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									Safe, decent, affordable homeownership.
As presented to Greensburg Resource Conference February 6, 2008

Core Tenets of Habitat for Humanity
Based on Christian principles and partner with people regardless of faith Committed to homeownership through use of volunteers and no-profit mortgages Sell homes at no profit to low-income families in need who:

Have the ability to repay a mortgage, but income too low to qualify for other traditional loans
Willing to partner with WHFH

Require sweat equity of partner families with whom we build
Operate as a nonprofit with highest integrity in a nondiscriminatory manner, in accordance with applicable laws.



Have a need for safe, decent, and affordable homeownership
Are not listed on a sexual offender database



Housing need directly impacted by May 2007 Tornado in Greensburg

Progress: Path to Serving in Greensburg
Wichita Habitat for Humanity’s authorized area was limited to Sedgwick County until HFHI approved an expansion in October 2007. WHFH Board of Directors expressed confidence in staff to expand roles and hire additional personnel.

Clarity of role WHFH could play in meeting the housing needs USDA developing partnership to provide financial resources Leadership in the Pratt/Kiowa Counties coming together to form a chapter in collaboration with WHFH.

What We Do: Hand Up, Not Out
21 years of partnership service in Sedgwick County
 

87 houses built and financed; 14 built in 2007 16 to build in 2008; 20 in 2009; 25 in 2010.

Who we serve
 

Target population is the low-income households (25-60% HUD published median income by house size for the area) Need for affordable housing, willingness to partner (sweat equity, homeowner education classes, etc.), and ability to repay a mortgage. Led by WHFH licensed contractor/staff Use subcontractors for heating/air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, and concrete Volunteers do most of the general construction
Houses sold at no profit WHFH offers families 20-year 0% interest mortgages Estimated 3-bedroom Greensburg mortgage: $298 a month after

How we build - house construction
  

How we finance – mortgages for the homeowner


(property taxes and homeowners insurance; as reduced by potential KHRC and FHLB down payment assistance programs)

A Partnership of Dignity and Responsibilities
Complete home-owner education classes:


Fiscal Forum Therapy (budgeting) and Credit Smart Home maintenance, construction, how to be a good neighbor

Complete 250-400 sweat equity hours

Save $1,200 for closing
Serve as a volunteer to help build Habitat houses

Sweat equity completion milestones
 

50% before land offered 75% before construction begins 100% before mortgage is closed and family can move in

Habitat: Recycler of Kindness
1. Kindness of donors, partner organizations, and volunteers support Habitat’s involvement and service
2. Houses are built mostly by volunteers, families move into decent housing as homeowners with affordable mortgages

4. Traditional Habitat mortgage payments recycle to help more families become homeowners!

3. Energy efficient houses reduce housing cost burden, help environment

Volunteers: Opportunity for Skilled/Unskilled
Over 6,300 volunteers built 14 Wichita-area houses in 2007 Average 20 days with 20 unskilled and 5 skilled volunteers/ day/house

House Designs: Safe, Decent, Affordable
Aspen Model 2-BR, 1 bath est. @ $62,400

Open floor plans

Oakwood Model 4-BR, 1.5 bath est. @ $68,300

Magnolia Model 3-BR, 1 bath est. @ $65,400

House Designs and Choices
Energy-Star compliant Accessible slab-on-grade with 3’ doors and 3’4” halls Covered primary entrance Houses sized to family (2 children same gender share a bedroom) Quality construction materials 8’ x 8’ storage sheds included No carports/garages Optional safe room (in-ground or above ground) Typical lot sizes are 50’ wide by 140’ deep Minimum lot sizes are 50’ wide by 100’ deep, but larger lots are preferred 5 House designs sized to family (2 children same gender share a bedroom)
  

2-BR/1 bath (1 design) 3-BR/1 bath (2 designs) 4-BR/1.5 bath (1 design) 4-BR/2 bath (1 design)

Multiple elevations @ house Partner family selects floor coverings, counter coverings, and exterior paint colors from Habitat vendor choices Partner family shops at designated stores for light fixtures with defined budget Whirlpool provides range and refrigerator for every Habitat house

Resources Offered by Wichita Habitat
Willingness and skills to lead house construction that will build up to 20 through October 2009

Guidance to work in partnership for the formation of a Pratt/Kiowa County HFH chapter of WHFH
Ability to effectively guide and work with volunteers

Affordable house designs Willingness to partner with other organizations Quality construction and ability to build a house in under a month Volunteer connections and coordination Accounting support to process grants, donations, etc. Interest in establishing relationships with Kiowa/Pratt subcontractors and building material suppliers

Service Opportunities: Pratt/Kiowa HFH Chapter
Representatives from Pratt and Greensburg have requested to form chapter of WHFH with longterm hopes of becoming an affiliate WHFH board shares this focus and hope for a local affiliate to carry on the work beyond Greensburg storm recovery WHFH board will have fiduciary and legal responsibilities for the affiliate and chapter WHFH staff will carry work roles with the chapter
  

Chapter will have a board, representation on the WHFH board, and working committees
   


Chair: Faye Kuhn Vice-Chair: Julie Bohn Secretary: Tammy Stephens Rep to WHFH: Lyle Taylor Fund Raising: Alan Hansen Members: Brandon Case, Janet West, Joan Farmer, Phil Farmer, Alan Hansen, Dean Fitzsimmons

Open Roles:
Chapter Treasurer Volunteer Management Chair Family Services Chair Construction Chair

Additional staff will need to be hired: construction coordinators, volunteer coordinator, part-time accountant

Resources Habitat Will Need
Financial resources to underwrite this program

Construction materials, permits, subcontractors, storm shelters, land Salaries, taxes, transportation Tools, office space, storage for building supplies and tools

 

Qualified, willing applicants Build-able land Local volunteers to lead Pratt/Kiowa chapter, construction and construction leadership, homebuyer education classes, fund raising, community relations Volunteer housing

Parting Hopes and Thoughts …
Wichita Habitat for Humanity, Inc. is

respectfully seeking support through the alliance of private, church,
civic, corporate, nonprofit and government

programs to help rebuild lives, hope, and the community of Greensburg.

Together, we hope to accomplish much … together, we can make a difference.

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