Ronald McDonald House Smoking Gazebo by Biscuit350

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									Ronald McDonald House Smoking Gazebo
Evan Metz, Frank Messina, Vince Sparacino, Kevin Green, Patricio Terrazas, Steve Bicker

• To construct a smoking shelter for the residents at the Ronald McDonald House in Hershey, PA. • To use our skills as engineers to work as a team towards a common goal, thus practicing time management, teamwork, and to advance each of our own individual skills.

How We Did It:
• First, we had to design on paper an acceptable blue print for the gazebo. • We had to keep POC’s informed on our progress. • We estimated cost and expenses, and then ordered necessary materials. • We had to make necessary logistical arrangements to have materials transported to site and start construction.

Leveled Ground
• Ground has a slight slope. • Cement Blocks • Dug Holes

Base Layers
• Base layers rest on ground • Both layers completed successfully • Design very efficient

Base Changes
• After having a visual of the bases, we changed a few things. • Layer 2 revamped • No angles. • Better support and makes for easier floor design.

Before & After

Roof Design

Floor Design



Foundation (Base Layers)
• Estimated Cost
• $253.92

• Actual Cost
• $275.69 • $20 worth of hardware was used which wasn’t calculated in original foundation cost.

• Estimated Cost
• $133.45

• Actual Cost
• $148.65

Estimated Cost

Actual Cost

Estimated Cost for Unpurchased Materials
• Roof: $202.71 • Hardware (screws and nails): $55.00
• Final Total: $800.85 • (Half Exact, Half Estimate)

Photos of Construction

The materials!

Leveling Ground

Screwing and Drilling Holes.

Digging and Stuff

Both Layers Resting On Top of Each Other.

Finished Product!

What We’ve Learned
• We learned to work more efficiently as a group. • We were able to overcome transportation obstacles through creative planning. • Time management- do things further in advance. • We have simplified and improved design as we became aware of flaws in the original design.

• Mr. Todd Layser & Kathy Denton at Ronald McDonald House for being so accommodating and enthusiastic throughout the different phases of the project. • Mr. Richard Sparacino (Vince’s Dad) for providing transportation and adult supervision, and giving guidance through the construction phase.


The Team! (Minus Kevin and Frank)

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