ex post facto sanction, ~ by ibt12826


									 ex post facto law                                                                  '0'1(                                                                        ezardar

 ex post facto law, ~                   ~    (g.), \:IC'1'I\1,('~ (g.)                      extern,         V.t. ~        QRUr
 ex post facto sanction, ~                        ~         (ffi.),     \:Ie.'1'I\1,(       external aggression, tmrn>(.,.) [Const.-Art. 352(1)]
   ~        (ffi.)                                                                          externee, n. ~     ~ (ffi.)
 express,         v.t. 1. '&fCR'f
                               QRUr 2.       ~                                              externmep.t, n. ~                    (ffi.)
   .              adj. 1. ~,            ~:~tI
                                   '&fCR'f,             2. \;ffiG,~,         ~              ex testamento, (by or under a will) ~~4?(1-i, ~~4?(~:
 express          agreement,            CfiXR
                                   '&fCR'f   (g.)                                           extinction,         n.   ~      (g.),   ~           (.,.)
 express          appointment,         'UfCR'f~         (ffi.) [Ind'. Suc.                  extinction          of a claim,      ~         ~            (.,.)
   Act-s. 224-ill.]
                                                                                            extinction          of easement,         ~~                   ~         (.,.)
 express          authority,           ~
                                  '&fCR'f            (g.)
                                                                                            extinction of right, ~          ~                           (.,.)
 express          condition, '&fCR'fmr(ffi.)
                                                                                                                        -;:rm 2
                                                                                            extinguish, V.t. 1. ~ QRUr, QRUr . ~mcfi QRUr
 express                         ~
                  consent, '&fCR'f     (ffi.)
                                                                                              [Nego. Instr. Act-s. 132]
 express          consideration,         ~
                                   '&fCR'f    (.,)
 express                          ~ (ffi.) [Sale of Goods
                  contract, '&fCR'f
                                                                                            extinguishment               of contract,       ~           ~ (.,.)

  Act-s. 35]                                                                                extinguishment               of debt,           ~
                                                                                                                                        ?ffUT      ~ (.,)
 expressed,           adj. '&fCR'f                                                          extort,                   QRUr,~
                                                                                                        V.t. (j<1IC\~~UI        tlu)
 expressed           or implied,      ~      fflrcrT
                                                   ~             [Ind. Con.                                          (.,.)
                                                                                            extortion, n. (j<1IC\~~UI [1.P. C.-s. 383]
   Act-s.    186]                                                                           extract, n. ~     (g.)
  expression,                (g.)
                n. ~1«:;~{jI'1                                                              extradite, V.t. (in Intern. Law) ~         QRUr

  expressive,             CJRUTm
                adj. '&fCR'f                                                                extradition,  n. ~         (.,.) [Const. Seventh Sch-
  expressly, adv. c.l..I<m4UI.~                                                               List 1-18]
,expressly                        ~
              provided, c.l..I<m4uI                                                         extrajudicial,   adj. (out of or beyond the proper
  express permission,     (prior knowledge of intended                                        authority of a court or judge) "'<IIRlcP~'(
    use and affirmative and active consent thereto-Bl.)                                     extrajudicial            confession,                      (g.)
  '&fCR'f             (ffi.)                                                                extrajudicial         evidence,   ~HRlcb~'( ~     (g.)
 express      provision,      ~tI
                         '&fCR'f     (g.)                                                   extrajudicial         oath, ..qIRlcb~'(m~ (ffi.)
 express terms, '&fCR'f   3reT(ffi. 31.q.)                                                  extraneous,          adj. ~,    ~
 express warranty,            ~1~ql,(1'1.,.)
                        '&fCR'f        (                                                    extraneous    evidence,     (with ref. to contract, will,
 expropriate,   V.t.'(.qI~~~,(UI QRUr                                                         deed, etc. it is such as is not furnished by the
 expropriation,   n. '«II~~~,(UI (.,.)                                                        document itself, but is derived from outside sources-
 exproprietary,   adj. 1. '«II~~~I.(I 2. 'I~'«II~~                                            Bl.) ~ ~          (g.)
 exproprietary    right, '(.qI~~~I.(I ~                        (g.)                         extra-territorial,adj.            ~~                [Const.-Art. 372(3)-
 exproprietary    tenant, 'I~'«II~~ ~                       (.,.)                             expl. II]
 expulsion,    n. ~tR      (.,.), ~fR'q~                      (ffi.),      ~~
                                                                                            extra-territorial    effect, ~~                                          (g.)
  CfiTGUT (.,.)
                                                                                              [Const.-Art. 372(3)expl. II]
expulsion           of partner,                 ~
                                   tjl'flC:;I,(I~    (.,.)
                                                                                            extraterritorial   operation,                 ~af?mfU:J             WRR (.,.)
 extend, V.t. R1'(-(1IR~ ~
                      QRUr,                     QRUr      .
                                                                                              [Const.-Art. 245(2)]
              v.i. ~           3mUT,~       3mUT
                                                                                            extraordinary,                            2
                                                                                                                      adj. 1. 3RlTtfRUT. \ilTG1
extend formal protest, 3114 RCf>mmrr&A'QRUr
                          t:U            [Nego.
  Instr. Act-s. 104A]                                                                       extraordinary  average, (a contribution by all parties
                                                                                              concerned in a mercantile voyage towards a loss
extended lease, (it is merely enlarged upon all the
  terms and conditions of the instrument-Bl.) cmfur                                          sustained by some of the parties in interest for the
  ~(g.)                                                                                                                  ~             (ffi.)
                                                                                             benefit of all-Bl.) 3RlTtfRUT1f::1't1,(I't1.(1
extension,           n. 1. ~         (g.), R1,(~I'(UI(.,.) 2.  ~            (g.)            extraordinary jurisdiction,                       3I'~TtlT~ur
  [Const.-Seventh-Sch.               List-III-29J,     qrn (ffi.)                             ~         (ffi.)
extension of jurisdiction,                  3JftICf>IR2I~            (.,.)
                                                            R1'(-(1I,(ul                    extraordinary original civiljurisdiction, 3RITtfRUT
extent, n. 1. ~     (g.), ~                   (ffi.) 2.lFTfGr(ffi.)                           ~~~(ffi.)
extent of interest, ~mTft       ~      (ffi.)                                               extrinsic   evidence, 'ijJ(U ~~TqJ (1) [Ind. Sue.
extenuating   circumstances,    .Jj>-qCf> ~~
                                       1.(1     (ffi.)                                       Act-s.    80]
extenuation,   n. (that which renders a crime or tort                                       eye-witness,         n. ~&f m&fiGR(m)
  less henious- Bl.) 'ti')..tfICf>'(                                                        ezardar,                    (m.)
                                                                                                            n. ~\1II,(C:;I,(

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