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					      More Update then others
Your Fashion Experience in Italy

                                        - Milan Fashion Campus -

                                          Summer Courses stands out

     €    because our philosophy is to provide to our students an environment that seems to be not a
          Fashion School, but working place as a Fashion Design Studio.
     €    because of the limited students per class (max 16 students per class)
     €    because of the well-defined professional teaching program

a unique summer study abroad experience, where young people meet the passion of fashion design. One
month intensive program, for students who want improve their skill, or just start to discover the world of

Project Responsible
Angelo Russica has built up an experience collaborating with companies such as Gianni Versace
( assistant for 5 years ), Marzotto, Gruppo Max Mara,Miroglio Vestebene, in Spain with El Corte Ingles, Induyco, in Japan,
Chori, Fujii, World Company, King Company......
                              The Summer Fashion Design Course!

Course Content

The correctly drawing skill is fundamental for every fashion designer.
Technique of drawing is surely the winning weapon for every designer.
We will prepare the program to acquire in shortest time this skill.
But you need more if you want to really enter the fashion business world.

Many students, after having studied in a fashion school, are not enough prepared to enter the working world. One of the
principal reasons is that lacking of the knowledge of working experience.

The purpose of this summer fashion school is to prepare the student to a professional reality of the fashion world, not only
developing the individual creativity, but also to acquire the necessities of the Fashion Industry.

This course is particularly structured as real work experience, not only theoretical study.

Main Summer Course Program - Structure
Woman Prêt a Porter Design
8-The World of Fashion Business
Creative Final Workshop: designing a collection based on an individual theme

                                             Application Dates

Please note MFC Summer Program have a limited number of places that will
be assigned on a first come - first accepted basis.
LIST of Fashion Design Courses:

- Fashion Design Women's Design Course Draw Women's collections at professional level:

This course in combined also with the COLLECTION DESIGN SIMULATION program Designing in combination with real
Creativeness is difficult to explain, especially fashion. Because if it is true that the idea of a dress is born in the mind of
a designer and only his imagination - his sensibility is able to conjugate a sketch with the emotion that each fabric is
able to put in evidence.
The fabrics are doing the difference …. In many cases the selection of fabrics comes before the sketches……..

This course is particularly structured as real work experience, not only theoretical study. “Fashion companies don’t
have time to invest on young designers! They need young Professional creators, who are ready to work!”

- Celebrity Fashion Design Course Hollywood red carpet look:

                           ...                         ....

Teach you to create / design the clothes of your favorite Hollywood Star. Learn to draw portraits of the Star, to color
their faces, to design accessories, jewelry suitable for an evening as the night of Oscar.

The Bride Wedding Dress Design Course

This course is not only dedicate for those how wants’ learn to design modern Italian Style Wedding Dresses, but also
for those how wants to improve his professional skills.
During the course the student will acquire the ability to draw the human body - to prepare themselves the basics of
anatomical sketches – included in the course you will find also VIDEO TUTORIALS how to use Photoshop – you will
have to create also your own Mood Story –
You will not only draw wedding dresses, but also Bags - Shoes - Gloves - Necklaces – sunglasses…… even the intimate
that a bride should wear during her marriage … The highly specialized program .... is maniacally studied in its smallest
- Lingerie & Swimwear Design Course Drawing Lingerie & Swimwear at professional level:

Lingerie – Underwear & Swimwear Course Design, during the course the student will acquire the ability to draw the
human body - to prepare themselves the basics of anatomical sketches - will use programs such as Illustrator to draw
technical drawings - learn how to set up collections of "Lingerie & Swimwear "creating Moodboard with the’ use of
Photoshop ... after the participation to the course the student will be able to design& propose in a professional way

- Quick sketching Design Course able to design not only nice designs but real Fashion:

A course for those who wants to draw a sketch in a in quick way - express an idea in a few lines - able to make his one
fashion Figure Template – able to design a Face - able to design a technical - flat sketch, able to design a collar . God
Ideas – designing with a Mentality – that is useful to Companies (The fashion industries need’s not only nice designs ..
often after having attended fashion school the students realize that the working reality is different!)

- Accessories Design Course bags and shoes with the right proportions:

                                  ...                 ...

Learn to draw a Handbag Shoes collection ! Handbag design is one of the continuous growing areas in fashion. The
course carries you to the creative & practical side. With the unique “Milan Fashion Campus Accessories design course
You will approach to the world of Handbag & Shoes in a professional - concrete way, you ill learn to recognize the
different type of Handbag , you will learn co-ordinating bags with shoes with apparel.
- Fashion Design Men's Design Course Draw Men's collections at the professional level:

The purpose of this workshop is to prepare students for a professional reality of the fashion world, the workshop is
distinguished above all because it is not based only on theoretical study, but yes it is structured like a real

 Computer Course

- Virtual Fashion Laboratory Design Course Transforming & create new Items without painting:


Stimulate creativity by using the Internet and Photoshop.
The course aims to recreate the computer through a "fashion laboratory" Virtual.

- Coordinate & Virtual Stylist Course simulate new Fashion trends:

The Virtual Stylist should create and coordinate new trends, of course all virtually. A Virtual simulated training and
highly realistic!
The course requires students to become familiar with Internet, collecting information through the web, discovering
the most influencing fashion WebPages, be able interpreting – presenting – forecasting trough Photoshop visually the
future fashion trends.
                               Enrolment FORM
                                    Summer Course
                          Please fill out all fields in block capitals.
Personal Details
Family name                                       First name

Date of birth     ____/____/19___                 Place of birth

Nationality                                       Sex M / F


Way                                               City

Postcode                                          Country

Tel.                                              Tel. mobile


2° Address
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Tel.                                              Tel. mobile



Media Superior or University                      From/to

City and Nation                                   Educational and training

Languages spoken                                  Computer use

                                                                             Enrolment 1
                                       Enrolment FORM
                                              Summer Course

                                     Please fill out all fields in block capitals.

                                                 Select Your course

                                                   Year 20……….
                             December              January             January

100 hours – FULL TIME                     Course 4 weeks - FULL TIME 100 hours has two lessons per day
                                          (morning & afternoon)

100 hours - PART TIME                     Course 4 weeks - PART TIME 100 hours has two lessons per day
                                          (morning or afternoon)

50 hours - FULL TIME                      Course 4 weeks PART TIME 50 hours has one lesson per day
                                          choosing morning or Afternoon.

50 hours – PART TIME                      Course 2 weeks FULL TIME 50 hours has two lesson per day
                                          (morning & afternoon)
Only 50 hours Summer Course
I would like to take part to the           Open courses with every MONDAY START
classes at following hour:
                                          Available period: December 2010
Morning: 9:30 12:30                       06 December to 16 December 2010

                                          Available period: December 2011
Afternoon section: 14: / 17:00            10 January to 24 February 2011

Available Summer Courses:              Please Select

Main Summer Course Woman fashion design course               Men Fashion Design course

Celebrity creativity design course                           Handbag & Shoes design course

The Bride Wedding Dress Design Course                          Lingerie & Swimwear Design Course

Fashion STYLING Virtual FASHION Laboratory                     Coordinate & Virtual Stylist


                                     ENROLMENT FEE Summer Course EURO 400

                                          ABI/ 5584 CAB/34050
                                   IBAN IT62Z0558434050000000009444

                                                  Enrolment FORM
                          Send the Enrollment Form To Milan Fashion Campus by FAX
                                              Wait our Feedback
                                 (do not sent money until our Confirmation )

                                                                                                     Enrolment 2
Course Learning Outcomes
Throughout the course you will be provided

       €   acquire the secrets of the Italian way of Fashion Design
To :
    €    approach the fashion business with an international eye
Responsible of Course Angelo Russica

Suitable candidates
The course is suitable for beginners or improving personal knowledge.

  Course Frequency

  100 hours + final exam day (morning & afternoon)
  50 hours + of final exam (either morning or afternoon)

  Duration 3 hours lesson

  Classes are held Monday through Thursday.

  Morning: 9:30 / 12:30
  afternoon section: 14: / 17:00

  Tuition Fees
  Enrolment COST: EURO 400
  COURSE COST- Fee : 100 hours - EURO 1600 & Enrolment 400 euro = 2.000 euro
  COURSE COST- Fee : 50 hours - EURO 1000 & Enrolment 400 euro = 1.400 euro
  Including material CD of Milan Fashion Campus Complete Course

Fee not included
Entrance to fairs and Exhibitions
Train transfers to other cities ( like Como Textile company )

Reservation & Payment
Step 1 Payment of Enrollment1 month before the Fee Euro 400
Step 2 Payment of Course Fee at least 20 Day before the start of the course


Cancellation 60 days before start we refund 100 % .

       €   Cancellation 30 days before the start we refund 80%.
       €   Cancellation 7 days before the start we refund 50 %
       €   Cancellation when the course has started no refunds will be issued
       €   The Enrolment Fee is refundable if the student is not accepted by A.R.STUDIO FASHION CAMPUS
       €   Cancellation has be communicated by the student in written form.

How to apply

Fill in the application form ( you find it in our Web Page ) or the end of this document and submit or send it to Milan Fashion Campus it. Send us a
complete resume. We need information about your previous studies and work experiences, include also approximately 4 sketches to recognize your potential
design ability.

Wait our confirmation

When to apply
Any time

English language requirement
All classes are conducted in English , Spanish

                                                                                                                                   Enrolment 3
                                        DOCUMENTATION TO SEND TO MILAN FASHION CAMPUS


Resume You should send us a complete resume. We particularly need information about your previous studies and work experiences..

Visa Ask to Italian Embassy or Consulate of your country, if you need Visa only for 1 month (usually it’s not requested).

Accommodation in Milan see some Examples

Have a look also in our web you will find there a list of
available accommodation Possibilities

For acceptance

Your Family name…………………………………. First Name ………………………………………



                                                           Enrolment FORM
                                     Send the Enrollment Form To Milan Fashion Campus by FAX
                                                        Wait our Feedback

                                                                                                                            Enrolment 4