Yuanzhou Rethinking Tourism Development

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					Yuanzhou Rethinking Tourism Development
- Yuanzhou Rethinking Tourism Development

Yuanzhou Tourism Raozong You

In order to better coordinate the campaign heating up Yichun tourism
in recent years, our region attach great importance to the development
of tourism, the emergence of a Feijian Lake National Scenic Area Water
Resources, as appropriate, AA, Jiang national tourism, rural tourism
has rapidly grown in the field of hope, formed Jinquan Farm, White
Horse Farm, Plum Villa and other agricultural attractions. But the new
situation, how to deepen understanding, clarify ideas, identify the
location, form a network, a comprehensive build an open system driven
by the tourism industry, the next step for me in the tourism

First, why should continue to develop tourism

The development of tourism is not only bigger and stronger Yichun
China Excellent Tourism City brand, a comprehensive victory in the
battle to win tourism warming inevitable requirement, or co-ordinating
urban and rural development in our region to promote the new rural
construction, speed up economic and social development of better and
faster internal requirements even more harmonious Yuanzhou, the rise
of a powerful driving force to achieve Yuanzhou. The rise of tourism,
economic development, social progress and improve the comprehensive
quality of life signs.

(A) travel all-encompassing, everywhere, huge, promising.
Currently, tourism has become a comprehensive economic form. As the
core of the tourism industry - tourism attractions, natural scenery,
cultural heritage, sports event can be, and even some political and
economic events can become travel motivation. "Berlin
Wall" after the fall of the Western a while thermal tourism,
economic model had hit Wenzhou, Wenzhou, in the country to study the
rise of the tourist boom; before and after the Beijing Olympic Games
has attracted numerous domestic and overseas tourists to come for
sightseeing. It can be said that any interesting things, may have

(B) the role of tourism development is comprehensive

Tourism is the grasp on the economy. Tourism is not only to expand
domestic demand, stimulate consumption, but also led directly or
indirectly, transportation, hotels, commercial and cultural prosperity
of markets, promote financial, insurance, logistics and other services
and agriculture, industry and urban construction of faster
development. Grasping travel with "Xing an industry, Wang
hundred industry" significant.

Tourism is grasping grasping open. Enlightenment comes from opening
up, open up people's thinking, living and behavior change in
the premise, tourism is an important window open and means. Practice
shows that only a place open to the energy. What is the nature of the
movement of people, there will be to bring the logistics flow, and
wealth flow and information flow.

Tourism is to focus on the environment grasp. Tourism is the attention
economy itself, the image of industry, tourism, food by the
environment. The tourism sector has a well-known formula
"100-1 = 0", meaning that tourists demand is
comprehensive, requires that all processes are satisfied, one did not
do a good job, the overall feeling of the greatly reduced or even

Tourism is to focus on employment grasp. Tourism employment categories
and more, large capacity, low threshold, all the different levels of
labor demand, can provide a variety of employment opportunities. Each
additional one direct tourism employment, indirect employment would
lead 6-7. The development of tourism, to expand employment space, to
achieve local integration of labor, employment pressure and alleviate
social conflicts, and to maintaining the stability of society,
especially in rural areas.

Tourism is grasping grasping harmony. "We should
Jinshanyinshan, but also to Guanghui", the tourism industry
can combine the two. To attract tourists to the city to be green,
lighting, landscaping, rural areas to health, to protect the
mountains, pollute the environment equal to cut off sources of
revenue. Tourism industry also known as civilization, after the
development of tourism in many places, less brutal ignorance, more
polite, Students Donate Sperm gone.

Second, the development of tourism in our region is facing a new

Travel law shows that a country (region) per capita GDP reached 1,000
U.S. dollars, the tourism in particular the rapid development of
domestic tourism. Last year, our province and even the surrounding
provinces have per capita GDP reached 1,700 U.S. dollars, the
city's major source markets in many parts of the Yangtze River
Delta and Pearl River Delta has already more than 2000 U.S. dollars,
or even exceeded 8000 U.S. dollars. As China increasingly perfect
holiday system and the changing concept of human consumption, tourism
has become a fashion, tourism entered a rapid development period.

(A) from a large national tourism development environment, the
situation is gratifying indeed!

In China, after the rapid development over the past decade, a large
city a tourist, tourism county come to the fore, numerous provincial
and even national poverty counties (rural) tourism economy became
county (rural); one from the great mountains and rivers everywhere
"hidden in purdah people do not know" to
"worldwide fame overnight"; development model from
the previous "cross the river by feeling the stones"
to present "Luanchuan model", "Jiaozuo
phenomenon" such as endless; product from the previous singl
Sceneries developed into the current set of great mountains and
rivers, city sightseeing, spa vacation, tourism, rural tourism is
equal to one. "Eleventh Five-Year", China clearly
has the strategic goal of building a strong tourist country is the
central authorities should consider the development of red tourism as
a political, cultural and economic project in, 17 Third Plenary
Session also made to the development of rural tourism as a solution
" Three Rural Issues "an important measure. Tourism
has caused around the party committee and government attach great
importance to have increased efforts to improve the working mechanism,
develop and support policy, introduced to speed up the development of
a decision or opinion. World Tourism Organization predicts that by
2020 China will become the largest tourist destination.

(B) from the city's tourism development trends, can be
described as the situation is pressing!

This year in June, Municipal Xie Shuji special investigations pointed
out that in the tourism, we should ensure the tourism industry as the
city's economic and social development to achieve an important
catch-type industries to foster and accelerate the pace of
development; in promoting the "three battles in the"
on-site office meeting, Mayor Gong Jianhua asked the city to tourism
as the leading service industry in an important position, and proposed
county and city's tourism industry to synchronize temperature
heating. In recent years, Jing'an, drums, Fengxin, camphor, 10
000 are all contained in the accelerated development of tourism, have
set up a special lead agency, selected a group of professionals to
augment the tourism sector, establishment or tourism development
master plan under preparation , will travel special funds, including
the tourism marketing budget arrangement. Fiscal year from hundreds of
thousands or even hundreds of million to support tourism
infrastructure and construction projects, and has published a series
of supportive policies, the basic realization of the tourism sector,
"it was work, money work, something can be done,"
the benign pattern to promote the rapid development of the tourism
industry has laid a solid foundation.

(C) the development of the situation from their own point of view, can
be said to be urging the situation!
Currently, I am beginning to take shape although tourism in the area,
but the six factors and uneven development, tourism industry is also a
weak link in the chain of many, the four indicators in the
city's position is not ideal, is a "model before and
after a chase soldiers. " First, although the clients signed
Feijian Lake, but it is still basically a virgin! Secondly, the core
of the Tzu Chi Temple of tourism development and construction to be
speed, is still a lack of tourism planning, Tsz overall tourism
network construction of the scientific, systematic can not be
guaranteed! Again, discretionary Although Jiang Scenic Area in the
development and management contract by the merchants, but for various
reasons, develop more slowly. Fourth, although the number of tourist
spots in agriculture increased rapidly, but because of lax
administrative examination and approval, there is a big project to set
the blindness of the general lack of planning and management of severe
lag, there are many non-standard, not perfect, improvement of the
problem, greatly restricted its further development.

Third, the main problems

(A) tourism awareness, inconsistent.

In recent years, awareness of the tourism in our region as a whole has
been greatly improved, but still inconsistent, and some people still
do not know the place. First of all, on the moon do not know the
mountain management system in place to adjust. Moon mountain planning
a big shock in my area, many people have been to the moon mountain
tourism as Yuanzhou all, even the moon Yuanzhou tourism as a synonym
for mountain, that mountain to go the moon, there is no tourism
Yuanzhou out first, and also some worried that Yuanzhou do a good job,
the city planning to go on one. Second, understanding of the
significance of the development of tourism is not in place, on
"the development of tourism is economic development, focus on
tourism is to grasp the economy" does not understand the
development of atmosphere is weak, leading them to support the
development of tourism enthusiasm and initiative is not high.

(B) management system is not smooth.

Our region is very rich in tourism resources, but rich in resources,
rich been the same head, forming a de facto "bull management
and those policies," there is no unified philosophy of
development and external image. Different types of property rights
vested in different tourism resources, making tourism, heritage, water
and religion departments and the development of rural tourism,
"the spectrum of all the songs, each singing their own
tune." Difficult to manage the tourism industry can be said
of whether the right things or random steward, steward to the right
but not to mind, making tourism development and protection of the
phenomenon of conspicuous absence and offside.

(C) policy support and development environment is not complete.

"Policy is also a productive force",
"environment is the primary resource." In recent
years, our region's investment environment has been greatly
improved. However, the current land in our region, taxes, and human
resources of preferential policies have clearly failed to meet the
needs of development, preferential policies are not favorable. At
work, some units or individuals not only do not help customers solve
problems, but continued to display their own interests
"authority" and affect the confidence of overseas

(D) Tourism investment is still insufficient.

As financial constraints, our region is still very limited funds into
the tourism industry, together with other investments not rich,
especially in difficult investment paid off, so the overall investment
is still insufficient. Despite the financial squeeze some money each
year for tourism development, but the real needs of tourism
development from very different. Therefore, the tourism industry in
our region has been "stunted", strictly speaking,
"food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping and
entertainment," six elements of tourism,
"ȱ¸ì²²ÉÙÍÈ"; result of inadequate inputs, we d
a full District Tourism Master Plan, packaging, tourism investment,
marketing is still quite backward.

(5), lack of tourism professionals.

All along, our region is the lack of tourism professionals. Currently
I study Travel and Tourism Tourism system, only one person, not a
scenic tour permit, all managers and staff each year of whom very
little business training, management and services are one thinks. Not
to say that only "academic" is talent, but more
needs to learn self-taught awareness, time, and pathfinder. Moreover,
many parts of the Tourism Bureau are in the "All is easy to
ask" embarrassing situation, full of the "blank
checks", all making a living allowances and subsidies do not
guarantee that there was little thought to seek career development,
leading cadres and everyone is worried also the case in our region.

(F) generally low quality of agricultural tourism.

The first is a general lack of planning awareness. Agriculture and
tourism in general the region is still in the spontaneous stage, even
in the disordered state of development, there is a big blind, leading
to similar products, the lack of features, hardware and software is
not complete; Second, management has lagged behind. The lack of new
ideas, new initiatives, and just "better than, worse
than" Small Farmer strong; 3 content is not enough cultural.
Are "fruit trees, digging ponds," a simple business
model, launched the project often stay in accommodation and catering
only low-level services, the expense of local culture and customs of
mining use; Fourth, service skills and service levels is relatively

Fourth, some suggestions for speeding up development

"Eleventh Five-Year", is to speed up economic and
social development of our region an important period in the
development of tourism is also an important opportunity. Both rich in
tourism resources in our region, but also a strong comparative
advantage in location, more fiery campaign travel warming environment,
can be said that tourism in our region are faced with weather,
geography, and other multiple development opportunities.

(A) increase the propaganda and create a thick atmosphere.
Realistically speaking, the moon the mountains or more good than harm
in the long term plan. After the plan will be more people to the moon
hill, financial, and material inputs, the development stage is
greater. Moon Mountain and as long as a bigger piece of cake, made
popular Wong, and to do the equivalent of Yuanzhou Wang a popular
tourism. Travel radiation extensive industry driving the strong.
Practice shows that the 1 per ticket income can be generated
consolidated revenues of 7-8 dollars. Tourism resources are left to
nature and our ancestors, many developed countries and scenic areas
are free of charge or nominal income more tickets. Hangzhou West Lake
several years ago that free and open, made good economic and social
benefits, the surface lost some ticket sales, but the resulting stream
of pedestrian flow, generating a huge tourism consumption, creating a
very impressive wealth, this is just the calculations simple economic
accounts, social and environmental benefits are even more significant,
and this so-called "step back, to two steps

(B) strengthening the government-led, integrated tourism resources.

Municipal Xie Shuji repeatedly pointed out that the city has plenty of
tourism resources, but they are not obvious single advantage, and only
bundled advantages, city tour to take bundle development. To this end,
we need to establish a large tourism concept, integrated tourism
resources, eliminating the "have their own master, each for
the array" system defects, beyond the individual to seek the
overall development of scenic spots, six factors to promote the
coordinated development of tourism; out of Yuanzhou see Yuanzhou, We
should not only unite the region's tourism resources
development and utilization, but also to tourism in our region and
Ganxi region and the entire link tourism resources in Jiangxi
Province, to achieve resource sharing, inter-flow source to learn,
"Near Great section, "took the initiative to
Jinggangshan mountain around the moon," lead Big Brother
"approach, and enhance our region attractive to tourists,
truly I am in the tourism and even the province's tourism into
Ganxi networks.

First, we must strengthen leadership, establish and improve tourism,
leadership mechanism. Leading group set up tourism development,
research involving the tourism industry overall, and direction on
major issues, coordinate and solve major issues in tourism
development, and promote the implementation of relevant policies;
leading members of the group units and related departments according
to their respective division, to work into the tourism departmental
work plans and agendas, and seriously carry out their respective

Second, the preparation of tourism planning and realize scientific
development. Preparation of planning is to ensure the protection and
rational use of resources science fundamental requirement is to avoid
low-level redundant construction and development of basic security, to
guide the development, planning and development of programmatic
documents; is an expert eye for scenery, with the realm of experts
broaden their horizons and ideas with experts, the best way to seek a
way out, or project approval, up war funding basic requirements.

3 to issue preferential policies, optimize the development
environment. Encourage foreign investment as soon as possible the
incentives for the tourism industry, the introduction of mechanisms to
establish and perfect the human resources, issuance of further
optimize the environment of our region's views on tourism
development, in optimizing the development environment to make real
efforts to enable Henzhao, "ills to use Meng drug. "
With real incentives and favorable investment environment to attract
customers, retain customers in order to achieve business investment.

Fourth, we should step up efforts to market financing, organized
tourist groups. At present, the absence of the main tour operators,
offside or strength is not strong, the relative attractions scattered
small investment results, supporting construction of follow-up is not
enough, as a constraint to the development of tourism in our region
bottleneck. Can learn from the development experience in Huangshan,
the Ci Group of King, Feijian Tan, Jiang-dong and other scenic spots
in the discretion of the overall planning and development, to attract
a number of hotels, farm, travel agents, travel goods company jointly
established to assume debts and liabilities of independent business
entity - - Travel Group, the formation of our region's leading
tourism enterprises, and the moon mountains south and north. Sanshui
line on beautification, additional folk customs and rural tourist
spots, the Camellia Sanshui line developed into Barry Yuanzhou scenery
and atmosphere with a green corridor, to achieve "stretch
both urban and rural tourism", so that visitors viewing the
"scenery along the way Love . "

Fifth, the implementation of "123 456" development
concept. That around a center (downtown tourist distribution center),
two prominent features (Buddhist culture and the environment),
training three inside (of which: North line of Yichun City - Feijian
Lake - Ci of - discretionary River, south line of Yichun City - Moon
Mountain - rural tourism, the last for the North-South connection),
set up four outside, docking Xinyu, Pingxiang, Jinggangshan and Hunan
Liuyang the advantages of such area, to achieve five thoroughfare (ie,
Yichun Airport, Nishimura - Feijian Lake, the roof - Pingxiang, Fei
Sword Lake - cihua, Ci of - section of road, Liuyang, etc.), bigger
and stronger six elements, namely food, housing, transportation,
travel, shopping and entertainment, the greatest marginal benefit of
tourism. Form a "travel extensively, things and agriculture,
finance to" regional network of tourism industry, that the
moon mountains south, north of discretion Feijian Tam Chi Jiang,
things have leisure farms, in Yichun City New Eight.

(C) actively create features, speed up the construction of quality
tourist attractions.

Characteristics of tourism competitiveness, vitality. Development of
tourism, the primary problem is to find its own characteristics,
scenic construction fine. From the creative, size and grade, begin the
tour scenic trails, toilets, garbage cans, handrails and tour buses
start every detail such as highlights the scenic highlights, tourists
and excitement, to create products big selling point, so I have to see
Tourism head, playing first, eat first, have to buy first, there is
asking for too much, and strive to feature well, fine and stronger
brands to ring.

First, overall development of tourism and Ci Ci of town building, will
kindly cause of tourist area known for playing the Buddhist holy
places of pilgrimage, the revolutionary education base and the
marginal trade distribution center.
Ci Temple is a highly respected blazed the trail for Pu'an,
Buddhism skills superb, deep Zen Master cultured in the Buddhist
community has a high status. To Ci Temple as the core, Guanyinge,
Tianlong Si, Pu'an hometown, hometown of late Yuan Peng Yin
red scarves leaders (Mao Zedong as the revolution was a monk) and the
Communications Department of the New Fourth Army in Ci such an
important part of building for the Ci of tourism. Fully exploit the
Master pu'an allusion (texts) and the amount of the emperors
of the imperial order and the letters donated resources, restoration
and reconstruction of temples Ci to Pu'an Buddhism and the
imperial emperor amounted theme, the construction of a set of tourists
and residents enjoy leisure functions in one Travel Plaza, started the
emperor coming to a decision of the "best in the world
Buddhist temple" brand.

Second, tourism and overall development Feijian Feijian Tam Tam new
countryside construction, will play Lake Feijian cause health resort
and the famous base for patriotic education.

Feijian Lake Scenic Area is a National Water, Castle Peak towering
Green, blue sky is her biggest selling point, to highlight the green
in food, nutrition, project highlights the sports, leisure, attention
can be fun and participatory. Feijian Lake or old revolutionary base
areas, the red is very rich, with Peng old home, easily, General Anwar
hometown, Yi Ping, site of the county Department of guerrilla Third
Battalion, Feijian Lake Victory Group Site and the Red Army
revolutionary slogans. To highlight the true Feijian lake landscape
and countryside and interesting, the new rural construction should be
positive from the Feijian situation of development of lake tourism,
for rural infrastructure.
Third, the discretion of the overall development of karst landscapes
and water projects, will result in well-known discretionary Jiang
fight cave explorers resort, popular science education base of
geological and recreation center.

Pinpoint one or two cultural themes, to guide the various attractions,
highlight the "panda palace" rare characteristics,
in accordance with the "impressive" hole principle
of the development, installation of lights and sound equipment
simulation, to build "Dream World"; make full use of
stone forest wonders , as the lake surface, the construction of a
number of seasonal fruit such as leisure and entertainment projects,
using urban and urban areas away from the center are very close to the
edge of industrial parks, development nowadays very popular outdoor
sports development and open up "new world of

Fourth, integrated examination of educational resources, development
of ancient College Tour. For the rehabilitation of Changli College as
the core, integrating a variety of effective resources, devising a
Yuanzhou State University brand.

Our region is well developed in ancient imperial education, popular
among the countless stories of the civil service examination. During
the Tang dynasty, Jiangxi on Geographical total of 65 people,
including Yuanzhou Scholars have 32 people, accounting for nearly
half, so future generations will have "Yuanzhou Scholars half
of Jiangxi," the highly praised, but the first and second
champion in Jiangxi all from Yuanzhou, son, brother, Jaafari's
much the same as Scholars. Yuanzhou prime reason for writing style,
imperial fame, and then deposited in power officials set up schools to
teach a great relationship. Tempo five years, the well-known
politicians keep Yichun County Housing Guanxi out, either built-in
Temple, the highest school house, open Yuanzhou precedent for
government-run education. Later, the great writer Han Yu, a famous
politician has an official ranking positions Yuanzhou, have been
actively promoting education, resulting in successive Shouling
Yuanzhou more to "educate and rule" as advertised,
is committed to the creation of educational. Created Changli College,
six willow College, Yushan College and other college and reading
dozens of church and trained numerous imperial talent Lu Zhao, easy
re-Cheng Gu and so is the outstanding representative. Had composed a
poem from the poet praised Yichun Wei Zhuang: "Every family
living only piano book, a county breeze like Lu Ru" and
written by well-known scholar Li Gou, "Yuanzhou State
Learning" can see that the attention to education Yuanzhou
and level of development, after the selected article,
"Classical view only" of the ancient masterpieces

Fifth, integration of red resources, the development of red tourism.
Yuanzhou conference site to the core, integrating a variety of
effective resources and to build national youth patriotic education

My area is old revolutionary base areas, rich in red resources.
"Yuanzhou Conference" is not in the second attack o
Changsha grams, the party of the Red Army the next step within the
military there are serious differences in the ideological context, Red
Army to resist the Li Lisan "Left" adventurism
convened line a very important general meeting the Front Committee.
Meeting chaired by the secretary of Mao Zedong, was attended by Zhu
De, Lin Biao, Luo Ronghuan, Peng, etc.. "Yuanzhou
meeting" the right decision on the attack Jian, making
victory in the Red Army captured the city of Ji to Southwestern
Jiangxi Soviet area has been greatly developed, the Red Army's
strength has been greatly enhanced. Red River water resources and also
the former residence of Mao Zedong, the legendary Huang Kaitai
(already made into a TV series) and one Flying Warriors won the Luding
Bridge 22, the national hero Liu Zihua, Feijian former residence of
Tan Peng, Yi, General Anwar hometown, Feijian Lake Victory
revolutionary slogans group sites and the Red Army, New Fourth Army in
Ci of Communications, and so on.

6 Yuanzhou Metro to explore the development of Bin Jiang Zhenxiu river
tourism segment, so Wang Yuanzhou Metro popularity and Vitality city
east of the economy.

Yuanzhou Metro is intense planning to build, how to quickly improve
the Metro popularity, growing city east of the economy is in front of
us an important issue be solved. Section of the river is rich in
tourism resources and a good location advantages, the development of
tourism will be a good choice. Gan Xi Yuan River has always been the
land areas and important links for Gan Po Lake water channel. Yuanzhou
Metro section along the river to bin Jiang Zhenxiu beautiful natural
scenery, rich cultural resources, many ruins of ancient brick kiln,
etc.; transport facilities, high-speed Shanghai-Kunming and Bin Jiang
in Yichun has access, high speed in the Metro nearby Bukit import and
export, transfer station Yichun site has also been under the pump into
the planning. And here is a must Xiannvhu Moon Hill to play a bunk
bed, Bin Jiang Xinnong advantage of the village and the new
agriculture, developing rural tourism, tourism as an important
breakthrough in tourism as an industry to do, worthy of further
exploration should be feasible.

(D) carrying on tradition, innovation, enlarge and strengthen the
tourism industry chain.

Modern tourism has already gone beyond the traditional sightseeing,
and a strong industry association, mainly by food, housing,
transportation, travel, shopping and entertainment six elements. Only
bigger and stronger chain, and tourism and the overall benefits of a
strong economy led to surface. Enlarge and strengthen the tourism
industry chain, it is necessary to continue the tradition but also
innovation and to realize the local characteristics, while also
advancing with the times, so that "people have me have,
people have my special." Such as eating, the only game to
have popular dishes, but also has the popular local snacks; of
housing, we must have high-end luxury star hotels, but also
economically comfortable farmhouse hotel; entertainment areas, we must
have big-budget theatrical performance, and recreational facilities,
must also have local characteristics of folk music (like Samsung
drums, commentary, then spring gong and folk songs, etc.) and the
Civic Band; purchases, but both have local representation on the high
grade travel products (such as Yuanzhou bodiless lacquerware, Yuanzhou
prints, ramie products), should also have local characteristics of the
tourists loved tourist food, souvenirs (Yuanzhou preserved egg, tea
oil, fermented bean curd South Temple, etc.). In addition, our region
is the town of prints and linen, there are still a relatively strong
industrial arts and technical team, can print with the grass cloth
powerful combination, with grass cloth as "paper"
carrier, producing grass cloth print, create a new pattern of Graphic
Arts open up new markets for linen products.

(E) co-ordinate the development of rural tourism and rural
construction, bigger and excellent village tour.

Agriculture resources are very abundant in our region, the current to
increase the current number of leisure agriculture (Hill) Chuang
efforts to support, while screening a number of potential with the
development of rural tourism villages (group), the entire village to
promote rural tourism, the pilot . The establishment of rural tourism
project library in our region, increase the investment of rural
tourism efforts, "company + farmers" and other
forms, according to standardized management, the implementation of
different development.

One to eliminate the bottlenecks, the government-led. Outstanding
performance bottleneck in modern tourism operators and the quality of
service requirements of the fracture, difficult to direct farmers to
markets. This government should play a leading role in the
establishment of long-term management system and easy coordination
mechanism for approval of rural tourism planning, management, safety
management, sanitation, etc. standardize supervision, really should
not matter tube, the tube must to manage.
  Second, long-term planning, science planning. Lack of planning and
low-level tourism planning is easy to "blind + active =
destructive." According to local characteristics and
differences in development, to avoid a single form of rural tourism,
content similarities. Focus on all aspects of supporting a number of
conditions are better unified planning and construction of villages to
form a demonstration.
  Third, perfusion culture, mining content. National Peasant Games
combination of features and characteristics of Agriculture to develop
special tourism projects. Prominent in the farming culture where image
and open up ecological agriculture tourism and leisure park, so
visitors to participate in farming, agricultural experience
interesting. Mining folk culture image, carried out as Nuo Dance,
Samsung drum, the upper beam, rural weddings and other folk
Fourth, we should open up more channels, increase input. I travel in
rural area is still a lack of generous, so a wealth of resources not
yet fully translated into industrial advantages. To explore the
establishment of new mechanisms for the development of rural tourism,
strengthen the government-oriented investment, the formation of the
government guidance and market operation of the investment system,
multi-channel to increase investment in rural tourism.

(Vi) accelerate the establishment of a large tourism project library,
multi-channel to increase capital investment.

Tourism to develop, led by the government is the key project is the
key. One should take large projects as the carrier, including rural
tourism projects and do project based work early, planning, packing a
number of major tourism projects; two special funds for tourism
development is included in the fiscal budget, mainly for tourism
overall marketing and project pre-operation, public utility
construction and tourism software, a complete set; Third, increase
efforts to attract investment, expand financing channels. In the
investment, while for bonds, using BOT, TOT, tickets pledged
guarantees financing, use of the scenic area of intangible assets to
raise funds as part of the attractions of the naming rights to raise
funds or accept charitable contributions (Ci can be the focus of

(Vii) the establishment of the overall marketing normal mechanism,
actively explore the tourist market.

Visibility is productivity, attention is the printing press. Resources
is not equal to product superiority, product advantage is not equal to
market advantage in the market economy today, marketing is very
important. Integrated marketing resources to change their travel
business marketing model for the array, active destination marketing,
the overall market. In accordance with the "who invests,
benefits" principle as part of the financial out, the
elements turned over part of the enterprise by a certain percentage.

(8) to strengthen personnel training and the introduction.

Yuanzhou tourism human resources development to develop and impleme
plans. Strengthen tourism practitioners induction and job training,
improve the overall quality; develop talent recruitment policy Jobs,
establish and improve personnel selection, training to use the
mechanism of competition mechanism and survival of the fittest,
recruiting and training of tourism personnel needed.

(9) to strengthen the tourism administration department.

Travel to heat up a large tourism industry to do, features and status
of the tourism administration departments will certainly be enhanced.
Strengthen the tourism administration department, which not only
embodies the additional staffing and funding the work, even more
apparent in practical Gaibianyiwang tourism administration functions
of the ambiguity involved in tourism Xiangmu Tiqian project, started
Xingjian Deng travel preparatory stage, such as key attractions and
tourism projects The design review rights, farm hotels and rural
tourism attractions (line) right to audit, as tourism projects,
industrial management, integrated marketing and other aspects of the
authority and main.

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