The Manitowoc Calumet Literacy Initiative Mission Statement The Manitowoc by flyinanweather


									                       The Manitowoc-Calumet Literacy Initiative
                                         Mission Statement
The Manitowoc-Calumet Literacy Initiative strives to foster literacy for everyone in ways suited to each

individual’s situation and learning style, with respect for their cultural heritage. The Manitowoc-Calumet

Literacy Initiative further strives to raise awareness of the challenges of those who need to learn English

or improve their English skills to achieve the freedom that comes with literacy. This coalition of agencies

and interested people promotes language, mathematical, health, financial, computer and cultural literacy.

    1. Develop infrastructure of Manitowoc-Calumet Literacy Initiative (MCLI) so it can provide the
level of organization necessary to address its vision statement, mission, and goals.
         a. Draft an action plan for 2005-2007, and establish cycle for future planning;
         b. Identify charter members of MCLI;
         c. Appoint initial steering committee and develop method to maintain same;
         d. Identify funding streams already available to agencies and seek additional funding;
         e. Explore channels of alignment and act as appropriate.

    2. Identify literacy services already provided by various agencies and develop a referral network to
match interested individuals with literacy services.
          a. Utilize Manitowoc Public Library’s Community Connector and United Way’s 211 for
          b. Create a marketing brochure that identifies agency services;
          c. Develop a web page for MCLI;
          d. Establish toll free contact phone numbers accessible from everyone within the two-county
          e. Coordinate referral network to match potential students and tutors with various literacy

    3. Increase participation in literacy efforts in the two county area.
       a. Identify and utilize training sites that minimize transportation and childcare issues;
       b. Raise awareness in the need to literacy through a planned marketing campaign;
       c. Assist in identifying potential students and tutors;
       d. Assist in matching tutors and/or classroom programs with students using MCLI’s referral
       e. Facilitate tutor training for the Reading Assistance Program and Outreach Literacy Council.

    4.   Seek to develop literacy services that are not already provided.
         a. Facilitate expansion of existing programs to cover the entire two-county area;
         b. Encourage various agencies to develop and offer needed literacy services.

                                                                                             August 10, 2005

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