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Thank you for your interest in our job vacancy. This information is intended to give a
brief outline of our organisation.

The Agency
Stoke on Trent CAB is one of the country’s largest and most dynamic advice agencies
with a national reputation for exciting and groundbreaking innovations. The Bureau has
been at the cutting edge of most major developments in advice work in the last 20
years: pioneering tribunal representation and debt advice in the early 1980’s, pioneering
advice to the victims of race harassment in the mid 1990’s and currently leading the
field in advice services to asylum seekers and other excluded groups.

We are an independent local charity, led by a Management Committee of local
volunteers with a wide range of skills and experience. As s uch, we respond swiftly to
emerging local needs and base our service development very firmly on the issues faced
by our local communities.

As members of Citizens Advice (the National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux)
we are also committed to giving accurate, free assistance to any member of the
community and, having done that, we use the experience of social problems brought to
us by our enquirers to responsibly influence the social polices that have caused those

Because we want to be as available as possible to all members of the community, we
are careful to maintain a style which is completely impartial so we do not have any
underlying political or social aims or ideologies as an agency, and we attempt to keep
our personal views from compromising that impartiality.

Our mission statement requires us to empower individuals who are poor and to inform
policy makers of they way in which they could combat poverty. This involves us in
robust use of the media (locally and nationally) and in work with other organisations and
groups. We actively participate in a wide range of local partnerships: e.g. Local
Strategic Partnership, Community Legal Services Partnership and Community Safety

Structure and Responsibilities
We are a large organisation, employing some 75 paid staff and about 65 volunteers. To
ensure that those staff are used as effectively as possible we have invested significant
resources in the management of the organisation. Day to day running of the
organisation is the responsibility of the Chief Executive, and a Management Team of
five Managers.

Three of those Managers lead teams delivering our advice, one is responsible for
support services and one for training and the recruitment, supervision and support of

We stress the need for people to work co-operatively rather than competitively and we
believe that decisions can be improved if those affected by them are consulted and we
do this wherever it is practical to do so.

Volunteers work mainly as generalist advisers, although some work occasionally in
specialist advice areas and some assist with administrative tasks and reception, and
some serve on the Management Committee.

Paid staff generally work in specialist areas of advice, or deliver projects under contract
to funders, or supervise and support volunteers.

Enquirers are able to access our services in a variety of ways. They can call in person
at the City Centre Bureau, or visit one of our outreach clinics across the city.
Alternatively they can contact us by phone.

We answer between 50,000 and 55,000 a year, of which approximately two thirds are
either Social Security or debt enquiries. This profile reflects the serious levels of
poverty experienced by our users.

Generalist advisers advise on a wide range of subject matters from straightforward
benefit and debt queries through housing issues, to consumer and personal problems.
As a generalist advice agency we aim to offer a holistic service to help people cope with
the whole spectrum of their problems whether they are physical or emotional.

The Legal Services Commission funds us to offer specialist advice in a number of
subject areas, through outreach and by phone. We also offer casework to the victims of
race harassment. We have a wide range of contracts with funders such as SRB
Boards, Neighbourhood Renewal Fund, Health Trusts, Health Action Zone, Community
Fund and Sure Start.

Systems and Quality
We strongly believe that high quality, consistent advice needs to be given
systematically. For many years we have encouraged staff to develop and use special
advice systems, utilising pro formas, standard letters, benefit calculation sheets. We
are continually reviewing these systems and developing new ones.

The benefits of this approach are to reduce the amount of time spent on paperwork and
increase the amount of time advisers can spend with enquirers, and allow us to easily
meet the requirements of the Quality Mark.

Our headquarters, Advice House, has recently seen a £400,000 investment from the
Community Fund via a purpose built extension, providing additional interviewing rooms,
office space and training suite. Located in the heart of the City’s Cultural Quarter the
extension complements the original, renovated building.

We have always believed that the poorest and most socially excluded members of our
communities, who make up the majority of our enquirers, deserve to be seen in smart,
well equipped premises; and that the professionalism and the quality of our work should
be reflected in the premises from which we operate.

We run smaller premises at Bentilee from which we o ffer advice to the residents of the
City’s largest Council estate, and operate from a number of other sites such as housing
offices, GPs surgeries, community centres and church halls.

The City
Stoke on Trent is a City that has had a bad press recently and the deprivation arising
from the decline of it’s traditional industries (pottery, coal and steel) certainly make it a
challenging place in which to work. However, it does enjoy some of the lowest house
prices in the country, a thriving City Centre with e xcellent cultural and leisure facilities,
extremely good transport links especially to Manchester and Birmingham and it is close
to the Peak District, Staffordshire Moorlands and Shropshire countryside.

The population of the City is predominantly white and working class. The largest
minority ethnic group are those of Punjabi speaking Pakistani origin. There are also
significant African Caribbean and Sikh Communities and small Bengali, Chinese and
Polish ones. The newest additions to the City’s minority communities are Afghan and
Kurdish Communities as a result of the arrival of refugees in the area within the last few

The Candidate
Primarily we are looking for someone who cares. Working in our team you will be paid
on the Local Government scale and this involves working at least 37.5 hours per week if
you are full time. We believe, however, that commitment cannot be measured in hours
alone. If we are to help the public we need to grow as individuals in order to respond to
the challenge of people’s needs.

The particular requirements of this post are detailed in the attached person specification
and job description. However, as we all work hard because we enjoy our jobs, we feel it
is important that people who join us should be highly motivated. They should be able to
work on their own initiative, and as part of a group of people who are consciously trying
to develop their own sensitivity and awareness as a means of making themselves more
sensitive and aware of the problems of those who come for help.

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