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									WEEK 5: Asas penggunaan suara/vokal dan teknik pernafasan Suara meruapakan elemen yang sangat penting bagi seseorang pelakon kerana ia adalah salah satu daripada elemen penyampaian (delivery element). Untuk mendapatkan suara yang jelas, intonasi, volume, projeksi suara serta sebutan haruslah melalui latihan teknik suara yang bersesuaian. Exercise 1 (for everybody) Do the breathing technique. Inhale and exhale. Get the teachers to try out several techniques of breathing: Inhale and exhale normally through the nose. Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. Inhale through the nose, hold the breath and exhale through the mouth. Inhale through the nose (4 counts) Hold breath (7 counts) Exhale through the mouth (8 counts).

Exercise 2 (for everybody) Yawning exercise. Get everyone to inhale normally then exhale while yawning for 8 counts.

Exercise 3 (for everybody) Humming exercise. Get teachers to humm, then get them to feel the vibration on their stomachs while humming, the vibration on the chest, on the neck and on the cheeks. Explain to them that the bigger the air passage is the more sounds can come out nicely from their mouths. Get them to recite this line: “Yesterday we were thinking of playing the kiddie rides.” while: standing up normally. sitting down. bending down. squatting bending to the back with their face facing ceiling. Ask them which is the easiest way to say the line. Then explain to them, the difficulties are present when the air passage in their body is not in a normal position. In drama, such movements can affect their vocal projection. So they need to be comfortable in whatever position or move they are in/making.

Exercise 4 (for everybody) Bubbling exercise. This is to release any tension that can affect the formation of their pronunciation. Their voices can come out differently through bubbling. Exercise 5 (for everybody) Do the Chinese whisper game. Get one person to whisper this line to the next neighbour: “I saw a walking apple.” At the end of the line, get the last person to say out loud what they hear. It’s usually different from what’s been told. Tell teachers that this problem arises because they do not pronounce the sentence correctly and accurately. In drama, pronunciation and enunciation is very important to deliver what is being said. One of the best techniques is to differentiate between the hard sound and soft sounds of the consonants. soft p k t f ch hard b g d v j

Exercise 6 (for everybody) Tongue Twisters is the best exercise for clear pronunciation. Get all the teachers to try these tongue twisters on their own. Then get 5 teachers to say them to the whole class.

Exercise 7 (for everybody) Intonation exercise. Intonation can be obtained by getting teachers to play around with their tone of voice. Some are high-pitched, some very low. First, give each teacher the Script. Then get them to find a partner and practise the dialogue on their own. Second, get 4 pairs of teachers to perform the Script to the whole class in these ways: Pair A Pair B Pair C Pair D Normal voice Very low (key) voice/Bass High-pitched voice/Soprano One teacher in high voice, another in low voice

Emotions can also be injected in voice and can be differentiated through sounds. Third, get another 4 pairs of teachers to perform the Script to the whole class in these ways: Pair A Pair B Pair C Pair D Angry manner Sad manner Happy manner Sleepy manner

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