Equipment Needed For Speed Skating

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					                                                  Dartmouth Speed Skating Club

                                                             Gray Arena
                                                            Dartmouth, NS

Dear Parent(s),

Welcome to the Dartmouth Speed Skating Club. My name is Neill Evans and I will be coaching your kids this year,
along with some coaching assistants and skaters.

The practices will be a mixture of technique and agility exercises, games, skating drills, some experimental
activities, and races. As the skaters progress, the practices will get more challenging. Safety is always a key
consideration and includes precautions like ensuring the board pads are in place, that the skaters have all the
safety equipment, and that the doors to the ice are kept closed while the skaters are on the ice.

We divide our skaters into two main groups. There are the Group B skaters, who tend to be our brand new speed
skaters, as well as the younger up-and-coming speed skaters who have been in the sport for a relatively short
period of time. They are on the ice from 5:00 to 5:55 Mondays and Thursdays. Immediately following them on the
ice for the 5:55 to 6:50 slot are the Group A skaters. These skaters are typically more skilled, mature and have
been competitive in the sport for a longer period of time.

New skaters, especially those who are older and more experienced in skating I would encourage to come out for
both sessions, so I can better evaluate their ability skaters and ensure they are placed in the most appropriate
group. If a skater is not able to stay for both practices, that is fine. For the youngest skaters joining the club I
would not encourage them to stay on the ice past the first hour. Returning skaters will be informed as to what
group they will be placed prior to starting the season.

As a general guideline, skaters in Group A will have skated a 1:05 or better in the 500m, attend both practices
regularly, and demonstrate that they are ready to listen and work hard. Obviously new skaters would not meet the
time requirement, but I have allowed new skaters to the sport to skate within Group A provided that they are
strong skaters and meet the commitment requirements. Some skaters may begin in Group B early in the season,
but progress to the point that they would move to Group A in the New Year. Please e-mail or talk to me if you
have any questions or concerns.

We try to emphasize having fun and to ensure that all individuals have an equal opportunity to play or compete
during the regular season. I would encourage any of the parents to approach me, should you or your kids have
any concerns regarding anything on or off the ice. Feel free to approach me after practice, e-mail me at or call me at home at 443-8404. If you’re interested in finding out more about our
club or about speed skating visit our website at .

Practices will be every Monday and Thursday at the Gray Arena. If possible, I would prefer skaters to arrive 10 to
15 minutes before practice to allow enough time to get their equipment on. Also, we encourage the Group B
parents to help to get the board pads out on the ice and the Group A parents to help get the board pads back into
storage. They are a key piece of safety equipment and we can lose valuable ice time if not enough people assist.

Whether your child is skating for fun, exercise, and/or to compete I’m sure that you’ll find speed skating to be a
sport that emphasizes sportsmanship, comradery, and fairness. As a Certified Level 3 Coach, I follow the general
principle of the Long Term Athlete Development, which basically allows everyone to participate to the full extent of
their abilities. Canada is the top speed skating country in the world and I’ll do what I can to make the sport of
speed skating top in your books as well. Welcome to the club. Thank you.


Neill Evans
Dartmouth Speed Skating Coach
Phone: (H) 443-8404
                                                    Dartmouth Speed Skating Club

                                                Equipment Needed For Speed Skating

HELMET (Almost any kind, except bicycle helmets with large air vents that blades can fit into)

  Speed Skating *       Speed Skating        Skateboarding           Hockey           Bicycle (Not safe)
* Competitive skaters require a LAS style helmet to compete in Speed Skate Canada sanctioned meets (such as
the Eastern Canadians, North Americans, and Nationals), in order to meet ISU safety standards.

NECKGUARDS                                                GLOVES
(Have to have the chest protector)

Left–Good       Right–Not Safe                            Heavy leather gloves or winter mitts.
                                                          (Not baseball or golf gloves.)

Shin Guards                              Knee Pads                Protective Glasses

Hard shell soccer type           Volleyball / Basketball type     * Not mandatory, but strongly recommended.
                                                                  For best protection, buy polycarbonate lenses.


Any skates are fine. The club has some club rental speed skates, but aren’t essential, especially for new skaters.

Most of the above equipment can be bought at places like Wal-Mart or a sporting goods store. Some equipment
such as the glasses are available at Mountain Equipment Co-op, sport stores, and many building supply stores.
The protective glasses do not fit well with certain helmets, particularly hockey helmets. You may want to test to
see how the glasses fit with the helmet before purchasing. The leather gloves (rancher style) can be found at
Mark's Work Wearhouse, but any cut resistant glove is fine.

Also Good To Have:
► Skate Guards                  ►Old Towel to dry skates off
►Skating outfit that is warm, allows freedom of movement, somewhat wind-resistant, & doesn’t expose skin
below the neck. Choices: Tracksuit, nylon suit, running tights, sweat pants (not bulky)

If you are interested in buying short track speed skates, there are a number of options:
      DEVAULT Speed Skating -
        Maritime Rep - Ann Evans (506) 455-6355 or Email:
      Red River Speed Inc - 1-866-578-7532 Email:
      Entreprise Rodebec - Carmen Bugeaud (418) 839-7422 Email:
      Ontario Speed Skating -
      BONT Skates - , Maple Skates - & more.