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School Bus Policies, Procedures and Rules by svc79829


									                      School Bus Policies, Procedures and Rules

        Parents are encouraged to explain to their children the importance of good
behavior on the school bus, especially those who make the long trip to Yermo every day.
Please remember that riding the bus is a privilege. There is no state law requiring the
Silver Valley School District to provide transportation for any student.
        The School Board has determined that bus service will be provided and that
students will be picked up at designated stops only. Riders must be at their stops five
minutes before scheduled bus arrival time.
        The following are rules for appropriate behavior on the bus:
              Follow the directions of the bus driver
              Stay seated while the bus is in motion
              Keep all body parts inside the bus
              Cursing, swearing or loud talking is not allowed
              No eating, drinking or chewing gum
              No littering
              No tampering with bus controls, emergency exits or bus equipment
              Fighting, horseplay, hitting, pinching or teasing is prohibited
              Smoking, matches, lighters and weapons are prohibited on buses
              Students must get off at their designated bus stop and must cross the street
                 in the proper manner
              Intimidating or threatening the bus driver or other students is prohibited
              Endangerment of passengers or safe travel is prohibited
              A teacher or coach must accompany extracurricular or activity trips
              Remain quiet at railroad crossings
        Again, bus transportation is a privilege extended only to students who display
        good conduct while preparing to ride, riding and leaving the school bus.
        Continued disorderly conduct or persistent refusal to obey the driver is considered
        sufficient reason for a student to be denied transportation. However, students will
        still be expected to be present at school each day in accordance with the law.

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