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1. Name as it will appear on the ballot: First Name Middle Initial or Nick Name Last Name



2. Office Sought: 3. Are you the incumbent? NO 4. Are you a Voting Member in Good Standing of SFYD? Sadly, no. My greatest mistake. 5. How many years have you been a member of SFYD or other YD Chapters? USC College Democrats (3 years) San Fernando Valley Young Democrats (1 year), Home Address: Campaign Phone: Campaign Email: Campaign Website:

Beginning with the most recent position, please list previous leadership and elected roles in the Young Democrats and other relevant Political or Leadership Organizations. Office/Role Elective/Appointive? Dates Held Leadership Role (if any)

Coordinate voter registration efforts, lead out of state trip to Georgia, lead efforts for college affordability, Employee Free Choice California Elected, 40th January 2007Passed resolution Democratic State Assembly District January 2009 (40th) opposing fee Central Committee Appointed, 48th March 09- current increases for state Member AD colleges and universities, community colleges Vice President, USC April April 2008-current Held first ever Jesse College Democrats 2008-December Unruh awards, 2008 raising $5k in two weeks. Sent 100 students to Nevada for Congressional candidates and Obama during course of campaign Register 5k voters with other student groups Tzedek (Social Justice) Chair, USC Hillel January 2007-December 2007 Organized students for action on the issue of Darfur. Organized Jewish students in support of workers at Wilshire Plaza hotel and in favor of anti-sweatshop campaign at USC.

Political Director, Elective California College Democrats

April 2007-current

Political Director, USC College

April 2007-April 2008

Democrats Reseda Neighborhood Council, Youth Commmitee Reseda Youth Scholarship Awards

Started scholarship and recruited realtor to fund $5,000 of scholarships for students in Reseda in 2007. In 2008, we gave out $25,000 worth of scholarships for students with the best answers to questions how the neighborhood council could serve the community

Questionnaire 1. I am running for California Young Democrats Political Director to ensure that we as an organization are ready for the 2010's governors race and to ensure young people are respected during the primary process. In the past, CYD political directors have focused on legislation and on organizing campaign invasions or call ins. This year, CCD, working with CYD on the lobbying day that is coming up, on college afford ability, on employee free choice, as well as our campaign invasions for Georgia, Santa Barbara, and Central Valley, did both. 2. In the context of this position, there are three main challenges the next California Young Democrats political director. 1. Managing and ensuring the growth in chapters and membership we had a result of Barack Obama and the excitement over 2008 carries into 2010. 2. Ensuring chapters and chapter membership are involved and engaged in CYD outside the context of the elections process. 3. Effectively branding this organization as the premier young political organization in California. We can address these issues by restoring this organization to the membership in the following ways. First, regional trainings can be important to build the kind of social capital that kind catalyze effective relationships that can lead to more productive CYD regions. We can do more trainings by surveying chapters and using the chapter building form to look at what chapters are telling CYD their strengths and weaknesses are, and organizing trainings where clubs train each

other how to be better at fundraising, membership recruitment, and the like to share best practices. 2. We can and we must do a better job of making sure CYD's stances on bills and legislation come from clubs and not from the central organization. CYD taking a position on a bill is wonderful, but if we really want to make sure it passes we need a wider strategy that involves our chapters and their membership talking to their local electeds about becoming a coauthor of priority legislation in the Legislature. We can do this by asking chapters to survey their membership about what issues they are interested in and following up with chapters about joining a legislative committee to hear bills and come up with a real strategy that should culminate and not solely be about a lobby day. 3. We can brand ourselves as premier youth organization in the following ways. First, hold a youth forum for all of the Democratic candidates for Governor held in a swing area of the state like the Central Valley with clubs submitting questions to ensure our candidates take strong stances on youth issues and paint a specific vision of where to take the state's economy and ask media, both TV, and local to cover the discussion, exposing us to the state as a whole in a place we need to win in the general election. Secondly, California can lead again, as they did in calls outside the state for Barack Obama, to Virginia for the Virginia Governor's Race. We might be divided in the Dem Primary for Governor, but by making calls to Virginia for the Democrat we can show the change we saw in our nation last year was structural.
3. Identify two challenges facing young people in the context of the position you seek? What specific commitment will you make to address these issues if elected? I say the Republican Party, the PARTY OF NO, is the big challenge we face. But seriously folks, the biggest issues challenges young people are education and the economy which are really one issue, and discrimination whether it be against gays or the undocumented. We need to use this year, to make our Democratic candidates take a strong stand on budget reform. California will not make the investment we need in our people if we don't have a Democrat who wins based on a strong commitment to invest in people and make the necessary changes in Government to do so. And the California Young Democrats are the best positioned type of Democrat to make that argument. We will continue our efforts to lobby for higher education including the DREAM Act to ensure all Californians (and they are Californians, damn it!) have the skills they need. Secondly, we all know our age demographic lead in opposition to Proposition 8 and we'll lead again when equality comes to the ballot. (Unless the courts do their job). CYD will continue to support efforts in the Legislature like HR 5 to push marriage equality forward and I was very happy to see clubs like those in San Diego fight to make sure their wavering Legislators voted for the resolution. More substantively, CYD can work with the new LGBT caucus which I know is going to be incredibly, ridiculously, great to continue to push this issue when it comes to the ballot again and do the necessary persuasion we need to make sure this time, all Californians win.

4. If elected, what ideas and commitments would you put forward to engage more of California’s, and San Francisco’s, young people in the political process? What specifically would you do? See 3 and 4. 5Please describe in sufficient detail at least one of your accomplishments that has improved the lives of young people. These examples should illustrate effective skills and capabilities which apply to the office you are seeking. These accomplishments may have occurred at any time in your personal, professional, or public life.

My greatest accomplishment, and it would have been impossible to do this without Mike Volante and the community at large, was the Reseda Scholarship Awards Program. We started it because I remember being incredibly worried about how I'd afford school (I owe 10k to USC right now so I'm still worried! That doesn't include loans....) and decided we needed to do something. Mike Volante, a relator, our local City Councilman (who is a Republican, don't hold it against me), and the Reseda Council cosponsor it every year, giving it to students who have been leaders in the community, and have a great idea about what the neighborhood council can do about a local problem. The first year, we gave $5,000 in scholarships, last year we gave out $25,000 with a first place of $10k and around 20 people have received an award to schools like USC, Berkeley, community colleges, Hastings, Davis, Cal Poly, really across the state. The most beautiful thing, San Francisco Young Democrats, is not the kids who beam with pride, upon accepting their award and walking through the door of opportunity. It's their parents who look at each other and at their children and know their hard work meant something, if just for that moment-that leaving Mexico, or Russia, or Iran, hell sometimes even Chicago or New York, to come this place, was worth it.

Please list or describe your current andl past activities in the community in which you have acquired skills relevant to the office you are seeking. Include your roles in the activities and when you were involved. Involvement consists of many areas such as family, neighborhood, community, employment, or public life. Please explain how your experiences would make you an effective advocate for young people as a CYD office holder.

I will do anything for justice and what I believe in. As California College Democrats Political Director, when I ran I said we would go to swing states and districts, start an internship program, and start advocating for our issues. We scraped, we fought, and we called and annoyed the CDP, and we did the internship program, went to Georgia with 25 Californians, and advocated for college affordability a and the Employee Free Choice Act. And this year and next, we'll do it again.

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