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					                                     CICC MARCH 9, 2006 UPDATE

Alliance for Children and Families in Hennepin County
The recommended proposal to restructure the Hennepin County collaborative structure has been finalized by
the Work Group (comprised of representatives of collaborative partners across the County, including Brenda
Heim). On March 15, 2006, the Task Force (composed of representatives from all collaboratives and
Mandated Partners --- including Brenda and Jim Brandl from the CICC) will review the proposal. If endorsed
by the Task Force, Mandated Partners and Family Service Collaboratives (including the CICC) will have until
June 30, 2006, to consider ratification of the proposal.

Update from the State Department of Human Services on Title IV-E candidacy:
On February 8, 2006, President Bush signed into law changes that affect the definition of who qualifies as a
Title IV-E foster care candidate. The most notable change is the requirement that a child must be at
IMMINENT (rather than serious) risk of removal from the home. This is not a superficial change—it will
likely result in a significant reduction in the IV-E portion of our LCTS federal claim. Depending on how
county human service agencies are interpreting the word ―serious‖—this change will more than likely result in
a drastic reduction of the number of IV-E foster care candidates on a statewide basis.

With things as they are at the federal level, LCTS staff and management are feeling a strong sense of urgency
in the need to swiftly implement this change to the LCTS. In fact, it has been determined that claiming cannot
continue claiming beyond the current quarter with things as they are. April 1, 2006 marks the beginning of the
next quarter. In keeping with this timeline—the State has asked each County to implement the changes by
that date. The MACSSA Collaborative Committee is also supportive of the decision to move forward with an
April 1st implementation.

That said—the State recognizes that there are going to be some Counties who simply cannot turn things
around this quickly…so the State has put together a ―Plan B‖ – so to speak.

Plan B - After reviewing the implementation steps, if Counties anticipate they you will not meet the mark, the
only other option to remain in compliance with LCTS claiming is to revise the list of IV-E foster care
candidates, so that effective April 1, 2006 the lists contain only the names of children who are currently in
foster care. Then, as the County works through the implementation, they can add back the names of those
children that meet the new definition of Title IV-E foster care candidacy.

A definition of ―imminent‖ is being formulated now. As soon as we have the final definition, DHS will
promptly notify the LCTS IV-E Candidacy Specialists at county human service agencies. We estimate having
this out to Counties by March 15th.

Meeting with Special Services Directors
Special Services Directors in Hennepin County will meet on March 16 to review the process for identifying
children who may qualify for IV-E candidacy and share ideas of the best way to do this efficiently and

LCTS Financing Framework
It has been recommended, due to the uncertainties regarding LCTS funding, that the current LCTS Financing
Framework (the allocation of LCTS revenues throughout the collaboratives in Hennepin County) should
remain in effect until December 31, 2006. A meeting will be held in October 2006 to make recommendations
for the Financing Framework subsequent to December 31, 2006.

Allies for Change Grants
Funding for the Allies for Change Grants ($20,000 for Kids’ Stability (the Oakwood Project) and $13,000 for
Parent Involvement (the ELL Project) will continue for one more year, through the 2006-07 school year. The
application process will be the same as previous years.

Primary Project
Funding for the Primary Project will be reduced to $10,000 for the 2006-07 school year.

Early Childhood
Thanks to the wonderful work of a cross-sector task force (led by Brenda Heim and Fred Hegele and
coordinated by IOCP), the first event of the Caring for Kids initiative took place on Tuesday, March 7, with
almost 100 community leaders in attendance for a breakfast at the Ridgedale YMCA. Art Rolnick of the
Federal Reserve Bank spoke on The Economics of Early Childhood Development and LaDonna Hoy initiated
a call to action to address the need for affordable, quality day care in our community.
For more information go to

Mental Health
Donna Marget and Fran Beard hosted a Critical Conversation on Mental Health with school staff and local
mental health providers of March 8 to review the mental health services available to youth in our community.

West Metro Homeless Youth Task Force
   At the February meeting, the Task Force developed the draft of our vision statement:
           West suburban homeless youth (including youth in housing crises) will be safely sheltered
                   and will receive necessary support service in or near their home community.
   At the March meeting, the Task Force will define the terms ―west suburban youth‖, ―safely sheltered‖,
      ―support services‖ to clarify this vision.
   Work will also continue on prioritizing the short and long term goals of the Task Force.
   At some point in the near future, specialists in scattered site and transitional housing models will be
      invited to join us to present information on their respective approaches to youth homelessness.
   The next meeting will be Tuesday, March 14 at Eisenhower Community Center, 1001 Highway 7 in
      Hopkins in Room 207B, 7:30 to 9:00 AM.

Chemical Health
   The Town Hall Forum on Underage Drinking will take place on Monday, March 27, 7-9 PM, Central
     Middle School. Participants in the ―fishbowl‖ discussion will include Congressman Jim Ramstad,
     Plymouth Mayor Judy Johnson, Plymouth Police Chief Mike Goldstein and Dustin Chapman of
     Fairview Behavioral Services.
   The West Hennepin Mental and Chemical Health Assessment Program continues to go well and sees
     many youth, including from the Wayzata School District. For questions or referrals contact
     Dr. Christie Matschke at Relate Counseling, 952-932-7277.

Urban Learner Framework Training – Cultural Proficiency
    Greenwood Elementary School’s site council will participate in ULF training on Monday, March 13.
    Birchview PTA (and members of any other PTAs in the district) will participate in an abbreviated
      version of the ULF training on April 11.
      Jane Sigford, Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction/Professional Development, will conduct
       a discussion of the book Courageous Conversations about Race: a Field Guide for Achieving Equality
       in Schools by Glenn E. Singleton and Curtis Linton. The first discussion will be held: Thursday,
       March 16, 6:30 pm, Room A111, Central Middle School. Contact Charlene ASAP (763-745-5208, if you would like to attend.

Putting Family First Night – Monday, March 6, 2006
    It appears that more families with elementary and middle school age youth were involved in Putting
       Family First Night this year. The ―non-event‖ received a considerable amount of local publicity.
    The Putting Family First challenge for families to spend 21 minutes together a day for 21 consecutive
       days began March 6. Interestingly, some families have already completed the challenge and entered
       the contest to win an all-expense paid weekend for a family of 5 at the Holiday Inn and Wild Woods
       Waterpark in Otsego, MN. For details go to

Parenting with Vision
    Approximately 75 parents attended ―The Reality of Sexuality & Teens‖ with Molly Snuggerud of the
      West Suburban Teen Clinic, on February 28, 2006. Evaluations of her presentation were uniformly
    Please let Charlene Barghini or Carol Bergenstal know of any ideas for speakers for the Parenting with
      Vision lecture series for next school year.

Wayzata Community Clinic
The Wayzata Community Clinic provides barrier-free medical care to children in our school community every
Wednesday afternoon from 1 – 5 PM at the Wayzata Medical Building, thanks to the Park Nicollet
Foundation. No appointment necessary.