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									Zhang Hongliang blog excerpt (6)
251, from the 30th anniversary of President Hu Jintao's speech
to Obama's victory speech, to Medvedev's State of th
Union, clearly reflects the world left has become an irresistible
historical trend, the CPC Central Committee also follow the world
trend of decisively abandoned for 30 years, the slogan of the
anti-left. China has been aware of the extreme right-wing forces,
continue to fight against the left's slogans of Mao have been
powerless, combined with Mao Zedong Thought, a prairie fire, burning
to the ruling and opposition parties have once again cover the vast
land inside and outside, only to take the extreme approach can be
effective. So they chose the fascist extreme means to worship Mao as a
cult, the cult of Mao Zedong's people as cults, that is,
repression and killing people for the future manufacture of the
political preparations for a legal opinion. Many people today may be
hard to accept our reminders and warnings, just like 30 years ago, it
is hard to accept the workers laid off from bankrupt state-owned
enterprises as a reminder.

252,30 years, Western countries have kept the two running dogs in
China: an economic lackeys of neo-liberalism, the main task is to
introduce China's economic colonization of the trap, the
current goal has been achieved, neo-liberalism being returned to the
kennel, in the the pleasant enjoyment of the owner of the reward;
other one is the liberal faction of the running dogs of
constitutional, because the liberal Western countries are kept as
pets, not really liberal, so we called it pet liberal. This task is a
running dog of the Chinese political split into quarters of
non-federal. Divided the Chinese into an important means of federal,
is the manipulation of the masses of street politics, the manipulation
of the masses is the biggest obstacle to people's worship of
Mao, so anti-hair will become the main task.

253, they all faiths who are branded as Mao Zedong is the
ultra-leftist elements, but our stand is very simple, that is,
political freedom and democracy enjoyed by the elite extended to all
the people, the economic differences between rich and poor limit to be
honest labor and honest within the scope of business. This is a
despicably low minimum requirements, that is, the despicably low
minimum requirements, causing their crazy hatred, right-wing elite in
the formation of the public on behalf of leftist hatred of mortal life
and death. You say that even this requirement is extreme left, extreme
left how to not only upon the request? I remember Lang said:
"I am trained in the bourgeois capitalist economists, in
Western countries are right I have, but in China I was surprised to be
called the extreme left, shows that this community has the right to
what extent.

254, China can not be achieved home ownership, as was the same land to
the tiller can not be achieved in China, not because of land and
housing shortage, but because land and housing has become a minority
share of social wealth for the community.

255, ancient and modern history of China's comprador Group is
the only rely on their own looting (only the internal exploitation of
other countries) developed interest groups, domestic and criminal
nature of the robbery and brutal force people to believe in the cult
nature of the legal system, determines life and death confrontation
between them and the people's political stance. This comprador
group generally has substantially the same family structure that I
have (or had) the power of boundless, his son with boundless capital,
grandson of a boundless freedom (identity and property abroad).

256, whether a revolution or riots, peasant society and the civil
society is not the same logic, peasant society is not only in the
kitchen when things will revolt, civil society is something to the
table when eating is not fair to the table will lift rebellion, this
is the nature of the rebellion two different logic.

257, first proposed Chinese characteristics, mainly to distinguish the
traditional socialist; was stressed with Chinese characteristics,
mainly distinguished and world development trends; whether the
socialist or earlier call was called on the current trends, all known
as the extreme left thoughts and be firmly rejected. It can be said to
create a modern society such as the socialist political civilization
advanced, the fairness and justice in human history, such as
outstanding cultural achievements, all marked with the stigma of
far-left to complete the negative, the rebellious world development
trend of the small number of people the plundering of the public
called the reform, is China's ecological brink of collapse,
social conflicts are arising, the main source of moral and ethical

258, turn of the century era of economic globalization and the arrival
of mass politics, from the two countries has changed the
characteristics of predatory wealth: on the one hand, economic
globalization has changed the concept of wealth. Wealth is no longer
an agricultural society, as did the main and associated land, and no
longer like the industrial society and the market as the main link,
while the main link and the rules; as long as the control of the
international economic rules to control the international distribution
of wealth. On the other hand, the mass looting of the political times
have changed and the means of wealth, wealth and land associated with
the agricultural society, rely mainly on military means to plunder the
wealth; in wealth and market linked to industrial society, and
plundered their wealth mainly rely on economic instruments; in wealth
and rules associated with the present era, mainly depend on political
means to plunder the wealth. American virtual high level of economic
development and globalization process in the dominant position, making
it the plunder of wealth means the world's most advanced
countries, two primary means to incite division and Zhizao corruption.
Through these two means to control officials or heads of other
countries, forcing them to comply with the U.S. national interest to
develop the rules and policies.

259, Western plot to dismember China's strategy has not
changed, but the outbreak of the financial crisis forced the
implementation of this strategy attempts earlier. First, they can not
accept the thirties during the Great Depression in the history of the
rise of the Soviet Union took the opportunity to repeat itself in
China, China must shift to the crisis, the Chinese became the biggest
victim of the crisis. Second, in any case they can not allow China to
become the second in Russia, we must remove the Chinese nationalism
and nationalism.

260, China 2 trillion dollars foreign exchange reserves actually
misappropriated more than 70% product to the United States and Europe
and other developed countries, is the "use of wealth for
stability," the result of this development model. The United
States and Europe will use this way to eat Chinese. Bush, saxophone
Sarkozy, Merkel and other Western leaders and both are well versed in
financial masters of this Road hunting. Especially the United States,
on the one hand manipulation by the Secretary of State Condoleezza
Rice, the separatist forces and democratic forces in China to make
trouble, the other bills by the Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson took
to China checkout. Can be said that the current liberal constitutional
faction, has become the West extortion and seized the main tool of
wealth in China.

261, and the people alone to worship Mao Zedong, and why? Very simple
because Mao represents the interests of the people, the
people's memory of Mao Zedong, reflecting the interests of the
people call their own. As to worship Mao Zedong is the
people's ignorance, an indication of the so-called
constitutional faction shameless, they can deceive the people, the
people's choice is great; when they can not deceive the
people, they curse the people are stupid. When people muddle along
with Deng Xiaoping's run, they passionately shouted the
people's choice is everything; when people wake up again when
the return of Mao Zedong, they cursed the people are
"ignorant people" and the cult followers.

262, the evolution of China's social contradictions can be
said that China's reform and excellent teaching double play:
the banner of the Communist Party of robbery name of the people; when
people anger broke out, quickly took off the cloak of the Communist
Party, Social Democratic Party put on clothing, and the Communist
Party made a clean break successfully avoid the liquidation of the
people; and then set off on the liquidation of the Communist Party,
through legislation criminalizing the advocacy of communism, the total
elimination of centralized and people from both the threat of
revolution, in the ruins of the Republic of future generations forever
enjoy peace.
263, Mao's China, the first systematically elaborated in the
theory and future of society to adapt to the public political culture,
and preliminary experiments carried out during the Cultural
Revolution; now the United States has already begun practice in the
public political culture of the system.

264, pseudo-liberal political reform in China trilogy began: the first
step: first pretext of human rights denied China's
sovereignty, the Chinese into a loose federation, the introduction of
the United States and Europe and other Western countries to the
respective rule; the second step , then the banner name of the rule of
law deprive people of human rights, legislation banning the advocacy
of communism and Mao Zedong Thought, Mao Zedong Thought as
humanity's cult, the cult of Mao Zedong Thought, able to lead
a cult followers, the same as with the terrorists criminals; the third
step, under the banner name of maintaining social order, on the
courage of the people against the repression and massacre. This is not
our forecast, but the extreme right-wing forces in China, planning,
going on the outgoing U.S. President George W. Bush, in 2007 the
so-called victims of communism memorial's inauguration speech
on constitutional reform in China depicts a rough outline The bloody
road map.

265, China has formed a very special human history, economic system,
neither public nor private ownership, I do not know that it is
appropriate public-private system, won an individual, loss of a
country. This is extremely rare in human history geek, this geek is
particularly suitable political, economic and cultural elite of the
society rule. China today has become a haven for the elite few can do
whatever they want, abuses.

266, Husband economy is the most important features of today'
Chinese economy, both as a toll road, including the commercialization
of the privatization of public resources, including the root, is the
result of the privatization of public resources to the
commercialization. Earlier period, some people will be summed up as a
crony capitalism, but people tend to be linked to crony capitalism and
centralized, mistakenly believe that by eliminating centralized, we
can eliminate crony capitalism. In fact just the opposite, elite
economic capital and Husband is not only a product of centralized
instead, he is exactly right to the centralized government's
historic victory is the result of centralized government power over.

267, home world is the core concept of Chinese political culture,
Chinese history, all of tragicomedy is carried around the home world,
home of the world different to the fate of Chinese history and the
people, causing different effects, can be summed up into three
categories: Real world, official home world, we the world. Real world
is the centralization of power-driven world, accounting for about
two-thirds of the unity of the period of Chinese history, the world
belongs to the Royal; Authoritative officials the right to lead the
world is dominated, accounting for about one third of the division
period, the the world belongs to local administrative officials; all
the world is the civil rights led the world, only in China under Mao
Zedong led a very short time.
268, state officials and national rights of the traitors of, is a pair
with the total history of the twins died, the official right is the
traitor of the political roots of a traitor is the right of government
to reflect the culture.

269, in fact, what the Chinese elite do not believe in Marxism, as
Marx described it: "They neither believe in God does not
believe the devil is a gang of wandering in the door of hell with hell
are not eligible to wretch." Some people may say that they
still have faith, at least they believe Deng. Indeed, almost all elite
members of the Deng Xiaoping's open mouth is closed, claiming
that they have done is guided by Deng Xiaoping Theory. However, as
long as they look at the recent cry will find that they Deng Quanbu
call is focused on "Do not argue," on, and use it as
Based on the many conspiracy petition, asked the central principal
leaders of the use of Guo Jia Na Yang as the year Deng Xiaoping regime
force played down controversy. After hitting a brick come together to
instigate chilly wind point wildfire, attack is the central political
line, and even cursed at the Communist Party is "not
registered in the illegal organization", which is
"Western Hills" the nature and origin.

270, "Hundred Flowers", this intrinsic defect
People's Democratic Movement decided to defeat her quickly.
First, the Communist Party, "I conquer the world I
sit," the traditional forces very strong, strong enough to be
able to except any opposition other than Mao Zedong, easily crushed
into powder; two means of communication was the decision not to take
part in airing people, and are mostly hostile to the people's
interests, hostile to the people's revolution of the
intellectual elite, they quickly put into extreme conflicts, proposed
to the Communist Party to step down. Opposition within the party as a
basis to Mao Zedong's showdown, the horns of a sudden the
political dead to Mao Zedong, Mao Zedong forced forced to this
cultural movement, has become the anti-rightist political movement,
its political opponents took the opportunity to expand the
implementation of the anti-rightist of, and one night hundreds of
thousands of rightist intellectuals, not only a heavy blow to Mao
Zedong, but also crack down on the intellectuals.

271, extreme right-wing forces in China, deceptive, is the most
extreme right-wing forces always hold high the banner of beautiful
decision. We review the state-owned enterprises trilogy will know.
Originally state-owned enterprises reform slogans and the slogans of
political reform today as very beautiful, to tell workers that aims to
revitalize state-owned enterprise reform state-owned enterprises to
allow workers to get rich; there is no reform of the workers believe
that the end result is the privatization of enterprises and workers
laid off from home; so the workers resolutely followed the path of
hell. The first step to implement bonus management, workers began
joyfully; director contract to implement the second step, the workers
began to moan and groan; The third step is the implementation of
property rights reform, workers began to cry-day looting. However,
late, and then dares to whom firmly against the repression, until the
"Property Law" an introduction, think of the workers
get back their share of property, destruction of civilization and
becomes a terrorist and reactionary rule of law mob. A Laoshibajiao
workers was so reactionary mob. Do not want to become a reactionary
mob would have when grandchildren will have no other choice.
272, led China's reform and neo-liberal economists, jurists
pseudo-democracy, pseudo-liberal political scientists and so on,
almost all trained by the Americans, and not the individual trained,
but the whole entire organizational structure establishment nurtured.

273, the educated elite in the formulation of reform programs, the
main task is the introduction of Western management under the guise of
fairness and justice for all things clean and all filters. Wall Street
companies such as the introduction of incentives, only Wall Street
boss to introduce the wage system, wages must make a clean filter; the
introduction of independent director system, they talk about
intellectual elite can enter the business decisions, and to the
independence of independent directors of filtered out. Second, the
political elite in the implementation of the reform program, then
freed by the justice gap areas filled with a variety of illegal and
criminal behavior, criminal behavior originally openly into the legal,
institutional track, to become legal behavior.

274, the most shameful human history the most vulgar theory is that
the elite of China's reform of ownership and the right to use
the invention separation theory. The reason why the original Ximen
lose his head, because did not invent the theory of reform so
shamelessly dirty, otherwise, to occupy Pan Ximen can confidently be
interpreted as a separation of ownership and property rights reform:
Wu Dalang has ownership of Pan; Simon Pan Qing have the right to use.

275, medieval Western countries have formed similar to the current
structure of China's Triangle: religious right, imperial power
and the intellectual separation of powers. Confrontation between the
three major forces in the social structure, power is only the help the
most vulnerable people in the power of intellectuals to be able to
teach with great power and contend with imperial power, the power to
help people, it must represent the public interest, which in the
objective on the intellectuals and the people together, so that
European intellectuals have historically been a public advocate.
Medieval Europe, the three forces of mutual restraint, the natural
formation of the later history of European countries based on the
separation of powers, checks and balances until today this community
is still quite successful. The triangular structure is precisely
China's anti-intellectual elite, political elite and economic
elite, not checking each other, but form a powerful triangle of
interest, to unite against the common people.

276, the Chinese elite can be attached to the external basis of only
three: the masses, feudalism and Western capital. Mao Zedong during
his lifetime efforts and explore all that is wanted in China's
elite and the masses together, with the masses of the people on this
basis, China's elite will be full of historical
self-confidence. However, the weak and the bloodthirsty history of
mettle, the Chinese elite rejected the guidance of Mao Zedong, in
feudal society no longer exist, the conscious dependence base in the
western capital, the group led by the community evolved into the
external dependence Group and the traitors of the comprador group. As
prostitutes can only meet the clients to achieve their goals, as only
the elite of China's reform can be achieved by meeting
foreigners own development. In fact, the reform and opening up the
words in itself a reflection of China's reform and elite
extreme inferiority and lack of confidence, in their view, the Chinese
he can not be anything, not even engage in the reform, open to
foreigners only through the guidance can be achieved China's
reform and development of reform and opening up, so only then words
closely tied together.

277, Chinese forces led by extreme right-wing traitorous people a
corner dare to die, first, because their relatives and property have
been transferred overseas, I also arranged a retreat abroad; Second,
because the 30 years they have successfully resisted and the violence
violent revolution demonized. People now understand that only 30 years
of violence demons demon revolution they have been the real objective
is to be able to divide up arbitrarily deprive people of property and
lives of the people. With the right political elite can dominate the
social and economic elite can dominate with capital social, and
cultural elites to dominate society by virtue of knowledge, except
what the people do not only have given the physical nature is, use it
to work daily to make a living, chaos When using it to violence and
survival. So as long as the violence destroyed the legitimacy of
violence demonized as the greatest evil, people who are free on the
only horse cattle and sheep slaughtered pigs.

278, while the Communist Party and corruption to the people separated,
but it can not eliminate people's longing for communism;
corruption eroded the Communist Party's organization only, but
can not be eroded by the communists for generations to come.

279, the general rules of SOEs in this trilogy: The first step is to
become employees of state-owned assets, the collective assets; second
step is then the collective assets into private assets; The third step
is to domestic assets into foreign assets, total The People's
Republic of China out of the legal and institutional constraints, to
achieve "chrysalis butterfly" the whole process.
280, the so-called Chinese characteristics, hospitals: patients with
disease that doctors are under medication, but the list of drugs under
the Medicare drug; all Medicare drugs not listed on the list, even
life-saving medicine to the illness and must not use immediately;
Similarly, all Medicare drugs listed in the list, even if it is not
the same as to life-saving, but also choose to use only one. In other
words, China's drug treatment is not what doctors have the
final say, but government officials have the final say.

281, has now formed a steely vicious circle: the more state-owned
assets were carved up crazy, the government health care costs for
people less; government less medical expenses, drug control more
strictly the doctor; on drug control more doctors strict, the more is
to remind doctors, not drug treatment is a means of economic
instruments; since the drug is the economic means, doctors can only be
effective priority, both in patients with or simply ignoring patients;
doctors more regardless of patients, hospital doctors on the benefits
of The higher the more the development of the medical profession, the
greater the results of reform and opening up.

282, China is now the elite of these reforms, and put them to any
country in any period of reform, they gave him nasty dispositions
determined only roadside litter, which can be free to rob the Chinese
state-owned assets and the occupation of the people property of the
public idol, not only to play with the women around and brought his
wife and daughter about the millions of people into forced
prostitution plaything. If China is not the problem, they can so
brazenly grabbed endless play down; a problem if China can turn to
foreigners, they immediately embrace; if foreigners account for the
Chinese to stay in China when they were traitors; if foreigners failed
them When foreigners go to state in exile. This is why the elite of
China's reform collaboration foreigners selling out the
country are always sold out the root causes of the nation.

283, the so-called management buyouts, is the state-owned enterprise
managers to determine their own prices to sell to themselves. The most
absurd is the so-called acquisition, but here is a concept borrowed
from economics, in fact, not a penny. Or to not get their own business
bank mortgage loans to purchase; or to use less than the future
profits of their own to offset; or simply does not appear, from trust
and investment company for acquisition; so many ways, their common
characteristic is that do not pay a penny, the money with the
acquisition of state-owned enterprises State-owned enterprises, as
your nanny family home in a drawer with the money you buy your house.

284, Chinese history, there are two magnificent property rights
reform, the first year the local tyrants and sub-field of property
rights reform, and the second is sold state-owned enterprises reform
of property rights. The latter is the history of the former
settlement, as the latter is "the last laugh the best
laugh," the liquidation of those, the latter far more than
the spectacular scenes of the former. Like Marx, "Revolution
is the biggest festival of the people" as sold state-owned
enterprises to become China's rich history, the biggest
festival, both of the officials, businessmen or academics to form the
iron triangle of each one are excited put green eyes.

285, the entire process from the state-owned enterprises can be
clearly seen that the ultimate privatization is a completely
premeditated and planned extremely clever design process. The trick is
that, each step is dead end, and the export of only one, absolutely no
second choice. The establishment of the Soviet Union Nikita Khrushchev
first comprehensive management model, to force state-owned enterprises
on the road, and naturally form a dead-end on how to get rid of
state-owned enterprises reform; by the increased cost of doing
business reforms starting bonus mode, the operating profit can only
choose contractors responsibility to care system; profit contract
system necessarily destroy the technical basis of state-owned
enterprises, the maximum that could allow more workers laid off, the
state and the workers also suffered heavy losses; Yao Gaibianjingying
Zhe Sun Hai dominate the world business Geju the owner's
interest, we can only Shixing stock ; while state-owned enterprises
"Old Three" and the shares of companies
"the new 3 will be" completely different between the
decision-making is bound to the formation of Bu Ke Qi Ye to reconcile
the internal conflict for the Shares to the company Gen Ben Bu Keneng
normal Yun Xing; Zucheng decision Jiegou the state-owned enterprises
party committee, trade union and workers congress to form a stock
company decision-making structure of the board of directors,
shareholders and the board of supervisors, the length and weight
between the two as the same is not about children, as decision-makers
of the only two Select a room: either back to the beginning complete
nationalization, or the implementation of full privatization; addition
to no third option. As long gone back to the road of nationalization,
policy makers only option is to accept only a comprehensive

286, China since ancient times against usurpations of the basic
experience is getting rid of. By Riot in Ara, Riot is the means, Ara
is the goal. And China's fight against usurpations of the
methods, the basic experience of Western countries is the weak hoe
strong transfer payments through the state function, the strong help
the weak part of the money to take over. Looking back on history you
will see, the history of China's Golden Age of any long-term
stability, long-term prosperity of Western countries after the war and
stability, there were not effective against usurpations results.

287, China there are two totally different nature of corruption, a
bribe is corruption crimes committed personality type characterized by
corruption, the other is usurpations type system characterized by
corruption. Nearly 30 years of economic reform to China fully into the
history of wealth among the major reshuffle of the economic chaos.
Subversion of the basic economic system of society all usurpations,
more than the elite giants in human history, the most daring wildest
imagination. In this kind of "chaos, your Changba me
play" Fortune chaos, the simple job-related crimes against
the personality type of corruption, not only for the usurpations of
the system, type of corruption is not a deterrent instead, he will
maintain the position they are clean cases, more secure enough to go

288, Chairman Mao once said before his death, the Cultural Revolution
was an exercise, what exercises? First of all, exercise is the
revolutionary spirit of this fearless! Beginning of the Cultural
Revolution, Red Guards would propose to carry forward the
"Five am spirit", that is, to think, say, daring to
do, dare to revolution, the courage to rebel, how majestic it is a
fearless spirit! Our nation, our Chinese people, we Chinese Communists
have been able to clean up the mess on the decline in the century the
rise of the nations of the world, rely on is the spirit! Today, we
need this spirit even more, today's China again to the
critical moment of life and death, the Chinese once again to the most
dangerous time!

289, China's hatred of the rich to the poor becoming more and
more extreme, the central government weak and the Outlook on the one
hand, the policy of cutting their cake, causing the beast they are
more and more hatred, on the other hand they sweep Volume I of the
world such as the usurpations, the formation of a more intense
internal fear, fear of a strong internal bound into a frenzied hatred
for those outside, like the Holocaust can be turned into beasts, like
the soldiers, killing the larger the more fear , the more fear the
more crazy the more hatred, killing even greater scale.

290,30 years of reform and what the elite are always spread hatred of
the rich Chinese people have mental, in fact, on the contrary, the
Chinese tolerance of the rich world is unparalleled, the Chinese
people's hatred of the poor as unparalleled in the world.
Chinese idiom dictionary curse of the rich few, while the curse of the
poor are countless idioms; Western countries from the earliest of
Shakespeare to the present Hollywood Wu, works almost all the bad
things are rich and dry; China 30 years almost all Every day the media
demonize the poor rich in myth; so in China today and the only
exception in today's China, poverty has become a pornography
Robbery, Kengmengguaipian leave most of all crimes and other serious
crimes. "Evil, led by the poor, a hundred good rich
first", people prefer to steal for the Pirates to deceive
into prostitution; rather corruption, demanding bribes for
manufacturing false; rather murderous plague the world; nor want to be
poor. Can be said that the overall decay of society in China today
fall, is this culture of hatred of the poor spread of results.

291, love and fascination with violence, is different from the Western
right-wing right-wing is a major feature. In general, Western
countries do not like right-wing violence, not because the West
right-wing right-wing compassion than China, but the West than China
right smart right. It dominated society achieved through the three
forces: Power, money and violence, because the rich have the power and
financial resources in addition to violence, the poor have nothing, so
long as the violence excluded, it means that tied the hands of the
poor, despite the rich mercy . Therefore, the power of Western
countries in using financial resources to solve the problem, few
choose to use violence and to prevent people from using violence
against violence in the political ethics on the full demonized.

292, now formed a strong group from the iron triangle is also driven a
extreme way to China. China step by step through the construction of a
harmonious society and vulnerable groups to solve the strong conflict
between the realization of a bloodless change the path of development
without upheavals, is being completely blocked. Once the roads were
blocked development of a harmonious society, placed in front of the
Chinese people are the original people of Europe can only be two
historic choice: the dictatorship of the proletariat dictatorship and
fascism. But China's Mao Zedong and the Cultural Revolution
who has determined that China can not go fascist way, but is the
dictatorship of the proletariat and the dictatorship of the
proletariat will not be like the 50's 60's so mild
people's democratic dictatorship.
293, democracy and economic development does not prevent a country
road onto the brutality of the Holocaust. Instead, open the history of
the world will find all kinds of brutality by the extinction 8 million
Indians, trafficking in 8 million black slaves (which killed 6
million), it is precisely the behavior of democratic countries, it is
the pseudo-liberal respected China the merit of
"Mayflower" evil crystal. The reason will become the
world's democratic countries, the massacre in modern times the
main executioner, is that Western democracy is not built on the basis
of the mass people's democratic politics, but on the basis of
the elite group of political democracy.

294, Western democracy paradox fog, resulting in great power behind
the Chinese intellectuals such serious division and confrontation.
Part of the idealist hope westernized path to Europe and the United
States as China's internal democracy has become a powerful
country outside, from the late Qing Dynasty to the present, many
idealists have always dream of the embrace of the power; another part
of the betrayal of people, those who would use power dream, the banner
name of democracy, in Westernized and treason treasonable activities,
to obtain from the Western countries "Conquering

295, conquer Eastern Europe, the disintegration of the Soviet Union,
occupied the Middle East and Central Asia, and finally the Chinese
into a loose internal friction between the Federation, the world most
of the wealth under its control, the EU and Japan were the two
stewards to manage East and West two of the world, let Russia have
fallen into financial traps ICBM force with allegiance to the EU and
Japan on their own, this is a very wonderful world dominated by the
United States of America integrated picture, is hundreds of years ago
to conquer the New World modern upgrades.

296, modern great power contest, battle no longer depends on the
military battlefield, but on the ideological and cultural battle,
depending on the ideological battlefield. To adapt, the concept of
borders has undergone profound changes in traditional national
boundaries is no longer a geographical concept, but as a political
concept, that is, the real borders are no longer located in the
earth's land boundaries, but set In every line of a national
spirit in mind, is every citizen's patriotic spirit.

297, human history, especially the modern history of China shows that
the power of a country's attitude towards domestic treason,
often determines the behavior of hostile state in the country
selection. Power Allied Forces to the occupation of China, because of
the Westernization movement created a powerful comprador forces have
an advantage in the country; the Japanese occupation of China will, as
a traitor to the Chinese forces and the warlords have torn to pieces.
Nationalism in the upcoming conflict in Europe and the United States
can join hands to deal with China will depend entirely on the attitude
of China towards treason forces. If the pseudo-liberals can not kill
this fierce dogs, waiting for the Chinese nation will be the fate of a
very tragic history, the tragic modern history at any level of more
than a tragedy. This pseudo-liberal and fierce dogs slaughtered, was
isolated comprador group will become the focus of attention, the
bureaucracy and the public objective to become one flank of the
political objectives, is conducive to China's early colonial
economy out of the current tragic state.
298, in the economy into private ownership to public ownership,
political Social Democratic Party to the Communist Party is
China's elite throughout the strategic objectives remain
unchanged, and now the first strategic objective has been achieved,
then the second strategic objective is to achieve : Abstract as
President, Pa Memorial Hall, shatter the Communist Party of the signs,
hoist the banner of the Social Democratic Party. Now the process has
already begun, "democracy is a good thing,"
"Only democratic socialism can save China," are all
put forward.

299, Mao Zedong led the Chinese people to fully explore his lifetime,
the current U.S. political incipient bud forms of mass democracy, is
today the supreme human achievements of political civilization,
representing the direction of development of social history is not the
people's will transfer objective laws of social and historical
development. This is a rebellious art historical trend, the
establishment of the dictatorship of a handful of elite groups and
political pattern, or follow the historical trend and establish the
people's democratic mass political model, is the next focus of
the struggle of political reform is lagging behind the advanced power
and strength, revolutionary forces and the reactionary forces, elite
groups and the focus of the struggle between the masses!

300, the Ford Foundation (the Foundation and the United States Central
Intelligence Agency is only a two brand troops) as the representative
of the various Western foundations of financial support, control of
China's reform and teach a variety of extreme right-wing
forces are secretly together to plot the separatist activities of the
Conversion. They are part of the conspiracy's leader, Mao
Zedong was completely demonized. They think that the biggest obstacle
to the masses control the street is the people's worship of
Mao Zedong, Mao Zedong, as long as able to completely demonize the
people and the institutions they control the streets within the
comprador bureaucratic collaboration from within the Group to achieve
the Conversion had 100% certainty. Currently they are soldiers in
three columns, and the comprador elite group by the reform the way the
composition of troops, to continue to intensify the implementation of
economic colonization, the Chinese into Western countries, super ATMs,
for the relief crisis and the plight of Western countries, to
accumulate more wealth for themselves ; by the so-called inner-party
democracy the way the composition of troops, continue to mislead the
media and advisory bodies and political reform in China, increasing
China's lax state, intensified social contradictions in China;
by overseas and domestic pets liberal pro-democracy movement formed
the way troops concentrated their fire demonëÔ󶫣¬ËÅ»ú·¢¶¯½Ö


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