Shakespearean Letter Homework Assignment by tdm20058


									Shakespearean Letter: A Homework Assignment

Due Date: Tuesday, November 18th 2008 at the beginning of class.

This assignment will show me that you have gained knowledge throughout the Introduction to
Shakespeare classes about Early Modern English (“Shakespearean English”), particularly about
unfamiliar word order, unfamiliar words, and some Shakespearean grammar (the use of thou vs. thee
vs. thy vs. thine).

Assignment: Write a letter (approx. 2-3 paragraphs long) to someone including the following:
      ___ At least two Shakespearean insults (Make your own from the insult handout/activity)
      ___ At least six unfamiliar words/terms from either of the two Glossaries that I have handed out
          (Translation Exercise and/or “80 troublesome words”).
      ___ All of “thou”, “thee”, “thine”, and “thy”, as well as the correct conjugations for verbs used
          (ie: “thou dost”). You must have at least one of each of these three forms (at least one
          thou, one thee, one thy, and one thine).
      ___ Incorporation of Early Modern English reverse word order (see “Ordering Shakespeare
          Around” exercise).

 This letter does not have to be typed up, but you can do so if you wish. It should be at least two
paragraphs long, and it should “make sense” to the reader. In other words, don’t just throw in words
or forms of “you” or “your” in random places. Try to make sense of what you are writing. Also, try to
not only use Shakespearean words, but also Shakespearean word order, as we learned last class.

 Some examples of this letter could be…
     - To someone with whom you have just had an argument with.
     - To someone with whom you have just fallen in love with (but they do not feel the same way)
     - About an event that has just happened with was scary or immature.
     - To your pet, explaining why you like or dislike him/her.
     - Or a choice of your own.

 You will be marked on this assignment. Your mark will consist of:

       1.        The use of all of the points/terms provided in the assignment description above, and
                 whether or not these terms are used in the correct way.
       2.        The flow of your letter (does the letter make sense?), as well some use of reverse
                 word order.
       3.        The length of your letter. Make sure that you have at least TWO paragraphs, each
                 consisting of at least three sentences. Your letter can be longer if desired.

** Remember that a paragraph is not simply one sentence. It is usually made up of a minimum of three
sentences, and each paragraph usually deals with only one topic, issue, or train of thought.

 If you decide to write a poem instead of a letter:
            - All of the above criteria (at least 2 insults, 6 new words, reverse word order, and the
                use of each thou, thee, thy and thine in the correct form
            - Length: Poem bust be at least 6 lines long (equivalent to two paragraphs x three
                sentences for the letter).

 You can be as creative as you would like. You can decorate your poem or letter to make it look old,

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