Finding Favorites in Second Grade by rto17652


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                Wednesday Weekly Review                                                                                 We’re also very excited this
                Hill Field Elementary Mini-Newsletter                                                                   year about our seven new
                Wednesday, September 9, 2009                                                                            exercise stations around our ¼-
                                                                                                                        mile walking track!    Students
         Finding Favorites in Second Grade                                                                              are learning about new exercises
 Second graders conduct surveys and graph results                               that they can do to keep healthy for life!
        Currently many grades are reviewing and learning new concepts in                A new focus we’ll be adding this
math, like place value, collecting data, and learning how to read and create    year is to learn more about “Sun
graphs. Two students in Mrs. Brown’s second grade class wanted to share         Safety.” We’ll share sun safety facts
the results of surveys that they conducted. One explained the process:          so that we understand the many ways
                                                 “We asked them what was        we can at times protect ourselves from
                                                 their favorite type of food.   bad sunburns and the like. We’ll also
                                                 You checked their names        continue to focus on proper nutrition,
                                                 and made tally marks to        fruits and vegetables, our environmental
                                                 show how many kids picked      focus on recycling and caring for our
                                                 that type of food.” She        school-yard and community, and our
                                                 then shared her graph,         mental wellness focus with the
                                                 “It’s a pie graph. It tells    PeaceBuilder and Marvin and Jessie
                                                 what types of food people      Life-skills we teach each month. We’ll
                                                 voted for. The orange is       also continue to provide all of you, our
                                                 the Chinese one.” Another      great families, with information on things you can do for and with your
                                                 student also shared the        families. This year our PTA and After School Program will be hosting
process of making his graph: “I wrote about favorite movies. I thought          several informative KUED family nights.          We’ll provide dinner, a
‘Benten’ was going to win but ‘Hannah Montana’ and ‘Bakugans’ won.              presentation, and activities for students. They are as follows:
Bakugan is my favorite movie.” These students and many other second                     Thursday, September 17 - Media Literacy Night (next week!)
and third grade classes, like Mrs. Berry’s, are also conducting surveys.                Thursday, October 22 - Math & Science Night
Learning math makes much more sense when it’s connected to personal                     Tuesday, December 8 - Child Development
                                                                                        Thursday, January 21 - Health Care
interests and things we can understand.
                                                                                        Thursday, March 18 - Parenting Counts
                                                                                        Thursday, April 1 - Literacy Night (The big annual event!)
      Our 2009-10 Gold Medal School Focus                                       Upcoming Events:
    Promoting nutrition, exercise, and “Sun Safety”                                Friday, Sep. 11 – “Patriot Day” 9/11 Presentation, 9 AM, grades 3-6
        This year we’ll be raising our mileage goal to 42,000                      Thursday, Sep. 17 – KUED Family Night: “Media Literacy”, 6-7:30 PM
as a Gold Medal School (GMS). Students and staff earn gold                         Monday, Sep. 21 – “Road to Success Reading is Magic” Opening
medal miles by choosing to be physically active at home and                        Assembly with Mike Hamilton, Magician, 2 - 3 PM
at school. Last year we earned more than double our 26,000-                        Tuesday, Sep. 22 – Hearing Screening (Grades K, 1, 3)
mile goal by earning our highest-ever 68,737 miles! This                           Thursday, Sep. 24 – Fall Pictures (watch for packet the week before)
current goal requires that every staff member and student earn at least            Thursday & Friday, Oct. 1-2 – Fall Break (No school)
2 miles each week through physical activity. Convert your exercise and
                                                                                             Visit our new, detailed Google calendar!
physical activities to gold medal miles using the mileage conversion chart

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