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									¡ô 05.07 ¡ô private equity internal reference
¡ô 05.07 ¡ô private equity internal reference
Wednesday broader market continued to show volatility trend own run-in
early trading stock index opened slightly lower, and after a brief
Xipan shock, the top positions in 2550 are supported. With the
bargain-hunting buying intervention steadied broader market rebound.
Exponential approximation to the 2600 point mark at noon, a strong
feature is very obvious. U.S. stocks shot up the afternoon, but the
face of important juncture, slightly less than market confidence,
appears sideways shocks, Stock Index closed the final with a new high,
trading volume up flat. Close to end up closing up 0.98%, to 2592.52
points, for the past 9 months to close, a record intraday high of
2596.93 points in the round; turnover 157.3 billion yuan, up slightly
enlarged. Disk read, new energy, dairy and some auto stocks rise
toward the front; banking, real estate, coal and electricity
heavyweight also rose. Part of the medicine, electronic information
and weak retail sector. Shenzhen Stock Index rose 2.02%, to 10,149.07
points, for the past 10 months to close, intraday high of 10,183.76
points, also the round.
  Observation session, stocks rose much more than the number of
enterprises still fell Stock Number, including electrical equipment,
coal, new energy, the Shanghai local stocks and banks, tourist and
hotel sector performed well overall, communications, insurance,
brokerage and weak performance .
Message level, the National Development and Reform Commission recent
said Xie Zhenhua, deputy director of the development of recycling
economy will report the State Department policy. This message is
strengthened in recent days a new energy concept stock Adds a fire in
the afternoon Goldwind, Sinoma Science and Technology, East power
transmission, Hunan Electric shares of stocks daily limit, to become a
major highlight of the market; new energy stocks strength can be seen,
the policy has always been a hot spot in this round of market.
For now, A-share market shows two main features, one hot market has
led the disorder features, namely the absence of obvious and have led
the direction of continuing. Real estate, new energy, power equipment,
coal stocks and so can be regarded as relatively distinct groups of
hot spots, but appears in the daily limit of stocks is not much,
therefore, markets are not yet gathered the popular excitement,
resulting in the maintenance of the Shanghai index only shock its own
run. Second, the market appeared to slightly abnormal volume
phenomenon, which in turn led the vanguard with the disk in the
absence of sharp contrast, indicating the market mentality of the
current holdings and poor stock is changing hands frequently is the
case. Notwithstanding the strong short-term A-share market price of
the extension, but the relative lack of short-term explosive, line
2600 there is still pressure on short-term market trend is still
likely to be repeated, while the financial and other blue-chip stock
market outlook, will determine the operating performance of rhythm,
this population trends of concern. operations can continue to control
the position, the better the texture of individual stocks to find
compensatory growth opportunities.
6, the top five financial transactions are: Shanghai local, real
estate, coal and oil, new energy, non-ferrous metals. Net capital
inflow of large plates: the new energy (+18.5 billion), real estate
(+17.9 billion), coal and oil ( +11.2 billion), electrical equipment
(+10.3 billion), non-ferrous metals (+8.7 million).

Larger net outflow of funds plate: broker (-1.7 million).

New energy: the plate 6 about 1.85 billion net capital inflow, net
inflow of large units are: Goldwind, TBEA, expand the Nisshin energy,
Xinmao technology, Sinoma Science and Technology, Eastern Electric,
aerospace electronics, Chinese Instrument Electric, Tianwei change
security, Shanshangufen, Changzheng Electric, Advanced Technology,
East power transmission, nuclear science and technology, Hunan
Electric shares.

Real Estate: The plate on the 6th, about 1.79 billion net inflow of
funds, the net outflow of larger units are: Miki Group, China Baoan,
China Wuyi, Xinmao Science and Technology, Finance, Poly Real Estate,
TEDA stake in the new lake treasure Huafa shares Jinbin development,
Shahe shares, Nanjing Hi-Tech, Golden Group Shenzhen Ye A.

   Coal Oil: The plate on the 6th, about 1.12 billion net capital
inflow, net inflow of large units are: China Shenhua, China Coal
Energy, Xishan Coal and Electricity, Taurus Energy, National Yang new
energy, Kailuan shares, Shenhuo shares, Jing much coal, Pan River
shares, Pingzhuang energy, Datong Coal, Shanxi Coking.

Non-ferrous metals: The plate on the 6th, about 870 million net inflow
of funds, the net inflow of large units are: Zhuzhou Smelter Group,
HTC shares, Yunnan Copper, Yuyuan Tourist Mart, Keli far Chihong Zinc
and Germanium, Baili Electric , Yunlvgufen, Tongling Nonferrous Metals
and Jiangxi Copper.

Automotive: The plate on the 6th, about 690 million net inflow of
funds, the net inflow of large units are: Changan Automobile,
Aerospace Electrical, Shanghai Automobile, FAW-rich dimension, Fuyao,
FAW, Dongan.
Six positive attention to the market:
This year the central loan interest subsidy will be mainly in the
form, arrange special funds for technical transformation of 20 billion
yuan. According to industry restructuring and revitalization plan to
focus on six aspects of support. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a
State Council on the 6th executive meeting of business transformation
work, deploy further resolve the closure and bankruptcy of state-owned
enterprises, retirees, health care issues. It was noted that
strengthening the technical transformation of enterprises, to counter
the international financial crisis, to promote stable and rapid
economic growth an important part of the package. Earlier, the
relevant departments according to central planning, and actively work
to promote technological upgrading of enterprises and overall
progress. Gradually and reaches the central technological
transformation investment enterprises, and enterprises to boost
confidence in the market, expanding domestic demand, promote
industrial upgrading has played an active role. The meeting stressed
that, to enhance technological transformation of enterprises, to
insist on structural adjustment, change the development mode,
independent innovation, corporate restructuring and strengthening
enterprise management are combined, according to industry
restructuring and revitalization planning, provide keypoint support
the following six areas:

First, support steel, nonferrous metals, petrochemicals, light
industry, textile and food industries accelerate the development of
common key technologies, the adjustment of product structure, the
development of circular economy.
Second, relying on key national construction projects, major
technology and equipment to promote independence and to raise the base
level of component parts and basic technology.

Third, the development of new energy vehicles, support energy
conservation, environmental protection, safety key technology
development, the development of the key assembly to fill the blank

4 is to support integrated circuit design and advanced production line
construction, new display and color TV industry restructuring,
TD-SCDMA mobile communication equipment development a new genera
of manufacturing, computerized research and development
capacity-building and next generation Internet promotion and
application of software and information services to support
accelerated development.

Fifth, develop the key wind turbine components and key equipment for
nuclear power, the key components.

Sixth, to support the development of multimodal transport logistics,
transport logistics and distribution facilities, and urban and rural
areas and other projects.

To this end, this year's mainly in the form of loan interest
subsidies, special funds for technical transformation arrangement 20
billion yuan. After the project is expected to lead the whole society
can be directly invested 460 billion yuan. The meeting called for
projects to further increase the intensity of the preliminary work to
ensure the project quality; to the public directory technology
projects, to strengthen supervision and inspection of the project
implementation, improve and refine project management, improve capital
¡¿ ¡¾Macro policy
The State Council agreed to incorporate in Nanhui District Pudong New
District, Shanghai
Shanghai government spokesman Chen Qiwei today (6) held a regular
press conference release: The State Council has recently approved
"in Shanghai Nanhui District, formed on the withdrawal of the
original Nanhui District Pudong New Area administrative regions
assigned to consult," agreed withdrawal of Nanhui District,
will be incorporated into the administrative area, Pudong, Shanghai.
April four new lines of credit 220 billion yuan
Reporter yesterday learned that the four new lines of credit 220
billion yuan in April. If the first quarter, according to central bank
data showed new state-owned bank credit accounted for about 50.5% of
the proportion of total credit, in April of new credit in all
financial institutions should be not less than 440 billion yuan. This
means that new credit growth, decreased more than 70%.
Central Bank monetary policy report said the economic rebound is not
Wednesday, the central bank released its first quarter,
"China's Monetary Policy Report." The rep
said China's economic rebound is not strong, particularly in
private investment in low power Shangdai Jiang of endogenous growth.
Central will arrange 20 billion yuan this year, special funds
technological renovation of enterprises
According to the Chinese government network news, this year's
loan interest subsidy will be the principal means to arrange special
funds for technical transformation of 20,000,000,000 yuan. According
to industry restructuring and revitalization plan to focus on six
aspects of support.
¡¿ ¡¾Domestic market
The central bank reported higher positive response to the stock market

Stock market performance is determined from the roots of mobility and
performance. The May 6, the central bank released the first quarter of
2009, monetary policy report, from a positive perspective to answer
these two questions. Market participants pointed out that the central
bank's report, on the one hand to dispel the market is not
sustainable for the new line of credit concerns; the other hand,
showed the central bank's economic recovery and optimism abo
the situation of deflation, in general, the stock market bullish,
bearish bond market.
¡¿ ¡¾International market
U.S. stocks S & P approaching a new high during the year
The Dow Jones industrial average rose 101.63 points to close at
8,512.28 points, or 1.21%. Standard & Poor's 500 ind
rose 15.73 points to close at 919.53 points, or 1.74%. The Nasdaq
composite index rose 4.98 points to close at 1,759.10 points, or
Biography JP Morgan Chase and three banks have passed stress tests
Am Beijing time on May 7, according to informed sources said yesterday
received U.S. regulatory agencies in the "stress
test" of the 19 largest banks, at least three have already
passed the test, the news makes investors in the financial industry
confidence has increased.
U.S. court approval of the majority of assets of Chrysler auction
Beijing time on May 6 evening news, Chrysler yesterday won bankruptcy
court approval, will be May 27 before the auction most of the assets,
and to come from the Italian auto maker Fiat (Fiat SpA ) offer as the
preferred bidder, the deal will create the world's sixth
largest car manufacturer.
New York oil prices rose 4.6%, hitting a high of 6 months
Am Beijing time on May 7, New York's main oil futures contract
rose above 4% and closed at break 56 U.S. dollars / barrel, a record
high of nearly six months. U.S. government data released this morning
showed crude oil inventories last week rose less than expected, while
gasoline inventories fell chain.
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