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The Language of Diplomacy by rik19085


									                             The Language of Diplomacy

Examples of diplomatic language:

 Accepts                           Endorses                      Further Recalling
 Affirming                         Expresses                     Guided by
 Alarmed by                        Further                       Noting with Satisfaction
 Appeals                           Gravely Concerned             Noting with Zest
 Approving                         Having Adopted                Observing
 Authorizing                       Having Considered             Offers
 Aware of                          Having Considered Further     Proclaims
 Believing                         Having Devoted Attention      Reminds
 Bearing in Mind                   Having Examined               Renews
 Calls                             Having Studied                Reaffirming
 Calls Upon                        Having Received               Recalling
 Commends                          Having Heard                  Recommends
 Condemns                          Invites                       Recognizing
 Congratulates                     Keeping in Mind               Referring
 Confirms                          Noting Further                Reiterating
 Confident                         Noting with Approval          Resolves
 Considers                         Noting with Deep Concern      Requests
 Considering also                  Noting with Regret            Seeking
 Contemplating                     Deeply Disturbed              Solemnly
 Convinced                         Deeply Regretting             Strongly
 Decides                           Desiring                      Taking into Account
 Declaring                         Emphasizing                   Taking into Consideration
 Deeply Concerned                  Expecting                     Taking Note
 Deeply Conscious                  Expressing its satisfaction   Trusts
 Deeply Convinced                  Expressing its Wish           Transmits
 Deplores                          Fulfilling                    Urges
 Designates                        Fully Aware                   Viewing with Appreciation
 Draws the Attention               Fully Alarmed                 Welcoming
 Emphasizes                        Fully Believing
 Encourages                        Further Deploring

Examples of Diplomatic Greetings:
    Distinguished Delegates of the World
    Honorable SimCon

Examples of Diplomatic Closures:
    The International Finance Delegation

    The Delegates of the United States of America

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