The American Red Cross and Venturing

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					The American Red Cross and Venturing
Together, we can save a life.

Don May
• American Red Cross
– Health and Safety Services Operations
• National Headquarters • Serving the Northeast, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands

• Scouting
– Council Training Chair
• Great Trails Council, Massachusetts

– Father of a Want-a-be Venture Crew Member.

• • • • • • Red Cross Mission and Lines of Service Red Cross structure Venturing opportunities within Red Cross Red Cross Programs How Red Cross Programs are delivered Accessing Red Cross Programs.

MISSION The American Red Cross, a humanitarian organization led by volunteers and guided by its Congressional Charter and the Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross Movement, will provide relief to victims of disaster and help people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies.

What Red Cross Does
• • • • • • Disaster Services Armed Forces Emergency Services Bio-Medical Services Health and Safety Services Community Services International Services.

Red Cross Structure
National Headquarters

Bio-Medical Services

Chapter Services Network

Disaster Services

Blood Regions

Regional Offices

Lines of Service (Programs)

Blood Center

Chapters (1000)

Local Red Cross Structure

Chapter Manager

Chair, Board of Directors

Emergency Services

Health and Safety Services

Volunteer Services


Red Cross Chapter

Scout Council

Red Cross Chapter
•Berkshire County Chapter •Hampshire County Chapter •North Central Mass Chapter
•Pioneer Valley Chapter.

Scout Council

Finding Your Red Cross Chapter
– Enter Zip Code – You Get
• • • • • Chapter Name Web site/Email Address Phone Number Fax Address

– Health & Safety Services - Instructor’s Corner.

Venturing Crew Opportunities with in Red Cross
• Disaster Preparedness • Disaster Response
– Shelter Operations – Feeding – Damage Assessment

• Health & Safety Services
– Instructor Aides – Instructors
• (age 17 and over)

• Community Services

– First Aid Teams.

Red Cross First Aid Programs
• Professional Rescuer (e.g., Emergency Response) • Certified Lay Responder (e.g., Responding to Emergencies) • Lay Responder.

Red Cross First Aid Programs for the Certified Lay Responder
• • • • • Responding To Emergencies Community First Aid and Safety First Aid/CPR/AED Sport Safety Training Standard First Aid.

Red Cross First Aid Programs -AED* Training
• Standard First Aid with AED • AED Essentials
• Add to any First Aid or Adult CPR level course

* AED = Automated External Defibrillator.

Red Cross First Aid in Remote Locations
Transylvania County Chapter (828) 884-4530 • Wilderness First Aid Basics SFA
– 16 hours (CPR taught separately)
• Connection 162 March 15, 2002

• When Help is Delayed.

Red Cross First Aid Programs for the Professional Rescuer
• • • • Emergency Response (First Responder) CPR for the Professional Rescuer CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer Oxygen Administration for the Professional Rescuer.

Red Cross Aquatic Programs
• Lifeguard Training SFA • Separate Modules
• Small Craft Safety
– St Louis Area Chapter Call (314) 516-2733.

Red Cross courses meeting specific Venturing Requirements
Standard First Aid & When Help is Delayed Wilderness First Aid Basics & CPR

Responding to Emergencies & When Help is Delayed (2b) Emergency Response & When Help is Delayed (2c)


Red Cross courses meeting specific Venturing Requirements
Core Elective Bronze Award Standard First Aid
(SFA Not required but will meet requirement)

Sports Youth Ministries Silver Award

Standard First Aid Standard First Aid Wilderness First Aid Basics and CPR

Streamlined Red Cross Instructor Authorizations
• First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor can teach any first aid course for the Certified Lay Responder • Lifeguarding Instructor can also teach any first aid course for the Certified Lay Responder • Emergency Response Instructor can teach all First Aid, CPR and AED courses.

How Red Cross Courses Are Delivered
• Full Service
• Chapter Sponsored Community

• Authorized Provider.

Making Red Cross Courses convenient to Venturing
• Crew Members Authorized As Instructors
– Age 17 and over

• Crew Members Trained as Instructor Aides
– Age 14-16

• Leaders Trained As Instructors • Leaders and Youth Authorized as Instructor Trainers.

Benefits of Venturing as a Training Force
Effectiveness and Efficiency • Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts • Save More Lives
• • • • Venturing Crew Members Scouters Camp Staff Community • More Convenient Training Times and Places • Less Cost to BSA, its Leaders and Members.

Internal Council/District Capacity to Train

Instructor Training Process
First Aid/CPR Experience/ Knowledge Fundamentals of Instructor Training (FIT) 5 hours Instructor Speciality Course Instructor Authorization

No Formal Instructor Experience

Scout Trainer Development Course

Training as an Instructor

First Aid/CPR Experience/ Knowledge

FIT Self Study

Instructor Speciality Course

Instructor Authorization

Don May

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