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									Zhang Zhaozhong Xiangjie Airshow missile
Zhang Zhaozhong Xiangjie Airshow missile
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Host: friends, Hello, everybody! Welcome the continued attention to
the military's Zhuhai Air Show reports Sohu. Please go to our
studio today is still the familiar National Defense University
professor, Rear Admiral Zhang Zhaozhong comment Airshow us the Aspe
and hot spots. We talk about the topic or the current exhibitions of
various weapons, this issue is mainly carried out around the missile.
Professor Zhang, the second air show a group of Chinese new missile
will be the debut, including the Eagle 400, C705 anti-ship missiles,
C602 anti-ship missiles, do you think the bulk of the collective
appearance of many kinds of missiles, can demonstrate the true level
of China's missiles?
Zhang Zhaozhong: Yes, these are real, because it is not a general
model, is the real thing, is really a kind of launch will be able to
go, and can launch the target destroyed, so this missile have a good
show .
Just now you said that this exhibition of these models, Eagle 400,
C705 anti-ship missiles, C602 anti-ship missiles, these things are
foreign models, the non-military service in China called these models,
which are earning foreign exchange models. What are the
characteristics of these models do? A characteristic is possible that
the Chinese military use of these models, anti-ship missiles, the Navy
may be used, air-missiles, air to air missile Air Force aircraft may
be used, some rockets have may be used by the Army, it does not
matter, it may make them to sell the PLA, the Army, Navy, Air Force,
in this based on the transformation over and then sold to foreigners,
but to go through we agree that this is a class.
The second category, there may be a person engaged in such a thing
should not our troops, or that our military did not intend to buy,
from design, manufacturing is a foreign model, that is, to do
according to the demand abroad for such a missile. Why do about this?
I was looking for foreigners to make money in the world, like Xiaolong
fighters is such, it is also a. Does not matter, I personally think
are good, many countries, Xiang Russia, Sheng Chan's ¶«Î÷
not equipped, its army no money to Mai, is to make production Chu Lai
Wai Hui, since that is a product, these things produce clothing Jiugen
Well the same, but the production of clothing to make money too
little, ah more money this thing, this is an industry, ah, there is a
demand, there is an industry driven ah. One of the objectives we have
a great air show also has commercial purposes, see this we ARG21
airliner, today I see that we posted on the network, the Civil
Aviation General Administration of Civil Aviation of China and foreign
orders for more than 208, a new airliner has not started then, the
United States look to buy a 25, and now has reached 208 orders, which
is more good thing, 25 to 5 billion, this number 100 000 000 208 ah,
this is out of Shanghai, the Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Company
Lesi the. So the aircraft, the missile is an industry, I Yehen hope
foreigners will buy these things and more, to Women's
manufacturer made, more of Wai Hui, Ta Men have more foreign exchang
after the Jiu Jia Tai his own research efforts can be, Shengchan out
better missiles. Why should production of missiles it? Do not think
that Professor Zhang said the old production missiles, missile
production, it is not damaged, no, this weapon can also win the peace
Moderator: Yes, he has weapons, I also have weapons.
Zhang Zhaozhong: Do you have weapons, I have arms, my arms better th
you, he scared, said Zan Do not hit, not on the peace and be proud,
not to say that certain weapons should fight. We have nuclear weapons
to deter the enemy from launching a nuclear war, if not how to do,
ultimately for peaceful purposes.
Moderator: like the display of these products can not represent some
of the best level we do, in which military weapons?
Zhang Zhaozhong: almost, basically the best level.
Moderator: That is our export of these things are also some good guy.
Zhang Zhaozhong: That is definitely good guy, can not say that out of
the People's Liberation Army, not the only export, as
computer-like, let's latest computer is a Pentium, keep
yourself, and to the 386,286 we do not sell to the people who wants
you? 386,286 sell it to you? Certainly is. Aircraft that we now keep
Jian Shi, which is three generations and a half, their use, we sell to
foreigners J-6, Jian Qi, sold to people not ah, you have a good, I
want to Hello, How much, speak . Because this thing is not a joke, to
fight battles, compared to generation and generation, weapons and
equipment, engine performance, handling, there are many indicators,
there is a certain standard, so you can not say that to keep the new,
sell the old people, you can sell to others and others can not ah. I
feel this most of the missiles are on display, this is the most open
one, what the new guy, what good things are on display, you should be
set to sell it to you.
Moderator: It is reported that the first display 704 anti-ship missile
is the hot shooting of foreign journalists, you think this is why?
Zhang Zhaozhong: C704 This missile is the export-oriented,
export-oriented missile numbers basically 6,7,8, export-oriented with
C602, that our troops have installed. C704, just you say anti-ship
missiles, anti-ship missile in this exhibition range is 35 km, 130 kg
warhead charge. There C802, China, flying fish, flying fish missiles,
is fighting ships. These missiles are very good people interested in
the C704 because the missile is the first of a new model, in the past
we have not seen, this time I looked at photos, I did not go to the
site, seems to be pulled an entity model, in fact, in terms of live
and model for similar missile, we feel more fresh.
Moderator: Why do so many people feel that foreigners will not want to
shoot this thing will be to collect information?
Zhang Zhaozhong: You exhibited Well, who would not be afraid to see,
do not still hold partly concealed, were exhibited on the people to
see, this does not matter. C704 of this missile, on our own terms is a
new, and the other has close to real, live close to the 1:1 model, so
that some of the more attractive.
Moderator: Also on display there, said a special weapons and
equipment, guards -2 long-range rockets to reach the maximum range of
480 km, with a variety of warheads, weapons and combat effects you
feel Cikuan how?
Zhang Zhaozhong: The Guardian -2 we feel very powerful, very large
power in the Gulf War, the U.S. has a rocket called the M270, M270
rocket launchers and the United States that guards -2 are similar,
there is a cross-country vehicle chassis, wheel off-road vehicle
chassis or crawler chassis, installed a transmitter box above, the
missiles were fired early into the box inside, rocket Well, it kick
down to the box after the win to recapture another box, another A box
is also mounted a rocket to take this approach reload. One advantage
of the U.S. Well, the box can be installed inside the rocket, rockets
are not guided, but also can be loaded missiles, can be common. The
weapons, the United States to fight the more recent, like M270 to play
more than 70 km, the average in the world can play like a rocket 70 km
even if this is the incredible, I remember, as if the world is not 480
km, and we can play 480 of this km distance from the launch as the
world's longest-range terms, it is one played particularly
Second, the error is said to hit 480 km is not too large, the average
spread larger rocket, such as the results I want to make this goal to
run there, and this is normal, I had to place a point, like the other
side has a tank, I want to make a tank, but the pop-up to be a rocket
plane, spread. What is it spread? I originally went to get a fist
fight you, the results to you there become so, and five fingers out,
had not the power of the. Originally punch can hit, the results go
beyond the five fingers separated, dispersed power, this rocket is the
dry matter. For example the other side there is a connection, even in
a broad spread positions, rocket launchers out, shoot the TV you see
particularly good movie especially good-looking, a whiz of a dragon.
Russian rocket called the "Katyusha" rockets in fact
to mind more big, but scary, in fact, a real missile launch but does
not look good. The rockets can shoot 480 km, and beat the more
standard, but also for a good variety of warheads, such as drilling in
some shells, drill into the underground explosion, take series fuse,
fuse exploded the first level and then a second fuse ReheaterTubes
Explosion, Two hidden underground explosion that took the Department
of enemy killed.
Another incendiary bombs, say, the enemy just hiding inside a house,
preferably a pile Muban Fang, temporary buildings, playing in the past
after the burning, all burning, and Burning the Camps. Another is
bursting shells, for example, armor-piercing, tank cluster pairs or a
bunker, so put it through, and then an explosion in the inside. The
shells of different species, different roles, such weapons in the Army
in terms of suppressive weapons, Army used a weapon to suppress the
enemy, this very powerful in the world of these weapons are very
Moderator: You said there were wheeled crawler that can meet the
operational needs of different equipment, there are many other
ammunition, they can crack down on different objects.
Zhang Zhaozhong: Yes.
Moderator: as China's national defense is defensive oriented,
do you think this type of display missile defense can meet our basic
needs? Still need to add anything?
Zhang Zhaozhong: The weapons and equipment on display is a small part
of the family, which is certainly a small part of the vast majority do
not display, no display reasons, one is secret, there are some other
things too, pull of them. As installed in the Navy's missile,
how ships can pull over, it is mainly for these reasons. China is a
very large country, our land territory has 9.6 million square
kilometers, sea area is 400,000 square kilometers, on top of this
piece are the airspace, missile defense of our airspace, there are
many, and high low, far in the past process, how to defend our
airspace, should have a variety of missiles. Another missile at sea,
to defend three million square kilometers of maritime territory, a
variety of coastal defense missiles, ship-to-ship missiles,
ship-to-air missiles, anti-submarine missile submarines to fight these
very much. These missiles first single-purpose, air, and on the ship,
the potential of different types of missiles, this is a. In addition,
we should have with the different types of missiles, which form the
system. For example, I launch the missile it is on our home on a
missile hit the aircraft, but the missile when the aircraft came to
know how does the plane from which direction it from the aircraft came
to me this place does need more time ? It needs early warning
aircraft, a ground surveillance radar to detect beforehand, found
after the target to tell him that this is a defense and early warning
system. So for China, we still have a lot of no shows in this period.
Moderator: That is a matter of fact our weapons we have or can
basically meet the defense needs.
Zhang Zhaozhong: Yes, our own production of the missile is completely
satisfied with our own defense needs. Now there is a problem we have a
debate, that is because, like the United States in the establishment
of NMD and TMD system, China should not build such large systems, this
is an opinion, to establish such a large system will need to spend a
lot of money. Another, a view that I have the money to engage in
attack, attack is the best defense, I am in your hands before you blow
the whole, this is the way the development of offensive missiles this
is the way . But anyway, China is a vast country, with large land
area, airspace, waters, there are outer space defense, so we need all
types of missiles. Now our missile industry is very good, now for the
defense of our own territory or airspace and the sea to complete this
Moderator: There ks-1A air missile weapon system, from the appearance
point of view on a very sturdy, has it been deployed in the army?
Zhang Zhaozhong: The display when the tender board said, and that
ks-1A is an export signal, called the Red Chinese army packs of 12.
Moderator: actually the same paragraph, called different names.
Zhang Zhaozhong: one is called a different name, then one, the
performance is also somewhat different, export-oriented band radar
that is, with command vehicle, and linkage with a bunch of missiles
with a range of about 40 kilometers, past the radar is scanning
machines , now is the power to scan, so this is a very advanced phased
array radar. Surface to Air Missile development in this regard, China
is a traditional, first with Sam missiles to the United States U-2
planes shot down, we hit over 50 years, so anti-aircraft missiles
which we develop is the fastest.
Moderator: LS-6 missile, still under wraps before the opening, the air
weapons only it covered with cloth booth, do you think is the
intentional arrangement did not come in and tear or a bandage, and now
no one has been saying about your What is the point of view?
Zhang Zhaozhong: LS-6 is the prefix Ray Stone Ray Stone last air show
there is a model that is installed in a missile above the gliding
wing, gliding down with a guidance system after the above, is a
500-kilogram bombs, satellite guided, precision of about 15 meters.
This bomb is very powerful, first low cost, own with a small wing,
that wing is not with the engine, automatic power glide through the
air, freefall gliding down in front of a satellite guidance system to
bring back the wings, there is a wing bomb. The bomb hit rate is not
too high because it is the free fall gliding, the 15-meter accuracy
can be. However, powerful that charge 500 kg, Do not look Missile,
missile very, very long, 10 meters, 20 meters above the 400 kg warhead
fitted for a major general, like the U.S. Tomahawk missile can fly a
thousand km, but only 400 kilograms of explosives loaded, why? Missile
radar to be installed, they have to bring fuel to bring the engine
back, the weight of these things regard the account away. The bombs,
dropped to the aircraft, a shell on the outside, inside was full of
explosives, the explosives, there are many stresses in, say, on a lot
of mixed explosives, steel ball inside, a huge destructive explosion
took one ball killed, There are contained within a small blade, is
also very powerful, able to cut trees. Also can do very thick skin,
burst open after the very sharp, the bunkers, tanks are fried rotten.
No missiles on the missile is thin-skinned, so bomb combat
effectiveness in some areas is very good, this is mine stone bomb.
Moderator: Science and Industry as the C701, C705, C602 and other
missiles, and arranged together, there is no blood relationship
between them?
Zhang Zhaozhong: Let the national production of missiles, and some
companies to produce anti-ship missiles, sea-based missiles, and some
company-to-air, and some production of the ship, and some production
of the sea, such a company decades to carry out a missile, you think
about this company to the light out of the air, this company engaged
in the sea of light, model no matter how they change the internal
structure are similar. For example, my company engaged in a car, this
car may be the SUV, or sports, or cars, a single person, double, and
hatchback, the sedan, the various models, which have similar
structures. Not exactly as we said of course the missile's so
simple, but you think these arguments are so, I changed a lot of what
602,704,802, no matter what is his name, all the missiles have a
radar, the missile has a guidance system for all, All missiles have a
control system, all the missiles have the engine, all the missiles
have wings, all the same thing in, but packs a little more fuel,
engine power smaller, fly close to that fitted more to fly farther,
difference in this place. So kinship that is, the various models are
There is something wrong with the Chinese people do? The biggest thing
wrong with Chinese people is too many and too complex model, the air
show a lot of equipment, to say that I have engaged in out equipment
for decades, a lot of equipment I are very unfamiliar look, model,
too, dazzled , yesterday called the model, today transformed into the
model, and many military fans can not understand is that you simply
can not understand how the matter, this is very troublesome. From his
own terms for a package called other things, can be a new product
launch, but you say your new product with old product any big changes,
nothing changes much, why engage in new , and engage in this kind of
thing after the great trouble. For example, in a standardized,
universal, later parts of the supply and maintenance of all aspects of
bringing a lot of problems.
But so many models out there may be some interest on their
relationship. As the United States, the United States said the missile
loaded up a lot, using many of the world, many with the United States,
the United States is the Harpoon anti-ship missiles, Tomahawk cruise
missile is on it two or three models, we have dozens, hundreds of
models, all you have trouble with the the head. You say we can not
change years of using this model to the United States is, ah, so many
years with Tomahawk missiles, Tomahawk missiles, their performance can
be improved, but not fighting eagles call tomorrow, the day after
tomorrow is the god of war, but they called the Tomahawk, Tomahawk 1,
Tomahawk 2, this can be, my own grandfather, son, grandson down all
this blood. Our problems very annoying, very large military advice,
get a bunch of how to feed only son, the fault is not good, must be
improved. With the integration of the aviation industry to eliminate
fragmentation, cut down the chimney, product integration, technology
integration, the next step may be a little better.
Moderator: Some institutions are mainly distributed.
Zhang Zhaozhong: they are to compete, but to China's users,
including users in foreign countries brings many problems.
Moderator: You mentioned models of progress, the Thunder Air Strike 2
and 3, may be prisoners of war as you say the way is strictly
prohibited, and its laser-guided bombs in the air arms stand quite
interesting, do you think these two models are the biggest trait?
Zhang Zhaozhong: Thunder 2 Thunder 3 is a laser-guided bombs, laser
guided bombs like this, the Chinese problem in the laser-guided bombs,
the 20th century, 60s, 70s at that time, that is, the later the
Vietnam War, Washington was the first use of laser guided bombs, the
feeling that something good. Our country at that time felt very good
laser-guided bombs, and we began to study, study for a long last to
give up the bomb, the interruption of the study, mean 20 years later
we have not engaged, they fell behind. After the Gulf War, we began to
study laser-guided bombs, this time mean that we are a rising star,
although we behind developed relatively late, the results are better.
Thunder 2 Thunder 3 of this laser-guided bomb about 10 kilometers,
about 6.5 meters accuracy is to use 500 kilograms of ammunition, 500
kg heavy bombs, 6.5 meters, precision is very high.
Use of laser-guided bombs how going on? The general use of two
operations is the way, say this is a plane, the plane Yaoda this
objective, the aircraft flew, and flew 10 kilometers away from you
within the cup, when, for example 6 km, 5 km 4 km, when the plane
fired a laser beam to this place, irradiation of this glass, light
cup, dropped the bomb to go, this time flying aircraft while flying,
while irradiation, while throwing bombs, while the coordination of
these three actions , but this time the laser light must be maintained
consistently in this cup, this cup light fly straight, dropped to the
bomb has a feature where it went according to what you, as long as I
did the pilot, this has been shining the laser glass the bombs will
hit 100%, the error does not exceed 1 m, pointing to the cup if I can
go from the hole drilling is very accurate. But you know how much the
pilot to take the risk, about 10 km away from the ground, he hit the
ground, air defense missiles, anti-aircraft guns hit him, he had to be
very good mental qualities for the job maybe he was killed, So this is
a way. The war in Iraq, the Gulf war, when U.S. pilots minimum height
of 60 meters above the ground, so that he can throw a bomb inside the
chimney, four or five above the chimney, fell from the chimney above
the basement throwing bombs Initiation all of a sudden the whole of a
building collapsed.
In order to eliminate fear of the pilot, now what do? Agents to send a
small advance, with a laser transmitter, a few kilometers from the
target when some potential down the aircraft before Come on, this
small pilot to contact the agent and say you where there were also 10
kilometers, he began to take laser target, the pilot would not light
up, the pilot flew over here in the goal by dropping the bomb on the
matter, and this little secret has been emitting laser shining goal,
as long as he has been irradiated to maintain this target, the missile
can be bombed, it also very powerful.
But this thing has great defects, such as under the fog of today, such
as earthquake, bad weather, planes do not fall down, pictures are not
taken down, then laser-guided bombs are useless, and can play such as
the original 10 km, is now also 1 km, 2 km, and therefore the weather
is relatively large. Also, for example, the cup is the goal, find the
enemy came, he wanted to use laser-guided bomb, I am here to burn
straw, a while the people around Shuangliu Airport straw burning, and
causing the aircraft unable to land, burning of straw is also useful
at this time interfere with laser-guided precision bombs. So good
laser-guided bombs, also have this problem, but laser-guided bombs is
not the main direction of development, and as just said Ray Stone used
satellite-guided, satellite, or GPS satellites using the Big Dipper
was well advanced.
Moderator: We have this Thunder 2 Thunder 3, to tell you that those
weapons in Iraq, compared to the performance they do?
Zhang Zhaozhong: Lei, this laser-guided bombs and paving the way for
the United States, 1, paving the way for 2, 3 compared to pave the way
for the United States that accuracy is higher than ours, about 1 meter
to 3 meters. Of course, this is difficult to say, with the
pilot's psychological qualities are related, in general,
precision laser-guided bomb hit accuracy than the satellite-guided
bombs to be accurate.
Moderator: You have just said so many missiles are used for military,
have not used for civilian?
Zhang Zhaozhong: Yes ah, now there is a missile used exclusively for
civilian use, such as a person is sick, there are stones, you can use
a small camera to see a big stone, without surgery, using a missile to
look into the person who cured, people do not feel out of nothing,
which is the medical use of missiles, missile is guided weapons Well,
as for civilian missile others are not, I was just joking with you,
but really at a loss missile. Missile technology into civilian,
because the missile technology in the final analysis, used to head
later, said later from the missile head, said guidance system, a radar
front ah, the radar can be used for civilian ah, the weather forecast
can also be used radar ah, can civil Well, civilian airports, the
radar on many of the Well. Radar target to the incoming command, the
entire communication system, radar and communications systems
large-scale integrated circuits, electronic, this can be civil.
Further behind the explosive, explosives can be mountains ah, mining,
ah, this is not all explosives Well. Then again the engine, the engine
can be civil, materials technology, new materials, alloys, aluminum,
these can be. Missile that is able to produce these technologies, most
of them can be used by the missile if it as an upstream technology,
you can drive a large number of downstream technology, and this led
civilian industrial development to stimulate domestic demand, there
are broad prospects.
Moderator: such as we have the Olympics, the main torch tower, giant
balls, memory tower, white jade plate, etc. How to civilian science
and technology achievements Olympics? And life seems such a great
Zhang Zhaozhong: a lot of those things are the military-industrial
sector development, including the torch, Do not look at it a little
torch, which is a product of high technology, that things are thrown
in the water right, destroy not, there are a lot of small agencies.
Moderator: rain is no problem at all.
Zhang Zhaozhong: go to top of Mount Everest is also all right, Do not
look at it a little torch, a small development of that thing than the
development of missiles is not much greater ease. Just you say the
Olympic torch, where the head was full of many electronic control,
computer programs, there are mechanical operating system, some
automated display system, which are commonly used in military
enterprises technology, these things were used in some of the Olympic
Games technology, many are a microcosm of military technology. Put the
fireworks to the sky, blossoms after the composition of the Olympic
rings, composed of footprints, all kinds of text, you think about it,
if not control how the computer can do it, a high degree of computer
control, control time, and accurate to the millisecond, on the one
hair and the hair to be accurate to the millisecond, so as to form
images of the world, no country can come up with this thing, and this
is the military technology as a transition to civilian technologies.
Israel, the country is small, but it is driven by civilian military
technology, it led him to a high GDP, Habitat now has a 20 thousand
U.S. dollars income, so that he was very rich, military and civilian
integration is a good development.
Moderator: Professor Zhang to We talked a lot today, especially the
military into civilian real eye-opener for us, but due to the time we
end the interview on this, please continue to follow Mr. Zhang
Zhaozhong view the exhibitions program Thank you!

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