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Electronic Bus Service Registration and TransXChange by svc79829


									Electronic Bus Service
   Registration and
            What is EBSR?

   Moving the bus service registration from

   …To data (suitable for import into other

   …And making sure that data can be
    reproduced in a readable format
Moving the Registration
    From Paper.....
Stagecoach NE EBSR Launch – May 2008
…To Data
Operator Details
Stop Details
Route Details
  …And reproducing
that data in a readable
The Route
Map and
Stops Served
The Full Service Timetable
TXC & EBSR – Brief History
   TAN21 (Traffic Area Network) transformation                       1999
    programme started
       Transformational Government initiative
       Working together with (HGV and PSV) operators
       New self-service web-based systems

   Development of TransXChange V1                                    1999
       Designed to enable data transfer & electronic registrations

   Operator Licensing Business System (OLBS)                         2001
       More complex than originally envisaged
       Funding focused on (HGV and PSV) operator licensing
       … Insufficient left for EBSR
TXC & EBSR – Brief History
   TAN merged with Vehicle Inspectorate                            2003
       To form Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA)
       A major business change for both organisations
       No explicit funding for EBSR

   Transport Direct upgrades TransXChange                          2005
       To make consistent with e-Gov and international standards

   EBSR pilot project started                                      2007
       Arriva and Stagecoach
       VOSA and Transport Direct

   Objective – To address the pre-requisites for
    industry adoption and rollout
       Provide mapping facilities
       Address identified performance and capacity issues
                  Pilot Objectives
   End-to-End registration process proven
       Operators
       VOSA
       LTAs / PTEs

   System functionality and resilience
       Different types of bus service / registration
       Small to large registration file sizes
       Single or multiple registration submission
       Appropriate support process
       SLAs in place with suppliers

   Satisfaction of all parties with systems and
   VOSA EBSR pilot capability enabled      1 Jun 2007

   Registrations submitted from           14 Aug 2007

   EBSR became VOSA operational service 20 Sep 2007

   Technology launch at York INFORM        8 Nov 2007

   VOSA moved pilot to ‘business as usual’ 14 Dec 2007

   EBSR Launch by Secretary of State      31 Jan 2008
   EBSR is now a fully live service
   Only one outage/system failure since EBSR placed in VOSA
    operational service
        That was the failure of an external web service used in the process
   ??? successfully submitted registrations (at end Sept. 2008)
   ?? registration failures (< 2%)
        One of which has led to fix in EBSR Publisher
   Service characteristics of successful e-registrations include:-
        Linear routes
        Express journeys
        Forked routes
        Complex Services (Circulars, Cloverleaf, Lollipop routes etc.)
        Special day timetables
        Frequent Services/Long Routes (275 vehicle journeys & 75 stop points)
        Pick-up/set-down only
        H&R

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