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					¡¾30¡¿ classic punch line switch

1, "We want to fall in love every day, but do not meet every
day, just want but can not speak sad touching, never daily necessities
... ..."
   - Singer Huang Shu-chun that old song describes the desire a
reality today. Some domestic cities, and some men and women choose th
"five plus two" ways of living that is both busy
with five working days, the weekend get together again.
Second, the furthest distance is not a world I stand before you, and
you do not know that I love you, but obviously in love, but not
   - Film "A Chinese Tall Story" at the end of
tampering with the Zhang Xiaoxian of classic quotations.
Third, breaking its own pot lid broken, broken people who own broken
   - Zhao Zhao writer of "what action, do not
emotional," said.
Fourth, to determine if the results from the surface, love is not so
much as friendship, rather like hatred.
   - The hit TV series "Really Want to Love" lines.
5, through a love like chocolate, chocolate, even if you do not have
to pay the money, they have to pay money to lose weight.
  ?- TV drama "Swing Girls" the punch line.
6, excellent on the theory of the three men: a woman can be touched
upon a few, very few women can be cored.
  ?- Popular saying among college students.
7, and with him are not afraid of death, not afraid to live, live to
very old ... ...
   ?- One of the conditions ideal lover.
8, 8 hours sleep, 8 hours work, 8 hours love.
  ?- Big beauty Stephanie ideal "38" living
Nine, your face is too big, blocking my sun, I want to break up with
   - Korean drama "Miss Mermaid" lines, called the
most ingenious reasons for breaking up.
10, used to say "sorry" to say "Yes,
   - Access to "Guinness Book of World Records"
Editorial Board recognized the world record for the longest marriage,
British couple Posey and Florence - Smith's love tips. Posey
105 years old this year, Florence 100 years old this year, the two
married 80 years.
11, you have to find a good woman, she was not too smart, do not dumb;
not too old nor too young. Remember, this woman must be laundry and
   - Saddam's soldiers guarding his spouse recommendations.
12, how long our love can go I have more faith, I can love you until
we broke up, I want to date until I do not want.
  - Now America's most popular wedding oath, people think the
traditional oath "until death do us part" too
general old-fashioned, and therefore more affordable enthusiastic
declaration. Julia - Roberts to second husband Daniel - Maude written
oath of marriage is "the love and support but will not obey
(you)", while Sandra - Bullock married to a driver when the
pledge is "We The engine can turn, I can always love you.
13, Love is to the men, as in the empty veins, and hanging pictures;
while for women, are like listening to music - a room may also
decorated several painting, but only to allow a flow of melody.
   ?- Say the cartoonist, "Tokyo Love Story" of
Mandarin, describe the difference between men and women view love.
14, meet in a few seconds, the person who made the most of it and the
other the decision to continue contacts, some even only 3 seconds.
  - University of Pennsylvania psychologist, said in a research
report, for the majority of young men and women, first date, they will
quickly determine whether the other party
15, I am disappointed that a more than 40 years of age, not smoking,
not drink, do not visit bars where to find people who were dating?
16, a man of legal age for marriage is 22 years old, the legal age is
17 years old soldier, indicating that women still formidable than the
   ?- Women's bargaining position in modern society clearly
above the men, especially among families, so with such ridicule.
17, his wife (Wife) is the wash (Wash), iron (Iron), quarrel
(Fallingout), etc. (Etc).
   ?- Some authors explain the meaning of his wife.
18, married and wages must marry at least 3571.4 yuan higher than you
   - A User through a series of calculations, obtained on single
women's happiness.
19, holding the certificate of smokers comrades, for the full virgin,
correct style, no pests, please rest assured that the majority of
women use; period in 1314; issued by the International Federation of
    - Chongqing, the market was the "virgin card"
and "because of who you permit" and printed in a
special box of cigarettes and lighters on the public sale.
20, the age he must be older than me, even if only big day; figure he
must be taller than me, even if only one centimeter high; ability he
must be stronger than me, even if only to earn a penny.
  ?- Guangzhou, a 38-year-old unmarried female white-collar workers
said. Women in Guangdong accounted for 70% of older teens, authorities
are encouraged to solve marriage problems Jiedi Lian, they said, some
of the older young women was their spouse has to be the concept behind
the word boudoir in one of the reasons.
21, marriage is wrong, giving birth is a mistake, divorce is the
consciousness, remarriage is stubborn, then from a Taichetaiwu.
    - American psychologist, said Northwestern University professor
Huang Weiren.
22, I love you, BMW.
   ?- A female college students will love their own business card
posted on the BMW car.
23, for my family, my daily cross-strait relations are to operate
under the framework of gender relations, it is the basis of gender
relations to promote cross-strait relations. Now I have two children,
I promote cross-strait relations has become the most substantial
    ?- An assistant professor in Taiwan says, because his wife is a
mainland girl.
24, men come looking for excitement, while women are mostly highly
    - Chongqing, club employees said in a one-night stand.
25, I was young, and her husband worried.
    ?- A beauty advertising slogan.
26, I worked you cry, now you live; I die for you to dedicate your
whole life.
    - South Korean popular love story "chrysanthemum is
fragrant" in the poem, Kong Qingdong Korean women as
"Ode to a man."
27, The Real Wedding, small faint in the bed.
   - It feels a married person.
28, love, hair appointments, and eating out these three things in
common, then that effort, at every step, in the end, or hit the
jackpot, hit also hit.
   ?- Column writer Ithaca say.
29, if life can not find the feeling of love a person, then I more
than live up to my own ah.
   - Many people wonder Yapeng will lie Faye Wong, would live up to
her, Faye Wong, I too tempting to get upset, so she responded.
30, behind every successful man, there is a woman. Behind every
unsuccessful man, there are two.
  ?- Some people say that.

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