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									PRESCHOOL CONTEXT STATEMENT                                            Updated: 05/2005

Centre number:           3649

Centre name:             Mary Bywaters Memorial Kindergarten

   Centre name
       :Mary Bywaters Memorial Kindergarten
   Centre number
   Preschool Director
       :Heather Ward
   Postal address
       :54 Corn St., Old Reynella 5161
   Location address
       :54 Corn St., Old Reynella 5161
   Telephone number
   Fax number
   e-mail address
   DECS District
       : Wallara Outer South
   Geographical location – ie road distance from GPO (km)
       :22 kms. From the GPO. MBK is situated in the southern suburbs in the
       District Council of Onkaparinga.
   Enrolment/Attendance
       :Term 2 enrolments for 2005 are 85 children. Enrolments for 2005 will
       continue to be approximately 80 children. Attendance patterns are usually
       40 - 42 children in the morning sessions with 30 - 35 children attending in
       the afternoons. Snow White Child Care transport children to and from the
       centre in the mornings with Reynella Child Care transporting children in
       the afternoons.
   Co-located/stand-alone
        Mary Bywaters is a stand alone centre enjoying a close relationship with
        Reynella Primary School and surrounding private schools.
   Programs operating
       Pre Entry
           : One session per week on Friday mornings for children who turn 4
           during that term. This is an unfunded program and is provided when
           numbers of 4 year olds permit. When enrolments are high, sessional
           kindergarten will be offered on Friday mornings instead. The Pre-entry
           session enables children to become acquainted with the centre and
           staff and for children to have independence from parents or carers.
           Parents and carers are encouraged to stay if they wish. This session is
           used by staff for the collection of preliminary information about each
           child from parents and through observations. This information is then
           used for future curriculum planning.
       Sessional Kindergarten for eligible children
          : Children attend for 4 morning sessions or 4 afternoon sessions per
          week. The morning sessions are a larger group with 4 staff members.
          ie 2 trained staff and 2 ECW's. There has been a stong demand for
          preschool at Mary Bywaters Kindergarten and at this time a waiting list
          and priority of access policy has not needed to be inforced.
       Occasional Care (indicate whether funded or unfunded)
          : Occasional care is provided for 4 year olds only who are already
          attending kindergarten. It may be used by parents who are unavoidably
          detained and on an occasional basis only. The Governing Council
          determines the cost.
       Extended Care
          : Extended care would only be available on a strictly individual needs
       Lunch/Full Day Program
          : At the AGM held in December 2003, the Governing Council passed
          the motion that from the beginning of 2004, lunch care and full day care
          would not be offered due to the numbers of children and the needs of
          staff. At present, 2 children still have lunch and full day programs
          because of the needs of the parents who were already using this
          service. This will be evaluated at the end of 2004 to assess the lunch /
          full day program needs. Sessions for children in 2005 have continued
          as in 2004 with children attending for 4 morning sessions or 4 afternoon
          sessions per week.
       Bilingual Support
            : As the need arises, applications are made for Bilingual Support. In
            May 2004, an application has been made for Bilingual Myanmar
       Preschool Support
           :Mary Bywaters Kindergarten currently has 9 hours of preschool
           support each week. These hours are dedicated to children with severe
           speech and language delay and to children with behavioural issues.
2.   Key Centre Policies
    Centre Priorities/Statement of Purpose
        :Governing Council, parent, and staff priorities as from the beginning of
        2004, include the wellbeing of all children and families, literacy, numeracy,
        developing knowledge of and a heightened awareness within the
        community of Old Reynella, and assessment and reporting to parents and
        carers. Curriculum continuity continues to be a high priority between
        centre and school.

3.   Curriculum
    Framework used: SACSA
        : Mary Bywaters Kindergarten incorporates all the elements of SACSA
        within curriculum development. The Summative report is based upon
        developmental learning outcomes.
    Core Values
        :Core values established with the Governing Council and identified within
        the Site Learning Plan include excellence, trust, respect, care,
        responsibility, honesty, integrity, diligence, fairness, equity and a sense of
        fun in learning.
    Specific curriculum approaches
        :Staff at the centre have recently been trained in the area of Learning
        Stories and are keen to trial this process within the centre. All staff are
        involved in observation and recording about children’s development.
        Quality partnerships are established with parents and carers to establish
        close links and knowledge about individual children’s interests and needs.
        Learning practices are reviewed by staff to determine how children are
        learning and to incorporate an inquiry based learning process
    Joint programmes/special curriculum projects

4.   Centre Based Staff
    Staff Profile
         :Heather Ward – Director (1.0 FTE appointed 2004 – 2014)
         Julie Harris- Teacher (1.0 FTE 2002 – 2011)
         Carol Overeem – ECW1
         Norma Walker – ECW
    Performance Management Program
         :All staff participate in a performance management process. This involves
         determining each staff members specific roles and responsilities. It also
         involves a meeting at which specific goals are developed and agreed
         upon. These incorporate DECS priorities and centre priorities. A review
         meeting enables leader and staff members to check progress.
    Access to special support staff
        :Earliy Intervention staff are employed on a regular weekly basis. This
        enables staff to undertake specific curriculum work with individual children.
        It also ensures an additional staff member for children who require
        behavioural support throughout session times. Support through Adelaide
        South Early Childhood Support services is sought for children with
        significant developmental learning needs. In 2005, Mary Bywaters has had
        9 hours of support weekly.
    Other

5.   Centre Facilities
    Buildings and grounds
         :The kindergarten is 54 years old, but the current building has been
         occupied for about 30 years. Many people comment upon the grounds of
         the centre. The interior would benefit from new gas heating, painting and a
         new carpet. A new fence is to be installed as the present fence has often
         been climbed by children. New PVC Blinds are being installed in May
         2004. An environmental focus has identified the creek area as an area to
         be redeveloped and a vegetable garden to be incorporated.
    Capacity (per session)
        :46 children
    Centre Ownership
        :DECS own Mary Bywaters Kindergarten.
    Access for children and staff with disabilities
        : There are no steps through the gate or into the building, so access is
        very easy. Steps are in place to the upper part of the outdoor play area.

    Other
        .: Mary Bywaters Kindergarten is situated in a quiet back street of Old
        Reynella. The township of Old Reynella is a short walking distance from
        the centre. Children and staff enjoy walking excursions around the area to
        the creek area, reserve, the Life Care Chuches of Christ Nursing Home
        and to the business area of Old Reynella.

6.   Local Community (intended for country preschools)
    General characteristics: (eg. types of work available, languages usually
     spoken at home, local developments)
        :Many families are 2 working parent families. Many children are in child
        care and are transported from Snow White or Reynella Child Care to and
         from the centre. Some parents work at Mitsubishi and have recently been
         informed about job losses.
    Parent and community involvement in the preschool
        :A small but active Governing Council works hard within the centre to
        make improvements. Communication with the Onkaparinga Council has
        been ongoing about the state of the neighbouring car park.
    Schools to which children generally transfer from this preschool
        :Reynella Primary School, Woodcroft Primary and Braeview Primary and
        surrounding private schools.
    Other local care and educational facilities, eg child care, schools, OSHC
        :Reynella Child Care Centre and Snow White Child Care.
    Commercial/industrial and shopping facilities
        :Old Reynella Township.
    Other local facilities, eg medical, sporting, social, cultural, recreational
        : The Reynella Life Care Lodge.
    Availability of staff housing
    Accessibility to Adelaide and relevant major centres, including public transport
     and its availability, frequency and cost (especially by air), road quality
    Local Government body (name, phone number), availability of publications
     describing the local area (with source, cost), characteristics, level of

7.   Further Comments
    Establishment of new services and/or programs
         :A large number of families attend our playgroup on Friday
    Partnership/incorporation arrangements with other groups
         :Mary Bywaters Memorial Kindergarten is part of the newly established
         Wallara Outer South District of DECS. The centre is also part of a Well
         Being Inquiry Group.

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