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									                                            Myrtle Beach Vacation

                           I have rented us a house for October 10, 11,12 . It is 5
bedrooms and in the Ocean Lakes Campground, it is a secure community.
                           Just want to share some info with you.
                           We will be about 15 yards from ocean, playgrounds nearby,
arcade, and indoor pool (they have an outdoor one too), also a
                           Putt-Putt golf on the property.
                           You can bring the childrens bicycles/helmet if you would like
to, the speed limit is 10 miles per hour inside this area.
                           There will be a $3.00 per night car fee. (total= $9.00) Golf carts
for rent (the landowner said she could probably get me a
                           much lower price on her neighbors golfcart to rent while we are
                     **    Bring one set of sheets/pillowcases for queen size bed, bring
about 4-6 towels per family, (everything else will be there), we
                           we will have a washer and dryer in the house. Probably Anna
and Hannah could bring one set of single bed sheets/pillowcase
                           each and Brooke bring one set of full sheets/pillowcases will
take care of the childrens bedroom.
                           Can't think of anything else at this time, if we want to double up
                        anyone can ride with us. I'm praying that by the 10th of October
                           gas will not be a problem. I asked "Angela" (owner) was
there a problem and she said since it was 'off season' she did not think Myrtle
                           Beach was in a gas crunch.
                           Let's plan to leave early am that Friday and everyone of you
start praying that our family have a wonderful mini-vacation and time
                             My hope is that your children will have the fond memories of
the times with their 'family' and their "cousins".

                            I Love ya'll,

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