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					                                     Chris Farrell, Acting Coordinator, Kristin
                                     Huigenbos, Mat. Leave
                                     CYBF Community Partner: Hamilton
                                     Small Business Enterprise Centre
                                     Location: Hamilton, Ontario
                                     Website: www.investinhamilton.ca/small-

Hamilton Small Business Enterprise Centre                                               “The most powerful
2009 CYBF National & Ontario Outstanding Community Partner Award
                                                                                        moment of being a
Business Profile: Giving a leg up to new entrepreneurs.                                 Community Partner

The Hamilton Small Business Enterprise Centre (HSBEC) works within the City of          is when you see the
Hamilton to provide a multitude of resources for entrepreneurs launching or             young entrepreneurs
expanding their business.
                                                                                          on their opening
In 2007/2008, HSBEC created more than 450 jobs in Hamilton, conducted more
than 800 business consultations and helped with the start-up of eight businesses in      day, or featured in
partnership with CYBF.                                                                  the newspapers and
Her Story: Chris Farrell calls being a CYBF Community Partner “very rewarding           when they get their
and inspiring.”
                                                                                         first ‘big’ customer
Adding that the pairing of the Hamilton Small Business Enterprise Centre and             and achieve their
CYBF is a good fit for both parties, Acting Coordinator Chris cites HSBEC’s
recognition of the value of working with young entrepreneurs, and the value of            financial goals.”
CYBF’s mentorship program.
                                                                                            - Chris Farrell
Calling Community Partners the “link between a young entrepreneur’s idea, and the
realization of a dream that can come true,” Chris says as a CYBF Community
Partner, she is able to see not only a great range of skills and knowledge, but
watch very creative and innovative businesses from the very beginning.

“I truly believe the entrepreneurs feel they have a lot of community and professional
support from the volunteers and the organization. Many times we hear ‘We
couldn’t have got our business started without your help’ when we know it’s really
the determination and perserverence of the entrepreuneur that gets the business
started and keeps it growing, especially in this time of economic

                                        Hamilton Small Business Centre - continued
Hamilton Small Business Enterprise Centre

Short Quote:

“The CYBF program allows our office to follow the progress of these new young
businesses, when normally we only see a large percentage of our clientele when they
need information. Their success is our success! CYBF provides funds to companies
who might otherwise be turned down by conventional lending institutions. Yet these
entrepreneurs have demonstrated that with the help of CYBF, they can create jobs for
themselves and others.”
- Chris Farrell, Hamilton Small Business Enterprise Centre

About Hamilton Small Business Enterprise Centre -

The Hamilton Small Business Enterprise Centre operates as a division of the City of
Hamilton’s Economic Development and Real Estate Division and is an integral part of
the Ministry of Small Business and Consumer Services small business enterprise
centre network.

Services include consultations (drop-in or scheduled), business plan review, access to
a reference library and software, market research assistance, referrals, networking
opportunities, workshops and seminars. www.investinhamilton.ca/small-business

Canada’s Entrepreneur Gateway - www.cybf.ca

The Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF) is the ‘go to’ place for youth
entrepreneurship. As a national charity, we are dedicated to growing our nation’s economy one
young entrepreneur at a time. We look at character not collateral, when providing youth, age
18-34, with pre-launch coaching, business resources, start-up financing and mentoring, to help
them launch and sustain a successful entrepreneurial business. www.cybf.ca.

                     For any other information required, please contact
          Lori Paris, Senior Manager, Media Relations & Communications, CYBF
                Tel: (416) 408-2923 x 2120 E-mail: lparis@cybf.ca

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