Humane Society by Biscuit350


									Humane Society

The Problem
• A local human society is just starting and needs to plan a fund raising drive.
– They wish to determine:
• Approximation for how much money is needed in the upcoming year • how much to ask for if they send out mailers to 1000 people

Facts that they know
• In the first three months of the year, and last three, 100 new animals are in need of rescue • In the middle six months, 50 new animals are in need of rescue • Each month 40% of those rescued are adopted • Each month 15% of those that are rescued die of natural cases • Each month 25% of the rescued animals are euthanized. • Of those that are adopted out, 10% are returned each month for various reasons and 5% die. • Each animal costs approximately $60 per month to care in the first six months of the year and $75 in the last six months of the year.

• Try to model and simulate the animal populations • Answer the question about money

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