The Research Incubator as a Resource for Research Coordinators by qoe36584


									The Research Incubator as a
     Resource for Research

      By Pamela Dillon, PharmD

              January 25, 2008
            The Alphabet Soup
             of Research at VCU
   NIH – National Institute of Health
   CTSA – Clinical and Translational Science Award
   CCTR – Center for Clinical and Translational Research
   QRIG – Qualitative Research Interest Group
   GCRC – General Clinical Research Center
   RI – Research Incubator
   C/T – Clinical and Translational
          Commitment to Research
   VCU 2020 Vision for Excellence
       Increased and renovated research space
       Recruitment of established translational researchers

   NIH Roadmap Initiative
       Integrated vision to deepen our understanding of biology, stimulate
        interdisciplinary research teams, and reshape clinical research to
        accelerate medical discovery and improve people's health
       60 CTSA-funded centers

        Center for Clinical and Translational Research
              Our Mission
To participate and facilitate multidisciplinary,
  clinical and translational research in order to
  develop, disseminate and apply innovations
  to improve individual health and the well-
  being of our community. Specifically, the
  CCTR will provide resources to support and
  train our clinical and translational
Is This Translational Research?

        Translational Research Continuum

Basic and     Clinical and   Community       Patients
Computer      Social/        Practitioners   and the
Scientists    Behavioral                     Community
      Core Units of the Center

   Research Incubator

   Research Education and Training

   Community Engagement and Research

   Participant and Clinical Interaction Resources

   Biomedical Informatics
What is the Research Incubator?

Central hub for resources and networking
 opportunities for established
 researchers and junior investigators
 who are working on novel,
 interdisciplinary and collaborative
          Research Incubator
              Core Services

   Help researchers identify/access core

   Provide networking opportunities for

   Make available educational offerings to
            Research Incubator
            Access to Resources

   Identification of funding opportunities
       Federal, private, industry, internal

   Development of research proposals
       Study design/implementation advice
       Biostatistics assistance
       Technical document review

   Research ethics consultation
            Research Incubator
            Access to Resources
   Regulatory resources
       Assistance with regulatory submissions and
       Help with adverse event reporting

   Database management services
       Biostatistics Data Services

   Research subjects’ database
            Research Incubator
            Access to Resources

   Physical resources
       Laboratory services
       Equipment

   Assistance with interactions with Sponsors
    and national/international regulatory agencies
   Commercialization resources
   Identification of common needs
            Research Incubator
         Networking Opportunities

   Formation of multidisciplinary, collaborative
    research teams
       Promotion of translational research
       Enhancement of funding potential

   Identification of mentors
       Therapeutic area
       Grantsmanship
       Technical Expertise
          Research Incubator
      Educational Opportunities

   Support of University led educational

   Targeted offerings to meet identified
    educational needs

   Mock Study Section

   Individual consultations
             Research Incubator
           Requesting Resources
   Application

   Review by multidisciplinary, faculty group
       Priority given to multidisciplinary, collaborative
        projects with potential for external funding

   Allocation of resources to projects
       Based on scientific merit of proposal and
        availability of resources
        Research Incubator
          Access to Services
   Investigator information
       CV/Biosketch
       List of collaborators

   Research proposal
       Hypothesis and specific aims
       Rationale
       Study design and population

   Resources requested
   Key dates
          Research Incubator
                   Our People

   Director, CCTR – Dr. John Clore
   Director, RI – Dr. Chris Gennings
   Research Liaison
   Community Research Liaison
   Biostatisticians
   Grant Writer
Research Education and Training
           Programs Available

         CCTR Educational Platform

                                  C/T      Postdoctoral
                    C/T        Master’s     Mentored
    Clinical     Scientist       and
  Investigator                                (K12)
                 Certificate   Doctorate
      Core        Program      Program
Research Education and Training
    Internet Clinical Investigator Core

   Core Classes
       Regulatory Requirements for C/T Research
       Basic Research Methodology for C/T Research
       Study Design and Analysis in C/T Research
       Research Ethics
   Available in Fall 2008
   Web-based curriculum
   Nine Credits
Research Education and Training
               Programs Available
   Clinical and Translational Sciences
       Open to students, staff, faculty, community-based
        clinicians, professional research associates, and
   Master’s and Doctorate in Clinical and
    Translational Sciences
       Competitive application process
       Strong focus on interdisciplinary clinical and
        translational research
        Community Engagement and
   Community Research Liaison
       Split position between RI and Division of
        Community Engagement

   Links to community partners

   Ability to assist with translation of innovations
    to health care practitioners and community
    (ACORN and PAP)
           Participant and Clinical
           Interaction Resources

   Development of Clinical and Translational
    Research Unit
       Results from unification of GCRC and CDS
       Combines inpatient and outpatient clinical
        research in a single location
       Ability to do feasibility, Phase 1, and Phase 2
        clinical trials
How can we help you?

      Questions

      Comments

      Suggestions
               Contact Us

 Center for Clinical and Translational Research
      1200 East Clay Street, Suite 2000
               Telephone: 7-1519

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