Edgar Allan Poe Appositives

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					Edgar Allan Poe Appositives
Frances Allan, Poe’s foster mom,
favored him.

                            Ryan Mason
Poe, a gambler, lost most of his
money playing cards.

               Matt Rump
“   No, she is Helen, a goddess.”

                 Miles Garrett
            Maddie Wheeler

Poe married
Virginia, his cousin,
in New York.
         Alexa Zorzi

 Edgar Poe got his middle
name, Allan, from his foster
     Emily Geoghagen

Frances Allan, Edgar’s foster
 mother, loved Poe dearly.
Lee, a friend, asks Edgar why he

         Brad LaSelva
Rabies, a deadly nerve disease, may
have been the cause of Poe’s death.
          Christopher Costa
When Edgar was young, he fell in
love with his friend’s mom, Jane

        Daniel Fabiniak
Poe is best known for “The Raven,” a
             tragic poem.

            Grant Pfost
Edgar wrote to Elmira, another one
          of his lovers.

         Alex Funderburk
The University of Virginia, where Edgar Allan
    Poe went to college, is still standing.
            Hunter Frechette
                                                     From UVA’s
        For more than its first year of operation,   website
        Thomas Jefferson was a living legacy
        among University students and faculty.
        Each Sunday, he hosted students for
        dinner at Monticello. Among those
        students was Edgar Allan Poe, a University
        student in 1826. Poe was among the
        students, too, who journeyed up the
        mountain to pay their respects at the
        funeral of their University's founder, who
        died on July 4, 1826.