2009 1 Ton Cargo Van by bud19087


									                           Administrative Services Department

DATE:                June 24, 2008

TO:                  Jeffrey C. Kolin, City Manager

FROM:                Jim Wright, Purchasing Agent

SUBJECT:             Bid Award – 2009 Chevrolet Express Access Plus Vans



Shall the City of Santa Rosa authorize an award for the purchase of two 2009 Chevrolet
Express Access Plus Vans to McConnell Chevrolet, Healdsburg, CA, in the amount of


1. On June 24, 2008, Request For Quotations (RFQ) 08-39, solicited by the City of
   Santa Rosa for the purchase of two 2009 or Newer GM/Chevrolet One Ton Cargo
   Van, was opened by the Purchasing Agent.

2. These vans will replace City vehicles 18401 and 12302, a 1986 General Motors Van
   and a 1993 Ford 4-wheel drive truck, which is currently assigned to the Utilities
   Department. Under the City’s guidelines for replacement of fleet vehicles, the Public
   Works Department Fleet Maintenance Division selects a vehicle for replacement
   when it has reached the end of its cost-effective life cycle. Typically, vehicles are
   replaced after 7-12 years of use depending on the type and class of vehicle. It is the
   City’s goal to achieve the lowest possible life cycle cost for each vehicle in the City’s
   fleet, which includes replacing the vehicle while it still has reasonable marketable
   value when sold at auction. These vehicles are 22 and 15 year old vehicles and
   have surpassed their typical life cycle.

3. On June 9, 2008, a sole manufacturer request from Utilities was approved by City
   Manager. The sole manufacturer was requested because of the side access design
   on this particular manufacturer, providing parts and tool accessibility to employees
   from the outside of the van, preventing on the job injuries.

4. Funds for this procurement have been budgeted in fiscal year 2007/08, Public Works
   Equipment Replacement Fund Account Number 3016-84.
City Manager Award
GM/Chevrolet One Ton Cargo Van
June 24, 2008
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1. Of the thirteen prospective bidders on the City’s bid list for this type of Van, three
   responded with written quotes. The three quotes received are considered
   responsive to the solicitation and are tabulated below.

         BIDDER                                                   TOTAL AMOUNT

         McConnell Chevrolet                                      $ 64,991.14
         Healdsburg, CA

         Tec of California                                        $ 65,573.50
         Oaklanc, CA

         Maita Chevrolet                                          *$67,713.26
         Elk Grove, CA

         *Total after a $500 net 20 prompt payment discount.

    2. As a result of the bid evaluation, the bid submitted by McConnell Chevrolet is
       considered the lowest responsive and responsible bid.


It is recommended by the Administrative Services and Public Works Departments that
the City Manager, by signature, award the purchase of two 2009 Chevrolet Express
Access Plus Vans to McConnell Chevrolet, Healdsburg, CA, in the amount of


Department Head


Jeffrey C. Kolin, City Manager

Author: Jennifer Myles, Senior Buyer


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