Royal Edict Honoring Joan Smith, Queen of Telecomland by rps19132


									Royal Edict Honoring Joan Smith, Queen of Telecomland

WHEREAS, Oregon PUC Commissioner Joan Smith ascended
to the lofty throne of Chair of the NARUC Committee on
Telecommunications on November 8, 1999; and

WHEREAS, Queen Joan has served the NARUC Committee
on Telecommunications with grace, poise and style; and

WHEREAS, Early in her career, in the principality of Oregon,
Queen Joan helped unleash the telecommunications revolution
when, concerning "Building Blocks," she declared, "Let them
lease loop!"; and

WHEREAS, Over the last three years, Queen Joan led her
loyal subjects through complex and politically challenging
battles both on Capitol Hill and at the FCC; and

WHEREAS, In her role as Chair, Queen Joan artfully
articulated the views from throughout the kingdom on
telecommunications policy, often representing NARUC in
congressional hearings, in the media, in national policy forums
and in negotiations with the FCC; and

WHEREAS, In meetings with high-level congressional staff,
FCC commissioners and her fellow colleagues, Queen Joan
was the only public official who could use Dr. Seuss-like terms
as "caca" and "who-ha" when referring to a particular policy
position that she disagrees with; and

WHEREAS, The elegance of her prose is unmatched and her
oratory skills extraordinary; and
WHEREAS, Her majesterial clarity of thought and grace in
communication is evinced by "inter alia" (quoting her court
minister James of Bradford), her ability to explain jurisdictional
separations in a one-page edict - and get it right; and

WHEREAS, Queen Joan's ability to speak her mind and state
the obvious makes her priceless; and

WHEREAS, Queen Joan's comprehensive knowledge of
Robert's Rules Of Court has enabled her to guide the NARUC
Committee on Telecommunications through the murkiest of
procedural waters; and

WHEREAS, Queen of Telecomland is sadly, not a lifelong
position; and

WHEREAS, The broad vision, leadership, dedication, and
commitment to excellence that Queen Joan brought to NARUC
will be a hard act of follow; now therefore be it

RESOLVED, That the National Association of Regulatory Utility
Commissioners (NARUC) convened in its November 2002
114th Annual Convention in Chicago, Illinois, offer its sincere
thanks to the dedication and distinguished public service of
Queen Joan in her service as Chairwoman of the
Telecommunications Committee. We look forward to her
continued presence on the Committee and ongoing
contributions to public policy. "All subjects of the crown rise and
hail the Queen!"

Sponsored by the Committee on Telecommunications
Recommended by the NARUC Board of Directors November
12, 2002
Adopted NARUC Convention November 12, 2002

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