersattending auto shows in
    year, FFO2003 brought not only a change          in the world. It’s all due to the selfless      these cities are encouraged to stop by the
    of venue, but also a change in record            dedication of volunteer members in both         Lincoln-Mercury exhibit to say “Ciao”
    numbers of participants, quality and scope       official and supporting positions. Even          in person to the “Fiat Freak!”)

You may also register online at www.flu.org
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     Cars–for sale                                    1978 Fiat X1/9 Limited Edition -
                                                      (#1435) Runs GREAT, 108k original miles,
                                                                                                    1978 Fiat Spider 124- restored, 127k
                                                                                                    new paint-blue, white interior, in excel-
                                                      needs two exhaust manifold-to-head            lent condition. Recent top end work on
     82 Lancia Zagato- $2500 firm, pics please        bolts fixed. body is straight, some rust,     engine, Koni suspension all around. ANSA
     email me. 330-898-2006. Tim Timko                RF headlight pivot need to be welded.         exhaust system w/header. Asking $3,500
                                                      $750 OBO with your choice of campy            or obo. Please call for more info if inter-
                                                      4-spoke rims or ‘87 pepper pots with          ested 735-5573.vmlyons@gt.rr.com
                                                      brand-new michelins. Bob Danielak,            _________________________________
                                                      Bayville, NJ robert.m.danielak@lmco.com       1970 Fiat 850 Spider - Very good shape
                                                      work: 215-497-1665 home: 732-237-9331         considering the age, needs front brakes
                                                      cell: 215-932-8582                            and paint job, top is primarily intact, runs
                                                      _________________________________             great. More info, Bob: R and R Foreign         1983 Pininfarina Spider 2000 - 87K,
                                                      1979 Super Brava- If interested please        Parts - 1-719-634-5677                         needs some work. Some rust, carpet and
                                                      contact me at idcxsm1@yahoo.com               _________________________________
                                                                                                                                                   seats adequate but could be replaced.
     Lancia Aurelia B24 Convertible, 1958-            I am in the Atlanta area.                     ‘73 850 Spider - Running, not licensed         Currently has blown head gasket. Top is in
     2500 cc, V-6engine, perfect, completely          _________________________________             dings, most notably a crease in the nose.      excellent condition. Includes Evolution 4
     restored according to original specs with        1980 Fiat 124 Spider Pininfarina              Paint is chipping off the rear panel of the    car cover. FIAT plates are genuine, and can
     original parts;newleather interiorand cloth      Convertible, 5 speed, $1500.00 OBO NEW        car. Many new parts recently installed,        be assigned to new VA owner, or could sell
     hood. Please, send inquiries to: Alessandra      PARTS:GAS TANK, PERFORMANCE CARBU-            including brakes and wheel cylinders,          independently. Located in Richmond VA.
     Colfi Alessandra@workofheartcards.com            RETOR, OIL FILTER, AIR FILTER, HOSES &        radiator, rebuilt carb, exhaust, alternator,   $1500. Call 804-512-1266 or email Andy at
     858-735-5708/858-488-1063                        CLAMPS, OIL PAN & PLUG, SPARK PLUGS           kingpins and convertible top. over             spidery6@hotmail.com
     _________________________________                                                              80,000 miles and the motor is a bit
                                                      &WIRES, OIL CAP, DISTRIBUTOR CAP,
     1978 124, 1800cc.- Good engine and               ROTOR, FUEL SENDING UNIT, WIPER BAG,          smoky. There is some minor rust. The
     transmission. Car is sans hood, running          WIPERS, FUEL PUMP, NEW BATTERY,               interior is black except for the rear shelf.
     lights and dash board. Body is very solid!       $1300.00 in receipts since March. Have        The driver’s seat will need a slip cover. I
     Car is in Buffalo, NY area. $600 or best         service record from previous owner. Not       have a dash with no cracks to go with the
     offer. Pix by email wayotim@netscape.net         running. Was running when parked in           car. $1,250 Contact jodyfarr@yahoo.com         1985 Pininfarina - Black on Black -
     Serious inquiries call (716)632-1387.                                                          _________________________________
                                                      2000. Needs resto, minor bodywork,                                                           $15,500, 1984 Pininfarina - Red on Tan -
     _________________________________                                                              ‘71 850 Spider - original NJ title but I’ve
                                                      perfect project car. Contact Melissa in                                                      $15,000, 1983 Pininfarina - Silver on
     1976 Fiat 124 Spider 1756cc- 5 speed             East Tennessee 865-748-0186 or                never transferred it to my name. French        Black - $12,900 and a 1979 Fiat - Maroon
     transmission. Includes water pump and            melmin77@aol.com                              blue, chrome looks immaculate. P.O. had        on Cocoa - $14,500 For further photos or
     starter. No Carb. No Altenator. $500 for         _________________________________             just refinished it. Paint is also new but      info, let me know, Franco Cavaliere 416-
     both, or will separate. Also 1 set of Fiat                                                     needs a buffing. Top will needs to be          587-4291
     chrome hubcaps from 1976, good shape;                                                          replaced, and the seats are covered, but       _________________________________
     $80 or best. All located in southeast                                                          the rest of the interior looks great. The      1980 Fiat Spider - 53K miles; automat-
     Ohio. Leo D. Weatherhead 740-559-3357.                                                         bad: Needs a gas tank (I have one) and         ic; fuel-injected; dark green exterior and
     _________________________________                                                              a couple parts I’ve robbed for the green       tan & black interior recently restored and
     1979 Lancia Zagato- less than 40,000                                                           one (valve cover, coolant overflow bottle,     kept under car cover; custom racing tires,
     original miles and needs restoring. Body is                                                    and one relay). It will also need some         new interior parts, panels and upholstery;
     in good condition with little rust and has                                                     welding underneath. The engine does run        new convertible top; entire braking sys-
     the original wheels. Interior is leather and                                                   This is a 75% restoration job that just        tem replaced; new stereo and 4 speakers;
     in fair condition. I have the original key                                                     needs the last 25% to be a nice car.           new fuel pump; has a short in the tail
     ring, ear rings and service manuals that         1978 Fiat 124 Sport Spider 1800-              PRICE: $750 obo The cars are located in        light circuit board; runs good - needs air-
                                                      Ferrarri Red, a real head turner. 76,000      Jeannette, PA 25 miles southeast of            flow sensor. $3,000 OBO. Contact Bill
     came with the car as new. Yes, I did say ear
                                                      original miles. 5 speed, AM/FM cassette,      Pittsburgh. Cash takes ‘em, and buyer is       McDonald 410.420.8854 after 6 EST or
     rings. I will sell to the best offer. Pictures
                                                      tires like new. $ 4,800. Car is located in    responsible for shipping or pickup.            william.mcdonald@act.org
     can be e-mailed per request. Dwight
                                                      Ft. Myers Beach, Florida. Call 239-463-       Contact jodyfarr@yahoo.com for info.           _________________________________
     Simpson, Penn Yan, NY 315-531-1576                                                             _________________________________
     Residence, 315-694-1214 Cell                     7086 or email workpants@earthlink.com
     _________________________________                                                              1984 Pininfarina Spider Azurra - daily
                                                      for more details. FLU member.
                                                      _________________________________             driver, 180,000 miles. 2nd owner since
                                                                                                    40,000 miles, all receipts available.2 liter
                                                      1980 spider 2000- 4 chrome trim rings
                                                                                                    strong, 15,000 miles on new head, all
                                                      for steel wheels $20 each or trade for
                                                                                                    synchros good, extra diferential available,
                                                      equal value. 1 round emergency flasher
                                                                                                    brakes good with braided steeel lines,
                                                      switch $20 or trade. 4 black plastic wheel
                                                                                                    original turbo wheels, remote alarm, 4
                                                      centers w/FIAT logo $10 each or trade.
                                                                                                    point roll bar, AC, Pioneer stereo, tan top
                                                      Right and left side split bumpers
                                                                                                    as new, additional black top on frame,         1935 Ballia - needs a complete restora-
                                                      w/lisence plate lite in the ends.$30 each
                                                                                                    good tan leather seats, all badging cor-       tion but bones are there. Not running, 2
     1967 Fiat Abarth 1000 OTS - Race Car,            or trade. 1 steering wheel center for stock
                                                                                                    rect, original P6 on spare rim, usual rusty    engines, body stripped and primed 20
     903cc, 4 ssd, coil overs, Konis, Fuel Cell,      wood wheel,includes plastic outer             wells $2,500. in NY area, email                years ago but good, needs some glass,
     headers, AR wheels. Formerly owned by            ring.$20 or trade. 1 each right and left      tjoyce@nyc.rr.com, 917-841-2596                needs upholstery. Car is located in
     Judge Parker, Abarth registry #323               rear window rubber seal w/chrome (new)        _________________________________              Charleston West Virginia Contact Don at
     $4,000-race or autoX. call John Barnwes          $40 each or trade. Please call 1-440-946-     1971 850 Fiat Sedan - Last year imported,      586.725.9414 or ddale309@yahoo.com
     at 303-691-0720                                  9702 (OHIO) after 7:00 pm e.s.t. ask for      some rust but restorable. New tires.
                                                      “fiatfive” or email at fiatfive@aol.com       located in TN, $250 obo 423-892-2068

29      www.flu.org
                                                1968 Fiat Spider-Original torque tube                                                                             Carburator for 1979 Fiat Spider Taken off
                                                car-runs and drives-needs restoration-$1000         PARTS–wanted                                                  of a running car, $100 obo, 610-269-2454,
                                                orB/O.Pictures upon serious request. Jim                                                                          Chet Whiting
                                                Warga, Warga25@AOL.com 1/03                         Fiat 124 Spider parts at reasonable prices:                   _________________________________
                                                _________________________________                   Fuel injection system, tan front seats, iron                  SHIFT BUSHING KIT 07/02 for Lancia Beta
                                                1977 Lancia Scorpian, - Black W/tan                 cross alloy rims, older magnesium rims with                   manual transmissions. The factory plastic bushings
                                                                                                    chrome hub cap, top frame parts, hood from                    are the primary cause of linkage problems. Lancia
                                                interior,run good, $2700. seller;
                                                                                                    79-84. miscell. lens and lens holders, radio                  Beta shift bushing kits are available for $95 (US)
                                                J.J. Davey. I live in Virgina Beach 757-
                                                                                                    console, gages, alternators, starters, mir-                   plus shipping. We can press the new bushings in for
                                                431-1130. e-mail lovefiats@aol.com.                 rors, and many more. Call or email for list
                                                _________________________________                                                                                 $145 (US) plus shipping. Single bushings are $20
1996 Fiat Cinquecento Tropheo Rally -                                                               and prices. Terry at (717) 626-5541 or                        plus $5 shipping. Each bushing comes with a retain-
                                                1981 Lancia Zagato Red. Exct cond, one              email at slaglehouse@AOL.com
FIA papers, only 7000 kms in new cond.                                                                                                                            ing ring and nut. John Montgomery 770-932-2380
                                                owner, always garaged, located in CT. New           _________________________________                             _________________________________
full spec. car built by Fiat for the Tropheo
Challenge, 1 0f 200, rare, full of factory      tires, brakes and clutch. Rare find. $5000          wanted-1972 or 1973 fiat 128SL                                Dear Italian Car Enthusiast, please visit
goodies. Sold on FIA papers with Bill of        or best offer. Call Chris 917-337-2881 or           SPORT COUPE IN VERY GOOD CONDITION                            Thomson Motors Ltd, URL: http://www.thom
Sale. Make perfect fully sorted track car,      email at nyc_kungfu@hotmail.com 10/02               EMAIL JOHN BARNES AT audio@tde.com
                                                _________________________________                                                                                 sonmotors.net Specialist leading Independent
and unbeatable in the under 1 liter class.                                                          303-691-0720/303-922-8151                                     for Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia and all other
Vehicle located in Southern California.         1973 850 Spider 80k miles, body a little            _________________________________
                                                                                                                                                                  Italian marques: new, used, reconditioned,
Tel: Jacomo: 618-281-2757                       rough but a great resto candidate. Many             WANTED: Used High Performance
_________________________________                                                                                                                                 performance and competition partsall aspects
                                                new parts including rad, alternator and             Exhaust System Such as Ansa or other                          of servicing & mechanical repairs panelwork
1961 Fiat OSCA 1500S Spyder - Needs             soft top. $1500 obo. Contact: Jody Farr             high-end manufacturer for a 1976 Lancia                       & full restoration race & rally car hire &
resto, but complete. $5,000- Call Tony          jody.farr@attbi.com Phone: 724-523-                 Scorpion. Reply with price. Contact Tino                      preparation racing holidays cars for sale 04/02
at219-980-5707 CST after 7pm for info           2334 http://www.icubed.com/~jfarr 1/03              Blasioli. tel: (914)736-2437 after 5PM,                       _________________________________
_________________________________               _________________________________
                                                                                                    email: alex.blas@verizon.net                                  Fiat Spider targa hard top, with rear glass
1981 Lancia Zagato 2.0- Fuel Injected 5-        1982 Lancia Beta HPE 02/01 Met Blue with blue       _________________________________
                                                                                                                                                                  window--European piece, very rare, excellent
Spd, red. Many new parts: Convertible Top,      cloth int. 65K miles, 3rd owner. 2 Liter fuel       Hard top for Fiat 124/2000 Spiders -                          condition, never on cars, 20% below Doc’s cost
Gear-Shift Bushings, Reblt Trans, Fuel          Injected stock euro motor, 8.9:1 comp, 122          Black Vinyl exterior. Back window is miss-                    at $1250. Buyer pays pays shipping or pick up
Pump/Filter, Exhaust Manifold, Anza Exhaust     HP. Orig car in orig paint. New tires (Pirelli      ing. Top is in southeast Ohio. $100 or                        in Atlanta. Other items, including dual webers,
Tip, Battery. tires still have a lot of tread   P4000 Super touring), new shocks, all filter &      best. 740-559-3357.Parting out 4 X 1/9s                       manifolds, etc. Fiat Spiders. Doug Hamway,
life. Car still runs and looks good needs       fluid changes, timing belt & tensioner change,      - 3 are FI 1500CC and the other is a
                                                                                                                                                                  MHamway@msn.com or call (770) 867-5869.
minor work, to be brought back to its for-      hoses & thermostat changed, complete tune up w      1300cc carb. I have a 1978 2.0 spider for                     _________________________________
mer glory. few very minor rust spots.           valve adjustment, new exhaust system, shift bush-   parts too. Some NOS parts and exhaust
                                                                                                                                                                  X1/9 Spoiler- Newly reproduced to fit and
$2,500. Call Ryan at 404-734-7243.              ing replacement, Carrello lights, side wing         systems are available. Contact Bob
_________________________________                                                                                                                                 look JUST like the OE version. Goes in front
                                                lights, stainless steel euro bumpers. Never any     Santoro (513) 305-9312
                                                                                                    _________________________________                             under bumper, Fits 1979 to end of production.
                                                rust. Always garaged since new. Interior is per-
                                                                                                                                                                  $110 + $15 shipping to anywhere in US,
                                                fectly preserved, no disappointments. Blaupunkt     Fiat Iron Cross wheels - (4) Came off
                                                                                                                                                                  Contact Brett at 865-525-1554 or e-mail at
                                                radio circa 1982. $5,900. Extra parts include       1980 Fiat Spyder. Good condition.
                                                new spare entire subframe & CV drives, hubs,        Includes bolts and caps. $75.00 each
                                                                                                                                                                  Dearler inquiries welcome!
                                                brake calipers, starter, tow hitch, plus many       plus shipping. Grand Blanc Michigan.
                                                other Lancia parts available. John Montgomery       Call 810.694.5669 John
1981 Bertone X1/9 ,Maroon, Black int,           864-304-6537 (bertoneman@aol.com)                   _________________________________
Mechanically perfect with rebuilt engine,                                                           Fiat, Lancia, Alfa sales broch, books, models
tires, brakes, alternator, K&N, suspension,                                                         & toys. Wide selection. 100s of items - fun
rebuilt transmission...ect. No expense was                                                          stuff for all budgets. Call/write for your free
spared to maintain this car. Call for 3-page                                                        10 page list. Doug Schellinger, 13717 W Green
list of parts replaced. Great stereo with                                                           Meadow Dr, New Berlin, WI 53151. email:
cass. and 10 disc CD changer including                                                              dsac@execpc.com 414/687-2489 eve.
subs. Runs excellent and always passes                                                              _________________________________
emissions test. X1/9 books, repair man,                                                             Lots of Lancia - Scorpion, Coupe, Orig. Fiat
custom fitted car cover & receipts for all
parts. Call Pete 1-815-485-0733 or e-mail       1976 Lancia scorpion-resto project.
                                                                                                    Sales Brochures 02/01 Shows all models, interiors
                                                                                                    and features. Prices per year: ‘49-’55, $35;
petereno@earthlink.net Car is located in        engine/gearbox great, as is the interior.                                                                         1961 Fiat 1200 cabriolet front bumper
                                                                                                    ‘56-’59, $25; ‘60-’64, $20; ‘65-’69 $18; ‘70-’79, $15; ‘80-
New Lenox, IL. 4/03                             The body has minimal rust, with the                                                                               with or w/o brackets, headlight rims, front
_________________________________                                                                   present, $12, add $3.50 for ship, specify yr. Have
                                                exception of the drivers side floorboard.                                                                         turn signal assem. with lens, taillight lens
                                                                                                    lit for Alfa, Lancia and other Euro cars. Walter
                                                $1250.00 OBO. Bob Santoro 513- 752-                                                                               and taillight assembly.Russ Burril at
                                                                                                    Miller, 315-432-8282 www.autolit.com 01/03
                                                3325 or 513-305-9312 1/03                           _________________________________                             630-530-1831 or e-mail molauna@aol.com
                                                _________________________________                                                                                 ______________________________
                                                                                                    Service Manuals, History Books, Owners                        Advertising is FREE to all Fiat Lancia Unlimited
                                                1982 Race prepped X1/9 If you’d like
                                                                                                    Manuals, Parts interchange manuals,                           members. For non–members, cost per ad is
                                                more information, email me direct. See
                                                                                                    history books, & more for 500, 600, 850,                      $10.00 with payment to Fiat Lancia Unlimited.
                                                photos at http://www3.sympatico.ca/myronx19
                                                                                                    1100, 1200, 1500, 128, X1/9, 124, Spider,                     We reserve the right to edit all ads. Ads are
                                                Myron Samila Samila Racing - Toronto,
                                                                                                    125, 131, Strada, Brava Alex Voss Tel:                        published in two issues. Please make sure
                                                Ontario Canada 10/02
1982 TURBO Fiat Spider, RARE. Orignal                                                               206-721-3077 www.books4cars.com Alex                          your copy is legible. Fax your ad copy to
owner/all documentation. 5 spd, leather,                                                            Voss Tel: USA-206-721-3077 04/03                              (865) 525-0118 or e-mail text with photo to
A/C, new top and new Pirellis. Engine and                                                           _________________________________
turbo rebuilt. Excellent mechanical                                                                 Lots of Lancia - Scorpion, Coupe, Sedan,
condition but needs body restoraion.                                                                spares Please call or email with needs.
116,000 miles $4800, Thomas Starr-                                                                  Scorpion complete 4 tip Ansa exhaust system,
tstarr@lynx.dac.neu.edu - Boston MA 1/03                                                            aluminized, used. NEW 84.4MM 8.9:1 piston
                                                                                                    set. 1800 cyl heads and exhaust manifolds,
                                                                                                    John Kostelansky 908-782-4237 anytime email:
                                                                                                    lancia245scorpion@hotmail.com 04/02

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