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									                            YMCA TODAY
                                                The newsletter of the YMCA of Glendale, January 2009

Reflections on the Calendar Year 2008                                                       by John Thomas, CEO
As we kick off a new year, I’d like to tell you how          I’m almost out of space and I still haven’t told you about
great 2008 was at the YMCA of Glendale. Over 6,000           our adult programs, family activities, senior classes and
children participated in our swim lesson program; over       the outing they took this year. There are many YMCA
900 kids participated in our youth sports program,           members and friends of the YMCA who give their
over 100 children and older youth participated in our        volunteers time to teach and assist us with programs
gymnastics program.                                          that make the YMCA such a great place to go for fun.

At the end of the year, under the direction of Arpi          Many of these volunteers even raise money for the
Avetyan, Anush Karibyan, Leon Zakaryan and their             YMCA so that we can have a scholarship fund that helps
staff, 100 kids put on the greatest gymnastics show I’ve     pay program costs when a child or single parent, or even
ever seen in my 38 years with the YMCA. With over            a senior citizen is unable to pay the cost to join the
450 parents and their friends watching, the kids put on      YMCA. Once again we are recruiting volunteers to assist
a wonderful demonstration of gymnastic movement to           us in our current support campaign.
                                                             If you would like to help us raise money for the
From the youngest children, doing simple movements           Scholarship Fund please call me, John Thomas at
together; to the most professional level of strength,        818-240-4130, extension 16 to volunteer. If one of our
balance and coordination; Michael Partizpanyan wowed         volunteers calls you and asks you to make a contribu-
the audience to the tune ‘Bad to The Bone”. It was           tion, please, say yes. Your donation is a pledge that can
fantastic! And just as important as the skills these kids    be paid any time during 2009.
have learned was the friendships, respect for each
other and “family tightness” everyone shared together.       Please help those who cannot afford to pay their full
                                                             price to enjoy the swim lessons, youth sports leagues,
Away from the YMCA facilities this past summer,              camping programs or even be in next years gymnastic
YMCA camping programs were going full swing on               show.
Catalina Island and Camp Elk in the San Gabriel
Mountains. Resident Camp, one week away from                 Thank you for being a part of our family as a
home at camp, with cabins, tents, dining hall and lots of
programs like climbing wall, kayaks, swimming, fishing,
                                                             member of the YMCA of Glendale.
hiking, crafts, campfires, etc. will surely change a youth
forever. The friendship, fun and activities of a week at      WHAT’S INSIDE
camp make for stories for the rest of your life. Over           After School Program
700 kids went to resident camp with us. Additionally,             Health & Wellness
we offered ten weeks of day camping in Glendale for               Mission In Action
713 kids.                                                         Time for Success
                                                                  Quarterback Club
                                                                  Youth Basketball
Last March 2008, we opened our 1,600 square feet
                                                                   Scooter Sports
Youth Health Fitness Center. We have had over 4,300
                                                                   Gym Guardian
visits to the center to take hip hop classes with Harout       Health Seekers Wanted
Aristakessian or play on the Wee Dance revolution                     Pass It On
machine or use the specially designed youth fitness             Bring A Friend Month
exercise equipment.                                              Camp Kick Off Date
                                                   Health & Wellness                            PARENT     & CHILD
     After School Program                           Lecture Series                         Snow Camp 2009
                                                                                             At Camp Elk
                                                     “Bone Health and
         YMCA of Glendale                          Preventing Fractures”
       After School Program !                            Featuring
                                                    Dr. Heidi Fennell DC,             “MEMORIES THAT LAST A LIFETIME!”
 Come and be part of the After School
 Program! It’s a safe place where both kids                                                  FEBRUARY 21 & 22
 and parents can be sure the kids will have a       Thursday, February 5th
 fun time. Any student 2nd grade and up can               11:00 AM               Take a break from the everyday stress of our
 come from 3:00 to 6:00 pm every school              Conference Room B           world and escape to a Winter Wonderland for
 day for homework assistance, games,                                             a life remembering snow trip with your family.
                                                    All lectures provide free
 friends and much, much more. For more
 information on the after school program,
                                                    information to help you
                                                    maintain a healthy spirit,
                                                                                                  Just Imagine
 contact Helena Danni at extension 43.                   mind and body.               Tossing snowballs, sledding, walks in crisp
                  Day Camp                             Open to everyone.                fresh air, friends and family laughing
   (Ages 5-13) June 22 through September 5           Refreshments served.                     beside a warm campfire !
                                                                                          Limited Spaces Available.
                                                                                        Make Your Reservations Today!
                                            YMCA of Glendale
                                              Youth Health                                    Led by Ray “Gator” Calame
                                              Fitness Center                              For More Information call Ray at
                                                                                              (818) 240-1430, et. 24.
                                          is OPEN for Business!
                                     At the YMCA of Glendale, We Build
                                     Strong Kids! For those needing a
                                     workout room just for kids - drop in!
                                     Nintendo WII, Dance, Dance,
                                     Revolution, customized exercise
   YMCA of Glendale                  equipment, and classes, all geared for
QUARTERBACK CLUB                     kids age eight to fourteen.

YMCA of Glendale Quarterback
Club meets for 10-12 weeks
                                     Our youth need more exercise. With
                                     diabetes on the rise, and video games
                                                                                  Resolve Today
beginning in September during        and television taking more and more
                                     time in the day, our youth and teens        New Year’s Resolution or not, January is a
football season. The purpose of
                                     need a place to go where they can play,     great time to build on your success and take
the club is to support the local
                                     exercise and get in shape. Cardiovascu-     the next incremental step in your progression
schools during their football
                                     lar exercise is proven to help youth        to healthier living. That step doesn’t need to
season, for the community to
                                     with brain function like homework.          be sweeping change - no deserts, a six-minute
meet and to listen to guest
                                                                                 mile, getting to the Y every single morning.
speakers’ talk about sports. Guest
                                     Give your child an opportunity to           Studies show we don’t tend to stick to those
speakers in the past were: Mike
                                     exercise, while you work out at the         anyway.
Garrett, Don Guerrero, T.J. Si-
mers, Chris Roberts, Lafitt Pincay   YMCA. Staff will be on hand to help         Identify an area where you’ve made
Jr., Lindsey Soto and many more.     with equipment, weight concerns and         some progress and take it up a notch.
Every year the club awards           supervision.
scholarships to scholar athletes                                                 1.     Add a half mile to your walk
from the local high schools and                                                  2.     Try a new piece of equipment or class
                                       YOUTH FITNESS CENTER                      3.     Chose fruit or vegetables for snacks
                                         Hours Of Operation                      4.     Participate in a Y family night
 This year a $500 scholarship was                                                5.     Dedicate an evening to reading instead of
awarded to each school’s scholar                  Ages 8 to 14
                                                                                        T.V. or video games
athlete – Glendale – Joey Miranda;               Monday - Friday
                                                                                 6.     Volunteer at the Y, you will touch a life
Crescenta Valley – Jonathan Cook;                                                       and its good for the soul
Hoover – Wyatt Bowers; St. Fran-                3:30 pm to 7:30 pm
cis – Kevin Mitchell; and Glendale                Saturday 9 to 2                Making conscious, little changes will make all
College – Josh Balderas.                                                         the difference in your Success !
                                             Video Games,
Congratulations To All Recipients!                                               Call Ryan Nekota at (818) 240-4130, ext. 13
                                       Dance Classes & Much More!                to discuss how to get started !
                                                                                 Your YMCA of Glendale Staff
                                                                                             (818) 240-4130
                                                                          John Thomas        Ext 16
                                                                          President & CEO
        Youth Recreational Basketball League                              Adrineh Salam Ext 11
                                                                          Chief Financial Officer
   2009 Spring Season: January 24 through April 18
                                                                          Craig Yaussi         Ext 15
Sign-up by January 20 and you will be guaranteed a spot on a team.        Director of Properties and Special Events
FROSH:                       Boys and girls age 6-7 play together         Helena Danni Ext 43
Boys SOPH:                   Ages 8-9                                     Director of Membership and Youth Programs
Boys JV:                     Ages 10-11
Boys VARSITY:                Ages 12-13,                                  Ray Calame          Ext 24
Boys HIGH SCHOOL: Ages14-15                                               Director of Youth Sports and Camp
Girls SOPH UP:               Ages 8 and over.                             Ryan Nekota          Ext 13
        Age level is based on your age on September 1, 2008.              Director of Wellness
Come to the YMCA to sign up. Coaches are always needed for one            Jeanett Cordon Ext 29
practice a week and a game on Saturday at the YMCA. Questions?            Director of Marketing and Human Resources
Call Ray Calame at (818) 240-4130 ext. 24 or just stop by the
YMCA Courtesy / Membership Counter and pick up a flyer.

  Scooter Sports - Indoor Soccer                                                            pass it on
                    (Ages 3-5, Boys and Girls)
                                                                            Child by Child, Family by Family, Life by Life
                     Our 3rd season for introducing youth to soccer
                     will be held in February and March. It is designed     The YMCA helps us all live better, healthier lives in
                     as a non-competitive introduction; teaching             spirit, mind and body. Involvement in the YMCA
                     fundamentals, rules and team play through a                strengthens the values, leadership skills and
                     clinic setting with drills and skills.                  relationships that make our community inclusive,
                                                                                          caring, healthy and safe.
                     Interested in being a coach, assistant coach
                     or players parent, contact Ray Calame at (818)                   Who makes all this possible?
                     240-4130, ext 24.                                                         All Of Us.
                                                                                     We are members. We are donors.
                                                                                           We are volunteers.

            GYM       Guardian              Program
                                                                                           We are the YMCA.

                                                                                      PLEASE PASS IT ON
Youth ages 8-14 are now able to come to the basketball                                      Contribute Today.
gym without their parents under the supervision of our
Gym Guardian Leaders, Tuesdays through Fridays from                          Call John Thomas, CEO at (818) 240-4130, ext 16
3:30 to 5:30 pm. This program is included in your member-                              or email
ship fee. Over 1,000 youth have attended since April 2008.                         to learn how you can make a difference.

                                                                          TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE
          Health Seekers Wanted
                 WE WANT YOU!
If you want to spiritually, physically and emotionally live a
healthier lifestyle, we want you to become part of our YMCA
of Glendale family! Joining the Y and becoming physically fit
will help you live life to the fullest.
As part of “Activate America”, we are committed to
share our knowledge and extend to you our facilities to help
you live a healthier lifestyle. Stop in and let us give you, your
family and friends a tour of our YMCA. Our friendly staff and
our well maintained facility will always welcome you!                               Join Activate America
            YMCA of Glendale                                                                                   Non-Profit Org.
            140 North Louise Street                                                                             U.S. Postage
            Glendale, CA 91206                                                                                  Glendale, CA
                                                                                                                Permit 1836
We build strong kids, strong families, strong communities

                                                             Resident Summer
      February is
                                                            Camp Kick-off Day
 “Bring A Friend” Month !                                       February 28, Saturday
 With the New Year starting, success is assured if
 you share it with a friend. If your friend joins the
                                                                 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
 YMCA during February, both of you receive a free           Get a jump on summer and save your space now for
 month! If you need some guest passes for your              one of our six week long camping adventures (see
 friends, talk to the Membership Attendant next             Camp 2009 information for dates/fees) by coming in to
 time you’re at the YMCA.                                   sign up and meet camp staff for one of our Coed Youth,
                                                            Coed Junior High or Coed High School Camps.

   YMCA Bring A Friend Guest Pass                           A non-refundable deposit will assure you of your space
                                                            in the camp week and if you pay the full fee, you will get
                                                            a $10 discount.
Name: _________________________________________
                                                            Mail registrations will be opened after 1:00 pm.
Address: _______________________________________
                                                            Kick Off will be in the YMCA of Glendale After School
                                                            Program Lobby (entrance off of Wilson Ave). Coffee
City: ____________________ State: ______ Zip: _______
                                                            will be available for adults.
Phone: __________________ Email: _________________
                                                            Questions, Call Ray Calame at (818) 240-4130, ext. 24
Expiration Date: February 28, 2009 Date Used: _________

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