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					Elementally, speaking…Water.
Empathic. Fluid. Imaginative.

                                                                             From the Mouths of
                         ater is the element of emotions, love and
                                                                                 Venus in Pisces
                         imagination. Spreading out in all directions,
                         water yearns to return to the Source. But not      “Love is the hardest habit
before getting to know everything and everyone first. The great                to break, and the most
mystic Rumi once wrote, “The sea refuses no one” and water                         difficult to satisfy.”
doesn’t either. Water’s curiosity and acceptance for all walks of life
                                                                            “Oh, I love hugging. I wish
is as much part of its nature as is its changeability. Water seeks
                                                                                I was an octopus, so I
connection, and when met on its own level water can pass through             could hug 10 people at a
barriers that seem impossible to cross. Water knows no boundaries.                              time!”
Unwanted water can be invasive; for example in a flood when the
boundary-less nature of too much water drenches everything and                 “A fish may love a bird,
                                                                                but where would they
everyone. Water is always generous. Too much water all over the
place can be destructive, yet to create a fertile environment for life
and new growth on earth, water’s generosity and changeability (as               “I love romance. I'm a
rain, ice and fresh water) is essential. It’s said that all water longs        sucker for it. I love it so
and yearns to return to the Ocean. It could be said that this longing             much. It's pathetic.”
fuels the creative wellspring of our imagination and our desire to
                                                                                  “I used to look in the
return to love.                                                               mirror and feel shame, I
                                                                                look in the mirror now
Your Secret Desire:                                                               and I absolutely love
                                                                              myself. I want people to
        To restore soul to the world by loving everyone liberally, and      love me, but it's not going
generously. To experience your imagination triumph over any                  to hurt me if they don't.”
adversity. To fully believe that angels, faeries, divine beings really do
exist. To glimpse eternity while gazing into your Beloved’s eyes.           “I've always said that one
                                                                                night, I'm going to find
                                                                                   myself in some field
Your Love Charms:                                                           somewhere, I'm standing
•   Your otherworldly beauty. You can play with trends as much as the        on grass, and it's raining,
    next girl but lash extensions can’t compare to having your Third Eye     and I'm with the person I
    open and keeping your chakras clear.                                        love, and I know I'm at
                                                                               the very point I've been
                                                                              dreaming of getting to.”

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