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Zhang Zhaozhong Xiangjie Airshow genuine and no weapons

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					Zhang Zhaozhong Xiangjie Airshow genuine and no weapons
Zhang Zhaozhong Xiangjie Airshow genuine and no weapons
At quarter past ten on November 6, 2008 [I Laishuiliangju (25)] [font
size: large, medium]

Moderator: Zhuhai Air Show is hot, and we Sohu military also invited
National Defense University professor, Rear Admiral Zhang Zhaozhong
for us to comment Zhuhai Air Show in the Aspect and hot spots. Today
we talk about the main topic is the third exhibition gives all kinds
of weapons. Today, we say that the main air show genuine and no
weapons. Zhang, Hello.
Zhang Zhaozhong: Hello.
Moderator: Judging from the scene, this exhibitions there are many
genuine display, you find out what exhibitors decided to consider the
authenticity of participating exhibitors or model?
Zhang Zhaozhong: now the main exhibition are two, one is the model,
one is the real thing, the general out is definitely a real thing to
do, that is kind, that is among the first weapons development process
of an idea, then enter the development phase, after the development
stage to do some physical model, prototype aircraft will be done, if
the aircraft is the prototype stage, the demonstrator and test flight,
after the service, like a J-10 this is the kind, if the initial phase
is a model example There is one thing trying to introduce a concept of
a model.

Moderator: AVIC efforts in this exhibition is very large, on the 3rd
hall was "private use", and inside the regional
division of a lot of features, such as air weapons, helicopters,
helicopter real machine, including eight straight, until 9 ,
straight-9H425, etc., do you feel if a family of display of the
helicopter, which models should be included?
Zhang Zhaozhong: If you do a helicopter family, the relatively wide,
and most of the helicopter in accordance with the helicopter mission
to points, with combat helicopters and combat support helicopter, the
helicopter, including helicopter gunships, Apache as the United States
as of, and as our Takenao 10, of course, this did not participate in
the exhibition is to bring some of the armed helicopter reconnaissance
and surveillance systems, as well as air-missiles, as well as bombs.
Sea anti-submarine warfare, and aerial search of the submarine and
combat, as well as ships and combat search. There is also a combat
support helicopters, including troop carriers, the transport of
weapons, transport oil, as well as mine-sweeping helicopters use,
there are other purposes, such as early warning, like the United
States based on the Apache out of surveillance and monitoring , so
much the use of helicopters. Generally speaking, in accordance with
the aircraft's maximum takeoff weight, the sub-heavy, medium
and light three, the lightest helicopters generally 2 tons to 8 tons,
the display of the straight 11 very light, only 2 tons, straight 9
only 4 tons, straight 10 is 6 tons, which are all light helicopters, 8
tonnes. 8 tons to 15 tons are medium-sized, medium-sized helicopters
to China that only straight eight this exhibition, the original was
developed based on the Super Hornet, is and France has developed on
this basis. 15 tons of heavy helicopters generally to 20 tons, China
did not, we really need, the Tangjiashan quake lake rescue helicopter
had 1 m -26, 50 tons to 60 tons, 8 tons of straight 8 only the
largest, such as direct 8 -26 This helicopter can hang two meters,
which is equivalent to 30 helicopter straight 11 weight, so much rice
-26 helicopter, China ready to buy the large number of such
helicopters, the implementation of large-scale helicopter major tasks,
rescue, transportation, or very important.
Moderator: You just said that in addition to those aircraft other than
the current aviation air show in the exhibition, China CH-3 unmanned
strike aircraft appearance, is also a hot spot, will Cikuan aircraft
performance? Best represents the level of what type of UAV?
Zhang Zhaozhong: CH-3 unmanned strike aircraft on display in the booth
a number of technical indicators show that cruise time is 12 hours. Is
the time to fly without refueling in the air after the stay time is 12
hours, maximum flying distance of 2,400 kilometers, can take
two-to-ground missile, the UAV model of stand up in front of the two
missiles, photo there. So it is a big range from the air ground attack
to such a missile, of course, can also carry out reconnaissance and
surveillance. China has a long history of UAV development, like the
sky 1. Was mainly used aerial reconnaissance UAV, filled with the
above cameras, fly to the ground after the photo. Another UAV, the Air
Force treated it as a target drone, unmanned aerial vehicles Holding a
very long behind the target, the original main purpose is this. But
the beginning of the 20th century, after the age of 80 and 90, UAV
development has made great achievements in the war which is now more
widely applied, such as the CH-3 unmanned attack aircraft in the world
is relatively speaking advanced.
Moderator: Representative of China is relatively level.
Zhang Zhaozhong: This is one of the best that can be used in an actual
Moderator: are heavy or light plane flight?
Zhang Zhaozhong: This is a large, because the band two missiles, one
missile you move, can not move, could it take two, you would like to
own multiple, this is a big guy.
Moderator: In addition to other UAVs, such as no boats, no one EOD
robots and other equipment are also a large number of exhibitors, you
think the future prospects for the application of unmanned equipment?
Zhang Zhaozhong: No equipment is how developed? Some of the past are
why do we need them? Because the switch requires people to pull, a lot
of things need people to operate. With computer technology, automatic
control technology, precision guidance technology, and many new
materials, new energy technologies, many begin no control, can be
completely computer-programmed automatic control. I am 80 years of the
20th century to the United States, Americans drove in the desert on
the run, I sat in the car, he drove my car and suddenly turn around
and talk to me, I say go back to chatting in how you drive it? He said
no, my car hit the autopilot, and car after hitting the autopilot can
judge for themselves on the highway traffic, his straight ahead.
Last time I went to England to take the Boeing 747, I went inside to
visit the cockpit, the aircraft is navigating the process, I went
after, there are four individuals, while driving, copilot, navigator,
radio operator and four more, they At the same time turn around and
chat with me, Professor Zhang Hello, I say you fly ah, how to chat
with me then, they say that the aircraft do not open, say, Heathrow
airport from Beijing to the UK, there are GPS, custom come into plane
fly according to the procedure, the number of fixed height, how much
speed, heading, position on the line, no hell, no. Current aircraft,
like the Su-27, including the Su-30, take-off and landing can not
people open, but rest assured we are not now generally pilots, the
Russian people daring, on the use of autopilot system. Such as bad
weather, the eyes could not see the runway, you will reach the blind
down state, the aircraft will slowly find their own runway. No such
equipment becoming more and more severe, with the scientific and
technological development, now have unmanned vehicles, unmanned
aircraft, unmanned helicopters, cruise missiles are unmanned, the
future battlefield is unmanned battlefield, more and more severe,
since no one can reduce the loss, such as following a cave, a
basement, the basement there is a gang of thugs hiding in that place,
this time to a few soldiers if , shouted out his hands, may be very
dangerous, they were killed. But if anti-terrorism robot sent into the
EOD robot or, tracked, and into the future to find themselves, find
the enemy took two shots after the death rattle rattle, and this much
fun. No one went after the robot's remote control by the
people, watching the TV screen can be controlled here to launch the
missile. Very little space in some areas, for example, where a machine
may malfunction, but people get in, you can send the robot in, you can
repair, it is a small place, very dangerous place, there were a lot of
weapons threats or conditions were appalling, let robots do the
cooking, dirty living, hard living, tired of living may have to take
care of some robot.
Moderator: You say live hard, tired, I think of earthquake activity, a
lot of places that were hard to reach places, do not know there was no
access to these areas of machinery?
Zhang Zhaozhong: Sometimes earthquake collapsed a house, there is ver
little space, if there is someone inside the robot exploration into
the future, things like this can be done. Snake-like robot, as long as
drilling herd, snake-like robots have in our country, now at the
research stage, the promotion of a number of issues, many people do
not recognize this, but with the development of unmanned science and
technology is the right direction.
Moderator: It is when you know the earthquake have not used?
Zhang Zhaozhong: The earthquake did not, when the UAV is the
earthquake, but as the robot does not work.
Moderator: It is when you predict these things can be applied to
practice, go?
Zhang Zhaozhong: Now the U.S. has been achieved, and now the United
States is serving in the army very much, like the UAV is an aircraft
carrier and some machine, the manipulation of UAV pilots are the
pilots themselves in the past, control of UAV This is a very high
technology, is the sitting room operation, looking at big screens.
Moderator: fact or pilot operated, but not in the plane.
Zhang Zhaozhong: Yes.
Moderator: This in all of China have?
Zhang Zhaozhong: Yes, the air show on display there.
Moderator: These are also, like you said that the United States, as
compiled into it?
Zhang Zhaozhong: We have edited into a relatively small, the future is
a direction.
Moderator: Jian export aircraft F-8IIM exhibited in this model, you
can talk about this plane?
Zhang Zhaozhong: F-8IIM this is export-oriented, export-oriented
aircraft is the case, the general prototype aircraft, first of all
engage in a basic type, like Jian first came up with a basic type,
then continuous improvement, why improve? Because science and
technology continues to develop, change, such as the original upload
of this aircraft is the first 286 computers, is now out of the
Pentium, we will be installed this, so we'll improve. The
original was first transistor, there are large scale integrated
circuits, and to improve. These computers and electronic information
technology, resulting in the aircraft continuing to replace old ones,
or what the new missile, and the new bomb the need to improve. Jian-II
improved the aircraft, one is to adapt to the needs of the Chinese Air
Force operations, which is an improvement, to improve our level of
modernization, then one has to adapt to international requirements.
The purpose of display as he is a great order to seek foreign
customers, so there should be some improvement.
Moderator: that is exporting the aircraft, you just said that the Air
Force to adapt to our own development needs and the needs of export
and export-oriented domestic use of the aircraft we now have some kind
of difference?
Zhang Zhaozhong: The difference is hard to say, the first aircraft is
a shell, is a platform, for example, say we buy a BMW car, say BMW 3
Series cars, from 240,000 to 600,000, this is a car, are BMW 3 Series,
but why the price from 24 up to 600 000 in case it, or even 100
million? Configuration is different, but you see all open out to a BMW
3 series. I said I want a minimum configuration, the minimum
configuration above, with or without air conditioning, with or without
automatic pilot, with or without a small refrigerator? No, no money, I
240 000, able to open to work on the line, then drove away 240,000.
Said no, I have to install a lot of things above, refrigerators,
reversing radar system, etc. all have to be fitted, then you dig
Aircraft is a platform for different countries, different
configurations for you to do, for example, comfort, ask to take air,
aircraft to air-conditioning, all very good, the money was good, if I
have no money, that the general configuration would be finished. There
are missile, what missiles, want to install data links, radar to how
far, depending on the configuration ordered. Export-oriented,
according to some countries may require a lower profile, they spend
less that some countries require a little higher profile, the more
money, so that with this platform, continuous loading up different
things, so It is not the same price. Chinese Air Force and foreign
equipment is different, because our enemies are, the objective of
combat, combat environment, aircraft geographical and climate
conditions are not the same, such as our Jian want to configure
operations in the Xinjiang region, that is very Well, Xinjiang is very
dry, not too much how rain, visibility is very good, no fog, so the
performance of the aircraft is very good. If Jian-configured in the
coastal areas, that not, all large salt spray, the damage to the
aircraft on the large, to consider this factor, so here are the
technical requirements first.
Moderator: You said in the display model of the shell only, if the
foreign import demand would still be in accordance with the
Zhang Zhaozhong: Yes, different countries, different needs to be
Moderator: Science and Industry Group unveiled a very strange shape of
aircraft, called the TX-1 wing aircraft, from modeling are more
futuristic look, you think it's used for?
Zhang Zhaozhong: This butterfly craft that I have said, many display a
concept model, first of all start with theory, demonstration,
demonstration in a concept, the concept of the future through a
computer simulation theory, simulation generated after such a kind of
shape, TX-1 butterfly, and some out of the way as the B2 stealth, and
these things are the manufacturers themselves out of a gimmick. For
example, I engaged in this kind of thing to tell you a very weird
shape, if you want I can give you research, you produce, under normal
circumstances this kind of thing people do not have any orders,
because it is far from useful . For example, the ARG21 civilian
airliner, the U.S. set a 20, spent 50 billion on top of this thing
certainly did not put a model who orders, must be the use of real or
megabyte. The rules as the United States to say, I am doing out of the
new weapons have to go through actual combat, to fight a real fight on
the battlefield, combat to show that line to buy, not that you let me
get something out of a sale, if not do how do ? Can not say that
companies come up with a thing to buy my army, so that this
intermediate also verified.
Scientific and technological innovation, innovative weapons, many of
which are derived from this model is that this imaginative, first,
this strange idea. You like the Bird's Nest, as the
international theater, watching a very beautiful appearance, first
there is this weird idea that if say the shape designed to nest on the
moderate and the design of a building or a matchbox Chinese temple
building, tenders simply vote no on the whimsy is an entry point, a
very important starting point, and I won the bid through this thing,
and immediately started after winning a design, I can design, can
design it, and I could make out, can create be able to fly out, this
is a process.
Moderator: How long does this process?
Zhang Zhaozhong: This occurs in large-scale arms to ten to fifteen
years, but for such a small vehicle can become successful in terms of
one year, such as the TX-1 butterfly the vehicle was to order that I
want to order, first hit 10 million next year, once we come out, the
problem is not a little one year.
Moderator: Actually, now there is technology, and is the money?
Zhang Zhaozhong: Yes, he is also there, other technologies can also be
transferred, and he is productive, theoretical research has clearly,
but that is not being paid.
Moderator: So he came up with a model, you might be interested in your
money over to vote I will give you production.
Zhang Zhaozhong: Many self-employed farmers the production of a small
plane I think is very cheap, only 50 million, then bought the BMW,
Mercedes-Benz do? I would like to Beijing, I will also learn to fly an
airplane, so Beijing traffic jam, 500,000 aircraft, buy a forget to
spend 500,000 to buy a little more fun driving the aircraft itself.
Moderator: The plane with the normal car-parked in parking spaces.
Zhang Zhaozhong: definitely have to have the airport, propeller Well,
safety, flying more slowly, it is also stronger than the traffic jam
ah the future, Beijing may be about 600 meters of all aircraft.
Moderator: I am the future ah. Science and Industry Group, the
Technology Group in the eyes of the people are all high-tech stuff
might even use their own products do not realize is that these two
groups do you think of this situation is how it formed? Or less
because of historical reasons for publicity?
Zhang Zhaozhong: Science and Industry Group and Technology Group,
points out just a few years ago, two groups now that have to merge
together for a long time to divide, long period of division and it
does not matter, this is the institutional problem. They all belong to
military enterprises, a step further recalled recalled, a few decades
ago they were soldiers, the production of military products, and after
a military uniform as the people off, but still produce military
products, military products they produce are confidential, so these
people speak, act, do things very carefully, confidential When
you're used to. Then we engaged in conversion, they began to
own military to civilian use, began producing a number of cars,
washing machines and other appliances, so slowly to opening up. Three
years of reform and opening up this year Well, we three decades of
reform and opening up a large part of the opening of national defense
technology industry, on the one hand is going out to foreign, on the
one hand is open to civilian products.
First, the Science and Industry Group and Technology Group who is the
cause of the National Aeronautics and Space made a tremendous
contribution to them, people do not know that they, in fact, I contact
them a lot, I've been there many times to them. They have a
strong scientific and technological strength, the strength can be used
to produce missiles, aircraft production, the production of aerospace
products, manufacturing rockets, which we all know, including the
Shenzhou series of spacecraft, but it's a lot of civilian
people do not know, a lot of things are civilian, and they also issued
shares of listed companies. From the development of speaking, the
normal should be the military should be a driving civilian production,
for example, I now produce long march rockets or satellites or
missiles, a missile technology on very complex computer systems,
large-scale integrated circuits, materials , a series of guidance
technology, etc., can be used in civilian, I use the
military's high-tech research and then used in civilian
industry to go, the production of refrigerators, washing machines,
cars, etc., can, on the development of civilian industries drive our .
Countries are now proposed to stimulate domestic demand, the financial
tsunami, the financial crisis in this case we have to stimulate
domestic demand, stimulate domestic demand, led civilian military,
this is a very good direction for the future development of civilian
products can also promote the development of military products, called
combined military and civilian . For them, the less publicity, but
they really have done a lot of work to do in civilian products which
are very good.
Moderator: We say that a more interesting topic, do you think how to
distinguish air show in the spy and the general audience of ticket
buyers, you also participated in many exhibitions, chat with them,
talking you can hear some doorway it?
Zhang Zhaozhong: Generally not tell, spy on his head did not read the
word "I Spy" does not wear a special uniform, and no
printed documents, "I Spy", difficult to
distinguish. Generally these people have such features, one is
elusive, for example, when people from the main entrance door in
progress, he may from under the door, the tunnels or other places into
the invisible. Unlike ordinary people like, let's press, like
the military Department of Sohu, I think they all went to the air
show, we journalists are all above board, people go booth you how and
how that is fair and square asked. They always engage in sneaky, like
secretly recorded something, or steal parts like 007-like, keep their
whereabouts hidden.
There is also a feature of some secret that he especially liked about
things, like we do interviews, talk to a lot of things today, in fact
all things related to confidentiality, but I will not say I killed
those top secret things, you say I know do not know? Know ah, but I
can not say, I do not say you do not ask, you are conscious, since
Zhang did not say do not ask, because it involves national security.
Spy Kids are different, you ask I do not say, then how do? Professor
Zhang, I ask you to eat it, it gives you a red envelope, send gifts
you point it, you talk about Jianshi fly far above anything, there is
no stealth, there is no confidential performance, the continuously ask
you some specific things you do not say he was straining dig you, so
very intractable problems, obviously with ulterior motives. Privacy
things always ask ah why should not ask do not ask, the questions
about these things for? Spy!
There is also a class, monetary transactions. This is easy, you speak,
I would like to know this stuff inside and pretend to be missiles, you
speak, so much I'll give you money. For example, here is
information on how much of a page, such as 100 yuan, or else 1000, 10
000, well, the information to me, you take the money and run, such
things usually are not good dry . A copy essays that amount of money
stolen materials, there is a problem.
Also, online through QQ, chat Fishing sets of information. The
performance of you who know Jian Shi ah, this person said, I know. You
know how long, wide, and pretend to be the missile? This simple, I
tell you. What is mounted above the new missiles? I do not know which
expert to tell me? And then tell you that what what was inside. This
is a fish, you tell me information, I give you to send money, there
are many spy network.
Very open to the air show, a lot of equipment on display, this is a
very good thing, but we talked about at this level can only talk and
asked more we do not know. That is, if the kind of endless agonizing
spy on these things very dangerous.
Moderator: Anyway, had to ask much more carefully, that I do not dare
to ask you to too much.
Well, as time is on today's show here in, please continue to
pay attention Zhang Zhaozhong general view the exhibitions. Thank you!