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									    Take Control with
 IRA Preservation Planning

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                       Variable Annuities issued by: Western Reserve Life Assurance Co. of
What can proper planning
 • Security in knowing you’ve
    – A comfortable lifestyle for
      you and your spouse
    – Meaningful inheritance for
      your children and
The Greatest Impact on
•   Planning to defer taxes during
    your life time
•   Planning to provide a lifestyle for
    your heirs and not revenue for
    tax agencies
Traditional Estate Planning
Can Fall Short

  Wills and Trusts
  Gifting
  Life insurance
  Charitable plan
  Not IRA’s
IRA’s Importance

•   Your IRA has grown due to:
      – Tax-deferred growth
      – Great stock market
      – Retirement plan - 401(k) -
•   Your IRA may be your biggest
    liquid asset
•   Your IRA may be your most
    vulnerable asset
Control Your IRA
•   Protect your largest liquid asset
•   IRAs must be managed to:
     – Avoid unnecessary taxation
     – Avoid unnecessary depletion
     – Ensure longest period of tax
     – Ensure proper beneficiary
     – Ensure greatest distribution
        to your heirs
Traditional Estate Planning
Total Taxable Estate

•  Home and other real estate
• Investments and personal assets
• Business interests
• IRA assets
  Traditional Estate Planning

Marginal Estate Tax Rates
   Traditional Estate Planning

 IRA Growth in Value
        subject to
   Federal Income Tax
State and Municipal Taxes

       40% - 50%
Traditional Estate Planning
•   Your IRA could suffer a 75% loss
    in value
•   Your IRA could be worth less than
    1/4 of its pre-death value
•   A $1,000,000 IRA could be
    reduced to less than $250,000
•   There is hope…
•   IRA Preservation Planning
New Rules for IRA
Simplify Planning
 Decisions regarding RMD no longer
 irrevocable after 70 1/2
   – You can now change your
      beneficiary without effecting
      your RMD
   – RMD can now be calculated
      using the new rules even if
      over 70 1/2
A Better Way
•   Assumptions
     – IRA of $1 million
     – The value of the account will
        grow 8% annually*
     – The IRA does not have to be
        consumed for living, because
        there is sufficient non-IRA
    *Assumes IRA grows at the rate of 8% per year. This rate is
    hypothetical and does not reflect the return of any particular
    investment. Investment returns fluctuate and there is no
    assurance that a single rate of return will be sustained over an
    extended period of time.
Advanced IRA Planning

• Dad takes minimum
  distributions until his
  death totaling over
• Mom now 82 rolls into her
  own IRA
• Names 40 year-old son as
Advanced IRA Planning
•   Mom takes minimum distributions until
    her death
•   IRA could lose over $845,000 to Estate
•   Son is now 43 and elects minimum
    distributions based on his life
    expectancy totaling over $11,000,000
There is an even
better approach. . .

    Take Control
  IRA Preservation
IRA Preservation Planning

Includes analysis of
  * Splitting an IRA
  * Roth conversion
  * Rollovers
  * Required
IRA Preservation Planning

 Splitting Dad’s IRA

 $500,000 - IRA # 1: Dad and Mom
 $350,000 - IRA # 2: Dad and Child
 $150,000 - IRA # 3: Dad and
Take Control with
IRA Preservation Planning
$500,000 - IRA #1: Dad and Mom
Total distribution: Over $6 Million with
    proper planning - including sufficient
    life insurance
Take Control with
IRA Preservation Planning
 $350,000 IRA #2: Dad and Son
Total Distribution: Over $4 Million with proper
Take Control with
IRA Preservation Planning
  • $150,000 - IRA #3: Dad and
      Grandchild (Roth IRA)
Total distribution : Over $13 Million with proper
Take Control with
IRA Preservation Planning
With proper planning, that $1 million IRA
     has the potential to produce over
              $24 Million
           in total distributions
          over three generations.
Take Control with
IRA Preservation Planning
• Will you leave a multi-
  generational legacy?
• What’s going to happen to your
• Have you considered the new
• When did you last review your
When should you take control?

IRA Preservation Planning
A dedicated team can help you realize the benefits of proper planning.

   * Concerned Client
   * Qualified Advisor
   * Knowledgeable Provider
 The Ultimate Client
• Cares about family,
• Cares about future planning for his
  or her survivors, and
• Is motivated to plan today for
The Ultimate Advisor
•   Specializes in IRA Preservation
•   Has expertise and resources for
     – Wealth preservation
     – Tax management
     – Investment counseling
The Ultimate Provider
•   Promotes IRA Preservation
•   Has IRA documents with
    preservation friendly defaults
•   Allows maximum flexibility in
    administrating IRA preservation
•   Is committed to keeping IRA
    preservation plans current
The Ultimate IRA Plan
• Meets your objectives:
   – Protects your assets
   – Protects your heirs
• Allows flexibility
• Allows you to maintain control
• Provides maximum tax deferral
Take Control of Your IRA

Start planning NOW
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Look at the Chart for the IRA Setup
Take Control with
IRA Preservation Planning
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